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T O P I C     R E V I E W
latininxtc Getting tired of topics being taken over by repetitive long-winded arseholes so I thought I'd start a topic a topic everyone can participate in

Post here some of your favorite youtube videos. It can be any category from dramatic to comedic. Music videos can be included, but preferrably not the official ones, something a bit more homemade.

Here are a couple of mine:

DJ D-Luc-D Lol as soon as I saw that Power Rangers thing I then realised "wait a minute, the yellow ranger is oriental and the black ranger is black".

whispering A touching song on life

DJ D-Luc-D
Originally posted by whispering:
A touching song on life

Audio Damage did a remx of that :)
DJ D-Luc-D
Originally posted by DJ D-Luc-D:
Originally posted by whispering:
A touching song on life

Audio Damage did a remx of that :)

I meant Audio Warfare :)
swansea247 lolz

Lilley What if the repetitive long-winded arseholes take over this one? Cue marathon of youtube vids.

Sydney Opening ceremony was amazing. Really very good. I remember they also did a prank with a guy in a lawnmower but I think that was the closing.

I have a few. You will probably start noticing a trend.

If you have any love in you for anything mechanical, this is a must watch. Best listened to through some excellent headphones.

In a similar vein

Lilley Ok, I forgot this one.

I don't think it's an official music video, but I don't really care because it's a music video unlike any other I've ever seen. And before someone pipes up that Royksopp did one similar, that wasn't anything like this really.

I'm only going to link it because it absolutely has to be watched in HD. Nothing less will suffice.


v-act http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgWXUJqmj4w

This one is amazing!

TheOneNOnly These are also pretty bad ass:

This one actually takes the annoying sounds from Dubstep and does the IMPOSSIBLE!

Actually puts it into a rhythm.. so ****ing hard, I know:

latininxtc Lilley I don't have a problem if you all "take over" this topic, just so long as you don't start all that other BS from those other topics. And yes I love the 2000 Sydney Opening Ceremony, it's probably my favorite opening ceremony from the olympics to date. Here are a few other clips of my favorite parts from that ceremony:

here's a few more non-olympic vids that are favorites

DJ D-Luc-D

I can't see the video on my iPad, it should be Jamie Talks Dirty?
Hirschi Crazy:





And this last one might've been a shitty game, but the trailer was hype. I could also list videos for days but who really wants that. ;)
SpiritWolf Nailed it.
Audio Warfare I normally use it to check out Skate/Snowboarding and BMX videos as I can no longer play all my old VHS ones. >:(

Sick one I found recently:


When they start singing 'Uninstall' at 3:45-4:10 its like the best piece of music i've ever heard.
DJ D-Luc-D

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