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 I have been listening to (happy) hardcore for?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
silver I have been listening to (happy) hardcore for?
DJ Pathfinder its hard to say how long but i think in 93 bass x hardcore disco.

thats the first track that i called happy hardcore .

but before i listned to breakbeat and that was called in that time toytown techno.

You can't see me,because i am the future.
Simon 8 - 9 Years for me and may I say some of the best years of my life!!!!


DJ Mouse when i was 13 i got into hardcore. that's 5 years for me

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
DJ STYLUS The week Bonkers 2 Came out was the exact point I loved happycore!!! Which was 199x...maby someone culd help!! I dont even know =D

I don't wanna see any of you walkin', U'd betta be runnin'. . .
DJ STYLUS Early 1997 if i'm right??

I don't wanna see any of you walkin', U'd betta be runnin'. . .
Dragalian I think I'm taking Happy Hardcore too fast. Back in September of 2000 I first listened to H2BH Chapter 3, loved it to death then. Then last year, I bought myself some HHC vinyl from my local store (SSU) and just became a professional like about a month a ago...[:P] So I have been spinning HHC for almost a year and have been listening to it for a year and a half.

"I like Hard Housish, Energetic Hardcore, so what? You're still bouncin' aren't you?"
Weird Fish I since the end of '95, was the Blümchen's track I listened first...then I really
got into it from there...listened to one: liked it, another one: liked it too....then
I just loved them all...and before I noticed, I was listening for HHC for quiet some
time...ohh remember the feeling when I hear a new tune with new sounds that
just raised my heartbeat...the dosage was quiet a lot, but never could have got
enough...and still can't...........

I like the Bass to go BOOM!!!
DJ Mouse northants: bonkers 2 came out in may 1997

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
Agent_Double_EE 9 years for me. I think I was 15 then? so I guess i have to say My name is Kareena and i'v been addicted to happy hardcore for 9 years.....

Brian K my god, has it been that long already?!?! it seems like just yesterday i was watching the video for prodigy's one love =/

"As punishment for your desertion, it's company policy to give you the plague."
djbungle Ive listening dance music since i was a kid(22 now)
iiiii back in the days 93-97 when it was still kool

It takes 1 tree to make a 1000 matches and 1 match to burn a 1000 tree's
Sinister Since 1994 for Mr Sinister!! Now I also love Trance.

The Names Sinister. Mr Sinister!!!
Consider Me Intimidated!!!
Underloop 8-9 years for me, although there was a period when HHC just became impossible for me to get my hands on as I lived in a complete backwater up North, but saying that, that was when I started producing, so I never really left I guess!

Matthew aka Cyclone/Underloop
"Wait a minute, thats not the Monsterometer, its the Frog Exagerator"
Charco 8-9 years,
i started at around 8-9 yrs old,
lovely stuff,
i get the mick taken out of me alot cos i listen to it sooo much,
i couldn't care less though, its what i live on, it keeps me happy,
***Stay Happy Forever!!!**

freedom to all who believe!!
miss-mitzi since it started ... well bout 89 when acid came out... then hhc....its the kinda thing u love 4 eva!!!!

If computer games effected us as kids, we would all be runnin around in dark rooms munchin magic pills and listenin to repetative music!
INNOVATE Ive been into hardcore since about 95 when I heard Toytown. Then I got into Bonkers and all that. How much I would like to hear Bonkers 1 and 2 again!

Innovate, redefine
Innovate, redesign
Recreate whats in your mind.
mc trev since i got kicked out of my all school and got sent to boarding so 2-3 for me
i first heard i need your lovin by sy & m.c storm on original dat tape and i thought these are the best sounds ever! and thats how i got hooked!
u know the score sy storm raw!
DJ STYLUS It seems to always be the early bonkers series (Number 2 mostly) That started to get us all hooked (me included. Woz that album really the fkin cats nackers!!! YESSS!

If we cant do it now....When can we do it???
manic Started in '93 when I first started going to raves. Ultrasonic really got me into it, if you could call that happyhard. Slipmatt's megamix of 95 also got me hooked. So I guess that makes me a nine year addict.

" Hardcore is a feeling, not a fashion" DJ Scott Brown

I was sent to outer space to find another happy place. Now i'm left here all alone, a million miles away from home.
zilv3r I said in another post, I started when I was 7, and started going to the Venue 44 as soon as I could at the under 18 events, and then sneaking in when I was like 13/14 through the back door >:]

Always made me mad when the Venue 44 got shut down :( damn drugs :( Anyone ever go to Venue 44? I'm about 10mins walk away from there! It's been shut down for so long now!

If I get paid the same as I did this year (£250,000) I'm going to buy it and do it up again as a HHC club, you'd all have free memberships of course :D

.. oh the dreams ..

Why all the pressure to sum up my life, my religion, my whole world in one line?
HaPPy i LuV Da HaRdCorE
Originally posted by zilv3r:

If I get paid the same as I did this year (£250,000) I'm going to buy it and do it up again as a HHC club, you'd all have free memberships of course :D

.. oh the dreams ..

Ill pop in wen i go to the UK
how u earn so much $$ ?

