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Welcome to the what's new section of this site. All of the resources listed below have been added or updated in the last seven days. The most recent additions are listed first, simply click on the link to visit the resource.

   Radio for the week of June 28th 2015  Rate It 
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another week of Radio! We've got another amazing week packed full of great choons and tunes from some of the best Hardcore DJ's!

Getting the week started, it's a special episode of Hardcore Hodgepodge. We've got 2 epic hours of nothing but vinyl. No CD's, no MP3's, just pure vinyl with DJ's Jimni Cricket and Pandemonium throwing it down on the decks old-school style with some of the best classics! Up next, it's time to chow down on some noodles in this week's rAmen Break. Mixing it up this week from California, we've got the man himself, DJ D-tor on the decks for the hour! Take a quick break, recharge and get ready, Venon Drive is up next, ready to get injected. This week we've got DJ ViperStar on the decks dishing out some choons, then it's a guest mix from DJ Rythe to finish the hour! Pause for a bit, and prepare for some good old UK Hardcore, DJ Maule is up next with the London Sounds Exposed! Last but not least, it's Rensha Session with DJ Archari on the decks this week to end it with a bang!

Wondering how to tune in . . . check out the audio stream at or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with DJ's Jimni Cricket and Pandemonium - Special All Vinyl Night!
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 12pm Thursday
Tokyo - 11am Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

rAmen Break Episode 61 with DJ D-tor
Paris - 6am Thursday
Sydney - 2pm Thursday
Tokyo - 1pm Thursday
London - 5am Thursday
Los Angeles - 9pm Wednesday
New York - 12am Thursday

Venom Drive Podcast Episode 23 with ViperStar and guest mix from Rythe
Paris - 11am Thursday
Sydney - 7pm Thursday
Tokyo - 6pm Thursday
London - 10am Thursday
Los Angeles - 2am Thursday
New York - 5am Thursday

London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler
Paris - 10pm Thursday
Sydney - 6am Friday
Tokyo - 5am Friday
London - 9pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 1pm Thursday
New York - 4pm Thursday

Rensha Session 3 with DJ Archari
Paris - 11pm Thursday
Sydney - 7am Friday
Tokyo - 6am Friday
London - 10pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 2pm Thursday
New York - 5pm Thursday

Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.
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