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Welcome to the what's new section of this site. All of the resources listed below have been added or updated in the last seven days. The most recent additions are listed first, simply click on the link to visit the resource.

   Happy Birthday HappyHardcore.com - 15 years  Rate It 
 Author: silver  
HappyHardcore.com, as a music site, started in 1999, the site is older than many of the fans of the music these days!

Keeping it short and sweet, new and old members, past and present, thank for making the site what it is today and keeping the hardcore vibe alive!
Added: 2014/09/17    Hits: 11    Votes: 0   Rating: Not Rated Click to discuss this resource

   Radio for the week of Sept 7th 2014 - guest mix from M-Project and 2 hour DJ Cotts!  Rate It 
 Author: Yoko  
Rising up into the new dawn of Choonage, HappyHardcore.com radio is back for another week of soul crushing sets from some of the best hardcore DJ's in the world.

Kicking off the week once again, it's Hardcore Hodgepodge with 2 hours of the amazing Jimni Cricket and the ever so fluffy DJ Doughboy, live and direct with webcam, streaming from the Internet, straight into your soul. Right after, it's Vibez 2 Da Core episode 18 with a very very super extra special guest mix of epic proportions from the one, the only, M-Project! Get ready for one hour of pure hard banging makina, powerstomp, and much more. The momentum doesn't stop yet, DJ Cotts is back in action with the Aussie Hardcore Show. This week he's putting on another 2 hour set to make up for his absence. He's streaming live with video all the way from Canberra, so be sure to hop in the chat and give a shoutout or two! Gearing up next, it's time to Rev it up a notch with the Singapore Hardcore Crew. This week, we have resident DJ Liteblue up first and a guest mix from the Freezer to finish. Still not done, we have more to come, time to unwind, FreeFormaniacs round 16 is up next with Ollie Atomic and Piumaki for the week. Last but not least, DJ Mauler is on the decks once again with the London Sounds Exposed to end the week!

Wondering how to tune in . . . check out the audio stream at http://www.happyhardcore.com/radio or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with Jimni Cricket and DJ Doughboy
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 12pm Thursday
Tokyo - 11am Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

Vibez 2 Da Core episode 18 with a super special guest mix from M-Project!!!
Paris - 6am Thursday
Sydney - 2pm Thursday
Tokyo - 1pm Thursday
London - 5am Thursday
Los Angeles - 9pm Wednesday
New York - 12am Thursday

The Aussie Hardcore Show with DJ Cotts with another fantastic 2 hour mix!
Paris - 10am Thursday
Sydney - 6pm Thursday
Tokyo - 5pm Thursday
London - 9am Thursday
Los Angeles - 1am Thursday
New York - 4am Thursday

Singapore Hardcore Crew Rev Up with Liteblue and Freezer guest mix
Paris - 12pm Thursday
Sydney - 8pm Thursday
Tokyo - 7pm Thursday
London - 11am Thursday
Los Angeles - 3am Thursday
New York - 6am Thursday

FreeFormaniacs Round 16 with Ollie Atomic // Piumaki
Paris - 8pm Thursday
Sydney - 4am Friday
Tokyo - 3am Friday
London - 7pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 11am Thursday
New York - 2pm Thursday

London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler
Paris - 10pm Thursday
Sydney - 6am Friday
Tokyo - 5am Friday
London - 9pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 1pm Thursday
New York - 4pm Thursday

Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.
Added: 2014/09/16    Hits: 6    Votes: 0   Rating: Not Rated

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