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Showing news from 2003
   Warped Underground Spinback Storm
Does that topic make any sence? Not really? Well this should... Check out the new hardcore tunes with audio by Storm / Spinback / Euphany / Bang! coming out from various labels in early 2004!

Audio (MP3):
Underground Recordings 2 - Out January
A - Spinback & Storm - Oblivion
AA - Spinback & Storm - Your Love

Warped Science 4
A - Bang! - Lost in Space (Storm & Euphony mix)
AA - Bang! - Cloudy Daze (Storm & Euphony mix)

Warped Science 3
A - Euphony - Turn Around

Warped Science 2
A - Storm & Euphony - Blinded
AA - Euphony & Storm - Firstkontakt

Cloned 4
A - Storm & Euphony - Trouble
AA - Storm & Euphony - Angel

Other Spinback & Storm tracks to be released soon:
No Good For Me - Hardcore Out first week in jan 04
Turn Around remix - Hardcore Out first week in Feb 04
Total Confusion - Old Skool Out first week in Feb 04
Heart Attack - Old Skool Out first week in Feb 04
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   Feelin' Fine at number 12
Ultrabeat position themself at number 12 in the UK national charts for the second consecutive week with their dance cover version of the hardcore classic Feelin' Fine.
   CLSM hit 9
"John Peel" by the hardcore group CLSM turned up at number 9 on the UK BBC Radio1's end of year festive 50! Clocking in ahead of tracks like 'White Stripes' amongst others. The festive 50 is voted for by the public from tracks that John Peel on Radio1 has played during the last year.
   DJ Silver signed on for 2 more albums
DJ Silver of has signed on for two new hardcore compilations albums! One is a Japan only release that will be out end of Jan 2004 and the other one is a UK / Worldwide release. Expect more news on both in the new year!

DJ Silver's first album was the popular presents Hardcore Tsunami - a double CD release with the second disc mixed by the talented Kevin Energy.

Merry Christmas :)
   Evolution's new Cat
News from Evolution records is that Scott Brown has teamed up with singer Cat Knight to produce a couple of new trance and hardcore tracks. We are told to expect more from this new singer in 2004 for Evolution and Scott Brown.
   MasterWax 5 / Lia - I'm feeling in store now!
Author: silver  
Finally has stock of MWX005 "Lia - I'm feeling" featuring remixes from Scott Brown + DJ Evil and DJ phosphor. As reported yesterday MasterWax sold out all stock from the distributor in a record 3 days! MasterWax are already re-pressing the tune but stock is limited on this first pressing. Grab it while you can. On another note MWX004 has also sold out, we are currently re-pressing both titles, if you have not already picked up MWX004 do so while you can.

A - Lia - I'm feeling (Scott Brown & DJ Evil mix)
AA - Lia - I'm feeling (DJ Phosphor)

You feeling MWX005 I'm feeling?

   Lost brothers hit the charts
Member Robbie Jay reports: The lost brothers have released a trance version of "Children of the night" - under the name of "Cry little sister (I need u now)" you know - the one with the choir saying 'thou shalt not steal' etc. Currently number 2 in the UK radio 1 dance charts. The vocalist is G Tom Mac.
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   2003 in review.
Wow.. what can I say, 2003 has been an awesome year for hardcore, consider yourselves all lucky to have lived in it. It's been a major jump from last year. has pieced together just a few of all that has happened this year in the wonderful world that is hardcore. Rock on.

2003 saw the launch of these new labels:
Blizzard Tracks
Camel Records
Camel Records Limited
Club Kinetic - Re-launch
Destructive Force
EKSR Recordings
Hecttech - Re-launch
Higher Order
Industrial Strength Records - Re-launch
Lucky Breaks
Primal Dance
Rave n Beats Limited
Rave n Beats Japan
Relentless Vinyl
Revival Recordings
RFU Recordingz
Underground Recordings
Warped Science
Y Don't You

Not to mention these CD compilations:
Battles of the DJ's: Match 1
Bonkers 1, 2 & 3 - re-released
Bonkers X
Bonkers XI
Happy2BHardcore Chapter 7
Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror: The Backlash
Hardcore Heaven
Hardcore Heaven: Reloaded
Hardcore: The Second Coming
Hardcore til I Die
Hardcore Tsunami
Original Hardcore2 : The Battle
Raver's High
The Ultimate Happy Hardcore Album
Vibealite: A History of Hardcore

But other than those tons of new labels and CD's for you to enjoy, the scene itself has been impacted in many ways.

- Hardcore in LA Times
The LA Times had one of the first articles about (happy) hardcore and how popular it's becoming in North America. It also mentioned how the Happy2BHardcore series is the third best-selling electronic mix CD in North America!

- Hardcore mixes start to re-appear on hardhouse / trance labels releases.
Injected with a poison, Heart of Gold, Field of Dreams, I would stay.

- Pretty Green Eyes gets to number 2 and Fields of Dreams see a top 15 position in the UK national charts.

- Hardcore Heaven Awards
2003 was the start of the first annual Hardcore Heaven Awards. Held at the Sanctuary in the UK, there were awards given out for best DJ, MC, label, website, just to name a few.

- Hardcore goes front cover in MixMag (the worlds largest club magazine).

- Bonkers 3 goes gold.

- Heart of Gold goes platinum.

- Hardcore charts in Holland.

- Tidy trax starts hardcore at their weekend events.

- Countless hardcore DJ's and groups return back to hardcore.

Not only did the hardcore scene improve, had a few changes itself:

- The members base grew from just under 6000 members to just under 10,000 members!

- merged with Digitally Imported Radio to establish the new worlds largest and most listened to 24 hour a day, fully licensed Hardcore radio station in the world. radio now streams more in 10 days than we streamed in the entire 2002!

- Radio is the exclusive pick for the hardcore channel listed in Apples i-tunes, Windows Media player and on AOL's shoutcast.

- Infinity Recordings is bought out from DJ Breeze by

"Where can I buy that?" "Do you know any place that has that?". Just some of the comments you'd see in the forums and round the place... that was before the shop opened! Being one of the only online record shops to pride itself in trying to get all the new releases in stock and first, many people switched right over to this one. Chat
This has to be the biggest change went through. Many people were demanding a chatroom and they got just what they wanted!

The Totally Sweet Radio crew went multiband setting up two new bitrates and getting a ton of DJ quality special guests! - fear the Cinnamon and Milk!

There were so many changes in the world of hardcore for 2003. Just look at the number of CD releases this year compared to last year... Look around and smile... 2003 what a year... 2004 just around the corner - hang on it's going to be mental!

- Written by Comet.
- Remixed (edited) by silver.
   MWX005 sold out before going on sale!
Can you believe it!? MasterWax 5 (Lia - I'm Feeling) sold out in less than 3 days! Our entire pressing sold out at the distributors before most stores (including ours) even had put the stock on the shelf.

What does all that mean? It means hardcore stores bought all our stock and we have to make more! will have some limited stock in today or tomorrow due to the fact this puppy is super hot! Don't miss out out I aint kidding here.
   Another FBI leak
After a short break, FBI are back at it!
DJ Impact (label owner) has been busy this year concentrating on projects for other labels as well as starting work on the FBI album that we are told will hopefully be released in early August of 2004.

Expect the new release first thing in the new year:

FBI 004
A Side: Soundscape - Someday Soon
AA Side: Deviance - Beyond the Beat
   Dave Pearce vs CLSM
The CLSM crew are upto it again... Yesterday the CLSM and supporting fans managed to get the new John Peel record release played by Dave Pearce on the UK BBC radio 1.

CLSM's comment on the matter was:
"Hopefully radio 1 will have heard it (as in the people that count)."
   Radio comments and track voting
Think the track your listening to on is totally off the hook? Perhaps it totally sucks ass? Well now you can comment and vote on the tracks playing in the radio in real time. Mouse over the "Radio Listeners" link inside the Who's Online box to pull up the current track playing bubble window and click the "Read & post comments link". Or if you want something more simple goto the radio page and click from there!

Vote and comment away!
   Mokum today - Mokum tomorrow - Mokum are back
If you love your hard beats you defiantly know what I'm talking about when I say Mokum. The Mokum label and crew are back doing hardcore again.

Mokum is planning to release the first e.p. in the beginning of February 2004 with DJ Chosen Few & DJ Dano.
   EV68 and Quosh 50 picture discs are here first!
Author: silver  
Round two of the picture disc's from Evolution Records and the new Quosh 50 have hit before any other record store in the world! We have em' first!

Scott Brown - Definition Of A Bad Boy Remix
Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler Remix

Quosh 50 - ORDER NOW
A - Sy & Unknown vs Seduction - Vigilante Hardcore
AA - Sy & Unknown vs Seduction - Listen 2 The Ace (Slipmatt Remix)

We also have in the final versions of Brisk & Ham - "Angel Eyes / Getting Down" (BB038) and DJ Frisky / Hujib - "Love Me Forever / Never Stop" (NG029), the new label Lucky Breaks (LB001) and new material from Raw Elements (ELEM007), Camel Records (CAM004) and Electronic (ETRIC010, ETRIC012, ETRIC013, ETRIC014)

EV68 picture disc - one hot release!

   Bonkers 3 goes gold (100,000 copies)
News on the wire is that Bonkers 3 has gone gold! What does that mean? It means it has sold over 100,000 copies since it was first released. The majority of those sales were done when it was first released over 5 years ago now, the re-release of the silver edition in July of 2002 pushed sales over the 100,000 mark into gold!

Well done boys!
   5 new radio bit rates added - including 160k! radio is the largest and most listened to 24 hour a day fully licensed hardcore station on the planet and we want to prove it! We have opened up 5 new premium streams including a new VERY high bitrate of 160k! All synced in real time with's custom real time track player.

We have updated the menu system and the radio launch page so you will be able to see all the new options. We have not taken anything away here, the radio service is still 100% free as it was but we have added the option that if you wish to listen at higher bitrates you need to have a premium service account.

The new streams are part of the / Digitally Imported partnership in which you need to have a Digitally Imported premium service account to listen. Digitally Imported premium accounts start from only $3.95 US dollars a month. You can order your by clicking here or on the "Order premium service" link in the radio pull down menu.
   New releases shortly for the store
Essential platinum 18 made it to sale before 16 and 17 due to problems in the pressing plant, but don't fret! As the same as EV67 will be the first store to carry these new release when they go on sale next week!

Essential Platinum 16 (EPP016)
A - Spencer - Ordinary People
AA - Gammer Feat MC Smiley - Distracted Visions

Essential Platinum 17 (EPP017)
A - Spencer - Steam
AA - Gammer - Space Exploration

Evolution 68 (EV68 - 2nd picture disc)
A - Scott Brown - Definition of (Bad Boy Remix)
AA - Scott Brown - Hardcore (Hustler Remix)
   New tunes from DFM Records
DFM Records have put out audio and information on their latest offerings to be released in the next few months!

Audio (Real Audio):
DFM008 - To be released Dec / Jan 2003
A - Fracus and Gavin G - Utopia
B - Fracus and Gavin G - Burning like fire

DFM009 - To be released March 2004
A - Geos Feat. Marley - Dig It
B - Geos Feat. Marley - Heaven

Forth coming:
DeeJay Bee - Reprazent
   Who likes Midtown? will be receiving this week over 5000 records from Midtown distribution - We have ordered their entire back catalogue! Oldskool hardcore, classic hardcore and gabba/speedcore heads rejoice! It will take a little time to get all of it online but rest assured it's all coming.

Midtown handle the labels Rotterdam Records, Forze Records, Neophyte Records, Terror Traxx, H2OH Recordings as well as the non hardcore labels Blue Records, Massive Drive Recordings, Tindy Tunes, Twisted Minds Recordings!
   Windows Media Streams are back!
Modem and non-broadband people rejoice! radio low and high bandwidth Windows Media Streams are back! This is also a fix for some people that had trouble connecting via WinAmp... Happy Streaming!

We are also launching / integrating our 128k and 160k streams shortly so get ready!
   Australian hardcore group Southend re-group!
Southend the Australia techno / rave / hardcore group are back.. Southend would be best known their work with Nik Fish and the National ARIA Top 10 hit single "The Winner Is..." Southend have performed at Big Day Out 1993-1996 as well as most major dance events at the time including Happy Valley, Field Of Dreams, Prodigy, Tribal & Big Love (Brisbane).

Southend kick off their next round of gigs on NYE at Utopia in Sydney, Australia and they will be performing new remixes of "Take me Up", "The Winner is" and the Australian premiere of "Buggin".

Southend's new look

   What color is Warp?
Warped Science let loose a multi colored 100% confirmed release schedule.