"The Milky Bars Are On Me"
zilv3r Good job, good pay rate.

Why all the pressure to sum up my life, my religion, my whole world in one line?
DJ Mouse where is venue 44 anyways?

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
zilv3r Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands.

Why all the pressure to sum up my life, my religion, my whole world in one line?
DJ Mouse yorkshire,bit of a way to go but hey i'll give it a visit sometime

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
Raver Davie For me it was when I was about 11, a friend came back from Germany with a few tapes. The week after that he said he bought some more tapes and told me a DJ called Hixxy was amazing. So he played his new tape - Dreamscape 21: Hixxy - to see my reaction. I was hooked immediately. This was at the start of 1996.

ParkLewis I guess it was 1997 when a friend sent me hyperactive - let me play.
Of course I knew songs like wonderful days before but I never really got into the style completely.

I remember when I was like 12 or 13 that Dune and Lownoise/Theo were on the radio stations all the time, but I sort of thought it to be kinda uncool to listen to them.

I was an idiot =), but at that age you need everybody else to tell you what's cool and what's not if you know what I mean....

Park Out


DA 8-9 years for me.
I became a music addict when I bought the thunderdome XII and the happy hardcore V, some years after i started to hear metal and hip hop, but last year I found my roots again :)


RoLLinG iS uNdeRGroUnD
toxicmusic I was the first person at my school to listen to HHC, got ALL my friends in to it but unfortunately it was all on a lot of it i can't play in my car. All I have is Bonkers...and Happy Happy Hardcore 2, and Happy Hardcore Anthems...even tho i've never heard any of the songs on that before...

"I am what I am and nothing else" M.A.D
saintberry got my first hhc mixtape in 93, but i never really started buying cds or vinyl till 98.

Xenochrome since about '96

xtzychld i first heard hhc on august 7th 1999 on my way to my first party - era I made my friend play all three hours there and all three on the way back and its been in my head ever since

spunkwik started marching into madness about 3 years ago

aznwasian Ive liked hhc since i was 12, and im 15 now. Ive been a member since 2001/06/13, and id listen to hardcore a few months before i joined... so that means...

15 months
-35 months
20 months of hardcore!

gee I first got into dance music back in 2000.. so after reading some of the posts I could be considered a baby to the scene... I first started off listening to a shit loads of house and progressive... thinking that was fast... then went on to loving hard house and hard trance... and that started to bore me a little... and so it is only in the last year or so that I have loved hardcore and happy hardcore... it is the only music I can really go hard to!!

originalraverbaby Went to my first rave in 1998 and been an absolute trainspotter ever since. Been into the tunes since about 93 though.

amberv the first trk i ever heard was john gottie's revenge on H2BH chpt 4!?!??(i dont remember) ,
ever since then i've also been addicted to happy hardcore, i've also fallen hoplessly in love with dark evil hardcore=)

peace n luv,
mr bishi i got into it in about 95 when i got ultrasonics 1st album can't remember wat its called but i luved it.Then started 2 listen 2 q-tex,qfx n ultimate buzz then bonkers 3 enter my life

kiss my face aha
one_scatterd_lil_monk_e mmms i think it was 1999.... hard to really tell i didnt write it down...

* i wish i had a cool qoute*
aznwasian Yeah John Gotti's revenge was number 6 on h2bh chapter four. Vinylgroover and Trixxy. I love that CD... Ive probly listen to it a hundred times... Ive memorized every song.

lol... "dark evil satanistic angry mean pissed off hardcore"

djtommyrenegade Hardcore rules and don't you forget it!

I'm one of the true raver's from bout 9 years ago! Glad to see the true music coming back.
Top 5 fave hardcore tracks
01.Q-TEX - power of love
02.Hixxy - Toytown.
03.Renegade and Static - Scotland is rockin!(Do you remember this classic)
04.Demo and Sy - Sensation
05.Dune - Hardcore Vibes

If you don't agree ... thats your problem

only the one quote:
U and me hardcore forever, u and me all night together, u can live your xtc advent, live your dreams in a hardcore heaven
2 without Heads - U and ME

peace to the nation, hardcore didn't die, it just took a breather!

DJ Tommy C

thomas crossley
Ropa i got into hardcore when i was 11, that was in 91. ive listened and mixed it ever since

DJDeluxe I have been involved in the scene since 1989.

Nearly 14 years for me Boys and Girls!

DJ Deluxe - for all your kniteforce needs....
Aerosoulz since about ', bout 5 years? funny, i always made jokes about hhc, but got into when i turned round and asked to borrow bonkers off a mate... hardcore... ooh i love tha stuff...

Random To be honost, not very long. I'm new to the Happy Hardcore scene and its been around 6 months since i first got into it

RaverBaby69 around 7 years 4 me since i was about 9 or 10 coz my best m8s brother was alwayz playin it and i really liked it

"I'm having the best time being off my pickle and feelin the music"
junglist_angel coming close to 9 years now

BazzA Heard my first HH tracks in an old naval fort near Plymouth whilst on aircadet camp back in 97/98 .

40 cadets, miles from anywhere, no radio, a personal cd player, one speaker, a stack of AA batteries and Dougal's Bonkers 4 mix (the green one!)

