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 Moved: ***Recycled Records 002 Out Wed!***
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Posted - 2009/02/20 :  00:22:31  Show profile Send a private message
Recycled 002 - Out Wed! (25.2.09)


A - Rise Again (Impact Remix)
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Rise_Sample_002a.mp3 - Audio Clip

AA - Harder Faster
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Harder_Sample_002aa.mp3 - Audio Clip


Recycled 003Due Out March

A) Re Active & Flex – Give Me A Reason (Impact & Dover Remix)
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Give_Me_A_Reason_Remix_003a.mp3 - Audio Clip

AA) Re Active & Flex – Will I (Impact Remix)
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Will_I_Remix1_003aa.mp3 - Audio Clip

AA1) Re Active & Flex – Will I (Weaver Remix)
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Will_I_Remix2_003aa1.mp3 - Audio Clip

Still Available!

Recycled 001http://shop.happyhardcore.com/View/25770/

A) Kick Your Legs - E- Logik & DNA (Impact Remix)
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Kick_Sample_001a.mp3 - Audio Clip

AA) Hixxy - Feel So Good (Impact Remix)
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/Feel_Sample_001aa.mp3 - Audio Clip

AA1) You Gotta Know – Haze
http://haze.oktiv.net/Recycled_Clips/You_Sample_001aa1.mp3 - Audio Clip

Cheers from Everyone @ Recycled Records


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Posted - 2009/02/20 :  20:56:36  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ-Intensity's homepage
Two choons which I enjoyed the most Impact & Dover mix of Give Me A Reason and the Weaver's remix of Will I.

DJ Intensity.

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Posted - 2009/02/22 :  04:50:38  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit CabagePachDoll's homepage
It RULES Ofcourse :D Lovin it!!!

Keepin the cheeze alive and well!!!:) Ya huuurd ;)

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