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 Music discussion - hardcore
 A 'til the day' Video?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Charco I sincerely apologise if this has already been posted before as it isn't exactly a new tune....but I didn't know they were making a video of it??
(scroll to the bottom)

**someone slap me if you all knew this already **

******Click on "gallery" under "Bang!" on the left column....*****

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Want to hear MY tunes???.....Thought not...but if you decide to.... Please, leave a review and rate the song if you listen...not a lot to it..
silver Yeah... there was one... not sure what nick (bang!) did with it... I have the full version somewhere myself.... quite well done I thought.

it's all hardcore.
whispering Havent seen it. Hopefully Nick will release it in internet :)

Underloop I saw it, or at least a clip, I can't remember now... seems like an eternity ago. Good stuff.... dancing ladies and trippy driving through the streets of London if I remember rightly.

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
Nick of Blaze! here ya go... soon to be released in europe, just sending the beta cam tape off this week.

silver Thanks nick, news posted top page... I hope your server can handle the traffic I am about to send you :)

it's all hardcore.
cooperjazzy55 Stop it!!!!!! JUST STOP IT!! PLEASE!!! Leave hardcore classics as CLASSICS!!! Do not release em commercially and then have all the people who like "Dance" moaning that hardcore nicked the song and "murdered it"


Lets keep hardcore underground!! PLEASE!!

Irish Raver I have to agree... Yet another tune has been degraded just for the sake of money... It just ain't right...

bulby_g ^^^^Or maybe some talented producers are getting a break!
Nick of Blaze! Just a sec.... I REFUSE to have this turn into that same old arguement AGAIN... BUT

This is MY song... I haven't "stolen" a hardcore tune, this originally was a pop song written in 1998 that I turned into a hardcore track and MasterWax released in 2001 and now I'm taking it and using the song to make a trance record.

PLUS, I do this as a profession. It's how I earn my money that I live on, it's my only job, and hardcore doesn't pay the bills... ANY of them. I release hardcore records because I love hardcore since 1991 when I first started out and NEVER left the scene... BUT I need to release other records to live.

As for keeping it underground, everyone here loves hardcore, they tell everyone else that hardcore is great and how stupid people are that don't like hardcore, then they don't want it to get popular!

Rant over...

Chris B ^^ ^^ Dont worry about it nick mate some folks just have to moan about everything. Personally think people should get some real problems in life and stop cryin about somethin daft like a couple commercial mixes of tunes they like.

Venga familia!!!
Underloop awesome video..... just what I like to see, hot girls dancing around to decent music

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
Gabba_Fan_Andy If its not broken why try to fix it? shuda stayed its original

(I'm on da rite in my pic by da ways) Close ur eyes in a rush ur blind......
Originally posted by Gabba_Fan_Andy:
If its not broken why try to fix it? shuda stayed its original

So, you think Nick shouldnt have made the Hardcore version? I personally like it a lot :)

happie2bgabcoreZy9 I love this song, the words in Nicks songs are always great, but i'm not sure about this remix, will friday night posse be remixing this track

Irish Raver Yeah - I guess I just felt like complaining! We all got to pay our bills...

DJ Mouse this is what i like to hear - gives me an excuse to play the hardcore version again :D

xXRaZXx I need it i cant find it any where im getting stressed iv been looking for about 2hours now

phrique hey nick, who made the original pop song? I never knew till the day was taken from another song. either way I <3 it, just curious.

download my demo here-
my artist page-

phriqueSEZurGAY on aim
silver Search for it off the top page or click news it's in there.
DJ Mouse so has this been released already then? just goes to show how out of touch i am lately :P i think an up to date hardcore mix would go down well with the release if it hasnt been brought out already :)

CorDharel I also like it... its like you are listening to the hardcore version... but you are on drugs... and you see hot chicks dancing and singing :)

I love Happy Hardcore! But lots of people don't understand it... I feel sorry for them that they miss best music genre in da world.
Nick of Blaze!
Originally posted by phrique:
hey nick, who made the original pop song? I never knew till the day was taken from another song. either way I <3 it, just curious.

download my demo here-
my artist page-

phriqueSEZurGAY on aim

I wrote the original song and the original mix was for a more pop genre, but after listening to it a few times, I could hear it would make a great hardcore track, so I got Phosphor and Justrich to do mixes for me.

the original sampler/demo is here if you'd like a listen:

Remember... its a sampler, and its nearly 7 years old!

The new trance mixes are with a company in holland along with the video. They're also interested in putting the phosphor and justrich (Blizzard) mix on the CD single so hopefully, if we get enough interest it'll get a full release. Keep your eye on the various European satellite music channels for the video.

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