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T O P I C     R E V I E W
StrifeII HI there
The way i mix is ametuar & pretty crap, but i think it's ok. I'm downloading scooters album onto my pc, mixing it on my pc & putting it on cd (hopefully) But what i find a good way of mixing is to do this: Just as the song finishes, put the other one on (or just before depending if there are vocals before the beat starts e.g F%&k the millennium) & it seems to actually be ok!
What do you think?

DJ Tempest ermm...thats soooo cheating! ;)
in general, i mix the last 2/3 of one record with the first 1/3 of another...but thats me..

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

StrifeII Yeah it is cheap, but do i care?
Heh heh...

silver It's all fun :)
Originally posted by silver:

It's all fun :)

Sweet one silva!! 1 luv man!!

kANDeKraver hrmm.. iv never realy asked a skilled dj abuot thier style.. or mine..
i like to start a mix after the last breakdown usualy.. then let em lay together till just before the first one on the second record (unless the two dont work together too long..) ususaly..
wha do you think? is that okey? i use the fader to cause an echo sumtime with trancier HHC tracks..

Skyler i like to cut in bits and pieces of the next track at certain places before i start mixing..
then i will begin mixing... i usually prefer to mix as long as possible.. doing it slow and smooth so it all fits together neatly... last thing i want is to loose the feeling when switching between tunes (thats how i feel when someone does a sh!te mix anyway...)

getting the beats and timing right is the most important part i would say...
certain tracks by brisk go together like nuts in a shell if you start them at the right time... all the beats match identically ;)

DJ e-Klyps I used to just think as long as the beats were in time thats all that mattered, but then.....
I came upon a piece of luck ( you must bear in mind that although i am passionate about music i have never had any music tuition in my life). I was mixing with 2 tracks and got them beat sync'd, bot something unusual. The mix fitted perfectly so i tried it again and it wasnt quite as good.

I then did some research and read about phrases in music and how a phrase is usually 16 beats. If you get the beats in a 4/4 sync and more importantly the phrase in sync the mix will sound slick. If done correctly as the beats start to get quieter or reduce in there intensity something else happens on the other record and the mix is as fluid and slick as the pro's do. It also stops that horrible bass beat cutting effect.

I guess if i had known anything about musical structures in the past i might not have had these problems. A bit of track but some advice for u.

StrifeII I am learning to mix properly though...i can already mix joining of the clans - brave heart with joining of the clans - brave heart. lol.
It'll come in time

Livin' in a dream!!!
silver Yepo ..... good luck :)
Originally posted by silver:

Yepo ..... good luck :)


Livin' in a dream!!!
djotakon spinning by just switching records is the easy way to do things. you have to scratch, backtrack,and know how to fade. ive been spinning for a while and if you can master these things then you are ready to go.

silver djotakon: so you don't beat mix you just fade, and sctrach and stuff? .... hmmm interesting way to get into DJing, I didn't think about this, it is probally a good idea as well for people learning, could get you used to DJing and when you are ready to beat mix go for it.
djotakon sup.........all of yall who talk about switching records close to the end of the firt record are cheating. the point of spinning, at least professionally is to take two records and mixing them together and making a realy bad @$$ song. and silver i do beat mix or else i wouldnt show my face DJing at a rave...peace

DJ Tempest yup...word...with hardcore, you really do need to learn how to beatmatch. anyone can fade between tracks..thats totally cheating. and not even an acceptable one.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

djotakon sup all.......well as tempest said fading tracks is not an acceptible way of spinning shure to start out its great, but you have to get off the bottle, and on to real food............peace.

DjAtrix whats going on all. this is my first time posting but I read through this topic and thought i might have something to say. for me djing is composing of mainly two things i practice, skratching and beat matching. these two are essential to my djing just because i spin HHC and hip-hop. i used to just always practice skratching because beat mixing was a pain and i wasnt any good, but after i started spinning HHC i had to do it. i just kept on practicing and now it is no hat. thats all it is practice. peace.

kANDeKraver my lord.. i never had any idea there there was anyone who DIDNT beat match...
i dont wanna sound rude, but thats the first thing i was learing the weekend i og tmy decks...

Lusive i hear ya kANDE!

first thing i ever did on my dex (bar playing around with moving the record back and forth) was try to beat match.

also dont mean to sound rude. but as far as i'm concerned.. mixing involves beatmatching more than anything else.

if you havent got the tracks matched how can you do cuts and stuff like that.

second most important to beatmatching is keeping stuff in sequence. (i think someone mentioned phrases b4)

if you got those two spot on.. even a pretty plain fade will still sound good.

and no one has mentioned the use of EQ during transition or even in general?

anyways.. my 2c


Open your eyes, see all the love in me, I got enough for ever.
Dont be afraid, take all you need from me, and we'll be strong together...
silver I would not get used to using EQ to mix as 50% of the mixers you will use in your DJ career wont have it :)
dj-efeks hehee u serious silver??? so what u jus need to use really good timing???

