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 Where do you mainly buy your vinyl?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
silver Where do you mainly buy your vinyl?
DJ Mouse if anyone knows where to get hardcore on vinyl in huddersfield then TELL ME!!
that's why i have to get them all by online stores

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
DJ STYLUS Hey u shuld move ova ere there are plenty of record stores speciallising in hardcore music!!!!

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DJ Pathfinder i can buy every style in the shops exept happy hardcore silly buth true.

You can't see me,because i am the future.
o0sameyeam0o mostly at SKILLZ, its a great store that majors in all genres, sadly small hardcore sektion but its worth it, i get 80% of my happyhardcore and gabber/speed at skillz, the other 20% goes to the internet, god bless this thing, mostly EBAY and SSU, simon keeps it cheap :)

o0:: MaX rEsPeKts ::0o


ICQ: 158003854
AIM: XxhyperbouncexX
Love Monkey mouse, the closest place to huddersfield is probably the disc in bradford. I used to go there till i started ordering on line. its much easier, trust me!

In the words of Ali G: "Give a man a compilation tape and he'll dance for a night. Teach a man to scratch, and he'll be dancing for generations!"
Underloop I mostly buy my stuff at Spin Inn in Manchester...its a great store, run by DJ Sarge. Only problem is they don't stock some of the stuff thats out there....but I keep bugging him to get it in so I'm sure he'll relent someday lol...the stuff I can't get in there I buy online, but I much prefer being able to walk away with 6-7 pieces of vinyl in my sweaty mitt after spending an hour trawling through records

Matthew aka Cyclone/Underloop
"Wait a minute, thats not the Monsterometer, its the Frog Exagerator"
DJ Mouse next time i'm in bradford i'll have a look (which will probably be a long time lol)

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
Brian K i used to pick up all my hardcore at a record shop down in indy, sadly they decided to close their doors and became an online clothing shop =(

"As punishment for your desertion, it's company policy to give you the plague."
Dragalian The Subsonic Underground... since I live only 15 minutes from it . I also shop online at IMO.

djmonoxide I mostly buy vinyl at record shops. For records that I'm gonna scratch second hand stores like good will because they have great records for sampling and who cares if they get all scratched up when u only pay like 2 cents for 'em.

I used to be a raver, used to take lots of E. Now I just smoke weed, and you know I will Succeed. :)
Originally posted by DJ STYLUS:
Hey u shuld move ova ere there are plenty of record stores speciallising in hardcore music!!!!

errr where that then????????????????????????????????????????

If computer games effected us as kids, we would all be runnin around in dark rooms munchin magic pills and listenin to repetative music!
Erbl i usuially go to tempest records and old skool daze in Birmingham, one for the old one for the new, they dont have the biggest selection if hardcore but you can get some good tunes from both shops
nothing beats going to a record store, fliping through and listening to the vinyls, then parting with your hard earned cash but carrying those great new vinyls home

Xenochrome I can find some gabba and nu-style at my local shop...I order all of my HHC from Subsonic Underground

frantic_x Cant buy any happy hardcore in New Zealand so i have to buy online at IMO. But it is so frustrating when you get WARPED VINYL!!!!!!! Just got Kevin Energy- wipe away the other day but the vinyl is so badly warped from the plane, couriers etc. DAM i hate warped vinyl.

Ropa i buy from IMO, Makina and my local shop, when he doesnt sell the records i ordered that is

Makina is the FUTURE
rapture If you live in South Wales/ South West England try New store - Vinyl Nation in Newport. Their website has directions.

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