Shooting Star took me (and everyone else!) in and I don't wanna let go... you shoulda seen me when the union DJ ended my first ever union night with the original Shooting Star!! (I requested it on the off-chance and kicked off the most amazing 2 years of my life)

HHardcore, I shall never tire!


Think Smink: The Quest for the Third Alternative - sat.7.dec
KoKo PeBleS Not so long ago......Started around early 97' after my first rave

-=So stay here 4ever....we'll B together & never let U go...just need me whenever...I'm here 4-u I have 2 let U know=-
dj_stey_iz_ere was about 7 when i got into it and im now 16 do the math

is any1 else on the same level
strychnine I was listening to hardcore while I was still a sperm.

I pity anyone who isn't me.
dj_stey_iz_ere ^_^ lol

is any1 else on the same level
Lustrous I would have to say not long enough. When Rave and Acid House were kicking off at the start of the Nineties I was adamant in my refusal to listen to any of it, preferring to stick with Heavy metal.... What a dick, eh?

strychnine ^^ no, you're not a dick, and certainly not alone. While I'll admit I paid zero attention to acid house, when the rave thing started I stuck firmly to my hip-hop guns in favour of "that bibbidy-bobbidy-boo computer music". True, that's changed now with hardcore being my music of choice, but IMO you should never second-guess or regret your choice in music.

I pity anyone who isn't me.
Ultamate Semi-newbie, maybe 5-11 months

Were's the F***ing Hardcore
dj maow my ex-gilrfriends few listenings eye-opener since this time the hh dict my life

i like just the happy hardcore
blazinbeatz well i kinda feel like an ass, i just really started listening to hhc...hmm for like a year ive been downloading trance and techno, but ive finally found hhc

Stevie c Just for contrasts I am in my 11th year and going strong (again!!) I say 11th but in june its 12. God I feel like a big kid counting half years!! Anyway I am up to 60 posts now yippee!! Still in my mind and on the board i will always be a big kid newbie, i like it tha tway

Your into the sound of Rebellion
Skylight listening for about 3 years, started going to events 1 year on New Years

TweekiN since 93 for me... hehe

Go hard or GO HOME!!
sdavies067 Im only 17, but i listened to it ova 10 years.

1 REASON - thats called 'my mum'!!!!!!!!

But im glad it was hardcore and nothin' else"!!!!!!!

Once Hardcore, always HARDCORE! xxxxeva!
DJ Affliction I've been listenin to hardcore for bout 9-10 years now

The first song i related to was Shooting star by DJ Bang it woz f***** amazin.

Hardcore is No1. in my opinion,Nothin else comes close to it!!!!!!!!

Hardcore u know the score!!!!

DJ Affliction
TheApollyon Depends doesn't it? How long from the first time i heard it and enjoyed it? Or how long have i followed the scene without a break.

If the first. I first heard hardcore in the form of old skool at the age of 6/7 (around 92/93) and i loved it.

When did i follow the scene big style? Mid to Late 2000. So, over two years.

N-Dee I started listening 2 Hardcore in '95.
That's the year I was exposed to good music :) I love Hardcore !!!
Happy , Gabber or Old School , i like it a LOT !!

I was 21 when i started , now i am 29 and i won't STOP !! When i will have kids i will teach them 2 enjoy such music ( and hopefully they will spin my HH/ HC recordz ) and reject such thrash as boyzband & blond bimbo music.

I <3 Happy Hardcore for the Happiness, sweet lyrics, energy and hard beats.
I will listen to Hardcore no matter what and even if there's no raves and parties in stoopid CHicago IL U$a

Smile, you'll feel better
whitetrash i's been listenin to hardcore since i was a lil nipper at primary school... 95/6 i'll have started listening to it.. keep it real x
Originally posted by DJ Affliction:
I've been listenin to hardcore for bout 9-10 years now

The first song i related to was Shooting star by DJ Bang it woz f***** amazin.

Hardcore is No1. in my opinion,Nothin else comes close to it!!!!!!!!

DJ Affliction

hell yeah shooting star is a classic.. and kelly llorenna heart of gold *drools*

keep it real x
archangel Think its been bout 9 years for me and7 going out to the clubs. God i remember the under 18's when the djs where just a couple years older than you and tom wilson had hair!

Originally posted by whitetrash:

hell yeah shooting star is a classic.. and kelly llorenna heart of gold *drools*

keep it real x

You cant have been listening to hardcore that long otherwise you'd know
Force+Styles actually did Heart of Gold and Kelly Llorenna actually
covered it.
And also if you had been into hardcore since 95/6 you probably wouldn't
still be listening to those songs anyway.You'd likely be sick of hearin em.

Im just a bassline addict
Im just a hardcore addict
Im just a dancefloor manic
Why o why cant you just accept it.
archangel Force and styles did do heart of gold but kelly lorrenna was the vocalist on there version to so i dont think u can say she covered it (can you?) any way the origanal's are always the best.

Originally posted by tommo:
You cant have been listening to hardcore that long otherwise you'd know
Force+Styles actually did Heart of Gold and Kelly Llorenna actually
covered it.