Warped Science 002 (Green vinyl)
A - Storm & Euphony - Blinded (vocal mix)
AA - Storm & Euphony - First Kontakt

Warped Science 003 (White vinyl)
A - Euphony feat Dannielle - Turn Around (Original mix)
AA - Euphony feat Dannielle - Turn Around (Storm & Spinback remix)

Warped Science 004 (Blue vinyl)
A - Bang! - Lost In Space
AA - Bang! Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (Storm & Euphony remixes)
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   A Revolution - Resistance Recordings Run for the border
Two new releases set to escape from Resistance Recordings early next year, has the sounds and info your your audio pleasure.

Audio (MP3):
Resistance Recordings 004:
Run for the border EP
A1 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - Wreck The Diskotek
A2 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - Wreck The Diskotek [DJ Tronic Remix]
B1 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - Let Da Boom
B2 - DJ Junkinx vs DJ Tronic - The Pain Train

Available January 2004

Resistance Recordings 005:
The Revolution EP
A1. Mark V. & Poogie Bear vs DJ Tronic & DJ Tony - Sex Education 2003
   Totally Pitchin'
Pitched Up Recordings, a US based hardcore label have released information and more importantly new audio on some of their upcoming stuff. Click to listen.

Audio (MP3)
AC Slater & Sunrize - Shout Out
AC Slater - Hip Hop 2004
AC Slater - Anger Management
AC Slater - The Bad Guy
AC Slater - Heaven & Hell
AC Slater & MC High IQ - Generation of Sound
Daywalker - Dissonance
AC Slater & Daywalker - Freak Show
AC Slater & Daywalker - Deadline
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   Ice Cold picture disc pre-order
Author: silver  
Evolution bring an Ice Cold revolution with EV67 picture disc!. This 4 track release that was delayed from the distributor will be with Tuesday 2nd December 2003! We have ordered the most number of units of this track out of all the hardcore stores in the world just so we can guarantee you a copy! Despite the title these babies are hot, pre-order this one while you still can.
Tracks on this killer include: Ice Cold / Ice Cold 2 / Pilgrim 2000 / Pilgrim (Energy Remix)

Scott Brown - Ice Cold 2
Scott Brown - Pilgrim 2000

Sales of MWX004 - "DJ Impact - In your life / Far Away" have been much faster that we expected if you have not already picked up a copy of this tune, grab it ASAP! This tune is in stock now and can be ordered here.

Getting Ice Cold around here...

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   Hardcore charts in Holland
The early hardcore group Party Animals, who helped put Happy Hardcore on the map Europe-wide with their 1995 radiomix for Technohead's I Wanna Be A Hippy are back with a new single called Xanadu. This new track has actually charted in the national Holland Charts at number 50!

Hardcore coming back in a big way in Holland!

   Hardcore set to chart nationally in the UK!
AATW (All around the world) have expressed heavy interest in the hardcore scene yet again by signing Breeze and Styles and Force (ex Force & Styles). AATW is the label that is responsible for chart (pop) version of the hardcore classics Shooting star, Pretty Green Eyes, Field of Dreams, Heart of Gold and Eyeopener. This is a direct quote from AATW about hardcore.

The more stuff we hear - the more we get into the Hardcore Scene - the tracks are fantastic and deserve to be national hits in many cases - as is proved by Shooting Star, Pretty Green Eyes, Heart of Gold etc

The people involved in the scene are absolutely the nicest you could wish to meet and that's why we are delighted to be working with Mark and Darren on the single You're Shining.

This track is already enormous on the hardcore scene and we think it deserves to be a huge success further afield too - more news on this soon -
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   MasterWax 4 on sale + tones of new hardcore
Author: silver  
It's out! That right the tune on the label that you all have earmarked as a tune is here. Of course you can buy it direct from!

DJ Impact with MasterWax 4, we have packed this released with two the biggest, baddest and sweetest vocal hardcore tunes you'll hear this side of Jupiter.

A - DJ Impact - In Your Life
B - DJ Impact - Far Away

DJ Impact - In your Life / Far Away (MWX004)

Not only have we shipped one of the most sort after releases we have updated the store with a ton of brand new stock. Everything from Camel Records 3 (CAM003), NuEnergy 35 (NUNRG035), Blizzard Trax 3 (BLZ003), Relentless Vinyl 2 + 3 (RLNT002 + RLNT003) and HectTech 29 + 30 H-TEC029 + H-TEC030.

Order them now from while we still have stock. Don't email me in a few weeks saying I can't see it on the shop page anymore, MasterWax 4 and these new hardcore items will SELL OUT guaranteed so first in first served on these hotties!
   RAW is War!... err... hardcore!
The Raw Elements crew have let loose some new tunes for everyone to check out. ELEM007 is due for release in early December 2003 with ELEM008 set for release in January 2004.

Audio (Real Audio):
A - Lukozade - Progression
AA - Lukozade - Concorde

A - Cris.E.Manic - Composition B
AA - Cris.E.Manic - Leon AZ1465
   RaverBaby release schedule released
RaverBaby has released information to us on their latest offerings in the coming weeks.

BABY21 UFO - New Years Day / Hardcore
BABY22 Force + Styles - Follow Me remixes (Styles + Breeze / UFO)
BABY23 Euphony + DJ Storm feat Danielle - Breathe / Disappear
BABY24 Styles + Breeze - You're Shining HTID Mix / Future Shining
BABY25 Weaver - Falling In / Hixxy remix
BABY26 Breeze + Styles - Heart Beats / Electric
BABY27 Re-con & Fluxx - Free again / Re-con - Rok da crowd
BABY28 Gammer - Power with in / Kickin' hard / pressure
BABY29 Praga Khan - Injected with a poison - Hixxy remixes
BABY30 Hixxy + styles - Rushins / Taking over me
BABY31 King Size + eternity - This must be love (rbc remix) / Touch of Magic (Uplift & Stargazer remix)
BABY32 Adam Harris - Heavens above / Hixxy remix / UFO remix
BABY33 In Effect + Impact - Close your eyes / Hixxy remix

We have been told BABY21 - 28 are in production with 21 - 25 available within 2-3 weeks.
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   Billy D Bunter back doing hardcore
Billy D Bunter is back doing hardcore tunes again. Billy D Bunter took a break from the hardcore scene a few years ago to make it big in the hard house arena. Billy D Bunter will be working on tracks with CLSM / Jon Doe for releases on CLSM or G-core. Look for new material in the new year!
   Di Scala from Ultrabeat makes hardcore
Information has been released about Di Scala from the group Ultrabeat that saw a number 2 in the UK national charts with Pretty Green Eyes is producing hardcore under the name Re-Con. Re-Con is featured on the new Bonkers XI CD as well further going to show the connection between hardcore and the UK charts.
   Get up! says Resistance Recordings
DJ Tronic dropped by to give us the low down on Resistance Recordings latest project The GET UP EP! featuring DJ Tronic with vocalist Valerie Sparks. The track already having been featured on 2 compilations in the USA and why not the EP also features some talented American Hard House and Hardcore Producers on the remixes. Remixers from Mark V. & Poogie Bear, Bassdrum Project, Circle K, Bang FM, and a Hardstyle mix by Carlos Alfonzo. We have been told that the record is ready to hit the stores towards November.

Audio (Real Audio):
RES-003: GET UP:
A1 - DJ Tronic Mix
A2 - Mark V. & Poogie Bear Mix
A3 - Bassdrum Project Mix
B1 - Circle K Mix
B2 - Bang FM Mix
B3 - Carlos Alfonzo Mix


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   Event system update - meetup's now possible!
Author: silver has updated its event system so that its members can now click and save what events they are going to attend and what events they have attended! The system gives a head count on who's going and lists the member names of who are attending the event. Perfect for the event meetup!

You can add yourself to events inside the forum event section by clicking the attending text next to the event name or in the calendar event system. In the calendar section we have added a number next to the event if there are registered people planning to goto the event, if the event does not have a number next to it, press the event name to pop-open the window and click on the number inside the popup window, you will be the first person registered going to that event!

We have added the option to add past events to your profile as well so you can keep track of all the people that went to the events and information regarding the event. Event artists and DJ's, forums posts, member profiles and the event calendar - it's all linked together!

The events you are going too and the events you have gone too are reflected in your profile which is accessible for everyone to look at. Check out silver's or Oli G's profile's for example to see a few events they have attended or plan to attend. This system could not be easier, and in my opinion one of the best community features we have added to in a long time! All hardcore and all for you! Check it out.
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   Destructive Force, Camel and Underground Recordings exclusive
Author: silver has in exclusive stock of the new Destructive Force 2 and 3 (DFR002, DFR003), plus from the Camel Record boys - Oli G & Smackdown - "Crazy Ltd Cd Single" (CAM001CD) and DJ Mozz & Speedy B - "Drift Ltd Cd Single" CAM002CD), you can only pick these up here online.
We also have the limited clear vinyl on Underground Recordings that is also only available here- check out the image and audio!

Audio (MP3):
A - Storm & Phosphor - Noize Makers
B - Storm & Phosphor - Suicidal

A - Storm & Menis - Dynamite
B - Euphony - Time & Space

Underground Recordings (UDGR001):
A - Spinback & Storm - Break The Night
B - Spinback & Storm - Hallucinate

Hello, I'm a clear vinyl, my name is UDGR001

   Bonkers XI fever
The Bonkers XI competition has closed, we had a ton of entries but there can only be five winners this time around congratulations to all the winners. If you did not win don't fret the CD goes on sale this Monday the 10th of November 2003 or you can pre-order here now.
   DJ Stompy new audio
Hardcore producer Stompy has had his head down and pumped out a few new tunes for everyone to have a listen and comment about. We are told that the first track probably will not be ever released and it's just a but of fun in the studio, while the second is a different kettle of fish all together, completely original and all written and produced by Stompy and very different to his usual style

Audio (Real Audio):
Stompy - Loving you
Stompy - Here Come the Sound
   Bonkers 11 TV commercial exclusive has the Bonkers XI TV commercial before release launch next week - Exclusive to for your viewing pleasure. Click the any of images below to display the broadband version.

Don't forget our Bonkers 11 competition closes today if you have not already entered or you can guarantee your copy by pre ordering here.

Video (Window Media 9 [260k]):

Bonkers it's not just for Christmas!

2003/11/03 and React give you the chance to win Bonkers 11! and React give the chance for 5 lucky people to win a brand new copy of Bonkers XI (11) FOREVOLUTION to be released November 10th 2003!
Competition closes 6th of November 2003 so get your scoots on and click the image below to enter.

Guarantee your copy by pre ordering here.

Bonker 11 FOREVOLUTION - Click to win

   Radio1 John Peel is not enough
The hardcore artists CLSM have taken the fight to get hardcore and hard dance more public broadcast radio play in the UK. Their latest CLSM release on CLSM's sister label G-core is entitled "John Peel" referring to the fact that BBC's radio talk show host John Peel is currently the only person playing hardcore on public FM radio in the UK.

Jimmygoat (aka CLSM) have started an online campaign where you can show your support for more "kick drum music faster than 140bpm" (aka hardcore / hard dance music for the non techno people).
Sign up and show your support at
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   Rave and Beats Japan new audio
We have received new information on new upcoming releases from Rave and Beats Japan, check em out.

Audio (Real Audio):
Tokyo Style EP Vol.2
A1 - Buzzmasta - Sweetest
B1 - DJ Champ, DJ Zet & Inful-8 - Tokyo Raver
B2 - Otake-XX - 3800volts

A1:DJ Angel & DJ Chucky - The Ninth
B1:DJ Sharpnel - Flower Forever (Extended Version)
   Wonderful days original press
Author: silver has brand new very limited stock of the original pressing of Wonderful Days by Charlie Lownoise and Mental Theo containing the much sort after Rotterdam Mix!

This track is a pure hardcore classic and sells second hand on Ebay for easily over 30 pounds ($50), we have it new for only 6.80 pounds ($11.50) plus shipping. Click to order Wonderful days direct. Don't delay this stock is LIMITED!

We have also re-stocked our hardcore back catalogue and our oldskool back catalogue with hundreds of rare and hard to find items such as stuff from Knitebreed, Question Mark, Hectic, United Dance, Impact, Malice Records, Fusion, Alpha Projects, Twisted Vinyl, Man From Uncle Records, XL Recordings, Altern 8 just to name a small few... What are you waiting for !?
   9000 hardcore members has passed 9000 registered members! Wow what a milestone. Still making us the biggest hardcore site in the world. Congrats to all the hardcore members and just when you thought your favorite site could not get any better we have more features coming soon!
   Got i-tunes?
Last week saw the launch of the Windows version of Apple's i-tunes, a popular Mac audio player. Under the radio section of both Windows and Mac versions of i-tunes there is a small "electronica" radio list with Radio listed as two of the 64 streams available! is proud to be representing hardcore on such a global scale.

