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Welcome to the what's new section of this site. All of the resources listed below have been added or updated in the last seven days. The most recent additions are listed first, simply click on the link to visit the resource.

   Regular live radio show are back!  Rate It 
 Author: Yoko  
Wow, what a week! Who would have thought that we could get 100 DJ's to push out 8 days of nonstop streaming! Who knew there were that many Hardcore DJ's left in the world? While we all have to suffer and wait for next year's Hardcore Summer Bash 2016, it's time to get back to our weekly routine! Good news this week, we have a brand new show starting, you'll just have the read more to find out!

First up for the week, it's Hardcore Hodgepodge with 2 special hours of live streaming Hardcore straight to your face with a super duper very special guest mix from DJ's Spunky Da Bunny and Starkiss! Ah, the good old days of NAHM, for those of us who remember! Be sure to jump in the IRC and Twitch chats to request a track, give a shoutout, and enjoy the show! Up next, DJ D-tor is back in action with episode 62 of rAmen Break. Be sure to bring an extra set of chopsticks, you might just need them! Take a break, recharge and grab a snack, we're off to Singapore to get injected with Venom Drive. This week, the food selfie master of mayhem DJ ViperStar returns to get the show started, then it's a guest mix from Singapore Hardcore Crew member DJ Rythe! Up next, it's a brand new show featuring the return of one of our dearest DJ's! The Godfather of Candy, the Swedish sublime sleuth of smooth Choonage, DJ Bluecore is back! Gone is the Swedish Candy Show, forever remembered in our hearts, and enter the new and improved Swedish Hardcore Crew! This week, we have none other than Mr. Bluecore himself hitting the decks hard and fast for a solid hour of choonage and more! Take another break, catch your breath, we know that was a bit much, but you'll get used to it in time. Coming up to finish off the week, we've got DJ Mauler on the decks with a 1 hour set of UK Hardcore galore in this week's London Sounds Exposed. Last but not least, Rensha Session finishes off the week with another hour of choonage and push it to the end!

Wondering how to tune in . . . check out the audio stream at or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with DJ's Jimni Cricket and Pandemonium - Special All Vinyl Night!
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 12pm Thursday
Tokyo - 11am Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

rAmen Break Episode 61 with DJ D-tor
Paris - 6am Thursday
Sydney - 2pm Thursday
Tokyo - 1pm Thursday
London - 5am Thursday
Los Angeles - 9pm Wednesday
New York - 12am Thursday

Venom Drive Podcast Episode 23 with ViperStar and guest mix from Rythe
Paris - 11am Thursday
Sydney - 7pm Thursday
Tokyo - 6pm Thursday
London - 10am Thursday
Los Angeles - 2am Thursday
New York - 5am Thursday

Swedish Hardcore Crew
Paris - 12pm Thursday
Sydney - 8pm Thursday
Tokyo - 7pm Thursday
London - 11am Thursday
Los Angeles - 3am Thursday
New York - 6am Thursday

London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler
Paris - 10pm Thursday
Sydney - 6am Friday
Tokyo - 5am Friday
London - 9pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 1pm Thursday
New York - 4pm Thursday

Rensha Session 3 with DJ Archari
Paris - 11pm Thursday
Sydney - 7am Friday
Tokyo - 6am Friday
London - 10pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 2pm Thursday
New York - 5pm Thursday

Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.
Added: 2015/07/29    Hits: 1    Votes: 0   Rating: Not Rated

   Hardcore Summer Bash 2015 - THANK YOU!  Rate It 
 Author: silver  
100 DJ's and 8 days non stop streaming and we can call the Hardcore Summer Bash for 2015 done and dusted!

Many thanks to all the DJ's the submitted mixes, the listeners from all over the world and all the people in the chat. Special thank you to Hellfury for all the support and hard work on the front lines organizing things.

In terms of numbers we more than tripled our regular listeners every single day of the event with the chatroom active throughout.

We have a few more surprises to announce the coming weeks with regards to the radio, including higher bitrates and more live shows.

Added: 2015/07/27    Hits: 7    Votes: 0   Rating: Not Rated Click to discuss this resource

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