Maybe he/she prefers the Kelly Lloranna version of the song (or Hixxy's remix thereof). Just a thought.

Originally posted by archangel:
Force and styles did do heart of gold but kelly lorrenna was the vocalist on there version

I thought it was Jenna.

Nothing is random. You were meant to read this.
tommo Yeah,you got a point I suppose.

Im just a bassline addict
Im just a hardcore addict
Im just a dancefloor manic
Why o why cant you just accept it.
archangel maybe it was jenna but im sure it was kelly lorrenna. i can remember seeing her getting interviewed on the box and she mentioned it but i dont think its relevent

tommo It doesnt sound too much like Kelly to me,unless her voice has changed
by age I dunno.

Im just a bassline addict
Im just a hardcore addict
Im just a dancefloor manic
Why o why cant you just accept it.
Hostile8 maybe 2 years... i was listening HH before going on rave :P

Human Blood 2 03/14 -+> Da Predator :D
Originally posted by silver:
I have been listening to (happy) hardcore for?

Basically, I've been listening to hardcore/rave since the very beginning and loved (just about) every aspect of the time. Only thing that irritated me so far is when rave split two ways ... hardcore / jungle. Most of my favourite DJ's (Grooverider, Fabio, Micky Finn) went the opposite way from me as I chose to prefer hardcore, so had to reselect my idea of 'best DJ'.

Keep the scene alive ...
djDMS Yes, Jenna was the original vocalist on 'Heart of Gold' but when F&S finally managed to bring out a proper commercial release of the track on Diverse records in 1998 Kelly Llorenna did vocals on that - AND ABSOLUTELY MURDERED IT!!!! Oh, and by the way, i've been with Hardcore and HH from the start - saying that, I am 31 and should probably know better by now!

We're dancing wall to wall, all creatures great and small
began listening to happy hardcore when i started skool!
Me and my older brother was listening to Thunderdoom records and Playing D.a.D.
So I got a taste for Happy Hardcore.

And i still love it!!

K-Hole been listening to hhc for.... i cant remember its been so long

its not the gun that kills, its the drunk lunatic i sold it to!
anderw I have been listen to hhc 4 ever and i love it
fav track of all time : dj bisky airhead

Sy Vallmont When did Happy Hardcore kick off, that's the question I ask myself. I know it all began, long before my time, DMS confirmed that in his post. I've been listening to it since i was about 10, and I know the hardcore scene was thriving long before then. A lot changes in 10 years, but (h)hc hasn't changed one bit, it's still the best beat around.

steve911 i started listenin to happy hardcor its bin nearly 4 yrs now it all started when i started to go ice skatin and they would play some of da classics like shootin star and rush hour i heard them and it got me buzzin so eva since i have loved them all i dont have my collection now tho they burnt in the fire we had i was so gutted and even those on my comp went cause i got a virus and had to F Disk my comp


4-5years for sure, my sister was listenning happy hardcore when I was 12years old :) I take the exemple and begin to dance all night in rave haha thank's a lot sister for this, because of you now I'm flying hard on happy hardcore :)

~That makes me feel all wiggly~ :)
Kandy_Raver hmmm when I started listening to HHC I was not in to Raving yet so I listened to HHC for 2 years

I'm A RaVeR nOt A cRaZy
DrUg AdDiCt P.L.U.R
bucking_fonkers been listening to hhc since i was about 12 my first cd being bonkers 1 hixxys mix cus i robbed it off a mate, thats what started me onto hhc in the first place

fave song got to be techno wonderland but ive forgot who by so if any ppl kno give us message bk

Emdee Emmay I've been listening to HHC since January 15th 98

It was the night of Guardians of the Twilight, my first rave, 5 years ago

before then I was just another one of those wannabe wigger homie Gs

noggin i fell in love with happy hardcore in 93 and have been listening to it ever starts and ends my day.. and is what ill b listening to on my wedding nite @ bagleys!!! 14h june!!!!!!

Romney Got into hardcore when i was still at school. Been about 10 years now and i can remember buying Dj Seduction's Hardcore Heaven on 7".

theKore 4-5 yrs, started as soon as i hit high-school

Chrysostomou 8-9 years WICKED STUFF!! lol

if video games affected us as children, then we would all be running around in dark rooms, munching magical pills and dancing to repetitive music!
clarke101 About 3 years.

Kelly released a version of Heart of Gold last year.

Trench About 24 hours.

Still waiting for hardcore harmonica.
Dj Tamsy I've been listening to Happy HardCore scince i was 7 (17 now). I remember the day when i brought my first hardcore tape (Not available on cd then).
I still got most of the tape but most my fav are broke, listened to them too many times & they snaped. I remember going into HMV & buying bonkers 1. Been 10 years of the greatest music in the world.

Harcore since 1993 - Never looked back.

wonder_boy Well, I've been listening to HHC for close to 7 years. I remember the first track I heard, or that caught my attention, was "Burning Love" by Critical Mass. It was on a cd set that I picked up in Melbourne, and I just loved it. Up until about a year ago, I was finally able to pick up a copy of this track on vinyl off a guy on eBay. I've been loving it ever since!

