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 What would you buy your hardcore on?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
silver If hardcore releases came out on any format, what would you be interesting in buying?
FinnHawk The thing I don't like about Vinyl is that they usually only put 2 songs on each record. Records are just too expensive.

I would rather be able to get loads of full length tracks on CD first, so I can more easily preview and find good tracks. But for now I still want to be able to get the tracks I want to spin on vinyl. What I like about CD is that I could get loads more tracks for cheaper. But, I guess for DJing, vinyl is still the way to go. We'll see what the future brings tho. The main thing I don't like about CDs for spinning is that CDs more easily develop scratches and scrapes over time that may cause them to skip, and a skip during a set would really suck... and of course the whole feel of vinyl and all... I still enjoy that...

I wish the general music industry would just switch over to Mini-disc as the standard format to listen to music on... that would be cool. Mini-disc are smaller and more protected (against scratches and skipping) and can hold the same amount of audio. Are mini-disc's a Sony thing tho?

DJ Mouse i'd say vinyl definitely. however,the big problem here is getting hold of hardcore on vinyl. there's one record shop to the whole town and it sells nearly every kind of dance music you can think of... except hardcore :(

i just wish it was as easy to get it on vinyl than cd,coz i'd have loads of hardcore vinyl here right now,not just about 3 hours worth

DJ Mouse In Da House!!!
NightSoul i would go for vinyl 100% if i could get my hands on it in glasgow, same ad dj mouse here, all other dance stuff is not a prob, but hardcore etc, aint happening :(

but i can get (tom wilson > scott brown > qfx > q-tex on cd single format, so thats alright, but vinyl is what i want, but if i cant get my hands hardcore vinyl from the local non - commercial stores, then cd is the next best thing

dance till the police come
Simon I say lets put it on both Vinyl & CD then the Dj's can get their vinyl's and the fans can get the CD's. What needs to be remebered is that releasing hardcore on CD's isn't going to make it commercial so I say go for it. You can experiment more with CD's anyway by what material you put on them. It would be a good way of seeing if a track would make it on vinyl.

futuredancer hmmm, everyone seems to be finding it hard to get hardcore on vinyl.... Has no one tried the internet ?? I get 90% of my vinyl from the internet and have never had a problem. Its usually delivered next day !

Get more fu**ed and get rocking!
tommo Does anybody know where I can download happy hardcore on the interenet for free?I know there is some on morpheus and audiogalaxy etc but is there a site that specifies in happy hardcore mp3's?

tommo-living proof that newbies kick ass.
Simon Tommo mate take my advice don't mention MP3 and download in the same sentance on this site or we may have another heated discussion like last time. Besides Silver doesn't like people downloading stuff that isn't rightly theirs or has been offered to them.

aznwasian there are about 6 billion other topics about "that".

-I can't stop raving...
SINIZTA well u got 2 have vinyl, bcause i mean it's the essence of dj'ing!nah what i mean!but at da same time, what u gonna have blasting out your car?not no
****ing turntable!so that's where the c.d.'s come n mos def!nah what i mean!
i guess u can figure which 1 i voted 4!

M.C Menace I go for vinyl and cd because there is some stuff you can't get on cd and some stuff you can't get on vinyl. Simple as that.

Underloop Both vinyl and CDs.....I've only got a deck about 12 months ago, so up till then, the only way to get hardcore was to get mix way to get full tunes...well, apart from the method that shall not be mentioned coz I will get my arse whooped LOL However, vinyl is my preffered format, but then CDs sometimes contain stuff not on the vinyl....Videos etc...

Decisions, Decisions lol

"Its a Hardcore hit. This is the **** that kicks" - MC Storm
manic Vinyl is good to mix with. You can have more control over vinyl than a CD. You can't use your hands to vary the speed of a CD. So it makes sense to use vinyl since tracks that you could not mix using CD format, you can mix on vinyl. But, CDs are great when buying DJs mixes.

Also with now having digital turntables I think vinyl is here to stay for a while.

" Hardcore is a feeling, not a fashion" DJ Scott Brown

I was sent to outer space to find another happy place. Now i'm left here all alone, a million miles away from home.
DJ Bunnyboi It's nice to get tracks that you can't get on vinyl on a cd, and the other way around, but when It comes down to it, I like mixing vinyl more than using cd turntables. So bout 99% of my hardcore is on vinyl other than premixed cd's. Stayin' with the records.