This is excellent coverage for hardcore and to show the masses we are up there with the best of them. now is the only hardcore station listed inside Microsoft's Windows Media Player, Apple's i-tunes and AOL's Shoutcast / Winamp.
   Scott Brown on MTV!
Scott Brown's single 'I would stay' been signed to the record label All around the world (AATW) for commercial release. This is the same label as Flip and Fill, Bang! N-Trance and Ultrabeat just to name a few. This new track is the new version of 'Turn up the music' that some lucky people that live in the UK might have heard at the Slammin outdoor event a few weeks back. But more importantly the release will also feature hardcore mix!

We have been told to look out for the video soon on MTV! Well done Mr Brown!
   Anniversaries and Anabolic Frolic
You would not believe it would you - October 2003 is the month of anniversaries on

July 2003 marks Radio's 4 year anniversary!
September 2003 marks's 4 year anniversary!
October 2003 marks Totally Sweet Radio's 1 year anniversary!

Some of our members have been with us from the start, some of you might even remember the first version of and its infamous "white page", or tuning into our early 10 hour radio playlist which now consists of over 130 hours of fresh upfront hardcore mixes.

What does all this mean? is the largest hardcore site in the world and one of the longest running. Radio is the longest running hardcore station in the world and most popular fully licensed 24 hardcore a day hardcore radio in the world and we have all its members, donators and contributors to thank for it.

Joining the celebration Totally Sweet Radio headed up by The M'asstodon sound crew celebrates their 1 year anniversary with an excellent look back to the year of shows, plus an intro to the show that says it all, a must listen. The TSR crew have done something special for their first show of year 2, this week' show Anabolic Frolic is the guest DJ, spinning a live DJ set and answering a few questions from the guys.
   Industrial Strength Records are back! learnt that Industrial Strength Records launched by Lenny Dee in the USA in 1991 with PCP's "Mescalinium United" helping create the first hardcore techno label in the world and one of the first electronic labels in the USA are back!

ISR has featured in the past such artists as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, The Mover, DJ Paul, Manu Le Malin, Cirillo, Oliver Chesler & Nasenbluten... among many other. Owner and founder Lenny Dee are back alongside ISR's co-owner Julie Separovic with even more destructive mind twisting beats for the world to frown upon!

New Release News :-
The relaunch of Industrial Strength Records through France's own premier electronic music company UWE see's ISR 50 ... A slammin' 12" double pack with trax lifted from the USA's "Industrial ****ing Strength 4" compilation.

Forthcoming ISR Releases :-

DJ Skinhead - ISR 51
Jensen & Lowtek - ISR 52
Jeff Amadeus - IST 26

The Remix Project :
Featuring Crystal Distortion! (From Spiral Tribe)
Stormtrooper - Perfect Imortal Machines - ISR 53
and more to come....
   MasterWax & 2004 sexy calanders
While we are not going to win any political correctness awards on these ones, and MasterWax have created two separate 2004 wall calendars for your home, office, room, school or wherever!

We used a sexy professional model sporting MasterWax and clothing and professionally photographed in the entire thing in the Arizona desert USA! The calendars contain 12 shots - one per month and are printed on glossy thick paper. They measure 21.5cm x 28cm (8.5" x 11") when folded, and 28cm x (11" x 17") when hanging on your wall. They cost $19.99 each.

You can order here or by selecting T-shirts and merchandise from the shop pull down menu above and then selecting calendars.

2004 calendars - click each image to view all months images per calendar

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   Scott Brown comments on Bonkers XI (11)
Author: silver  
Scott Brown has written some comments for his CD for the upcoming Bonkers XI (11). Interesting read:

Alright guys....
Lots of new shit on there so it should keep you going for at least a few days

I have to say something with regards to the various comments about me adding my OWN tracks to my mix (and past mixes)..... I am signed EXCLUSIVELY to React to do Bonkers, this means that all the times Ministry or Slammin ask me to do THEIR albums, I CAN'T do them. The payoff for all the guys who mix Bonkers, is that we can include our own tracks; this way we can stay with Bonkers Exclusively and not lose money.

On the last album, I was let down by so many producers who had promised tracks and didn't deliver, hence the large amount of my own stuff on there. This time, I've been overwhelmed with tracks (I even had to chop about 4 from the mix) so I've managed to get some variety this time!

Anyway, stop yer whingin' and go oot and buy it!

Bonkers XI (11) goes on sale November 10th 2003 and can be pre-order here NOW.

   Vinylgroover spotted back in hardcore
Several years back Vinylgroover was one of the biggest hardcore producers in the business, alas he left hardcore to pursue other genres with very good success. Vinylgroover has been spotted to be DJing a hardcore set at the upcoming event Rezzurection IV in the UK. Vinylgroover's back in hardcore business?
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   You order the Red Pill
Author: silver  
Hot on the heals of the Bonkers 11 news is the first to have the limited edition red colored vinyl and CD single of the track Red Pill to buy.

Audio (MP3):
A - Storm & Euphony - The Red Pill
AA - Storm & Euphony - The Outer Limits

Just a little hard to swallow

   Bonker 11 - FOREVOLUTION
Author: silver has exclusively obtained the cover artwork, complete tracklist and release details on the soon to be release Bonker XI (11) - FOREVOLUTION! That right you see it here first. Rumors have been flying all over the place to when the album will be out, what tracks are on it and what the damn thing looks like... well wait not longer....

The album is released on the 10th November 2003, and will be accompanied by a TV ad campaign in the UK (and will be starting pre-order shortly and will go on sale at so keep tuned.

Update: Pre order here NOW.


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   Underground Warped Destructive Cloned Red and Blue pills
Author: silver  
A massive release schedule has been sent to from the new hardcore label's Warped Science, Cloned Records, Underground Recordings and Destructive Force. These new releases will be available within this month on vinyl with some now available on CD single. When they arrive they will be available first in's shop.

Warped Science Recs 001: (Ltd Edition Red Colored Vinyl)
A - Storm & Euphony - The Red Pill
AA - Storm & Euphony - The Outer Limits
(also available on cd single release)

Cloned Records 002
A - Storm & Spinback - No Good For Me
AA - Storm & Frisky - Things U Do
(also available on cd single release)

Underground Recordings 001: (Ltd Edition Clear Vinyl)
A - Storm & Spinback - Break The Night
AA: Storm & Spinback - Hallucinating
(also available on cd single release)

Destructive Force 002
A - Storm & Phosphor - Suicidal
AA - Storm & Phosphor - Noise Makers
(also available on cd single release with an exclusive mix of noise makers)

Destructive Force 003
A - Storm & Menis - Dynamite
AA - Euphony - Time & Space (Wheres My Money Mutha****a Mix)
(also available on cd single release)

Destructive Force 004
A - Sunrize & Ac Slater - Total Chaos
AA - Sunrize & Ac Slater - Raw Power
(also available on cd single release with an excl versions)

Futher releases to follow shortly:

Destructive Force 5
Sunrize - The Darkness (Original And Storm & Euphony Remix)

Destructive Force 6
A - Storm & Dok - You ****!
AA - Unnamed Track

Warped Science 2
A - Storm & Euphony - The Blue Pill
AA - Storm & Euphony - Blinded

Warped Science 3
Dont Cry For Me Remixes (Dougal/Gammer & Storm/Euphony)
   Hecttech Records have a Revival Recordings
Author: silver  
Hecttech releases have been on hold for a while due to distribution problems but has learnt that is all sorted now and all Hecttech, HTSE, Fruity Cutz and the new Revival releases are now distributed exclusive by NuEnergy along with labels such as MasterWax, Bonkers, Blizzard trax just to name a small few.
H-TEC027, H-TEC028 are available to order direct from with H-TEC029 & H-TEC030 available very soon.

Audio (MP3):
H-TEC027 [Click to ORDER]
A - In Effect - Technology
AA - In Effect - Back 2 Bass Kicks

H-TEC028 (One sided vinyl) [Click to ORDER]
A - Sharkey & K Komplex - Delusion

Hecttech have also released release info and audio on their latest label Revival Recordings
A - Hardcore Rhythm Team - See The Light (Original)
AA - Hardcore Rhythm Team - See The Light (Topgroove remix)
   Why don't you just RFU?
Author: silver  
RFU Recordingz a new hardcore label has set their sights on their first few releases. Quoted as "committed to releasing quality material" and "covering most sub genres of hardcore" and "pushing both established and up 'n coming talent from all over the world"... Sounds like a good start, keep your eyes and ears pealed for more on these guyz.

Release info:

A - Contraption - Higher, Forever
AA - Contraption - Higher, Forever (Breeze & Styles remix)

A - Sunrize - Let Me Go
AA - Sparky - Love Like This

A - Invader feat Stargazer - Enraptured Soulz
AA - The Untouchablez - Murder-1

All three releases should be out this year, as well as a "soon to be announced"
unmixed CD album: "An Introduction to Climactic Moments" (RFUCD001)
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   Hardcore Heaven awards 2003
The results are in for the UK based Hardcore Heaven Awards. was the number one nomination for the Hardcore Web site award and came in second place in the final standing. We are quite honored to be included in a UK based vote and being the ONLY company or person outside Europe to be voted.

Final standings:
Best Hardcore DJ - Scott Brown
Best Hardcore MC - Storm
Best Record Label - Raverbaby
Best Hard Dance DJ - Mark EG
Best Website -
Best Record Shop - IMO Records
Outstanding Contribution to Hardcore - DJ Sy

Congrats to all the winners espcially Paul, the award could not have gone to a better person and I'm glad one of us won the award :)
   Hardcore til I die artwork, tracklist and pre-order
As reported weeks ago on React are releasing a new low budget double CD called Hardcore Til I Die. Pricing is only 7.99 pounds ($USD 14) with the second disc is not mixed - Perfect for all those CDJ DJ's out there! The CD will be hitting the stores Oct 6th 2003 so get your pre-order on now!

Complete track list can be found here.

You can pre-order the CD here.

Hixxy, Breeze & Styles are Hardcore Til they die

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   DFM new tunes
DFM Records have posted their latest offering, check it out.

Audio (Real Audio):
A - Loopfish - Primary Source
B - Loopfish - Digitalis

A - DJ Fracus & Gavin G - Utopia
B - DJ Fracus - Burning like fire

A - Geos, Robbo & Schmoo - Heaven
B - Geos, Robbo & Schmoo - Dig It
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2003/09/17 Vinyl / CD / Music shop launches!
The wait is finally over, the rumors are true and the most user requested function on is finally here! I am proud to announce has it's own FULLY STOCKED vinyl / CD / music store for you to buy all your latest releases! Through our exclusive partnerships with mail order companies now gets the newest and best releases first as well as the oldskool classics!

Not only do we have thousands of hardcore and oldskool titles both NEW and OLD we have all your other genres as well, hard trance, hard house and even hip hop if that's your flavor as well as a tone of others genres to check out...

To order and see what we have in stock in the new store, mouse over the "Shop" button in the white navi menu and click Vinyl / CD / Music Shop or just press "Shop" in the white navi for quick access.
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   Totally Sweet Radio goes multiband
As promised a few weeks back Totally Sweet Radio on has gone Multiband with no more login required. We have split the old 56k stream into one 128k stream for the broadband peeps and one 24k stream for the dial up peeps. We are still in testing stages so please let us know if you are have any problems.

We still of course have our Radio and both networks can be launched from the Radio page.

Totally Sweet Radio
Real Audio 
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   A picture says a thousand words
Evolution 68 (EV67) Ice Cold 2 and Evolution 69 (EV69) Definition remix picture disc artwork has been posted to the net! As well as the next coming releases from Evolution and E-plus.

EV 70 - Scott Brown feat DMO - I'm in heaven / raw power
Plus 10 - Plus System - Do it like we do

Ice Cold 2 / Definition of a Bad Boy (Click either to enlarge)

   Release the Camels!
Camel Records have released details on their next five camel's they plan to release into the wild. has the audio to check out. No lumps on these releases!

