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 Music discussion - other genre
 What other kind of music do you like?

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T O P I C     R E V I E W
Sander Well I start listening hhc in 1999. Before that I had never heard about the UK happy hardcore. The only happy hardcore I know was dune and my locals dj paul elstak and charly lownoise & mental theo. In my country was hardcore (gabber) very populair. But it become to populair, so only the die-hards (like me) are still listening. But it's not dead here, more underground. I also listen and mixing trance/hardhouse. So what other genres are you guys listening

Rotis Well I mostly listening to.. ok here we go: Everything in the Hardcore-Raveculture (everything from Happy Hardcore to Speedcore), Drum n Bass, Jungle, Trance, Goa, Hyper Drill N Bass ;P, Exprimental, Gamestyle, Ambient, Breakbeat and so on.

Hardcore will never die. May the bargad be with you!
SuperHenke Ok here it goes:
Hmm i mostly listen to happy hardcore, the bonkers, happy 2b hardcore and the "happy hardcore" records. I also listen to trance, like astral projection, MFG
and Hallucinogen.

Edited by - superhenke on 03 Mar 2001 08:37:47
kg4 i LOVE happyhardcore,gabber,jungle,ragga,jump-up, prog. trance, and dream trance. oh, and breaks. :) ive bene listening to happyhardcore for about 3 years now. woo! go meh.


ourhappyhardcore i listen to all of the above, and what is bonkers, and drill bass and all these names, they sound kool, please tell me more and what they sound like, also. spped core, that sounds very kool

sam was here
Rotis Well hyper drill n bass uhm.. Squarepusher makes some good Hyper Drill N Bass.. Like Chin Hippy. But I don't think you will like it... Most people think it's chaos... More chaos then Speedcore actually. =)

Hardcore will never die. May the bargad be with you!
happy_smilez There are other kinds of music????

Originally posted by happy_smilez:

There are other kinds of music????

haha yeah...


Hardcore will never die!
oldskool All Types Of Drum N Bass, Jungle, OldSkool. Basically I like All Styles of Techno from Abstract Beats to World-Dance as long as it's Electronic Music. (for a complete list see: . If you can't find it, email : for details. The main groups are: House, Hardcore, DrumNBass, Trance, Techno, Electro/Electronica, Ambient, Garage (which is house anyways), Underground (Don't Know What That is really referring to) , Industrial, Downtempo is this the same as Ambient , Isolationism and Swag and some Post-Techno subgenres (what the hell are these anyway?) Cheers!!!!!

Old School Hardcore!!

Edited by - oldskool on 14 Mar 2001 21:40:19
Originally posted by silver:
Originally posted by happy_smilez:
There are other kinds of music????

haha yeah...

That would be SO COOL if there was only 1 style that sticks out above the rest out of any music ...Happy Hardcore
Old School Hardcore!!
Rotis Sorry, but the page or file that you're looking for is not here.

Hardcore will never die!
Soren I love old style Acid Trance. It was fast, pretty, and energetic. I used to spin it, but then all the acid styles got hard and minimal and all the pretty stuff got "progressive" and weak and minimal and trance just sorta wussed out. I really dig some of the old Noom's, early Eve records, Telica's, and Prolekult's. They rocked and were very aggressive and pretty sounding. But now it's only HHC for me, I just started buying records again and hope to start spinning again, with my love for fast/pretty music renewed with HHC!!!

Soren Oh yeah, sorry to double post, but I also love all new wave 80's music like Nina and Devo and the sort ^_^

Mainly anything as long as its hardcore stuff

DJILLUZION i like anysort of hardcore, happy, dark, old skool, whatever. Also, drum n' bass/jungle, 4 2 the floor garage, hard house and ambient. Don't hate me for listening 2 garage guys!! Its not the commercial crap, its the dark underground stuff.

ladd personally, besides all the hhc and the 10,000 genres of techno, i am totally into j-pop and kayo (korean pop). i LUV ayumi hamasaki!!!

there an AWESOME hhc-ish remix of her single "evolution", it's the "Law Is Q" mix i think.

calm water run deep,
turbulent waters run deeper.
silver You like J-pop? Man I live in Tokyo and I am sick of it .... actually I know alot of record labels and they just mass produce the stuff and make a truck load of cash from it. I also know a few DJ's that are going to be releasing HHC mixes of J-pop tunes soon, I'll keep you posted.
ladd no kidding they make a lot of money, ayumi releases a new single every month. last month was pretty horrible for her fans. . . . she released her usual one single, but also 3 remix albums, and rereleased 8 of her older singles with new mixes. i can only afford to like ayumi out of the whole j-pop scene right now, any more and id be on the street!

=o) but anywayz! let me know about those j-pop hhc remixes. id luv that!!

calm water run deep,
turbulent waters run deeper.
Rotis Excuse me.. but what's J-Pop?

Hardcore will never die!
silver Japanese Pop
FingazMc i like hard house gabba and a bit of rap like d-12
djtate I alsolove hardhouse i saw Lisa lashes live last night and she in myopinion made me buzz the most! I also like a bit of dance and trance!