Watch for upcoming online HHC mixes soon...
Knightmare end 1997, I bought a hhc cd. It was already old then, and I sticked too the old stuf from then on (couldn't get new ones here in belgium).

ravinlil I didnt realise it at the time but i first started listening when acid house came out I cant remember when that was cos I was only a lil lady. It was my biggest bro that got me into it he was about 17 an realy into the whole rave and drugs scene. an being young an impressionable i grew up with the music and eventually when I was about 15 got into the whole rave thing myself and i havent regreted it once.

hardcore can be the route to evil, if spun incorrectly!
raverdave School disco's bout 10 years ago. The 'Bigboys' used to run em and they played hardcore and ravey stuff and i suppose that was it from then, everythin else sounded too slow after that, but few years back i lost my mind and threw all my tapes out (Still pissed off at myself for that one...! i blame the ex..) so i had to start again. Finally got a bit of a collection goin again but its not the same..

eclipseconvboi81 If you wanna get technical, I was into HHC since 99.
But I was the type of kid who like the music from video games like sonic the hedghog. So really, I was a kid when I started liking it. 99 is when I discovered that there was an actual music genre that catered to my love for fast beats.
Anyone else do this when they were a kid?

alex_g Since early 96 :)

"...lets have you nicely... as were inside the party... its time to move your body... so run come follow me..."
cycrow i've been listening to rave and hhc since the edge tapes were about
around 1990, 1991

brandberg well, first time I really got into happy hardcore was when i first heard stay here forever by brisk & fade a couple of month ago.. so I'm kinda new to this.. sad that noone I knew told me about this earlier... =(

Happy2bBonkers The first time i eva heard hardcore was when i was 7 i used to sneek out with my cousin who had a boyfriend who was about 18 forgot his name but we just rode around in his mini metro full of people listening to happy hardcore, bonkers i think and hixxy tapes, and thats how i got into it!

pishposh the first album i ever bought was hardcore heaven vol 2 back in '97 before that i was strictly gabber, but the album blew me away and i'm hardcore ever since

dagapman since grade 10 on the media trip when christine let me listen to happy2bhardcore chapter 3. it was a glorious bus trip with those crazy tunes blaring. Almost 3 years now, not as special as others but special in its on special waY

steeliebhoy I've been listening to hardcore since 92 early q tex and qfx
ma brains a mess, but loved every minute


paul steel
SC-Kaman mmm... been listening for a few weeks now.

Tha F***'n Shiznit.
100% Pure Canadian Hotness.
B.C ive bn listenin 2 it since around 92/93 but never really bought any hardcore til 96 (Bonkers)

"Belong To The Hardcore Regime! Wake Up From Your Synthetic Dreams!....WE Are Your Future!!!"
Little miss raver I started listenin 2 it around the time bonkers 1 came out

Get more ****ed n get rockin
Xtc bitch 03 iv bin listening to hardcore for about 4-5 years! just wish i was a bit olda tho cos couple of years b4 i started listening to it all the best DJ's used to go to a club called VOLTAGE which is like 2mins away literally!


lifes a bitch...

some love'it...

others don't...
SEEKY 4 or 5 yrs i think

Mauler Ever since i got bonkers 1 maybe before that :D

styleyd since bout '94 - when i was 11 and me and a mate were messing about in a tractor in a local field -don't ask - we found a pirate radio tape (Loaf FM if anyone remembers or new of this), so we knicked it, played it and were instantly hooked to the rave/hardcore that was upon said tape.
genericrevolution since 1991 I was about 11!

I feel old now when I think 13years into the rave scene

Fluorescent_Crayon I've been listening to (happy) hardcore since I was like...11ish?12ish. Definitely since I was 12. I think when I was 11 I was listening to techno and trance.?.?. But um I'm now 13 and I'll be 14 in...-counts- about 2 weeks and 4 days. Yup! *YAY!!*

JesterDJ i've listened to it for the past 5 or 6 years but not sure

If pac-man really had an effect on us, we'd all be runnin' round in dark rooms, listening to repetitive music munching pills!!!
Mr LoSTiT since 1999, i was 11, and i just heard a song called "I Kiss Your Lips" by Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, but at the time i thought Happy Hardcore was a single artist,..........boy was i wrong

tsukuri mashou, tsukuri mashou, satte satte nani ga dekiru kara
capone13 I've been listening to Happy Hardcore for about 5 years.

I'm also into Hard Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle

DJ J-me
GeeGee i was a closet raver in 92 at the tender age of 15 then i came outa the cupboard and been bouncing along ever since and i gotta say ive loved every minute of it...

DJ Mole The first Hardcore CD i bought was Bonkers 3 : Journey Into Madness and then i bought Hardcore N.R.G mixed by Sy & Seduction but i started listening to hardcore/rave at about 11 or 12 and i'm 17 now but i only actually just started listening to hardcore again about 2-3 months ago since then i have bought every bonkers CD inlcuding 12 which i WILL get and i have bought Hardcore (6 disk CD 3 mixed by Sy & Unknown) and Original Hardcore : The Nu Breed and ReZerection VI mixed by Lenny D & Tom Wilson(RIP)

Join He Who Walks Behind The Rose
quietplace69 I've been straight up happyhardcore sincei was ten. thats right my bro shot him self and my parents got divorced. it blows

Dj Mynd Tryck I Just fround out about hardcore in 2000 at the junior seinor prom they played a song of a genre ive never heard before i asked the dj what cd is that he said Happy 2B Hardcore 5 The song was Sy & Unknown - Stay with me ever scence that its been nothing but hardcore for me

Sakkara I've been bouncin' since 92'

Jeez has it been that long???

