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 How much HappyHardcore vinyl do you own?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
silver How much HappyHardcore vinyl do you own?
DJ STYLUS about 250 at the min!

...Now I feel so pure!!
Annex not enough :)

potatoe :)
keep on smiling
Don Giovanni Silly John (Annex). Of course u don't own enough. One can never own enough happy hardcore on vinyl! :)

'Together united as one indeed, WE ARE THE HARDCORE FAMILY!
bowzer next poll should be "how long have you been collecting hhc vinyl?" and compare the two :)

mc trev
Originally posted by bowzer:
next poll should be "how long have you been collecting hhc vinyl?" and compare the two :)

no it shouldn't
put a desent poll up like who's the best dj or best orginisation

1 have 164 hhc & oldskool Vinyl

Ravers are united in dance ,Ravers are united in dance , united in united in were united in dance, dave prattley is united in dance , dave prattley is united in dance...
bowzer i think it would be hard to say whos the best dj since theres so many good ones out there.

milo that would be interesting to compare the two, like overlay the two of them and see what it looks like

"Everybody... rock, rock on.. "
JAREFOX I actually went home and counted.

602 HHC Vinyl
43 Old School Records
77 Gabber Tunes
162 Random 'ardcore (including Dutch) records.

Vinyl is an addiction that is best served by buying more wax.


Jare Fox

"A day without dancing was a day wasted"
DJ Pathfinder i have about 1300 records now

about 400 happy hardcore i think

i have also many d&b ,gabber, speedcore , oldschool ,electronica /idm and some techno .

You can't see me,because i am the future.
Agent_Double_EE I have 3 and no record table let alone turn table so I feel I'm doing o.k. but nothin great It's awesome to see everyone buying records though. give ya that warm fluffy feelin like.

BaDBoY I have around 900 hardcore vinyls, inc albums...
around 200trance and house
around 225 hard house
around 110 r and b and hip hop
around 270 oldskool 90's dance.

but, i am a commercial dj, who runs a dj booking agency..
so i need alot of choonage..
got even more of a selection on cd though !

still after a copy of the happy anthems albums though, on cd or vinyl, not bovvered which !


sammypoohuk 25ish!!.......

Hee Hee Haa Haa

TweekiN I would have a lot more than a mere 170
but thieves ruin everything

Go hard or GO HOME!!
well i have around 20 hhc vinyl and 40 trance vinyls, love 2 have manny manny more but being 14 i cant afford it!!!!!!

Doctor_Dangle i have around 2000 tunes with most of them being hardcore+old skool
i just have to find a way to pay my credit card back now!

39th and proud member of The I Hate TheGDman Club
miss-mitzi i have 164 hhc records
106 cds
2 many tape packs 2 remember who has borrowed wot!!!!

If computer games effected us as kids, we would all be runnin around in dark rooms munchin magic pills and listenin to repetative music!
Xenochrome I have around 2000 records, I'd say about 500 of it is happyhardcore.

DjMoNkEyBoY Used to have more but all warped now. (see forum: Vinyl + Heat)
tryignt o sva eup money to buy my records back. Ihope I'll be able to get them and they do not go out of print forever like some HHC records do.

Dj MoNkEyBoY
Founder of Monkeyshine Inc.

Keep it Real!

Keep it Happy!

Keep it Hardcore!
terry6680 im bad, i dont own any vinyl, just because i dont have decks and they dont sell it on vinyl anywhere around where i live. I just have Cds and tapes! i deserve a caining!
Haeobogoblin ok, well i dont have decks yet (untill i get a job) but i do have one tune on vinyl - DJ Kaos - autumn again/autumn dayz (due to it's beefyness) and i least 36 HHC CDs.

"Just because I have a head shaped like an amusing pile of mashed potato, doesn't mean I'm not sophisticated"
XxXbUnnYgAlXxX Yeah i dont own any vinyl either... sorry... i have more compilation albums to listen to in the car/at home/at parties whatever, i'm to lazy to own decks! i'd love to though, i don't own anywhere near enough happy hardcore though, my severe lack of money has something to do with it....!

yOu'rE nOt aLoNE...
hardcorelover have got about 150 - 160 hardcore records.

i did have more but a full record bag got stolen on me. the bastards.

jamie_crichton i have 2000 tunes

490 Cd's

not as much happy hardcore as i would like, i have a shed load of italo house, the more cheesy type oldskool, i like anything fast and with a tune.