Audio (MP3):
Captain Skull**** - Shooting Filth
Oli G vs Gavin G & Dan Rolla J - The Wildstyle

Oli G & Smackdown - Crazy - The Remixes
Oli G & Smackdown - Crazy (Shanty, Tazz & Concept Digi Beats RMX)
Oli G & Smackdown - Crazy (Sunrize Rmx)

Tazz - Whore House
DOK & Ponder - Ribcage

Oli G - Jump To This
Oli G & SPeedY B - **** Up
Oli G & SPeedY B - **** Up (Remix TBA)

Nemes & Blender - Without Fear
Blender & Fantazia - Oh My God
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2003/09/12 server move completed!
The server move seems to have gone well, I am sure everyone can notice the speed increase, especially in the forums. The new server also opens up many new doors in terms of expansion for, keep your eyes peeled we are going to be launching a new things in the coming days / weeks!
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   We are on the move. is relocating its servers this week to help handle our server traffic and allow for future expansion.

We have set the wheels in motion and are expecting no down time, please excuse us if there are any hiccup's during the change over.
   Raw is hardcore!
DJ's Cloudskipper & Reese from the US have joined forces with Uplift & Stargazer for Raw Elements 6 due to be released within a month.
According to the Raw Elements crew the A side is a pounding, full-fledged energy monster (grrr), with huge trancey riffs and a piano hook that will get you every time. While the flip side is a departure from the Raw Elements norm, led by breakbeats all the way, with an incredible buildup that will give you chills up and down your spine.

Audio (Real Audio):
Cloudskipper, Reese, Uplift, Stargazer - Altered State
Cloudskipper, Reese, Uplift, Stargazer - Substance

Raw Elements 6

   Quoshing out DVD style!
The Quosh boys have compiled their very own DVD with over 2 hours of digitally recorded footage from the events Uprising in the UK recorded on the 26th June 2003 (Sy and Unknown) and at the Vibealite in the UK recorded on the 6th September 2003 (DJ Sy with MC Storm).
Both sets are unedited and the audio is not overdubbed, so both are the original full sets as recorded on the night.

The DVD also contains a few bonus extras recorded from DJ Sy's set at Vibealite's "Summer Sensation" in the UK recorded on the 14th June 2003!

The DVD is region free and PAL format (take care US, Canadian and Japanese orders) and is priced at 10 pounds plus 2 pounds P&P, and is available to buy through the newly designed Quosh Records online store.

UPDATE: Quosh are now releasing a new NTSC version as well for all other countries!

Quoshing out DVD style!

   Magna 7 pictures posted
This Saturday the 13th of September 2003 in the UK the Tidy crew brings you Magna 7. That's 7 Zones of the best sounds around, and of course hardcore is represented in a big way with the Hardcore Zone! We have posted some photos and done a little write up of the venue and zones to wet your appetite, click on the image below to read the full story. Don't forget you have one more day to win the VIP ticket enter here.

If your in the UK it's all about Magna 7

   E to the K to the S to the R (EKSR Records)
A new US based label is set to hit the streets next week called EKSR Records and has the details on the release with audio. The release is distributed via Phusion Records in LA and "should" make it's way to the UK within a month.

Audio (MP3):
A - Mark Shepherd - So Light Negative
B - Mark Shepherd - So Light Original

EKSR Records first release

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   Bang! are back and Lost in Space
Bang! is one of the most known names in Hardcore music, nearly all hardcore DJ's own and play their tunes. Bang! have CD releases worldwide and even been licensed to video games such as world hit game "Dance Dance Revolution" by Konami. Bang! the group have been a little quite of the past few years releasing stuff under other names such as Blaze! and Nimrod but the news is here that Bang! are back

Bang!'s first project is the "Bang! Vs Paradise" single "Sunshine On A Cloudy Day" that's to be released very soon. The added news is that now there is a hardcore mix of this excellent tune remixed by DJ Storm & Euphony, and according to Nick of Bang! "it's a corker!"

But that's not even half of the news... Bang! are set to release a new track called "Lost In Space" which is Shooting Star part 2

This track another joint venture project with extremely well known and talented N-Trance which have created a A side mix that according to Bang! should get the track into the charts. The Hardcore mix also be on the CD!

Audio (MP3):
N-Trance - Lost In Space (Shooting Star part 2) (Commerical Trance)
Bang! - Sunshine On A Cloudy Day (DJ Storm / Euphony Mix) (Hardcore)
Bang! vs Paradise - Sunshine On A Cloudy Day/Bang! (Commerical Trance)
Bang! vs Paradise - Sunshine On A Cloudy Day/Paradise (Commerical Trance)
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   We want your vote NOW!
As reported a few weeks back has been nominated the "Best hardcore web site in the world", we want to win this award and we ask everyone to vote for your favorite web site. As a finalist we want to bring this award home for everyone who enjoys and it's features. We want everyone to vote, we want you all to think about what is the best site in the world for hardcore? Look at all the sites nominated, and you decide...

As for, we are the largest hardcore web site in the world, we have the most members, most page views, most hits, most user sessions with members from 108 countries! If you have never checked out our site before, we invite you to have a look at our multi bit-rate radio streams, news, forums, chat, interlinked record / artist / label database system with over 1400 record release items, integrated event systems, competitions, real time track title streamers and shop.

To get your vote on goto the hardcore heaven voting page and only vote for!

We are asking that all 8400+ members of, 4000+ members of HappyHardcore.DJ and the 23,000+ members of Digitally Imported (our Radio partner) vote for their favorite hardcore web site and help us win this award. As the only non-UK based hardcore nomination we are quite honored to be in the finals. Lets bring this award home for all of us at!
   A Stompy September
Producer and DJ Stompy has posted some of his latest creations as well as some in progress work. According to Stompy he has also about 25 tracks believe it or not looming in the background. Excellent news for all the Stompy hardcore fans out there.

Audio (Real Audio):
Stompy - All I can Remember
Stompy - untitled (still in production)
Stompy - Trust The DJ (still in production)
Stompy - Yo DJ
   A Lost Soul
New hardcore / freeform producer Lost Soul has posted a new for his latest productions and told us what labels they should be appearing on. Loads of new audio for your ears, check it out.

Audio (MP3):
Duncan Oatham - Push the Tempo (Lost Soul Remix)
Lost Soul - Dark Side of the Moon

Desolate Constraint
Lost Soul - Sex 'n' Drugs
Lost Soul - End of Line

Lost Soul - Cry For Help
Lost Soul - Speak Your Mind
Lost Soul - Wormhole
Lost Soul - Enchanted
   Technics fires a CD-J out
A careful user has snapped a shot the new Technics CD-J player, we don't have any technical details on what functions the new player has but by looking at the image we can see it has a motorized direct drive spinning platter, SD memory support, pitch control (obviously), looping and possibly sampling support, a reverse and forward switch and it's damn sexy! We can assume scratching (ala the Pioneer CDJ1000 / 800) on the turntable should also be possible. Check out the images.

Thanks to member kg4 for the news.

Technics new CD Player - Click for bigger image

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   The Vinyl strikes back!
Update on the new CD release Battle of the DJ's Vol 1, we have received word that not only will these track be released on CD but will also see a 2 piece vinyl release!. This is excellent news for oldskool DJ's and collectors wanting to get their paws on some really hard to find tracks.

Check out the vinyl track listing. Or if vinyl aint your thing buy the CD now.
   SMD Volumes 1-4 & Awesome
News from the vinyl frontier says that the highly popular SMD series 1-4 are being re-pressed and will be avaiable soon. Also re-presses of the Awesome catalogue will be available shortly.
   3 Kings are better than 1
A new US label is set to launch called 3 Kings, check out the audio.

Audio (Real Audio):
A: djFlippy - Free
B: PahtJ - Breath
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   Slipmatt's back with hardcore and now the battles on!
DJ Slipmatt returns to hardcore in the form of a new CD release along side DJ Vibes in a new and interesting CD release concept! Basically the new label involved (Beat24-7) wants to know who you want to listen too and what tracks you want to listen too. So begins the battle... Beats24-7 plan to release 3 other CD's with 6 other DJ's, all hardcore, where you vote the winner of the battle.

First round is Slipmatt vs Vibes, winner goes to the next round. Get your vote on here with kick off starting 2nd September 2003.
Complete track list can be found here

The CD is on sale now and you can order the CD here.

Battle of the DJ's Match 1.

   Win 1 pair of VIP tickets to Magna7 in the UK
With Tidy now going even harder into hardcore with their new Magna7 event to be held September 13th 2003 in the UK, and Tidy are giving the chance for you to win 1 pair of VIP tickets! Competition closes September 10th 2003 so click the Magna7 logo below to enter and remember only enter if you have means on attending the event in the UK.

Tidy presents Manga 7 with as a Media partner

   Magna 7
Take one gigantic old steel works in the UK, spend 50 million pounds to make it into a mind blowing science and exhibition centre and then carve this huge space into seven 'zones', load in the best production with breathtaking colour lasers, awesome sound and spectacular lighting, add the worlds biggest DJ's for the Harder Generation and there you have it, quite simply, a dance event that's unlike any other that's gone before it.
Words and pictures cannot describe just how breathtaking the Magna space is in the UK, and by adding 5000 of the worlds best clubbers, we know we have something that's from another planet!
Tidy have always had the ethos of delivering ground breaking and unique events, be it a 72 hour dance party in the depths of Wales, or, filling London's biggest dance club upto full capacity. Magna 7 is once again set to change the way we look at clubbing.
Magna 7 is like an indoor festival, with one small difference, it comes in at a similar price to the price that you'd pay for a normal night out clubbing! are proud to be a media partner with Tidy for this mind blowing event.

If you are in the UK you don't want to miss this event, 5000 people and check out the hardcore lineup!
Brisk, Scott Brown, Hixxy, Breeze, Robbie Long & Devastate, Topgroove, MC Wotsee, MC Storm, MC Whizzkid

Tidy presents Magna 7 with as a Media partner

   Inner Vision gets a State Of Mind
Following the first release on the Inner Vision label comes the second installment with audio. Click for a listen.

Audio (Real Audio):
A: Shox - State Of Mind (Original Mix)
AA: Shox - State Of Mind (Invader & Oli G Mix)
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   Hardcore till I die!
React have informed us that they will be releasing a new lower priced CD in October 2003 called "Hardcore till I die". The CD will be a double pack by Hixxy on CD1 and Breeze and Styles on CD 2. This is not the "Raver Baby album" we reported on a few weeks back but a new project . The Raver Baby album has been pushed to early 2004. More hardcore for the masses!
   Getting Hyper!
HyperBeatz have released information and audio on their latest tune due to be released in the next coming months. Click below to listen. Don't forget HB002 (The Slammer / Living on hardcore) has also just been released and is available now from all good record stores!

Audio (MP3):
A - Fresh Beatz
B - Time To Rock

HyperBeatz 3rd release

   MasterWax 4 and 5 update!
Author: silver  
If you are a regular to you will know that MasterWax 4 and 5 were due mid July 2003 and were delayed... Today we received test presses for these extremely anticipated releases and they sound excellent! You should see the email we are getting for these hot releases! Rest assured both will be out within a month if not sooner!

First off the block is DJ Impact with MasterWax 4, we have packed this released with two the biggest, baddest and sweetest vocal hardcore tunes you'll hear this side of Jupiter.

A - DJ Impact - In Your Life
B - DJ Impact - Far Away

DJ Impact - In your Life / Far Away (MWX004)

But we don't stop there... oh no... hot on the heels of first ever international Japanese hardcore track Misono - Konomama, played by DJing spanning the four corners of the earth...

MasterWax is proud to present the latest in the series of Japanese tracks with the debut of Lia with MasterWax 5.

Not only have we got the KonoMama follow up, we got it remixed by the number one producer and DJ in the world at the moment for Hardcore, none other than Scott Brown! (OMG!) with help from DJ Evil of KFA fame.
We also whacked another on the release an excellent mix by the most talented DJ phosphor for the AA side.

A - Lia - I'm Feeling (Scott Brown and DJ Evil remix)
AA - Lia - I'm Feeling (phosphor remix)

Lia - I'm feeling (MWX005)

Three massive vocal hardcore tracks to send shivers down your spine and rock the dance floor. Defiantly two pieces of wax for the front of your record boxes.

Available from all excellent record stores and vinyl stockists worldwide!
   Electronical release
Electronic have released news on their latest upcoming releases, we are told they have already been sent for mastering and should be expected in shops in a few months!

Electronic ETRIC010 12" - DOK EP
A1. Shanty & DOK - Route 88
A2. DOK - Isreal
B1. Shanty & DOK v AC Slater - So Many Things
B2. DOK - Tears In The Rain

Electronic ETRIC012 12"
A. Tazz - Take It All Back
B. Furious - Nightbreed

Electronic ETRIC013 12"
A. DOK & 7th Sense - Inside
B. Alek Szahala - Superstition

Electronic ETRIC014 12"
A. Tazz & Shanty - 50,000 Jars Of Hardcore Jam
B. Carbon Based & Nemes - Charmed Dreams
   Win Vibealite - A History of Hardcore CD!
It seems ages since we ran a competition on so not to disappoint and Rumour Records give the chance for 5 lucky people to win a copy of the brand new Vibealite - A History of Hardcore CD. You have until September 4th 2003 so click the CD image cover below to enter your details for your chance to win!