Think of all the mind altering substances that pass through your brain in a year and x12

I think I need some medical attention.

kernel scurry Started listening and spining HHC in 99 after I got Dj Spree's 'Hard Candy'

I'm a nOOb
Rhoobarb2004 The first I first got a copy of a copy of a copy of a single mix tape that had vibes on one side and scorpio on the other (think that was around 94 - Dont know the event), loved both sides, I had listened to other stuff for about a year earlier but my fav song whch got me into it was urban hype's - trip to trumpton/i feel the heat (92 I believe?)
Still is an amazing tune (I feel the heat that is )

Dean86 Ive been listening since 1999 when my mate brought a Helter Skelter pack in school. Loved it ever since.

shift2 i started listening and partying 2 weeks before my HSC in 2000

dance as hard as you drive, and you will find peace!

nissan GTiR/Sunny, Shifting to the future from the past
hyperdance listenin n lovin it, always.

its funny because its true!!
hypnofreak Don't know exactly, approximately 1996 I think. When did the party animals, technohead (I wanna be a hippy), DJ Paul Elstac became popular first? Anyway, I haven't stop listening to it.

I wonder what we'll be on the top100 Happy Hardcore cd of the box (music channel in the Netherlands). You can vote for it at

Unnaturally good!
Phil_G I think i started in about "94 when i was 7ish dunno how or why i just heard a tune and it got me hooked,

Keepin The Scene Alive, Hardcore Will Never Die

Dj Devolution
mark shark i heard my first hardcore tape in my first year of senior school 10 years ago, i drifted a few years ago while in collage but never lost the passion now i mix it and my heart is full of hardcore (oh the cheese) :-)

of all the things i've lost, I miss my mind the most
-- Ozzy Osbourne.
NeoPhyte101 For me it was bonkers 3 a mate lent it to me
and i haven't looked back since

Drugs are bad mkay.... mkay...!!!
Originally posted by zilv3r:

made me mad when the Venue 44 got shut down :( damn drugs :( Anyone ever go to Venue 44? I'm about 10mins walk away from there! It's been shut down for so long now!

I'm sure Vibealite was there alot was it in mansfield?
8-9 years 4 me heard a copy of DREAMSCAPE20 Dougal and vibes and never looked back.

'never rub another mans rhubarb'
Mopsta a good 2 - 3 years. Back in the day goin up to hide-away mountain get the car stezza crankin and dance the night away. Mate had a sick strobey in his car. It was mad!! ahah the good old days

Mattikake I've been into hardcore since it first took off in about '88-'89. Happy since that started in about 1990?

So call that 15, nearly 16 years! Of course I stopped listening to it at raves from about '94 to 2001-ish... cos I didn't have a right lot of choice there and new stuff pretty much stopped coming out.

Still I listen to the Nu-Skool stuff, that's what they call Happy hardcore now, right?

Old old old-skool
Dje2 grew up on dance mixes and acid..
lots of house too

then heard hardcore and BAM i was hooked!

Trip2k eleven years, and I'm still surprised at the quality of tunes, and the innovation the DJ's are producing

dj_double_e Hardcore and Trance: ~10 years
Dance in general : ~27 years (Blondie was my favorite @ age 10)

Also been spinning Trance/progressive and hardcore for 3 years now.
and I still have all my disco records from the 70's.

I'm soooooooo old, mebbe someday I'll grow up....
...naaw, probably not!

...Take a magic carpet ride with me... (Stealth "See me climb")
HardCore Latina Since '94
Scooter & Blumchen brought me to the scene. Then the imported Gabber/Hardcore CD's from Germany. Years later, Happy 2b Harcore Cd's, and here I am now. <3

[[Come into my dream..let me show you where I've been...]]
TypeR i was born from a hardcore womb, my childhood was that of hardcore.

don't stand and stare, just kick your legs in the air
_BoNe_ 9 years...
The summer before i started high school. oh i remember it well...

Not been listenin to hardcore that long i would say about 8 months but I prob love it as much as you people who av bin listenin to it 4 years!

I can not or have not gone 1 day with out hearing hardcore since i got sucked in to the amazin beats, sounds,and lyrics wat we call HAPPY HARDCORE!



Mr Raver I was just browsing the site when i came across this discussion and noticed that my two close freinds MC Bone and Hodders had replied to the topic. So i thought it only be right that i replied aswell.

Hardcore is AMAZING.....nuff said.