Ropa 150ish

i had well over 500 hhc and old skool records but i sold almost all of them and bought spanish makina

Makina is the FUTURE
James D i have over 300, havent counted em in ages tho.
and they keep on growin
; )

as for cds, over hundred, tapes, too many to list.

junglist_angel unfortunatly... not enough

Most of my vynils are D&B
Happy core is a bit difficult to get a hold of here in Belgium.

DJ Mouse <----- 26 according to that. more like triple it and that's how many i got about.

"Don't frown when someone annoys you, it uses 42 muscles. Bitch-slap the fu©ker, it only uses 4"

DJ Mouse
KoKo PeBleS Good friend and I own only like 150or so......

-=So stay here 4ever....we'll B together & never let U go...just need me whenever...I'm here 4-u I have 2 let U know=-
Midway_raver I bought my hundreth record yesterday , didnt realise till i just counted again, and what a record to get to the big 100! EV 62:) Clash of the titans and twilight zone:D TUNES!!

Like a bolt of lightning it's so frightning..Get ur brain now we're igniting
Stevie c Strictly speaking I only own about 50 records but I owned a cds and i have over 300 cds so I know that must be about 1000 harcore tunes, I also own a lot of baleric house, hip hop, rap, and nostalgia like best of the 80s cds, my particular favorites at the mo are getting tv cds and mixing them in, I do a mean buffy techno (when it works!) I also love sampling the simpons over the top, I may not be able to scratch but cds do have some advantages
stevie c

Your into the sound of Rebeliion
djtommyrenegade i have only had my decks 4 months so owning 46 records of pure hardcore aint bad, but have 12 house tunes as well

Oh yeah I'm the best!
DJ Tommy Renegade

"you have a heart of gold" ... oh shut up kelly

thomas crossley
fostino2000 bout 250. it works out at 1 for every 2 days i've been Djin!

dj_stey_iz_ere i av about 120 gettin ther suerly but slowly

is any1 else on the same level
djDMS I have 300-350 Happy Hardcore 10" & 12" plus about 50 vinyl albums and there are still quite a few i want to get my hands on as either replacements or stuff I should have bought at the time (instead of buying silly things like a car, house etc.)! I have been collecting since the early days so my collection probably isn't all that impressive.

We're dancing wall to wall, all creatures great and small
DJ Affliction Av got bout 30-40

That doesn't sound alot but most of em av had to search(endlessly)for like

Eye Opener-Brisk & Trixxy,
Fly Away-Visa,
Rainbow Islands-Seb,
Toy Town-Hixxy & Sharkey,
Party Time-Dougal & Eruption,Revolution-Sharkey,
All Systems Go-Force & Styles,
Forever Toghether-Hixxy & Bananaman,
Bonkers Anthem-Druid & Sharkey
Back In Business-Hixxy
Fireworks-Force & Styles

The list goes on

Some of them took months of trackin down 'n' cost top draw but @ the end of the day they're the classics 'n' are worth every penny

Hardcore u know the score!!!!!

DJ Affliction
Stevie c I own about 2000 tunes but all on cd!!

Your into the sound of Rebellion
wonder_boy I'm gettin' pretty close to the 200 mark for Happy Hardcore vinyl. I wish I had more, but unfortunately, I usually have to spend more money on other styles that I get a chance to play out. Calgary just doesn't have a Hardcore scene anymore. But I'll continue to buy my HHC!

I've often wondered how many records Dj's like Scott Brown, Dougal, Hixxy, etc, own? I'm sure it'd be quite amazing.

Watch for upcoming online HHC mixes soon...
jjules I have just ONE at the moment, but then I'm only just about to start out...getting UFO and MC Marley - Underground this week hopefully - that is one brilliant tune! If I can find it, I'm also getting Dowster - Starlight, because that is THE BEST piece of hardcore I've heard in AGES!

I don't work either at the moment, so I can't afford no more vinyl!

Seany ive got about 21 ,only been djing for a month.....

let the music take you to the highest height ,come on raise your hands up you can touch the sky.........

Dave Murray Old Topic.!

I Couldnt Take It No More ... So I Became Hardcore!
whispering I only have 7 vinyls, although i have over 60 CD compilations

Originally posted by Dave Murray:
Old Topic.!