DJ Mouse actually now that i'm thinking about it...if i had a vinyl cutter or i could get records cut for free,and now that i got broadband i'd pay for web downloads then transfer them to vinyl,no having to wait a few days for the record to come and no damage is done to it either. but i made my vote and don't have access to a vinyl cutter locally :(

also is that actually legal to do or not?

DJ Mouse - "Winning a war doesn't determine who's right.... winning determines who's left"
BaDBoY Mouse, That Really Wouldnt Be Worth Your Efforts.. You Would Have To Pay A Hell Of A Lot To Get A Half Decent Vinyl Cutter..
Around £1800 And Then The Blank Vinyl Is Dead Expensive, unless You Buy The Stuff In Bulk.. Which Unless Your Going To Re-distribute The Songs You Download.. Isnt An Option..
But We Wont Get Into That.. cos Thats Jus' As Naughty As
*Cough* MP3 Downloading *Cough* If Not More So, Because Your Making Money Then..

But Anyways.. My Oppinion Is Vinyl Is Great.. Its Jus So Versitile.. The Styles And Methods You Can Mix With Vinyl Are So Much Greater Than The Options With CD's.. However.. Sometimes CD's Provide A Cheaper Alternative..

I Personally Would Like To See A Return Of An Old Trend That Was Around In 95.. With Any Cd Compelations You Would Get The Full Tracks On One Or 2 Cd's All Unmixed.. And On A Third Cd You Would Get Them Mixed By One Of Your Fav DJ's.. Take United Dance 2.. 3 CD Compelation, Cd's 1 And 2 Were The Full Songs, Cd 3 Was Mixed By DJ Seduction.

They Used To Charge A Couple Of Quid More, But In My Oppinion It Was Well orth The Few Quid Extra...

Oli G s'all well and good
but booo!!! new poll new poll
and something more exciting this time instead of a blatant "shit what format is MWX02 gonna be on" :)

\o/ <o/ \o> <o> /o\ _o/ \o_
silver ^^^ vinyl.

you, me and hardcore forever.
Oli G \o/
whens it out and i wish you would give us more of a clue when it is
and get ur dang site sorted :)

\o/ <o/ \o> <o> /o\ _o/ \o_
silver If I release the info and I can't keep to the dates then you will all complain, better not to release information until you are 100% about it... yeah site went down, DNS problems... whoops :)

you, me and hardcore forever.
phoswh0re vinyl i think is the yummy way to go....but if worse comes to worse....i would do the cd thing!..:)

"next to sinlence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressable is music"
Oli G no sorry.. i meant the Masterwax Site :)

\o/ <o/ \o> <o> /o\ _o/ \o_
azn_hype jus put it on cd/vinyl cause remeber sum ppl dont have any cd players

watch hentai
Ropa vinyl

Makina is the FUTURE
djtommyrenegade VINYL, as a dj myself, ever since i got my decks, i don't listen to cd's any more, and even before then all my tracks were on mix tapes(Tizer rules, anyone remember) by the way this is not DJ Slipmatt, i'm DJ Renegade aka DJ Tommy C.

They play the music and ya do what they tell ya

thomas crossley
Simon Perhapes you should change your name then :)
or create a new user :)

RaverBaby69 what happened to audio cassettes? I like 2 listen 2 my musik on the move too! so cassettes r ideal!!!!

"I'm having the best time being off my pickle and feelin the music"
strychnine ^^ yeah I used to play heaps of tapes in my car, until I got my burner and now everything's so much easier - I can step on the pedals now without worrying which tape was gonna get crushed under 'em

Seriously, with the weather and stuff the way it is, tapes have a lifespan of about a month in my car before they start warping, and they're just too bulky. I've put it all on CD and the wallet I put 'em in takes up jack-all space.

Forty-two purple crayons
toxic ^^^ whilst driving and listening to cds its much easier to find a particular track that u want to listen to (its also easier for the co-driver)

and not to mention that finding a tape in ur car would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack

Whisper something nice, and ill make you scream twice !!!
Dj Dess I bought a couple of cds and just started buying vinyl :-D

Yo what's up this is a PSA public service announcement because i feel this is something we gotta say you see their trying to make hardcore dissapear trying to make it final for the vinyl saying that its time for the wax to relax-RL&D-PSA
TweekiN Viynl for sure so i can mess round wid it.

Go hard or GO HOME!!
TheApollyon I'd buy vinyl. CD's are too easy to copy.

I;d have a CDJ for unreleased stuff, but id buy it when it came out if i could afford it.

1HappyMF It's gotta be vinyl. If I ever start spinning CD's I want someone to shoot me.

**** Euro
Stevie c got to be cd's but unmixed!!

Your into the sound of Rebellion

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