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Welcome to the what's new section of this site. All of the resources listed below have been added or updated in the last seven days. The most recent additions are listed first, simply click on the link to visit the resource.

   Radio for the week of Oct 19th 2014  Rate It 
 Author: Yoko  
Returning after a bit of a break, HappyHardcore.com Radio is back in action, ready to push the Choonage to the max and more with some of the best Hardcore DJ's on the industry!

Kicking off the week, its 2 hours of Hardcore Hodgepodge, streaming live and direct from the West Coast. This week, we have DJ Starkiss and Ian K on the decks, ready to get the party started, so hop in the chat and request your favorite track! Up next, it's time for some noodles and more with episode 46 of rAmen Break. Slurping up the choonage this week, it's D-Luc-D with an hour set! Take a break, but be prepared, 3 more shows are coming up, and they're back to back to back! Starting it off, it's time to get down and out with the Urban Hardcore Network for an hour. Up next, get injected with a poison in this week's Venom Drive with resident DJ Liteblue and guest mix from Shimotsukei. For the final round, it's time to groove to the beat with Olly P and the #StartAgain Sessions. Take another break, make some coffee, take a shower, do the laundry, and get ready for part 3 of the week! FreeFormaniacs is taking us higher and higher this week. On the decks, we've got Olly Addictive, Raqhow, and Thumpa for 2 hours of pure bliss and freeform, guaranteed to melt away the stress. Last but not least, it's the super awesome and amazing London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler in the captain's chair, taking us to the great beyond. Until next week!

Wondering how to tune in . . . check out the audio stream at http://www.happyhardcore.com/radio or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with DJ Starkiss and Ian K
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 1pm Thursday
Tokyo - 11am Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

Ramen Break Episode 46 with D-luc-D
Paris - 6am Thursday
Sydney - 3pm Thursday
Tokyo - 1pm Thursday
London - 5am Thursday
Los Angeles - 9pm Wednesday
New York - 12am Thursday

Urban Hardcore Network
Paris - 10am Thursday
Sydney - 7pm Thursday
Tokyo - 5pm Thursday
London - 9am Thursday
Los Angeles - 1am Thursday
New York - 4am Thursday

Venom Drive with DJ Liteblue and Shimotsukei guest mix
Paris - 11am Thursday
Sydney - 8pm Thursday
Tokyo - 6pm Thursday
London - 10am Thursday
Los Angeles - 2am Thursday
New York - 5am Thursday

#StartAgain Sessions with Olly P
Paris - 12pm Thursday
Sydney - 9pm Thursday
Tokyo - 7pm Thursday
London - 11am Thursday
Los Angeles - 3am Thursday
New York - 6am Thursday

FreeFormaniacs Round 17 with Olly Addictive // Raqhow // Thumpa
Paris - 8pm Thursday
Sydney - 5am Friday
Tokyo - 3am Friday
London - 7pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 11am Thursday
New York - 2pm Thursday

London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler
Paris - 10pm Thursday
Sydney - 7am Friday
Tokyo - 5am Friday
London - 9pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 1pm Thursday
New York - 4pm Thursday

Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.
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   New radio show - Rensha Session  Rate It 
Proud to announce a new show on happyhardcore.com called Rensha Session, which will start in december.

One full hour of J-core, Hardtek and even Frenchcore.

Airtime is 23:00 UTC+1, right after London Sounds Exposed.

18.12 - JAKAZID
25.12 - LOLIPO
01.01 - Round Wave Crusher
08.01 - DJ Sharpnel
15.01 - Dab B2B Helblinde

22.01 - Simi
29.01 - DJ Brainshit
05.02 - M-Project
12.02 - Dyzphazia
19.02 - DJ Knux

Added: 2014/10/17    Hits: 15    Votes: 0   Rating: Not Rated

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