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Posted - 2012/07/04 :  11:52:45  Show profile Send a private message  Visit Triquatra's homepage
New tracks have appeared on the CLSM store and they are as follows!

CLSM Vs Matt Lastname - Jungle Field
Youch! Jungle madness with added punch! this monster will rattle your bolts right off your nuts...twice!

CLSM - Stand For Something
beakbeat masters CLSM deliver another piano stomper, this time with an old skool hook and an illegal amount of bass.

Backmasker - All Fired Up
Funky breakbeat track with a catchy female vocal and oddly familiar piano melody - there's even a old skool hip hop styled breakdown in there!

DJ Entity - Eye Of The Storm
A punchy breakbeat driven track with an lengthy atmospheric breakdown rather tasty!

Backmasker - Yellow Bile
A dark jungle track with all kinds of old skool mayhem included.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalso there is some forthcoming madness!

CLSM and Maximus Baxter Feat. Aaron Soul - Have It All
is very tasty with a slight 'Tekno Dred - More Understanding' feel to it..only breakbeatyier

Forthcoming Tracks!
http://www.hardcoreunderground.co.uk/ - http://CLSM.net - FB/SC

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Posted - 2012/07/07 :  20:46:06  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Hirschi's homepage
I like 'Have it All' the most! The others are just not my style. ;)

Mission 'Hardcore'

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