silver Sure, 50% of the time you will find the mixer to be two channels (taped down so you can't move them and a cross fader) and either no EQ or the sound engineer has done something (tape or removing) to the EQ so you don't hurt his expensive speakers. 10% of the time you wont be able to figure out the mixer quick enough in the darkness of a club or party so you don't want to mess with anything. On the vestax mixers there is a switch to reverse the crossfader I was DJing one time and I switched it by mistake not seeing what I had done I had to spend the last 20-30 mins on my set DJing with the crossfader in reverse :)

10% you will have bass and high EQ only, the rest you will have your full EQ... So basically if you can DJ with the crossfader only you will be able to DJ anywhere :)

This is my take on the story there are probally others...take what you need and make up your own mind what is best for you :)
kANDeKraver thats realy reasuring.. since i thought i was missing out, not being able to afford a mixer with an eq!

shouldnt a mix be carried out fur a good long time? thats how i like to do it..
i get bored just standing behind the decks as the song plays out.. i always wanna do something so i tend ot let the songs play together for a long time.. as long as possible..

and hrmm.. i think as a dj AND a dancer, breakdowns kinda bother me..

Edited by - kANDeKraver on 20 Jun 2001 01:28:00
silver My first mixer didn't have EQ either, I really found that to be the best thing, because when I went to clubs that didn't have em I was still cool... I could see other DJ's having trouble... When I mix I cut alot, if you are good at beat mixing then you shouldn't really notice the cut so much, it more or less sounds like one song than two that has part's of the track turning off and on.

Breakdown's are for scratching and not dancing :)
Lusive you serious silver, i dont think i've ever used a mixer that hasnt had eq. eq'ing plays a big part in my mixes, i even eq some of my cuts. I'd still be prepared if i did have to use one though (the 2band eq on my mixer barely works anyways). oh and most of the time i dont even use the crossfader (use channel faders instead) unless i wanna do cuts .

anyone ever been stuck with a mixer with a 50% in the center curve?.. man i hate them ..

Open your eyes, see all the love in me, I got enough for ever.
Dont be afraid, take all you need from me, and we'll be strong together...
silver Lusive: Dead serious, if you play a massive party with a massive sound system (really expensive) the sound engineer does not want you playing with the EQ on the mixer because it screws with the sound levels on his system, thus he will tape them so they can't move or find a mixer that doesn't have it. I did a gig in Australia once the levels were taped (couldn't move them) the EQ was removed (physically) so they only thing you got is a crossfader. I am not saying all events are like this, but you will find sometimes the mixers don't have EQ.

Plus EQ's on mixer's only really became a "standard" thing about after 93 - 94 IMO, if you wanted EQ on your mixer before that you really paided for it (damn I'm getting old) :)
Lusive Silver: well if i was the sound engineer for some parties in brisbane, i wouldnt trust them with eq as far as i could toss them into a brick wall..

on the other hand there are dj's (like me) who understand enough about what they are doing to handle eq responsibly.. oh and by the way have you ever noticed on a pioneer doesnt have post-effect level meters.. i see so many people turn on effect (like a hard flange) and not notice it just got lou.... . . .. . what i cant hear you? what? .. . . ...... . .. thats why sound guys dont like dj's pissing with the mixer

Open your eyes, see all the love in me, I got enough for ever.
Dont be afraid, take all you need from me, and we'll be strong together...
Lusive silver: where are you situated now? and when you play in australia where do you normally play?

oh and i heard you used to be in the old group affinity? (hope thats correct info) , are you guys gonna do any more material?

probably shoulda posted this in a new topic. but i'm not directing this at anyone else.

Open your eyes, see all the love in me, I got enough for ever.
Dont be afraid, take all you need from me, and we'll be strong together...

silver: where are you situated now? and when you play in australia where do you normally play?

Tokyo, used to live in Australia, have not played Sydney since Jan 2001


oh and i heard you used to be in the old group affinity? (hope thats correct info) , are you guys gonna do any more material?

Most of my studio is in storage in Australia. You should see something soon in the way of new tracks.... but this is all I can say at the moment.
IzzyLightdancer As a dancer I have to admit that the smooth mixing form one song to another is sooo Nice, but on the other hand the tease of hearing a song you love suddenly pop in and out till its mixed in perfect then flow and build on its own till its just pulsating through you is the ultimate rush.

RUle 4 - NEVER monkey with another monkey's monkey! - so sayth The Rule book of IZZY
silver IzzyLightdancer: I agree on a perfect mix you wont even know the track is being mixed until it's about 75% done... in other cases you can hear a perfect mix because the two bass drums phaze each other out, I call it "locking the mix in"...
Beat mixing. Isn`t that what panzey ttanzey DJs do? :)

I`m planning 2 get hold of a bit of happy hardcore on vinyl soon, coz my m8` (shame he loves transe) getting some decks soonISH.

If I can beat mix, then I`m happy, but if I`m not 1 4 the decks. then at least I`ve got something I can slap on2 tape/MP3 4 my collection.


#AmigaIRC DALnet
DJ Mouse and the amount of people who've said to me that hardcore's really hard to mix with,i think it's easier than anything else,probably coz i luv it so much :p


like a dream,no end and no beginning...

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