But not 6 months

They've done it to me, their gonna do it to you!
Mr LoSTiT while we are on the subject, i only have 6 vinyl, and i ordered them from this website's record store, it is very, hard to obtain Hardcore vinyl in the Bay Area (Califorina), there arent any good DJ shops that i found, and i just started DJ'ing for a week!!! i just got my first set last week, and my quest (somewhat of a quest) has now begun :P

and beleve me, i WILL get alot more vinyl in the future

esos que saben mucho no disen nada, esos que ablan mucho no saben nada! 5 points for onw who can translate this :P
Leelo1 i got bout 20 altho i love hardcore
id rather play trance german trance hardstyle n hardhouse

Jacen_solo im up to about 300 and still nowhere near what I should have considering i have been buyijng since 1998

dagapman i WISH i had some


U . T . H
djstuartkane ive collected around 250 'ardcore singles 100 albums,

and still going strong .......

vinyl junkie !!!!!!!!!!

drink beer , smoke fags , eat beef , you're gonna die one day anyway !
Dibstar only about 30 :( damn skintness

The star in my name isn't there for nothing....
liquid_silver i should be over 250 if the new orders show up today

pulse crew baby,
straight outta left field
Dje2 1200ish hhc/hardcore
900ish house (inc. 600 funky house, 200 hardhouse)
600ish trance (mostly hard)
300ish breaks
200ish jungle
200ish dnb
150ish gabber
100ish terrorcore/speedcore/rotterdam
50ish industrial/metal
3 goa!

im selling 90 percent of the non hhc stuff
and about 50 percent of the hhc

Cyberpunk I'm no DJ so I don't own any vinyl. I have CD's though.

DJ Pathfinder think about 500 happy hardcore records

You can't see me,because i am the future.
Fraud about 250, only one being hardcore.

Hardcore Will Never Die.
And I approve of this message.

Free Fall Recordings
cotteincandy zero

Hello, I love you.
jenks none

Jax ive got 56 uk hardcore, 2 happy hardcore, 5 trance, 6 hardhouse. been collecting for about 4 month on £125 a week!!

bulby_g Havent counted them but I must have around 500 pieces of hardcore vinyl then loads of DnB, Jungle, Techno (LONDON), Hardstyle, Hardhouse, Hardtrance & Gabba on top of that.
dummy i have close to 800 hardcore rekkids and always growing...

only problem is storage is getting to be a pain...
Comet Topic dig as your first post? :S

I have over 1000. I need to categorize them.
Originally posted by Comet:
Topic dig as your first post? :S

I have over 1000. I need to categorize them.

damn thats alot a pic of ur full collection 8)
Originally posted by Needforspeed:
Originally posted by Comet:
Topic dig as your first post? :S

I have over 1000. I need to categorize them.

damn thats alot a pic of ur full collection 8)

I'll have to take newer pics but here is one from about last year when I had roughly 800 (shelf made by my dad).

silver Can he make desks? How much :)
DJDURSTAN about 200 at the moment (not all on the list hence my counter sayin less) but my collection is up to about 1200 including House, Old Skool, Gabber, Acid Techno, Jungle/d&b, Breaks and Metal (not to mention my great novelty record section)
Jax update

ive got about 250 last time i bothered to count so probably about 300 now, a slight improvement on 56 last year lol
Originally posted by djDMS:
I have 300-350 Happy Hardcore 10" & 12" plus about 50 vinyl albums

That was 3 years ago, now triple it!
bulby_g Have entirely lost count I have no idea :P I spend on average £140 a month.
Righteous9 40 pounds a month= 8 records X 36 months (since 2003) = 288 But I have about 450... So I'm buying about 13 records a month... I sometimes buy a lot at once... like one time I spent $450...
eight hundred and thirty seven
Phobz Roughly 400 - 450, need to sort them out lol but just need the time :)
jack5724 i have around 20 hardcore vinyls, but i have only had my decks for a couple of weeks now!
DJCrissy I have a good 300 roughly not as much as u guys
LA Not as much as i should but the ones i do have i love to bits
Jax Update!

SPOOX Just a few over 500 & constantly adding to this!!
DJ Immenze I have no hardcore records just house. I never listen to house anymore and i DJ hardcore on a DVS, so all my hardcore music is bought digitally or by Cds and ripped onto the computer :)
Samination I got about 220, and that's without counting a few doublets
PecheyTheLizard One lonely little Kniteforce Vinyl... But I do love it very much!
I got it this year for a few bucks on Amazon!

DJ Ham - Here We Go Again and Love Is
DjZelous Ive got about 30 :( Wish i had more but pizza hut pays horribly
Samination I havent counted my vinyl in ages, but I believe I have nearly 250 now

List of the ones I have bothered to rip to digital
Si Thompson Literally hundreds. Then again, I have been collecting for 20 years.

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