The CD will be released Sept 8th 2003 and you can Pre-order the CD now.

Click to win!

   Radio back up
Radio is back up and operational! We have completed the move to the new server to handle the demand, for the tech heads out there we are running on a dual 1.8Ghz Xeon with a few gigs of memory and tones of disk space. This servers only task is serving you the radio you love... The extremely popular Totally Sweet Radio on will be also be served from this new machine, look for an announcement shortly. (the web site) will also be moving next to it's own new separate server shortly which will speed up the site and allow for further expansion.
   Kevin Energy publicly speaks out about Industry Sharks
Kevin Energy no stranger to the hardcore scene yesterday publicly spoke out via a email to all industry keys members and well as NuEnergy members plus a public posting on the Nu Energy web site. has the complete text for your reading, it's sad but very true story and I must say there are many people like this in the hardcore scene, has not delt with the record label named in the text so I recommend everyone read the entire passage and make up your own mind.

"I would like to make you aware of an Australian Album company that has been licensing music and not paying the due debts to the labels. Slamm records and Down Under Ground operate from Sydney. They have licensed material from our Collective in the past and not paid a penny of the advances let alone royalties. When contacted the owner Chris AKA Chris Cross has been rude, aggressive and offensive. I am also aware of other UK labels that have had the same problem with this company. Our scene of small and independent companies relies on good day to day business which can not be achieved with this company. If you are a record label and have been approached for licensing by Slamm Records or Down Under Ground please take the above into account. If you are a customer looking to purchase a compilation you may like to think about where your money is actually going."
   Vibealite - A History of Hardcore
Rumour records have come up with the good once again not disappointing anyone with their commitment to quality hardcore CD releases. Next on the release schedule is the hardcore CD "Vibealite - A History of Hardcore" mixed by Stu Allen and DJ Sy. The track listing is an excellent coverage of old and new tunes in a neat double CD pack!

The CD will be released Sept 8th 2003 and you can Pre-order the CD now.

Vibealite - A History of Hardcore

   Radio Stream offline for a little
We are upgrading our radio stream to a newer / bigger / fast machine to handle the listeners we are getting. is the largest 24 hour fully licensed hardcore radio station in the world and we want to stay that way! The radio will be off and on for a few days sorry for the problems but it will be all worth it in the end including new streaming bitrates for the Totally Sweet Radio show!
   Pretty Green Eyes goes top 3
A hardcore tune never dies, and this is true of Force and Styles's track Pretty Green Eyes. The trance pop cover version by UltraBeat has reached the number 2 position in the UK national charts!. This increased media exposure for the new version should also help to promote the hardcore version and in turn hardcore music.

This is the 2nd hardcore cover tune to get into the top 3 UK national charts! And wish to congratulate Force and Styles plus Ultrabeat for their success.
2003/08/12 nominated best hardcore web in the world!
Author: silver  
The Hardcore Heaven final nominations have been announced on the Hardcore Heaven flyer. All at are honored to be nominated as one of final nominees in best hardcore web site in the world category!
Final nomination votes have started, to get your vote on goto the hardcore heaven voting page and only vote for the finalists below (all other votes will not be counted).

We are asking that all 8300+ members of, 4000+ members of HappyHardcore.DJ and the 23,000+ members of Digitally Imported (our Radio partner) vote for their favorite hardcore web site and help us win this award. As the only non-UK based hardcore nomination we are quite honored to be in the finals. Lets bring this award home for all of us at!

Here is the complete list of final nominations:
Best hardcore DJ:
Darren Styles, DJ Sy, Brisk, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Dougal, Breeze, Sharkey, Luna C, Kevin Energy, Marc Smith, Seduction, Paul Elstak, Sarge

Best Hardcore MC:
Marley, Storm, Odyssey, Smiley, Whizzkid, Wotsee

Best Hard Dance DJ:
Mark EG, Jon Doe, M-Zone, Billy Bunter

Best Record Label:
Evolution, Next Generation, Quosh, Raverbaby, Essential Platinum, Nu Energy

Best Website:,,,,,

Best Record Shop:
Spinn Inn (Manchester), Catapult (Cardiff), IMO (Sutton), Rapture (Colchester), Old SKool Daze (Birmingham), Dance 2 (Guilford)

Outstanding contribution to hardcore:
DJ Dougal, DJ Sy, Slammin Vinyl, Scott Brown, Hixxy, Darren Styles

The Hardcore Heaven Final Nominations - Click for bigger image

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   Ultra Beat - Feeling fine
Ultra Beat's new track is on the internet, and it's a cover of Unique aka Force and Styles - Feeling fine. Ultra beat are signed to All Around the World, the same label as Flip & Fill. The track is a trance pop version, lets hope there is a ripping hardcore remix included on the single or 12".

Audio - full length (Windows Media):
Ultra Beat - Feeling Fine
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   Happy Bonkers 11 and 12
Scott Brown has confirmed that he will be mixing Bonkers 11 and 12. Sources close to the project have also told that all track lists are complete for Bonkers 11 and the release will be in November 2003!
   A new kind of dance has received word on the latest from the artist DOK. DOK has been busy and is now featuring on a new label called Primal Dance run by Graham B of Primal Dance events that is set to launch in September 2003 via IMO distribution. has exclusive audio for your ears. You heard it first here :)

Audio (Windows Media):
Primal Dance 001
A. Graham B & DOK Feat. Sara - Moonlite Sky
B. Graham B - +1
   Hardcore Record database passes 1000 has passed 1000 releases in the release database. This might not sound like a lot but that represents over 3100 tracks, over 1100 artists and over 480 labels each with their own individual pages and all interlinked.

Many thanks to all the members of that emailed us their record lists and pieces we were missing to make the database possible. We still have many items missing but are making excellent progress. The goal is to have a complete and accurate hardcore database for reference and so each members can catalogue their own records in their own database lists.
   We want your vote!
The Hardcore Heaven crew in the UK are holding the hardcore awards on October 4th 2003. This is your chance to show the world who your favorites are. and it's operators would be honored to win any of these categories so make your (and the rest of your families ) vote count by selecting us.
The catagories are as follows:
- Best Hardcore DJ of the year
- Best Hardcore MC of the year
- Best Hard Dance DJ of the year
- Best Record Label
- Best Web Site
- Best Record Shop
- The Outstanding Contribution to Hardcore Award

Voting can be done online by clicking here to pop open the Hardcore Heaven Voter.

The Hardcore Awards!

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   Hixxy's new baby
DJ Hixxy has started a new label in order to release the earlier promo only Raver Baby releases, the new label is called Y Don't U and the first release looks like this:

UFO - New World
UFO - Wont Stop Rockin
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   Ultimate Happy Hardcore(.com)
Decadance (MOS) have done it again, they have packed a release with so many tunes, 6 CD's to be exact of some of the best hardcore both new and old. Mixed by Dougal and Vibes the release is due out August 4th 2003, just check out that track list!

You can pre-order here NOW!

Dougal's Mix 01
1. Scott Brown - Fly With You
2. Divine Inspiration - The Way
3. Plus System - Dehumanize
4. Stargazer - Ultimate High
5. Breeze & Styles - Back 2 The Old Skool
6. Brisk & Ham - Rock The Party
7. Fracus - Feel The Light
8. Hixxy vs Styles - Rushins
9. Marley - Everyday
10. G Spencer & Gammer - Space Exploration

Dougal's Mix 02
1. Breeze & Styles - Electric
2. Interstate - Hardcore Hustler
3. Billy Bunter & Jon Doe - Round & Round
4. Scott Brown feat Donji - I'm In Heaven
5. Seduction vs Sy & Unknown - Vigilante Hardcore
6. Breeze & Styles - Heartbeat
7. Ham - Remembering The Time
8. Deejay Bee & Overflow - Sunrise
9. Brisk & Energy - Unlock Ya Brain
10. Hixxy - Come Into My Dreams

Dougal - The Essential Platinum Mix
1. Gammer & G Spencer - Steam
2. Dougal & Gammer - Addicitions
3. Dougal, Gammer & Dowster - Can You Hear Me
4. Lost & Found - Love Of My Life
5. Dougal & Gammer - Higher Than Heaven
6. Darkside - The 6th Gate
7. Dougal & Gammer feat MC Smilet - Ordinary People
8. Dougal & Gammer - Anybody
9. Dougal & Gammer - Pump Up The Noise
10. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Paradise

Vibes' Mix 01
1. Prime Attack - Box A Trix
2. Triple J - Wonderful World
3. DJ Unity - Freedom
4. Future Primitive - Feel It
5. DJ Storm - Beating of My Heart
6. Fab Faber - Better Day
7. Go Mental 2
8. DJ Vibes - Es-Sex
9. 4 The Floor - Vol 1
10. DJ SS - Crowd Pleasers

Vibes' Mix 02
1. DJ Dougal - Really Love U (Remix)
2. DJ Vibes - Ardcore Eavyweight
3. V Jam - Doves or Dollars
4. Dougal & Vibes - Last Chance
5. Spinback - Feeling of Desire
6. DJ Slam - Till We Meet Again
7. DJ Rise - R Yeah
8. Ravers Choice - Techno Wonder
9. DNA & Spinback - Give Yourself To Me
10. James Venus - World of Fantasy

Vibes' Mix 03
1. DJ Kaos - Forever Autumn
2. Jimmy J - Eternity
3. Storm & Frisky - We're In Heaven
4. DJ Paul Elstak - Luv U More
5. Ravers Choice - Nutty House Crew
6. Spinback - Babylon
7. Secret Squirrel - Energizer
8. DJ Vibes & Wishdok - Always
9. DJ Slipmatt - SMD3
10. James Venus - Wonderful Feel

Dougal and Vibes

   New Raver Baby and Destructive force audio
We have four new tunes from DJ Storm & Euphony for your listening pleasure, these new Raver Baby tracks will be featured on the new Raver Baby album from React due September 2003.

Audio (Real Audio):
A - Storm & Euphony - Breathe
AA - Storm Euphony - Disappear

BABYxx - To be re-sung
Storm - I Will Love Again

Destructive Force
Storm & Euphony - Outer Limits
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   Watch the React-ion
React have let loose information on their latest hardcore offerings. As reported last week React have confirmed that Bonkers 11 will feature the DJ talents of Hixxy, Sharkey and Scott Brown.
React have also finally allowed us to release information of a new Raver Baby Album is due out in September 2003. Plus a joint Nukulez / React double CD album from Breeze and Styles with one CD hard house/trance and the other CD hardcore due out next year!
2003/07/17 does 8000! has passed 8000 members very much in part to it's loyal fans and donations. is already the most popular hardcore site in the world but as of early next week will have the most hardcore members for any single hardcore site in the world! This new figure brings our combined total of members for our networks just under 11,000 members including our HappyHardcore.DJ free email service.

Congratulations everyone, you have made something every hardcore supporter both new and old can look at and be proud of. A true testament to all the fans of hardcore all over the world for keeping hardcore music strong! Much respect!
   Got pants?
UFO clothing and are giving you the chance to win some UFO pant's for your body! All you need to do is tell UFO why you want to win and that you love Who wouldn't want to win!?
All entries must be received by August 1 2003. Email your address, phone number, and response to: [email protected]
A random draw will take place on August 4th 2003 by UFO and winners will be notified by August 11th 2003. Click the logo for more information and Good Luck!

Wanna win some UFO? - Email now

   Hardcore Heaven Awards
The Hardcore Heaven crew have pulled their resources together to create the The Hardcore Heaven Awards!
Catagories are as follows
- Best Hardcore DJ of the year
- Best Hardcore MC of the year
- Best Hard Dance DJ of the year
- Best Record Label
- Best Web Site
- Best Record Shop
- The Outstanding Contribution to Hardcore Award

Winners are rewarded live on stage as the winners and nominees play sets at the Hardcore Heaven event held October 4th 2003 in the UK.

Voting can be done online by clicking here to pop open the Hardcore Heaven Voter.
The nominees will be announced on Hardcore Heaven's website in late August 2003, so get your vote in, make it count, and if you are in the UK come and see your hardcore hero receive their reward on October 4th 2003 at the Sanctuary.
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   Reacting to the beat
React's flagship CD release is the Bonkers hardcore CD series, it sells more than anything else React sells and that's a fact. Sources close to React have told us Sharkey will be doing a new album with React that is due out early to mid 2004. We have also learned that Bonkers 11 music production is also underway, we don't know who the DJ's are but it's a safe guess that Hixxy and Sharkey will be 2 out of the 3 DJ's.
   Hardcore Heaven 2: Reloaded tracklist! has received the complete track list for the upcoming double CD Hardcore Heaven 2: Reloaded mixed by DJ's Sy and Styles. Complete track list can be viewed by clicking the cover artwork.