Rave On!!!
Soxio I have only been listenin to hardcore for about 5 - 6 months

Love everytrack i've heard so far

* Hardcore Till I Die *
Cyberpunk I first heard hardcore in 2000, so its been like 4 years.

laze I have been listing to hardcore since 1994 so 11 years for me :-)

butterfly only bout 2-3yrs for me i think lol

whittle1 I have only been listening to it now for between 1 and 2 years
But boy they have been a great 2 years!
And i have managed to scrape hold of ALL the bonkers somehow

kathryn since 1990 and Stu Allan used to play it on his Key 103 days. He was a big influence on me to listen and like hardcore big up stu allan!

dj_excy ive been listening to hardcore for about 10 years

chill out and take some hash coz excy's out 2get ****in mashed!!
swansea247 ive been listening since 15th august 2003 2:47pm

im not joking either

Six days on the run, Looking for a place to have some fun..... coming sooner than you think!!1
Jon O-T ^^ can you give a bit more detail LOL

I got into it in september 2004, bonkers 13 got me into it mainly, best £13.99 i ever spent!!!

(This is my 80th post, yay 2 stars!!!)

Im a futuristic entertainer,
all the stage is my arena,
the back of my hand is my lightsaver,
im good like Luke but im dark like vader... :) Jay o tee
Knightmare about 6 years but I was out of touch since happycore died here after the 90's so I only had the oldskool happycore to listen to. Didn't mind really cuz I've been into gabber and the likes for almost 8 years now and I still love it above all else (although I have become more picky, not alot of mainstream catches my attention anymore, underground rules!)



"You want everything", "I want the truth!".... "You cant handle the truth"!! - Bonkers 1: Sharky- No. 1!
Gicky Since it first started, I witnessed the break up of "Rave" music and the birth of the upbeat 4/4's and jungle..

The first HHC CD I actually got was Happy Hardcore Foundations, which is more agressive than todays HHC..

I miss "rave" music..

Follow the yellow brick road.. :)
Lynny Since 2002. July.

****Vibena: Closer to your dreams****
Stevie c Feel like a grandad at 31. Got into the scene properly during 1990.
Had been to a few festival's before but they were more indie thing,
So not really there for acid house more the rave thing. Lots have things have
changed, new genres and re=defination of old ones like garage, but the rave thread stays mainly in happy hardcore over anything else.
Artemis Don't worry Grandad, I'm a lot older than you and I've only been ravin since 1999. It just gets better, and I've got many friends in hardcore to whom my age doesn't seem to matter
DJEDUP been into it since i was taken to an illegal in 91 been hooked ever since
Carnutz onli been in the hardcore scene for about a year bought bonkers 13 and i was crazy over it he he yer i no im slow but im getting der
DJDURSTAN Ten years for me I borrowed a Druid Tape and a carl cox off a mate which insired me massively. I then started DJ'ing within 6 months and I've never looked back. My favourite era has to have been a choice between 97-98 when Shooting star was just bein demo'd about and Amen UK - Passion was bein caned (the hardcore mix of course). However 2002-Present has been Fookin awesome and It's great to be a part of.
T~ 6 years ago when a mate gave me bonkers 1&4
Feliss hrm 10 years! since I was about 14 and went to our local club with a hhc room in the back :D
Always kept listening to it, especially hhc radio at work. But haven't been to many nights lately, sucks!
Chris Goldfinger 10+ for me

i just love all harder styles of music
Righteous9 since 2002... Hip-Hop before (1995), then Trip-Hop (1996), then Jungle (1996-98), Then Rectangle, Invisible Skratch Picklez and X-ecutioners (1998), and finally, Hardcore! Classic Progression, I guess??? Oh and 2-step somewhere in there...

First got into the hardcore scene in 92/93, been a massive fan since, though in my local area its frowned upon!!!

Glad to see its progressed, harder, faster and more banging than ever.
cheekyb iv bn listn 2 hardcore 4 as long as i can remember my dad used 2 go ravin so iv grown up wiv it all i can say is
Chris Goldfinger My vote went to 10 years+

It must be about 13 years now

I can remember playing all the classics back then on my shitty soundlab decks (aint got they snidders no more)

a couple of my fav track then were

Charlie Lownoise & Mental Thoe - The Tears EP
Dyewitness - Only If I Had One More
Search & Destroy - Deep In The Underground
Dyewitness - The masterplan

at least 10 years on and i still think there amazing!!!!!
Nooney I first got into Hardcore when I was 13.
3 years so far, and many more to come!
iluvhrdcor for me its been 5 years +

before that i was listening to trance and then got into hardstyle and then hardocre and gabber
The Doc Since it morphed out of acid! 88/89 ish!
Stevie c where is the option for over 10 years, now I feel really old!!
I am verging on 15 years.
charlieee for me it was when i joined this site b4 that i only just kinda got into nrg music with stuff lyk kickin hard and skitz mix etc
Jay-Owen 13 years, since I was 3 I've been listening to it.

