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 Music discussion - track ID request
 Name that tune!!! :D

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Skyler righty....
this has been bugging me for ages
i heard this tune at ravenation a few years back
and i now have the tape from the event...
its bugging me that i dont know whats its called
you lot are going to help me :)

the lyrics are....

"I feel your love, is pushing me higher..."
"I feel the energy, burning like fire.."
"Never give up this feeling that I have inside"........

then repeating..
"never give up, never give up, give up, this feeling"

any ideas? :)

"You know given the choice I'd gladly take your hand for ev-er, and a day..
You know the words, just say it...
Its as the nights grow colder I still cry these bittersweet tears...
While I hope and pray..
that we'll somehow make it.."

- Skyler
StrifeII sounds like the spice girls (heh heh)
____ ______
| | |
|___ | |
| \ |
| \ |
| \ \____/

each time i see your face your smile is shining through I cant help the way i feel and its all because of you

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