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 Long time lurker posting a track

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
electrogen Hi i have been lurking for months now trying to figure out how to register.

Well anyhoo here is my new track.

You're My Angel (Electrogen Remix)

Tell us what you think
wong its took you months to figure out how to register to the site?
electrogen Yeah i looked on forum page for link but couldnt see it so today looked on the main front page and there it is under the email part
Samination based on the sample, i believe the high hats could be lowered a little
electrogen Hi cheers,
I have deleted the strackuntill i get chance to sort out the hi end freqs. I know where the prob is it was at the end when i mastered it.
electrogen Right it's been updated and uploaded again now. Link is same as before

Feel free to leave your comments

Audio Warfare Not a bad remix this fella. Love the lead when it drops but not so keen on the one in the breakdown at 1:50 - 02:10ish, just not quite on the money musically for me. Bass needs some mid-range grit for sure, it's a bit of a thin/simple sound. Overall not bad at all though man.
electrogen cheers.
you should have heard the first remix i did of it last month.

I agree with the first break where the vocals first come in with the piano. Usually i cringe if there is an off key moment but that doesnt sound right to me, i just cant put my finger on it.

Im trying to concentrate on the background stuff lately and comparing it to pro tracks. Especially the kick and bass, also my tracks are still quite muddy although not as bad as it was.
electrogen Also what do you mean with mid-range grit. Should i add a sound with more mid range stuff with distortion, or just the mid range.
Believe it or not there is 4 bassline sounds in there and 4 drum kicks.

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