The Hardcore Heaven 2: Reloaded double CD is set to be released July 14th and is available for pre order here

Many thanks to member D.Jay for the info.

Hardcore Heaven gets reloaded! - Click me for tracklist

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   Evolutions double picture disc!
Evolution Records have gone all out on their latest two releases; both EV67 and EV68 are picture discs!

Scott Brown - Ice Cold 2
Scott Brown - Pilgrim remix

Scott Brown - Definition (of a badboy) remix
Scott Brown - Hustler remix
   Tsunami warning in full effect!
The double CD Hardcore Tsunami mixed by own DJ Silver and Kevin Energy of the NuEnergy collective has gone on sale today in all good shops! If you have not already picked it up you can pick it online at Rumour Records or

Hardcore Tsunami - OUT NOW!

   Hardcore is Relentless
Relentless Vinyl is a new project bought to you by DJ Kevin Energy. After years of experience in the production and manufacturing field you can be sure of a ground breaking result when Kevin gets to work. Relentless will offer a wide range of upfront and modern UK Hardcore to the world. There is no strict policy for the scope of Hardcore on Relentless Vinyl; Banging, Trancey, Uplifting, Breakbeat... it's all here. NuEnergy have sent us the first three releases with audio for you all to listen too.

Relentless Records - RLNT001
A - Kevin Energy - ****ing With The Frequency (Original)
AA - Kevin Energy - ****ing With The Frequency (Scott Brown's Big Banana rmx)

Relentless Records - RLNT002
A - Two's Company - Lost in Beats
AA - Two's Company feat. K-Complex - Hardcore Frenzie

Relentless Records - RLNT003
A - Duncan Oatham - Ready
AA - Kevin Energy - Know you're Rushing?

Relentless Records

   More waves of hardcore
The NuEnergy collective have compiled a list of their upcoming tasty tunage with audio for Damn it's massive!

DFM Records 006
A - Fracus and Oli G - Feel the Light
AA - Fracus and Oli G - Feel the Light (Breeze and Styles rmx)

Higher Order 2
A - Scott Majestik - Echoes of Eternity
AA1 - Kaine & Aidy J - Dead World
AA2 - Kaine & Aidy J - Dead World (2 bit Ho mix)

Camel 002
A - DJ Mozz and Speedy B - Drift
AA - EX1 - Degrees of Motion

Camel 003
A - Seph / Smackdown - Never Apart
AA - The Fugitive and Gazy J - The Real World

Mashed Up 6
A - Simon Apex & Dair - Don't Stop Now
AA - Simon Apex & Dair - Sound System Rocking

A - Carbon Based, E-Nrg - Prologue
AA - Nemes - Heaven n' Hell

A - Shanty and Dok - Route 88
AA1 - Dok - Isreal
AA2 - Shanty and Dok vs AC Slater - So Many Things
AA3 - Dok - Tears in the Rain

A - Carbon Based - Kraateri
AA - Karri K and DFG - Be Quiet

Bonkers 014
A - Storm Trooper - Body Groove
AA - Social outcast - Hypnosis

Digital Beatz 002
A - Shanty & Tazz and Concept - Beast of Hardcore
AA - Tazz and Concept - Intensify

Blizzard 002
A - DJ S4, Phosphor - Burn Da Floor
AA - Just Rich - Doin'it

Just Another Label 042
A - Triple J - 7th Heaven (Main Floor Mix)
AA - Triple J - 7th Heavan (Alternate Mix)

A1 - Say that you want me
A2 - Life ain't no game (digital Tekniq's genetic mutation mix)
AA1 - Addicted to Love
AA2 - Close your eyes (Adam L and KT's form free remix)

A - Sol Ray & Dynamic Intervention - 2 U Live (limited remix)
   Tidy Hardcore has been in contact with Tidy who have told us they have done their homework on what people want to hear... What is that?... Hardcore music!

Tidy is the latest major UK dance label now entering the hardcore arena, coming along side the other major players of Ministry of Sound, All Around the World and Nukleuz.

Expect Tidy to have a "major" hardcore presence at their Tidy Weekender 4 event in the UK October 2003.

Tidy Hardcore

   Live show over wants to thanks the 300+ people that tuned in from all over the world to our first totally live radio broadcast on Radio. The only problem was AOL's shoutcast main relay for the 128K listeners died for a few mins which was out of our hands (what a time for that to happen!).
We will make sure we have a better way to handle the shoutouts and requests next time around and judging from the comments we received there will be more live shows in the future... Keep it locked in to!
   DJ Silver LIVE TO AIR on Radio
This Wednesday the 25th of June 2003, DJ Silver of / MasterWax Records will be pioneering the first of hopefully many live DJ sets on Radio. We have selected a time that hopefully everyone in the world can listen in too without too much trouble.
This show will NOT be recorded so make sure you don't miss it. If things are working smooth, we will have shoutouts and requests!

We will be kicking things off in your time zone at:
Australia (East coast): 11pm - 1am
US Eastern: 9am - 11am - UPDATED
GMT (UK): 2pm - 4pm
Japan: 10pm - 12am
2003/06/23 and Rumour Records give you the chance to win the double CD Hardcore Tsunami
With releasing their first fully licensed CD from Rumour Records are giving the chance for 10 extremely lucky people to win a copy of this piece of hardcore history! Entries close 28th of June 2003 so click the CD logo to enter!
Hardcore Tsunami is a double CD packed with all the latest and greatest tunes you all love. Disc one mixed by DJ Silver of / MasterWax Records! with the second disc mixed by the master of energy himself Kevin Energy of NuEnergy.

If you can't wait you are able to pre-order the CD direct from Rumour Records or! presents Hardcore Tsunami

   Ravers High
The boys from HighEmotion Recordings have teamed up the NuEnergy collective to produce a Raver High CD. Packed full of energy goodness this CD is sure to please.

Check out the track listing here.

You can order the CD from NuEnergy direct.

Ravers High

   Streaming madness
After weeks of waiting, re-programming and testing to accommodate our new cluster streaming servers we are proud to bring back the Radio player window in all it's updated glory.

To start the player window just click stream bit rate and the window will pop open.

If you have been a member for a while you will remember the real time streamer, but this time around we have added some new features, firstly you can now buy directly in the player window the CD albums that we play on the radio! No more looking and searching for those tunes you can buy as you hear them. The new buy button is only available for commercially released CD's, we are not (yet) licensed to sell our exclusive DJ mixes.

We have even more features coming for the radio but for now we want to launch and test the system out before we add even more new features.

Real time DJ track listings are BACK!

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   Totally high profile DJ's
Some of the best hardcore DJ's in the world have graced our servers at and the totally sweet radio crew don't disappoint.

On Totally Sweet Radio you will hear Omar Santana (this week), DJ Storm (Next week), Luna-C (the week after that). If your a regular to the show the throw-lunch-meats-at-the-DJ show is the week after Luna-C!
   So very devious..
A new label is born... DV8 Records is a new Hardcore / Hard Dance label run by London based producer Soundscape. has been told DV8 will feature a wide range or diverse material, from the darker sides of Freeform right up to the more vocal, uplifting and euphoric sides of contempoary UK Hardcore.

DV8 001 Release date 20 June 2003
Distributed by Alphamagic

A: Soundscape - Till the end
AA: Soundscape - Overdrive

DV8 Record's first release

   MasterWax 4 and 5
Author: silver  
Finally after months and month of waiting and millions of emails later MasterWax Records is proud to release news on the forthcoming MasterWax 4 and 5!

The first 3 MasterWax releases sold out from distributors in under two weeks - MasterWax releases are always quality tunes and we don't disappoint with these sure fire anthems!

First off the block is DJ Impact with MasterWax 4, we have packed this released with two the biggest, baddest and sweetest vocal hardcore tunes you'll hear this side of Jupiter.

A - DJ Impact - In Your Life
B - DJ Impact - Far Away

DJ Impact - In your Life / Far Away (MWX004)

But we don't stop there... oh no... hot on the heels of first ever international Japanese hardcore track Misono - Konomama, played by DJing spanning the four corners of the earth...

MasterWax is proud to present the latest in the series of Japanese tracks with the debut of Lia with MasterWax 5.

Not only have we got the KonoMama follow up, we got it remixed by the number one producer and DJ in the world at the moment for Hardcore, none other than Scott Brown! (OMG!) with help from DJ Evil of KFA fame.
We also whacked another on the release an excellent mix by the most talented DJ phosphor for the AA side.

Audio (Windows Media):
A - Lia - I'm Feeling (Scott Brown and DJ Evil remix)
AA - Lia - I'm Feeling (phosphor remix)

Lia - I'm feeling (MWX005)

Three massive vocal hardcore tracks to send shivers down your spine and rock the dance floor. Defiantly two pieces of wax for the front of your record boxes.

Both released mid to end of July 2003 from all excellent record stores and vinyl stockists.
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   CLSM 4 and 5
CLSM have put out a limited time sale of test presses on the web for sale. Only a few available with the next (real) copies 4 weeks for Liberation (CLSM 4) and 8 weeks for the Sharkey / Vinyl Junkie (CLSM 5) release.

You can order from:
< has been sold out >
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   Kinetic energy...
The new label Club Kinetic Records has pushed their first vinyl release out the door with Club Kinetic Records 001. Tune in below to check it out.

Audio (Real Audio):
A - This is not over - Mimic & Fracus
AA - Hardcore Bashment - Dan Rola J & Gavin G
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   Hardcore Tsunami are releasing their first fully licenced CD you can all buy June 23rd 2003! I must get at least 20 emails a week about where to buy my mixes or the tunes on radio, well now you can. Released from Rumour Records (UK) and distributed via Pinnacle distrubution (largest distributor in the UK) you are sure to pick it up anywhere you regularly buy your hardcore CD's.

Hardcore Tsunami is a double CD packed with all the latest and greatest tunes you all love. Disc one mixed by DJ Silver of / MasterWax Records! with the second disc mixed by Kevin Energy of NuEnergy.

Track listing:
Disc one - Mixed by DJ Silver
CD1-1 - Angel, DJ, Chucky, DJ :: Light To Insert
CD1-2 - Gavin G, Fracus :: Forever With Me - Feat. Paula (Breeze & Styles Remix)
CD1-3 - Buzzmasta :: Heartbreak
CD1-4 - Fracus, Oli G :: Feel The Light (Feat. Donna Grassie)
CD1-5 - Fade :: Should I
CD1-6 - Brisk, Fade :: New Sensation (Feat Kelly)
CD1-7 - JHAL :: Missing U
CD1-8 - Gavin G, Fracus :: Utopia
CD1-9 - Scott Brown :: Turn Up The Music (Breeze & Styles Remix)
CD1-10 - Fracus, Gavin G :: Shine (feat. Paula)
CD1-11 - Plus System :: Neck Breaker
CD1-12 - Hardcore Authority :: Definition of a Badboy
CD1-13 - Lia :: I'm Feeling (Scott Brown & DJ Evil Remix)
CD1-14 - Brisk, Fade :: Bang Da Beatz

Disc two - Mixed by Kevin Energy
CD2-1 - Two's Company :: Dream
CD2-2 - AMS :: Digital Science
CD2-3 - Kevin Energy :: Roll With This (Fast as **** mix)
CD2-4 - Vinal, Impact, Devotion :: Say It Again
CD2-5 - K-Complex, Mark Ashley :: Desire
CD2-6 - Tazz :: Take It All Back
CD2-7 - Lost Soul :: Payback Time
CD2-8 - Two's Company :: Parallel Minds
CD2-9 - Lost Soul :: Plazma
CD2-10 - Kaos :: Morse Code
CD2-11 - K-Complex, Mark Ashley :: Frenetic
CD2-12 - Furious :: Nightbreed
CD2-13 - AMS, Sharkey :: Mind Control
CD2-14 - Phosphor, S4 :: Hell Bound

You will be able to purchase and pre-order the CD direct from Rumour Records or! presents Hardcore Tsunami

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   Assorted babies
News on the latest Raver Baby and Jelly Baby releases are in:

Baby 16
A: UFO and Marley - Connections
B: UFO and Marley - Hardcore Underground

Baby 17
A: Weaver - Come into my dreams (orig)
B: Weaver - Come into my dreams (Hixxy remix)

Jelly 8
A: Dowster - Something
B: Dowster - X-hale

Jelly 9
A: UFO - Punk
B: UFO - Visions
   Rave n Beats Japan style
Rave n beats Japan have sent over a massive release schedule update with some excellent audio clips for your listening pleasure.

