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  Articles >> Competitions : Win the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte
Featured competitions
    Win the double CD 'Hardcore - A New Beginning' mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte
Author: silver
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Win the double CD "Hardcore - A New Beginning" mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte! and Rumour Records are offering the chance for 10 lucky people to win a free copy of the new double CD "Hardcore - A New Beginning" mixed by DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte!

All you have to do is answer these simple questions:
1. Name Scott Brown's latest record label project
2. What record label that Scott Brown owns has seen the most releases?
(hint - they both start with an E)

Competition closed on 23rd Aug 2002 - 00:00 (midnight) GMT
Winners are:

Charlie Eppley - United States
Jon Lee - Isle of Wight
Andrew Bowser - Canada
Brian Kaser - USA
Erik Samuelsson Lantto - Sweden
Daniel Fitton - Wales
Simon Duffy - England
Adam Tickner - England
Philip Woodiwiss - England
Mark Houghton - Canada

** All prizes will be sent out from Rumour Records UK direct **
** Only one entry per person **

Disc 1 (Mixed By Dj Scott Brown)
1) "Trapped In Darkness" - Hardcore Fundamentalists
2) "Oh God" - Dione.
3) "This Is The Ultimate" - E-noid
4) "Bulletproof" - Dj The Viper
5) "Feel The Beats Bang" - Scott Brown
6) "Bastard/*******" - Hard Creation
7) "Fuzzy Muff" - Neophyte & Scott Brown
8) "Turn Around"(The Viper Remix) - Damage Inc.
9) "May Your Mother Die." - Scott Brown Vs Dj Paul
10) "Violator" - Headbanger
11) "Hey!" (The Viper & Mad-e-fact Remix) - Tony Salmonelli
12) "Rock, Rock On" - Scott Brown
13) "No Competition" - Dj Adrien
14) "Check The Penis" - Scott Brown
15) "What'S Wrong With My Brain" - Distortion & Paul Elstak
16) "Ice Cold" - Interstate

Disc 2 (Mixed By Dj Neophyte)
1) "Nothing Else Will Stand" - Dj Paul & Stunned Guys
2) "Buck 'Em Down" - G-town Madness Vs The Viper
3) "End Of Line" (Endymion Remix) - Meagashira
4) "Hell No!" - The Masochist Vs Neophyte
5) "Black Magic" - Neophyte & Scott Brown
6) "How Much Can You Take" (Catscan Remix) - Bodylotion
7) "Before Your Eyes" - Evil Activities Vs Endymion
8) "Hellparty" - E-noid
9) "Bombing Eardrums" - Dj Paul & The Stunned Guys
10) "Panic & Cause" - Alienator
11) "Nation Of Domination" - Neophyte Vs Stunned Guys
12) "Under Control" - Master Of Ceremony
13) "Neighbourhood Crime" - Bodylotion
14) "Loud & Proud" _ The Masochist Vs Neophyte
15) "Skull****" - Master Of Ceremony
16) "Always A Jellyhead" (Jda'S Gelei-mix) - Bodylotion Vsscott Brown & Darrien Kelly

Press release:
The UK has seen many 'hardcore' compilations before but never one showing the new style talent which has become a major part of today's scene. "HARDCORE - A NEW BEGINNING" which is set for release on 26 August showcases the best of this genre from the cream of British and Dutch labels. The tracks have been hand-picked by DJ SCOTT BROWN and DJ NEOPHYTE who are both at the top of the tree for this style which truly puts the 'hard' in Hardcore. The album is available on double CD with a total of 32 exclusive cuts.
The hardcore scene hit its previous peak around 1995/96 when Happy Hardcore was massive in Scotland and England and Gabber was the ruling sound in Holland. 1997 came and went with nothing new happening to the music. The whole scene got stuck in a tired formula and paid the price with 1998 and 1999 virtually seeing its demise and most of the producers following the hardhouse bandwagon. One of the few people to stick to their roots throughout was SCOTT BROWN who during this period was to become the main patron of hardcore in the UK. In 2000 a revival of the sound began in Holland and Scott collaborated for the first time with DJ NEOPHYTE. Soon the scene began to flourish in the UK once more with new labels, artists and bigger and better events springing up. Hardcore had finally cleared out its deadwood and regenerated into something better. Both SCOTT and NEOPHYTE are at the top of their game and play the best, most upfront hardcore you're likely to hearĀ happy hardcore please, this album is only for the headstrong.

Title: "Hardcore - A New Beginning" - DJ Scott Brown vs DJ Neophyte
Catalogue Number: CDRAID 548
Release Date: 26 August 2002
Available At All Good Record Stores Including Hmv & Virgin Or Direct From Rumour Records Www.Rumourrecords.Com

Catch Scott Brown On Tour: 23/8 Devastation (Cardiff), 25/8 Vibealite (Huddersfield), 30/8 Uk Dance (Ipswich), 31/8 Futurevibe (Milton Keynes), 14/9 Hardcore 4 Life (Holland), 28/9 United Dance (London), 4/10 Sanctuary (Birmingham, 12/10 Helter Skelter (Milton Keynes)

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