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 GUIDE: How to post Youtube clips
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Posted - 2012/01/21 :  16:37:14  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Samination's homepage
Untill silver implents a quick button (in Format section), you all have to post clips from youtube by hand, and how you ask? Well Nekoshuffle got us covered :D

Step 1: Go to your youtube clip and copy the stuff after "v="

Step 2: Go the the thread you want to post the clip in (or create a new thread), and type [youtube ] [/youtube ] and paste the code you recieved from Step 1 in between the first ] and second [, like this:
[youtube ]1YzorvpuxE8[/youtube ]
NOTE: remove the space between youtube and ], or it wont work (I had to this or the code would get executed.)

when correct, you should get this result:


Q: I can't find the "V=".
A: This should've been fixed with the latest Youtube design, but if you're viewing a video on the old design, the URL will look a bit different. The code you will have to copy will be after the last / in the URL, or if you want, you could always click on link below the video

Q: I get a white screen
A: You might have copied to little, or too much code. Just saying copy everything after the v= isn't entirely correct, as some links (especially clicking related videos) will have much more code.
Example: <- in this example, the code you need to copy is the purple part. You basicly copy everything between "V=" and the following Ampersand (&)

Samination, Swedish Hardcore DJ
Happy, UK Hardcore, Freeform, Makina and Gabber

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Edited by - Samination on 2012/01/21 16:40:05
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Posted - 2012/01/21 :  17:28:14  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Lilark's homepage
FINALLY. Thanks dude xD

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