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Welcome to the what's new section of this site. All of the resources listed below have been added or updated in the last seven days. The most recent additions are listed first, simply click on the link to visit the resource.

   The Hardcore Summer Bash 2014 - 500,000 people!  Rate It 
 Author: silver  
The Hardcore Summer Bash 2014 over and what an event it was! We would like to thank all the listeners, DJ's and supporters!

People partied all around the world, we had 55+ countries tuned in, people put on BBQ's, invited friends over or cranked up the volume for the world to hear, it was most certainly a global event! This was history in the making with the number of DJ's that DJed for any online event ever!

How did we do? The event was about promoting hardcore music, the producers, the talent both establish and new and while we promoted everywhere including social networks and we could post numbers and graphs all showing number 10 times over the normal traffic the biggest visual number came on facebook (where our HappyHardcore.com radio app is available) we managed to pull off nearly half a million people seeing (491,344 post reach) the event in their news feeds!

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   Radio for the week of July 20th 2014 - NEW SHOW: Ramen Break with DJ D-tor!  Rate It 
 Author: Yoko  
The Hardcore Summer Bash 2014 has come and gone, massive numbers and a success all around, we'll have a full after the event post tomorrow!

That being said, it's time get back to work and in the mix with some of the best Hardcore DJ's the world has ever seen!

Bringing us back into reality, it's the Hardcore Hodgepodge duo of Pandemonium and Kidkaboom. They're live and direct, streaming with video, ready to pound it out with 2 hours of choonage for the masses! Up next, the Ramen Break with DJ D-tor finds a new home and kicks off its 1st episode right here, only on HappyHardcore.com! Let's all give a warm welcome to D-tor as he shows us the many flavors of Ramen. Coming up next, it's time to get down and out on the streets of Melbourne with the Urban Hardcore Network. DJ Nubercated is driving this week, so do hold on to something, he's does have a tendency to road rage! Please note, this week does start in a new time slot, so do adjust your calendars for future shows or you'll be sorry! Right after that, it's time to bounce over to Singapore, and get ready to Rev Up! In this week's podcast, we have the man himself, resident DJ ViperStar on the decks for the first 30, then it's a guest mix from DJ Shimamura for the last 30 minutes. .. Following up, it's a new episode of #StartAgain Sessions with Olly P. But wait, this episode is not like others! This week, we have plain old Olly P, and a guest DJ mix from Daniel Seven, an hardcore rave artist, hitting the decks in just an hours time... How is this even possible... tune in and see for yourself if your dare! Wait a second, don't leave yet. We know you just endured 3 shows back to back, crammed full of amazing choonage, but now it's time to unwind with a bit of FreeFormaniacs. In this week's Round 15 we have another trio of DJ's with K-Wire & UFO up first, then it's Olly Addictive finishing it off for the week!

Wondering how to tune in . . . check out the audio stream at http://www.happyhardcore.com/radio or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with Pandemonium and Kidkaboom
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 12pm Thursday
Tokyo - 11am Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

Ramen Break with DJ D-tor
Paris - 6am Thursday
Sydney - 2pm Thursday
Tokyo - 1pm Thursday
London - 5am Thursday
Los Angeles - 9pm Wednesday
New York - 12am Thursday

[b]** NEW TIME **[/b]
Urban Hardcore Network with DJ Nubercated
Paris - 11am Thursday
Sydney - 7pm Thursday
Tokyo - 6pm Thursday
London - 10am Thursday
Los Angeles - 2am Thursday
New York - 5am Thursday

Singapore Hardcore Crew Rev Up with DJ Rythe and guest mix from Nubercated
Paris - 12pm Thursday
Sydney - 8pm Thursday
Tokyo - 7pm Thursday
London - 11am Thursday
Los Angeles - 3am Thursday
New York - 6am Thursday

#StartAgain Sessions with Olly P
Paris - 1pm Thursday
Sydney - 9pm Thursday
Tokyo - 8pm Thursday
London - 12am Thursday
Los Angeles - 4am Thursday
New York - 7am Thursday

FreeFormaniacs Round 15 with K-Wire & UFO Olly Addictive
Paris - 8pm Thursday
Sydney - 4am Friday
Tokyo - 3am Friday
London - 7pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 11am Thursday
New York - 2pm Thursday

Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.
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