If being played Shooting Star over and over with a bit of Heart of gold counts, then it's 14 years
manutd76 SInce 93/94 got taken to fusion do by friend a been lovin HHC ever since ^^
SickPigRecords since 1992 holy shiznit thats 14 years
i am only 22
it makes it worth getting up in the morning
dee_licious must admit its only been a short while, but i really didn't know what i was missing.
jack5724 4-5 years for me - i got in to it when i was about 13
SPOOX Right from the start! got into it through my older cousin.
pray2win Íts not that long anyway...
I loved it longer but i actualy listen 5-11 months... dont know exactly
jimbob squarepants what started it for me was a tape of tom wilson (rip) @ fantazia the big bang.
back in 91-92 ish?
from that point i started listening to more tape packs & slowly this pushed me more towards the hardcore,bouncy techno side of things.

dj's such as bass generator,mikey b.....

and then towards 96 it became sy,hixxy,dougal,slipmatt & all the dj's we hear today.
Al_X Been listening happily for around 2-3 years. First track I ever heard was Scott Brown - Fly With You, and I've been hooked ever since :)
SiEnTiFiC *strokes chin*


Ever since I first heard the Fantazia Summertime '92 tapes I think...
kinra Hmm Noobs seem to be a dominant voter group, good for Hardcore In General tho, more to enlighten. Mad props
Lea25 Ive been listening for 11 years . BACK TO THE OLD SKOOL !!
DJ-Intensity 4-5 years when Bonkers 13 and Next Generation V2 released.
treetherealest Wow. I can't believe how many of the results were new people. I thought most people here would have been listening longer than me. I guess 6 or 7 years for me has been a while. Props to all the people who have stuck with this genre over the years.
Complexion 4-5 years me. From 2005 onwards I have listen to core and no other genres at all. :O
dreamowner About 4 years now; from about the time Bonkers 13 was released.
dj.sensi Since it began, cos I'm old, and past it
näkkk First heard HHC in 2000 I think, just looking for trance songs I discovered this great thing called Happy Hardcore. In the beginning though, I didn't know it was a genre, and thought it was a band who made cool fast songs :P
Revs Actually the poll results are not up to date anymore, since the poll was created back in 2002. That means those who voted for 0-5 months have been listening to it for 7 years now.
Alfie_G 1991 - But listening to it now it is hardly recognisable as hardcore :)
Chrysostomou 15 Years, still loving it just same... It has changed a hell of a lot, but still has the great buzz about it and is simply untouchable and incomparable to anything
Physx over 10 years :O wow
Originally posted by DJ Revs:
Actually the poll results are not up to date anymore, since the poll was created back in 2002. That means those who voted for 0-5 months have been listening to it for 7 years now.

lol thats an interesting find, we need a new poll
Yateszi About 1-2 years, was into dance music/scouse house before I got into hardcore.
brock22 one day!! But I'm here for the long haul
DJFearce I'd say I'm a rookie at the hardcore type of music.
Haven't been listening to it for more than a year but definately not going to stop.
Originally posted by silver:
I have been listening to (happy) hardcore for?

since 1994 so thats erm 10 ..... erm 14 years wow am getting old lol
bandofmould since 94! i'm an old git.
leham89 4 years ago bby. wish i found it sooner. best thing in the world
ChrisDale em around 8-9 years ago
lozowen since early 2008
LukyNumbr7 I just got into HHC this summer, and i am lovin evry second of it :)
tru bass too long
Smartyz 7 years... (2003)
MuRDAxMiiNDeDx Started in around mid 2000....Coming up on 11 years and ill be 22 in June :O
Hirschi about 10 years now.
DJ Immenze I got into djing when I was about 12, im now 15 so I have been listening to hardcore for about 2-3 years :), and I'm not goin to stop soon HTID!!
Samination to today (31th of July 2011) I've listened to Hardcore for almost 10 years
DJ Immenze I got into hardcore when darren styles & mark etc.. went mainstream with clubland in about '07-8
Krokussify emm 0 - 5 months,wish i found it sooner
McA Since 1997 -1998.
Traktoririst Well, i was very young when I heard for the first time HHC. I think 4-5 or so... I liked it alot (now I love it.)
Very approximately: 14 years.

DJ_Dawn depends on the definition.

if Ilsa Gold's "Up" counts, then it's almost 21 years :D
Cubedout My last couple years of school we listened to the bonkers tapes. That must have been 2002-2004. I've been into it ever since :p How time flies.
brodster About 4 years. Just now getting involved in the scene however.
AresOlympian I've been into hardcore since the mid to late 90's B)
dj_progress Happy? 22 years
Hardcore? 24 years

and still going strong!
Gaz mace-E 1988 Around 95-96 and to some extent still live within that I hate getting older!
Royzourboy About 9-10 years. My sister and I used to listen to it in the car semi-frequently and since then I've been listening to it on my own time.
DJIntensity Since 2004 when the Next Generation Blatant Beats Collection V2 released it was a time when Hardcore was at it?s best 14 years on.
DJ_Melba_Lee I started listened to Happy Hardcore when I was 14 years old and I really enjoy the music. Before I listened to Happy Hardcore, I was listened 3 or 4 tracks when I was 11. Also, I make my own music videos with my animation animals. I made those ideas, so my friends, fans, and family can watch and enjoy them. Someday I'll become a DJ. Happy Hardcore is my life.

Jay-Owen I was introduced to it by my brother as a small child, so I don't know what "counts"? Being exposed to hardcore music and actively liking it? 15-20 years. Buying hardcore records and listening by my own volition? 12-13 years.

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