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 I mainly buy my hardcore on?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
silver I mainly buy my hardcore on?
TypeR hardcore on vinyl to play for other people, hardcore mixes on cd for myself.

don't stand and stare, just kick your legs in the air
vibe@night I think they should do a vote of weither people want to hear Uk hardcore events on the radio

djDMS I mainly buy my Hardcore on.............

.............a MONDAY!

Vinyl for me.

Arguably one of the best
Shea dog When i start buyin i'm goin to buy vinyl

GeminiJ vinyl moslty, but some money goes to cd's

Let the music take control
DJ Phoenix CD's... And Tapes, heh

I'll Be Happy Til The Day I Die
I Smile Each Day And I Dont Ever Cry
Feeling Sad Is Such A Waste Of Time
So Just Be Happy... Just Try
Originally posted by djDMS:
I mainly buy my Hardcore on.............

.............a MONDAY!

Vinyl for me.

Arguably one of the best

I was going to vote Saturday.

tunnelrush legal download. (EvolutionRecords.Net- IMO Download- and soon

Breasts', The Breakfast of Champions.
laze I buy vinyl and cds vi


Simon The current results of this poll are very interesting indeed, not how I'd thought it would be!


"So understand,
Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years,
Face up...Make your stand,
And realise your living in the golden years!"
Underloop Indeed!

I mostly buy hardcore on.....

my visa card

Seriously though, I can't help but feel that due to the lack of CD singles around, these CD sales will mostly be the compilations

Matthew aka DJ Underloop
bulby_g Vinyl only reason I buy cd's is to listen to tracks that havn't been released yet most of my cd's are mixes me or my friends have done.
jenks I always buy my hardcore on CD and sometimes tapes, i have no decks!

I need to raise money for some technics...

B.C how come the percentages on these polls never add up to 100%?

"Let's All Get Down!!"
silver ^^^ Bug... we need more programmers for the site...

it's all hardcore.
pinkdevil16 cds cos i avent got any decks but like to av the actual cd thats y i dont download
gilead i usually buy it on cd but amzon for the us doesn't seem to usually have much in the way of hardcore or they run out and never re order so i get it from a japanese site instead only down side is the steep shipping costs it kinda sucks. =P
dj.sensi Vinyl only
That's just the way I roll
näkkk Vinyl for mixing, as I haven't bought CD decks yet, at which point I guess there will be legal downloading to be done and burn on CDs :p
hardcore anorak legal download
track it down
serious sounds
and hardbeatstore [download] when its up

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