Audio (Real Audio):
A1 - Nish / One More Thing
B1 - Nish / One More Thing (DJ Angel & DJ Chucky Rmx)

Tokyo Style Ep Vol.2
A1 - Buzzmasta / Sweetest
B1 - DJ Champ, Dj Zet & Inful-8 / Tokyo Raver
B2 - Otake-xx / 3800volts

A1: DJ Angel & DJ Chucky / The Ninth
B1: DJ Sharpnel / Untitled

A1 - DJ Sharpnel / Torinouta
A2 - DJ Sharpnel / Torinouta (The Speedfreak's Noise Rave Mix)
B1 - DJ Chocojunkie / Bluesky Baby
B2 - Warst / Zero Point (DJ Chucky Rmx)
   Batteries not required!
Electronic records have sent over the news on their latest tuneage with some audio samples. Electronic 9 is on sale now with 10 coming soon!

Audio (Real Audio):
Electronic ETRIC009 12"
A. Tazz & Narcotic - Khemical Pressure
B. Tazz v Solar State - Rhythm Flows

Electronic ETRIC010 12"
A1. Shanty & DOK - Route 88
A2. DOK - Isreal
B1. Shanty & DOK v AC Slater - So Many Things
B2. DOK - Tears In The Rain
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   Bonkers 1 & 2 in shops!
As reported first by Bonkers 1 and 2 are to be re-released, React have sent over the news that these rare gems are now on sale!
2003/05/28 acquires Infinity Recordings has acquired Infinity Recordings and its entire back catalogue plus previously unreleased tracks licensed under the Infinity brand name from previous owner / operator and international producer "Mark Breeze" earlier this month.

The deal involves all 24 previous releases under Infinity Recordings and several unreleased tracks; brand names including the sub label SAW as well as logos, websites and existing contracts and copyrights. All exists artists that have featured on Infinity Recordings have been notified and all are excited for the future expanded possibilities with

Infinity Recordings back catalogue can be viewed by clicking here.

Official press release can be read here.

Infinity Recordings join the family

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   Counting the babies
Two more RaverBaby releases quietly shipped today and can be picked up from your favorite stores.

BABY014: Dougal & Gammer - Fires in the Sky / Beat the System
BABY015: Styles & Breeze - Sonic / Total XTC
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2003/05/25 and Rumour Records are giving the chance for 5 lucky people to win the brand new Hardcore - the second coming double CD mixed by DJ's Scott Brown and Neophyte. Competition closes June 1st 2003 so get your click on and click the CD image below to enter now!

Hardcore - the second coming

   Evolution's newest
Evolution Records today updated there release schedules with their latest tunes.

EV67: Scott Brown - Ice Cold 2 / Pilgrim (Kevin Energy Remix)
EV68: Scott Brown - Definition of a Badboy Remix / Hardcore Hustler Remix

thanks to member comet for the news.
   Pitchin' some more up
Pitched up Records have releases information on their latest tuneage:

A: Eor - The Hard Shit
B1: Code Red - Wildside
B2: AC Slater - Rave Music

A: AC Slater - Heaven & Hell
B1: AC Slater & Sunrize - Shout Out
B2: Daywalker & AC Slater - Untitled
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   2 and 3 more camels
News from Camel Records have told that Camel records releases 2 and 3 have gone off to the pressing plant.

Audio (MP3):
A: DJ Mozz & SPeedY B - Drift
B: Ex1 - Degrees Of Motion

A: Seph - Never Apart
B: Smackdown, Gazy J & The Fugitive - The Real World
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   Windows Media and i-tunes radio has been listed in the exclusive ranks of Microsoft's Windows Media radio tuner (under Dance) and well Apple's own i-tunes! As Radio keeps getting bigger and more popular so does the hardcore sound!

Get ready the tsunami is coming...
   Hardcore stage WEMF 2003 -
WEMF is Canada's largest 3 day outdoor electronic festival. This year the hardcore stage is in association with none other than your favorite site! Just as is your central point for all the hardcore news it will also be for the hardcore WEMF 2003 stage. In previous years the Hullabaloo crew has produced this stage and is honored to pickup where they left of with their legacy.

DJ Silver owner and operator of & MasterWax Records will also be DJing WEMF 2003 as well as other internationals Hixxy, Fade, Sharkey, Lenny Dee plus a ton of Canadian DJ talent including the Totally Sweet Radio crew! . is truly an international site so if you can mange to get to Canada for the weekend of July 25th to 27th 2003 there is a party set to explode.

WEMF 2003 Hardcore stage presented by

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   Win a copy of The Best of Ultra-Sonic CD and Rumour Records are giving the chance for 5 lucky people to win the brand new The Best of Ultra-Sonic double CD. Click the CD image below to enter now!

The Best of Ultra-Sonic

   Dune can't stop raving
Dune the hardcore group that gave hardcore such classics as I can't stop raving and Million Miles from Home are back producing again. has been in contact with Dune and they have told us they are working on a new album to be released soon. Dune would not release any more info on what they are exactly working on but great to hear they are back!
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   Bonkers X TV Commercial exclusive has obtained a copy of the Bonkers X TV commerical before release - Exclusive to for your viewing pleasure. Click the image to display the broadband version or the link below for the 56k version.

Click here to order your copy now.

Bonkers in the house comeon!
BroadBand version [100k]

Low Band version [56k]

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   Hardcore's Evolution (Records)
Hardcore has evolved, and Scott Brown is leading the pack, we have just received the album information and cover image from evolution
Click here for track listing.

Hardcorevolution CD artwork

   Bonkers T-shirts
React have created some promotional limited Bonkers X T-shirts, check them out and if you like them click the image to order.

Bonkers Blue X T-shirt

Bonkers Brown X T-shirt

   Quoshing around
Quosh Records let loose info on their latest vinyl treats:

QSH 048 (Release date May 2003)
Insight - Only Your Love (Mixes)

QSH 049 (Release date June 2003)
The Vampire - The Old Skool Update EP (Total XTC)

QSHLTD 003 (Release date May 2003)
Sy & Unknown - Bring Me Round To Love (VIP Mix) / Scott Brown's Evolution Remix

Thanks to Comet for the update.
   Win a Bonkers X (10) CD or T-shirt and React are giving 5 lucky people a chance at winning the upcoming Bonkers X (10) release featuring Hixxy, Sharkey and Scott Brown. Competition closes 7th of May 2003 so get your boots on and click the image to enter now!

Bonkers X CD Artwork - Click to enter

   7000 Hardcore members and 11 TeraBytes has passed 7000 registered members! - yet again showing the driving force behind hardcore is its people and community. has also been running the new hardcore radio station for under two weeks now and already 5 times our max listener count and 7 times our average listeners! Radio is the largest online hardcore radio in the world and because of that we stream over 11,000 gigabytes a week of pure hardcore bliss just for you! Congratulations and thanks to everyone for tuning in to the radio and making such a global hardcore driving force.
   Bonkers X Hixxy's tracklist + Bonkers 1 & 2 re-release!
That's right... you read it first on - Hixxy's track list for the upcoming Bonkers 10! We also are now allowed to tell you all that Bonkers 1 & 2 will be re-released we have been told "in the next few months". Excellent hardcore news!

Hixxy's Mix
1. Hixxy "Thou Shalt Not Forget"
2. Planet Perfecto "Bullet In The Gun" (Hixxy Remix)
3. UFO "Punk"
4. Breeze & Styles "The Beat Kicks"
5. UFO & Marley "Underground"
6 Ultrabeat "Pretty Green Eyes" (Hixxy, Styles & Breeze Remix)
7. Hixxy "Summer Sensation"
8. Dougal and Gammer "Jam The Nightclub" (Remix)
9. Breeze & Styles "Future Shining"
10. DJ Weaver "Come Into My Dream"
11. DJ Stompy "Nu-beginning"
12. Sy and Unknown "Tekno Harmony 2003"
13. Stargazer "Ultimate High" (Breeze & Styles Remix)
14. Dowster "Starlight"
15. G Spencer meets Dougal & Gammer "Wonderful Life"
16. UFO "Hardcore"

Bonkers 10 can be pre-order here.
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   Next Generation's T-shirt
Next Generation Records have a new line of T-shirts out, quality looks good and you know you want one. Click the T-shirt to check it out:

   Chat launched!
Some people thought this day would never happen, how's two massive pieces of news for the site in less than 5 days for you? Chat is here finally after only 2 years of trying to get something together that is controllable.

The new chat is running from a fully controlled IRC network so there are no chances of any sort of channel takeovers, as I wanted to keep things simple I have allowed non members to log into the chat room using any nick they like, it is recommended you use the NickServ function to register your nickname in the chat. Moderators have already been selected and we will see how things go in this testing stage.

To launch the chat press the chat button in the top white navigation bar and get chatting.
2003/04/10 Radio and Digitally Imported partner
Digitally Imported the biggest dance radio network in the world with over 11,000 simultaneous (at the same time) peak listeners daily has partnered with Radio to bring you the best hardcore the planet has to offer! radio was already the number one internet hardcore radio station in the world, this takes the station into warp drive, after breaking all existing listener records in under 15 mins we are on a mission!

We are now streaming in all formats all the time at all the bit rates:

There are still things to do, the stats and the real time title streamer will not be working for a while until we change things over, but I think all you dial up users will be very happy! is extremely pleased to be a part of Digitally Imported family of electronic dance channels with extra special thanks to Ari from DI for his hard work!

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   Further Bonkers X news meet up with React today to get some new info for you. We also recieved a promo copy of new upcoming Bonkers X (10) CD. We can see by reading the label that a few of Scott Brown's tracks on his CD are exclusive to Bonkers X (10).

The list of exclusives include:
1. Scott Brown - Dehumanize (Synthetic Edit)
4. Scott Brown Feat. Donji - I'm In Heaven
8. Interstate - Hardcore Hustler
10. Brisk and Brown - Back & Forth
12. Hyperbass V's Scott Brown - Life or death
15. Scott Brown - How else can I say it**

** This actually says exclusive on the CD cover but what just recently released on EV66

CD sounds great and defiantly worth checking out. Pre-order here.

Before you ask, we don't have Hixxy's track list or CD, it was not included in the promo.
   FAQing hell, new poll and 10 years of hardcore has re-designed the FAQ and help section on to hopefully answer all your questions you might have about this and that on the site. Also another month gone another poll added, this time we want to know why you buy your hardcore CD's. Radio has surpassed 10 years of total listenership! How do we calculate that I hear you ask? We add the total number of listening minutes people are connected to the radio up and we get 10 years!.

The networks ( / Radio / HappyHardcore.DJ) makes us the largest hardcore media outlet on the planet, we are the world's biggest, don't believe what anyone else tells you, the real deal is right here. You are a part of hardcore in the making, congratulations to all the members of the site!

In other news Radio is about to undergo a massive upgrade (that is even an understatement) that will be announced later this week stay tuned.

Chat will also be with us *very* soon!
   Hardcore Heaven CD
The Hardcore Heaven crew have sent over the latest information on their latest live CD release by Dougal and Breeze to be released April 22nd 2003.

Complete track list can be found here. Pre-order this CD here.

Hardcore Heaven - Mixed by Dougal & Breeze

Back of the Hardcore Heaven

   Exclusive Bonkers X artwork has received the final artwork for Bonkers X (10) for your viewing pleasure. Official release date is 5th of May 2003.

You can pre order Bonkers X here.

Stop press - Scott Brown's tracklisting
1. Scott Brown - Dehumanize
2. Plus System - Commence
3. Dougal - Sunrise
4. Scott Brown & Donji - I'm in heaven
5. Scott Brown - The saga continues
6. Scott Brown - This is hardcore
7. Dougal - The 6th Gate
8. Interstate - Hardcore Hustler
9. Scott Brown - Synthetic Dreams
10. Brisk & Brown - Back and Forth
11. Art of fighters - Earthquake
12. Scott Brown V's HyperBass - Life or Death (edit)
13. Tommyknocker - The world is mine
14. Tha Playah - The bounce
15. Scott Brown - How else can I say it

Bonkers X CD Artwork

   Bonkers x release date and pre-order
Bonkers X (10) release date has been announced on Amazon as 28th April 2003. You can also pre order Bonkers X NOW!.

