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  Articles >> Interviews : DJ Fracus 2004
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    DJ Fracus 2004
Author: silver
Rate this resource! takes 5 with DJ Fracus and fires a few questions at him, here's what we came up with:

Q: Fracus, for the people that don't already know you, give us a quick low down on who you are, what you do and what releases you have.

I'm DJ Fracus (Age 21) from the UK, I have been producing hardcore for just over two years now and have released numerous singles on DFM Records. I have also released on Camel Records & Club Kinetic Records & have had tracks licensed to various compilation albums about the place. There's a database on here that shows peoples discographies isn't there? Or did I dream that? If there is click “here”, although I don't know how to make that work properly Heh (Webmaster?). I've DJ'd in just about every corner of the UK at some point too which has pretty much killed my car so I might have to walk in future.

Q: We have not heard from you in while release wise, what the deal?

Right, well towards the end of last year I became a little disillusioned with the progress I was making within hardcore. Not because of the music or the way in which I was treated within the scene (as some people perceived it) but simply because I couldn't spare the time I wanted to devote to it. It was frustrating not to be able to spend enough time in the studio doing what I love doing more than anything. For the past three years I've been studying for a degree in Music Technology and I decided that I'd put my “career” on hold until that was out of the way. It was never a case of being held back in any way or falling out with anyone that caused me to 'step back from the table' for a while. I just had a lot of other things to do and now they're pretty much done I am back with renewed ambition. Its thanks to a lot of my friends within the scene nagging me to stop being so negative about stuff so I owe them a lot for that (You know who you are).

Q: You have a new label project coming up? Tell us about that?

The new label will be releasing in late July and regularly from that point on. I'll be working on it and writing material on a full time basis this summer, so my plans for it are bigger (and hopefully people will think better) than anything I've undertaken before. The label is called 'One Focus' and I've already signed in some material from other artists, got some exciting remixes lined up and tour dates around various places too. I don't want to try and hype it too much by going on though, the music will hopefully do the talking. Let's just say the releases will be aimed at the dance floor and that hopefully 'One Focus' will put itself on the map for being a unique but good quality hardcore label alongside those already established.

Q: What happened with DFM records? The artists on the label? Are there any more releases on the label?

There is a new single out on DFM Records next week, the long overdue release of 'Utopia' by Gavin G and myself (B-side: 'Burning like fire' which is a track I wrote on my own almost two years ago). I'm no longer involved with the label financially but that was a decision I made for practical reasons only in the autumn of last year. I'm still good friends with the guys running the label and I know that there will be at least another two releases following this one (DFM008). I'm really proud of what we achieved with the label and although we always had faith in what we were doing, I think it surpassed even our expectations how well the music was received. It's taught me a lot about how the industry works, and about how to operate a label but it was always the plan that eventually I would strike out on my own when I turned professional. DFM Records was a great learning curve for all of us. Gavin G is producing some excellent stuff with Dan Rolla and I don't think 'Utopia' will be our last collaboration. It's given us all a platform to build up from but I hope we can all go on to even bigger and better things.

Q: What other plans have you got going for this year besides releases?

Initially it was the DJ'ing that got me into music production and so I'd like to try and push that side of things a lot more. I'd really love to play outside the UK and see how the scene is developing elsewhere in the world and generally get out there a bit more than in the past. I know this year is one of consolidation for me really, to get the label up and running smoothly and try to climb the ladder as best I can, but I'm not expecting miracles. What else? I'm going to be doing some remixes for various other labels (I'm not sure if I can say what or for who so I better not) and generally enjoying the fact that my life will no longer have assignment work and a dissertation hanging over it. I might sound a bit possessed or something when I talk to people about my ambitions but there's just so much I want to do over the next 12 months. I don't see why anyone should be limited in their thinking and therefore be limiting what they can achieve. Let's just say I've got a lot I want to do and I am prepared to put a lot of work in to make it happen. Its all about the hardcore.

Q: Music wise do you do anything else non hardcore related?

Yeah although I've not had anything released. I do like Drum'n'Bass and particularly the more chilled out styles that M.I.S.T, Calibre & Bukem etc make. I've produced some stuff along those lines and also some laidback breaks too. Something at the other end of the spectrum from hardcore really, when I'm not in the mood for making anything too energetic. Hardcore is where my heart is though and as far as I can see that's not going to change, it'll always be what I am proud to say I do, and will always get my full attention.

Q: Whats your favorite producer at the moment?

There are so many people who's work I admire for different reasons and if I named names I'd be sure to forget someone. There are a whole host of excellent styles being produced at the moment and although I've always been a sucker for original vocal tracks I'm picking up a lot of harder influences from people now. If you want to hear what I play then book me ;) or come and see me play out somewhere.

Shouts: Silver(for the interview), Oli G, Mozz & all of the midlands hardcore artists. To Dee, Si, Thumpa, Clipper, Storm, J@HTSE, Sy, Hixxy, UFO, Frisky, CDJay, Ronin, Donna Grassie, Gavin G, Jo & Craig, and of course Caz + all my friends and family. There are hundreds of other people who I have reason to thank but will only remember when its too late, and who will then think I'm ungrateful. Respect and thanks to everyone, can't go wrong with that can I? Look out for the new releases, the new label and DJ dates too.
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