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 I love Hard Beats 2?!?!

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Dyzphazia Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone had any confirmation on some rumours i've heard?

A semi relyable source has advised me that there will be an ILHB mid July, anyone else heard this? Any joy in getting confirmation?

Thanks! :)
djDMS I thought it was going to be autumn for the next one? I'm all for it being earlier but i won't be getting too excited until it's confirmed.
Audio Warfare I dunno but in the meantime check out Sinistry at the Lightbox in May. Looks amazing.

I hope HB2 is in mid July though as my bday is the 16th. :D I'll be going whenever it is though, the first party was wicked.
Dyzphazia Yeah man, I've already got sinistry sorted :)

Went to the one at Halloween last year, was pure awesome sauce.

The first ILHB was pretty badass! Did you go to the afterparty?
_Jay_ Mmmm. I would be a little surprised if they went for July. They gave themselves a good six months of promotional time for the first one, and with July barely three or four months away, there's much less time to get the word out. Perhaps it is July - and they feel less advertising time is not a problem. Probably wouldn't be, to be fair - massive buzz around the event.

I'll hopefully be doing Sinistry in May too. :-)
Dyzphazia Not really - they announced the event at Sinistry Halloween IIRC! Which is just over 3 months....
Simon Hey with the increase in alcohol prices, may be they can charge even more in future!
smythy-endemic Ahhhh we do love a rumour! =)
Dyzphazia @Simon:

Yeah 2.50 for a 330ml can of coke was extortionate enough as is! I wonder what a double vodka and Redbull costs nowadays? O.o
djDMS You were right mate, 13th July it is then. See you there!
Dyzphazia :)

I won't be able to make it, i was hoping it'd be a bit later in the month. Family wedding :(

Any freeform fans be sure to check out Munted! The Freeform Faceoff tho, announcment of date/lineup/etc... at ILHB2 :)
Hardbeats HQ Keep up to date with all the interviews and promotional fun stuff in our Facebook group!

And check out this interview with Finnish artist Substanced:

_Jay_ Pumped for this.
smythy-endemic Will be good to have you back Jay! As the theme is Double Vision we can expect you to be double as pissed as last time ;) haha
_Jay_ lol shut-up - I met you as well?!!

Man, I was fcuking BALL-BAGGED.
djDMS I remember what you did you filthy beast.

4 months of counselling and now i'm going to have to go through it all again!
djDMS In fact, ILHB can piss off.

All the cool (and by cool i mean old and disgruntled) kids are going to One Appreciates Rough Drums.
_Jay_ lol mate I'm not getting that shit-cnuted again. No fcuking way.

Just gonna stick to beers. Drink gradual. Just calm. I can do calm.

lol, no idea what this drum reference is? What are you on about?
smythy-endemic HAHAHA Jay your a hero.
Originally posted by smythy-endemic:
HAHAHA Jay your a hero.

He's a legend!
djDMS Don't be fooled by that rugged, handsome exterior. He's a lightweight! AND, he hates Hardcore. In fact, he only goes to raves to find men to date rape.
_Jay_ LOL!

I'm well excited for this. I am seriously going to control myself this time. I would say I was at my most sober at 5am shoveling charlie up my nose playing Wii bowling last time.


Composed. Calm. Sociable. Focused.
_Jay_ Who's actually going from here?

Me, Deano, Rowan (?), Gary?

Pretty sure Midas and Dave 'Darts' Ripley are going as well. They're about the only other people I've met (not that I remember) before.

I'll probably be able to get to London for about 6ish.

Deano, my mate Matt is going to be coming to this one as well (you met him in Peterborough). And Adam as well, obviously. We're both gonna be behaving this time! Just got SO fcuking excited last time.

It's my best mate's 25th and his missus' 21st this weekend. We're going to some country estate for a massive session all weekend. His birthday is the 9th and we normally do it the weekend before. Just found out.

FCUK IT. What a shocking clash of events. He's my best mate. I can't miss it. :-(

djDMS You bastard!
Triquatra LOL! stood up again!

I am becoming quite the jilted lover here Jay!
_Jay_ Ahh lads, I'm so sorry.

I'm going to do my best to make St0mp on the 20th. Financially it's going to be crippling, but a) I have to see Deano on the same decks as Hixxy, and b) I don't want to become known as a serial blow out!

Ahh man. I'm really gutted I'm missing this. At least I'm not being forced to miss it for something shit. My weekend will still be seriously messy/powerful. :-)

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