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 Hardcore unity
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Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,486 posts
Joined: Apr, 2003
JesterDJ has donated money to the site JesterDJ has attended 14 events
Posted - 2004/03/20 :  00:22:07  Show profile Send a private message
This is just a general message about all things hardcore, to all people hardcore. All i wanna say is that although i only just thought of posting this, i really love the hardcore scene and i think that half the reason for this aside from how class the music is in itself, is the people behind the music and all those that listen. In no other genre are the artists so close to the fans, the music so interactive to the audiences wants and so personal and completely unaffected by other outside views like from the media.
Hardcore really is a way of life away from everything else and i think that really is something to be proud of, and its clear that we are proud of it coz of how well we all just stick together. Through the thick and thin of hardcore there has always been and there always will be one strong, loud and proud message - Hardcore will go on forever.
Its something that is put in so many hardcore songs, its a message so personal to hardcore and you know it goes beyond the music to the heart of each individual. You CANNOT find this in any other type of music and i think this is something to really be proud of.
On that note, i also wanna send out a massive shout to you all from me just to say how good a feelin it is to know that we are more united then any other music cult known to man; Massive respect to every last one of you.

If pac-man really had an effect on us, we'd all be runnin' round in dark rooms, listening to repetitive music munching pills!!!

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Edited by - JesterDJ on 2004/03/23 11:12:35
DJ Superman
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,192 posts
Joined: Jul, 2003

46 hardcore releases
DJ Superman has donated money to the site DJ Superman has attended 15 events
Posted - 2004/03/20 :  00:36:17  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ Superman's homepage
very well said mate, big respect to you too yeah

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights

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DJ Phoenix
Advanced Member

United Kingdom
1,554 posts
Joined: Oct, 2003
DJ Phoenix has donated money to the site
Posted - 2004/03/20 :  12:28:06  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit DJ Phoenix's homepage
Originally posted by DJ Superman:
very well said mate, big respect to you too yeah

whizz-billy-the-kid's got you in his sights

Big up JesterDJ... Well said mate, and it's all true

'Coz we're all Ordinary People with a love for the music
With a love for the scene, and everything that it brings!

From Your Head To Your Toes, You Can Feel The Beat,
You Can Dance, You Can Party As You Feel The Heat,
Take It To The Limit, You Can Take It To The Top,
Musical Expressions, One Will Make Your Body Rock!

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