Like Micheal Jackson I 'm a lyrical thriller Jack Nickloson I 'm a hardcore killer like Peter Pan iam the boy who can fly like a 747 right up to the sky
xxhappyxx i like the randomest music ever, i love happy hardcore the most, n thats wat i mainly listen 2, but there r otha random songs whch i will hear n really like, which will b nething from indie, 2 r'n'b...

'come fly my child 2 a special place, with angels in the sky, the time has come 2 fly!'
Trancehedd Ay yo ravaz im liking hard trance to **** these days after listening to M zone and Dj Disaster but i is also liking hard house as well cos of some phatt white labels ive been hearing lately and cos of the good memories i as got of some traxx. Failing all that I like my rap- Cypress hill, D12, Dre,NWA etc and maybe Im starting to like sum traxx on the staind album as well but only cos its phatt when ure on a downer. Oh yeah..... Billy Bunter!!!!!! nuff said

Elation geeze...lets see...jungle, hard trance/house/techno, breaks (omar rocks), oldskool, rotterdam, old ass jazz, big band from the 40's, celtic, punk, thrash, death metal, hardcore bands, stuff like the beatles, alanis, lucious jackson, beastie boys, big bad dancehall, dub.

ive been on the planet fer long enough now that ive grown to like all this stuff and more. wierd.

Lixx Lets see. I like a lot of different styles of music but I've been less and less interested with genres that don't fall somewhere into electronica. In order I guess would be happy hardcore and less- happy hardcore (freeform and new style gabber), traditional trance (older sasha/digweed), the whole range of old skool (old banging techno too), progressive trance/house (gu nubreed series), nu skool breaks (rennie pilgrem, blim, hyper), funky house (darren emerson), dark d&b/techstep (dieselboy, sage), and I guess some rap (nelly, bone thugs) and a little rap metal (hed pe, linkin park), but commercial stuff is getting more on my nerves than ever. Straight out gabber/speedcore/terrorcore gives me a headache like I've been playing quake 3 for 5 hours, and cheesy trance (not the same as uplifting) sounds is hard to swallow. But usually anything that has a good thumping beat that you just can't help but groove to is cool with me (I guess bass is the common link). Hardcore forever.

-Lixx (DJ Sharkey in Sacramento in two days! Friggin ya!

DjGAV I rather harder happyhard or even gabba. In Australian rave culture, theres ppl who like it harder and also ppl who like it tranced or hard housed. But mainly ravers like it harder, like promo or bodylotion type beats. times popular athems are really uplifting. My fave - 'angels' by A-Tension.

huggablez420 Other than Happy Hardcore?!?!

Umm.. I'm a really big fan of Progressive Trance. I also like Jungle a lot, but I think I've been brainwashed.

"Open your eyes, see all the love in me..."
kandEbear420 ok... other types of music besides HCC? well theres alot... i love all the 80's music (queen / devo / pat benatar)... and the 60's psyrock stuff (pink floyd / jefferson airplane and such)... then theres NIN... love him... now for electronica... im mostly into the ambient / goa trance /psytrance stuff... ya kno the kind of stuff that sends you to another place... love that.... like Lixx said...
usually anything that has a good thumping beat that you just can't help but groove to is cool with me

alice...? who the fuk is alice? ::dum dum dum dum::
DjGAV Reggae, rap, and gabber

yea, yea, this rocks... or maybe...
No, no dont stop a rocken'
djbungle Whats wrong with you people there other types of music!!!!!
I also rock music/nu metal/trance/hardhouse and some rap.
And now and again the odd POP TUNE,
you lot dont lie you listen to POP if you like it or not cos its on every radio station tv channel almost.
It's only a matter of time.

dj-efeks djbungle: yes im sure we all listen to a bit of pop every know and then becoz as you said it is on every radio station everywhere (almost).... but the question said, what other styles do you like =P

as for me its pretty much all hardcore, happy hard, gabba, breakcore, you know the stuff =>

...we were taught to believe, that everyone was created equal in the masterplan...
NightSoul apart from my hardcore > also listen 2 classic rock / metal / punk / > a massive fan of guns n roses > always have been right from the late 80's appetite fro destruction is still my best album from all the other gunners albums > and cant wait 2 see the new line up play glasgow secc in december > been waiting alongtime for this > 9 years > axl is still the best > guns n roses 4 life > hopefully this time i can get my 5 skulls flag signed > got my appetite for destruction album signed when slash > slashs snakepit played the barralands last year > good 1 slash!!!!!!! > was amazed he even signed it > seeing that hes not in guns n roses anymore > which is a loss 2 all guns n roses fans >!!!!!!!!
and 2 guns n roses > axl get him back!!!!

and i'm going 2 say this again > never said it in here before , here goes > the n- trance dance/crap version of the guns n roses classic song *paradise city* > sucked >>>>>>>> got still have nightmares about it > why oh why oh why > did it happen > *argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*

Edited by - NightSoul on 08 Oct 2001 18:28:02
Midway_raver hmm....Happy HArdcore:D Obviously, Old skool hardcore, gabber , industrial techno, aciiiiiiiiiiiid house, hardcore techno, jungle, d n b (depend son da mood) , sum hous etrax, nething electronic if i liek it , i wud av to say i dnt liek free form coz i think its bad 4 haardcore as a genre i dnt liek its ound much either.

Ant B

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