Thanks to member whispering for tipping us off about this news.
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   Scott Brown - Totally sweet!
This week on the Totally Sweet Radio show on Radio we have a very special guest Scott Brown from Evolution Records. Tune in and make sure not to miss the upfront set of new material from all the Evolution Labels.
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   Evolution's second coming
News from the Evolution Records camp informs that a new CD project called Hardcore "The second coming" which is the follow up to the very successful "a new beginning" both released by Rumour Records. Mixed once again of course by Scott Brown and Neophyte. Double CD, 32 tracks showcasing the very best in British and European new style hardcore. Look for the release in May 2003.

As for Scott Brown's solo album entitled "hardcorevolution" it will be 2 CD's, one with old school, one with new, should be around 36 tracks we are told.
   Next Generation catalogues em'
Next Generation Records sets releases catalogue numbers for new tracks featured on the MixMag hardcore cover CD and the Next Generation Album
Remembering The Time - NG27 A side
Let Them Know - NG27 AA side
Unlock Ya Brain - BB26 A side
Guardcore - BB36 AA side
   X files - Sharkey is out there
Sharkey's Bonkers X (10) track list for his CD has been published on the NuEnergy web site, here is the listing for all to see:

HAM 'Kinda Funky' Next Generation.
Ham and MC Sharkey 'Don't Stop' Next Generation.
Ham and Robbie Long 'Get Hard' Next Generation.
CLSM 'Sound Of The Future' CLSM.
CLSM 'Liberation' CLSM.
K Complex 'Outta Control' Bonkers.
Dair and Devastate 'Music Power' Uprising.
DJ's Justrich and Phosphor 'Ain't no stoppin this' Blizzard Tracks.
Social Outcast v Shanty, Concept and Tazz 'Twist of faith' Digital Beats.
DJ Kevin Energy '****in wiv da frequency' Relentless.
DJ Fade 'The Future' Extremely good music.
Scott Majestic 'Acid Dreams' Uprising.
DJ Fade 'The other side' Extremely good music.
Scott Brown 'Pilgrim' Kevin Energy and K Complex remix. Evolution.
Marc Smith 'Revival' Notorious Vinyl
Stormtrooper and Social Outcast 'Body Groove' Bonkers.
Sharkey and AMS feat Carol Sharland 'Freedom' Bonkers.
Marc Smith 'Give yourself to me' Notorious.
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Word from the Evolution camp is that a new project is underway. A Scott Brown / Evolution album is in progress and should be ready for release later in Spring / early Summer 2003. It will be called Hardcorevolution and will feature a studio mix of the best of Evolution Records over the past few years. It will also feature brand new tracks and around 5/6 exclusive remixes never heard before and not available on vinyl!
   Bonkers X ... the truth is out there. can now confirm that Bonkers X (10) will feature the DJing talents of Hixxy, Sharkey and Scott Brown. Release date and artwork are not final with React are keeping their cards close to their chest on this one.
   Don't stop the Uprising
Uprising Records have put their latest track "Acid Dreams" on the net for all to listen. This track will feature on the second release for Uprising Records 002.

Audio (Real):
Scott Majestik - Acid Dreams
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   New online shop, MasterWax merchandise and chat! has upgraded it's online shopping section! We have re-named the old "gear" section to "shop" as we plan to further expand this extra into other items in the future. For now we have added MasterWax merchandise!, that's right, we have tested the quality of the products and it is EXCELLENT. Everything is extremely high quality and not your cheap made in china stuff. We are also selling many new items, including caps, stickers and larger posters. I personally have all of these and you will be amazed at how well produced everything is. The stickers for example are made from a rubbery material and are NOT just paper! The posters, high printed gloss and come shipped to you safe in a long cardboard tube.

You also may have also noticed the new chat item, in the menu navigation above. Ever since started everyone including me has wanted a chat but never had the capacity to handle the load, well in 2-3 weeks all will change with the chat room launching. has made partnership agreements with several networks that will expand immensely. Hold on!

New MasterWax cap

New MasterWax Poster (33 x 19 inches)

New MasterWax shirt (Black / Blue / Red)

   (Happy) Hardcore in the LA times
The LA times ran an article this week on the popularity of (Happy) Hardcore in America. The article states that hardcore CD sales are massive in the US with these most notable quotes:

"...(Happy2BHardcore) the third-best-selling electronic mix CD artist in North America, according to SoundScan, trailing only Paul Oakenfold and DJ Keoki.
... ahead of vastly better-known DJs, including Sasha and Digweed (No. 4) and Paul Van Dyk (No. 5)."

"happy hardcore may often be criticized, but it's a smashing commercial success."

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   The US just got harder
News from the Resistance Recordings camp have told that second wave from DJ Tronic on Resistance Recordings is under way. After Tronic "Anger Management EP" selling quickly, this release features 4 tracks of US hard house and hardcore madness.

RES-002: DJ TRONIC - "Organized Chaos EP"
Audio (MP3):
A1: Iced Cold
A2: Dull Disko Nutz
B1: Hardcore Power
B2: Hardcore Power (Circle K Remix)
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   They are not called Rave and Beats for nothing
Rave and Beats (USA) have released their latest tuneage for all to listen, check it out!
Fade & Kelly - Should I
Missing U - JHAL
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   Quosh(ed) just a little more
The boys from Quosh (Sy and Unknown) have made time between all the compilation CD's they are releasing to put some new material up for everyone.

Audio (MP3):
QSH 045 (Release date February 2003)
Sy & Unknown - Tekno Harmony 2003 / Angelic Hardcore

QSH 046 (Release date March 2003)
Sy & Unknown - Product Of The Devil / Brainwave

QSH 047 (Release date March 2003)
Alter Ego - I Heard The Jam / Do The Right Thing
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   Win a copy of Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror - The Backlash and Rumour Records are giving you the chance to win one of five copies of the new CD Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror - The Backlash mixed by The Scotchman. Competition closes Feb 28th 2003 and this is a chance not to miss out on, click the CD image below to enter!

If you want to guarantee a copy Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror can be pre-ordered here.

   Win a copy of Original Hardcore 2 - The Battle and Ministry of Sound are giving you the chance to win one of five copies of the new CD Original Hardcore 2 - The Battle. Competition closes Feb 28th 2003 so get your groove on and click the CD image below to enter!

If you want to guarantee a copy Original Hardcore 2 can be pre-ordered here.

   The Battle is on
Inspired/INCredible (Ministry of Sound) have followed up their first Original Hardcore release with Original Hardcore 2 - The Battle. The CD is a double CD release with one CD containing early HappyHardcore anthems mixed by Force and Styles and the one the newer sound of Hardcore mixed by Sy & Unknown. has obtained exclusive for your hardcore pleasure the complete track list, cover artwork and TV commercial about to air in the UK!

Original Hardcore 2 can be pre-ordered here

Original Hardcore 2 TV commercial (Windows Media 100K)

Original Hardcore 2

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   6000 members and 8 years of streaming hardcore! has passed 6000 users! We have also streamed over 8 years worth of hardcore and launched over 150,000 streams on the radio!
Thank you, you all have made radio the most popular internet hardcore radio station and the most popular hardcore music web site in the world! Look for a major announcement about the radio in the coming weeks that will blow your socks off ten times over.

Lastly new featured poll for the month.
   Evolution latest
Evolution records have updated their release lists:

Scott Brown - Rock You Softly / Rock, Rock On (Nu Style Mix)

Intertate - Hardcore Hustler / Born to Control You

Scott Brown - The Saga Continues / How Else Can I Say It?

Scott Brown - This is Hardcore / Why Should You Live
   Nukleuz does hardcore
Yes that's correct, Nukleuz the famous hard house label is releasing a hardcore remix amongst others of Darren Styles and Mark Breeze new tune Let me Fly by Infextious. This new tune will be released on a double vinyl pack and CD, following this massive release will be Feelin Me and Chemical Love. Promo is out now with full release due 31st March 2003. has received first and exclusive the complete details, including full track list and complete artwork! Click the discussion link to see all the details as we just have too much!

Let me Fly by Infextious CD cover

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   Cheddar, Terror and Hardcore, Rumour strike back!
Rumour Records hit the streets with their latest hardcore release Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror - The Backlash. Back in 1995 when hardcore was hardcore and hard house didn't exist Rumour Records released the Cheddar and Terror series of CD's. This new release is a double CD with one of the CD's mixed by The Scotchman (aka Scott Brown). has it first, the cover artwork and a complete track list of this CD. Some of these tunes bring back the best memories of early hardcore, not to be missed.

Hardcore Cheddar v Hardcore Terror - The Backlash

   Interview: Lucozade sits down with Lucozade from the UK, a new name that has graced some of the latest CD compliations and the new Raw Elements label. Read what makes Lucozade tick here.
   Next Generation Records update
Next Generation records have let loose another track this time by Ham. Next Generation Records are never one to disappoint.

Audio (Real Audio)
Ham - Remembering The Time
   Rave and Beats Japan update
DJ Chucky from Rave and Beats Japan has sent over their latest release schedule for the new label as well as a short 26 min DJ mixed sampler. This label is not one to be missed from the track promo's I have received.

Audio (Real Audio):
Rave and Beats Japan DJ sampler

A1 - Buzzmasta - Heart Break
B1 - Day After Terrors - Here We Go F**k
B2 - Day After Terrors - Here We Go F**k (DJ Chucky Rmx)

A - M-Project - Kidz War (2003 Rmx)
B - M-Project - Kidz War (Buzz Masta & DJ Chucky Rmx)

A - DJ Angel & Soa & DJ Chucky - Light To Insert
B - DJ Sharpnel - 300min Harder (Extended Version)

A - Nish - One More Thing
B - Nish - One More Thing (DJ Angel & DJ Chucky Rmx)
   Win a copy of Happy2BHardcore - Chapter seven and Moonshine are offering the chance for 10 lucky people to win a copy of Happy2BHardcore - Chapter seven released 21st Jan 2003. A name you have surely heard of the Happy2BHardcore CD series in one of the most popular series with some of the biggest sales for hardcore CD's. Click the logo below to enter. Competition closes 1st February 2003.

   MixMag Hardcore Issue
As reported 4 weeks ago first on the February issue of the UK based club magazine MixMag features a full hardcore cover. We nabed the front cover from the MixMag website to checkout.

February MixMag issue

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   DJ Menis / FireBall Productions / Next Generation Records graces radio
DJ Menis of FireBall Productions with releases on Next Generation Records to name just one has completed his first guest DJ show for Radio and it is on the air now. Look for more major announcements to do with radio station shortly!
   Interview: CLSM sits down with one of the newest and strangest hardcore groups out there CLSM. One of the most interesting interviews we have ever completed, read it all here.
   4 tickets to Helter Skelter - Human Traffic to win! and Helter Skelter are offering the chance for 4 lucky people to win a ticket to ''Helter Skelter - Human Traffic'' to be held on Saturday January 11th 2003 in the UK. Click the logo below to enter. Competition closes 8th January 2003. Please note the event is held in the UK so only enter if you have means of attending.

   Blizzard warning in effect!
The long awaited Blizzard tracks headed up by the talented DJ's phosphor and justrich is due for their first release this February! The Blizzard boys have sent new label artwork and their release schedule.

BLZ001 - Feb, 2003
[A] - Losing It - justrich
[AA] - Back Bass - phosphor

[A] - Burn Da Floor - justrich
[AA] - Doin' It - phosphor

[A] - Hell Bound - S4 & phosphor
[AA] - Shake The Room - justrich

[A] - Feel It (justrich rave'd up mix) - Kevin Energy & phosphor
[AA] - More Dangerous - phosphor

Blizzard tracks label artwork

   Top tracks of 2002
Posted on HappyHourRadio - hosted by Anabolic Frolic and Silver1 are the top tracks for 2002. The tracks are voted by users and has no control over this vote selection. Congratulations are in order for Blaze! with 'til the day and the entire MasterWax Records crew for picking up the number 1 position!, another mentionable note is that Scott Brown managed pickup 4 of the top 10!

Most of these tracks including 'til the day are available on Happy2BHardcore 7, available for pre-order in the UK here and the US here now!

1. 'Til the Day - Blaze! - MasterWax
2. Stay Here Forever - Brisk & Fade feat Kelly - Next Generation
3. Chase - Scott Brown & Brisk - Evolution
4. Beautiful - DJ Fade - Blatant Beats
5. Elysium+ - Scott Brown - Evolution Plus
6. Like an Angel - Q-Tex - Evolution
7. Don't Cry for Me - Dougal & Innovate - Raindance
8. Sunshine - DJ Kaos (Scott Brown remix) - Go Mental Platinum
9. Deep Inside (UFO remix) - Raverbaby
10. Definition of a Bad Boy - Hardcore Authority - Evolution+
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