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 Artist Profile: Blaze!

Artist discography
 'til the day [MWX001]
 [A] - [Blaze!] - 'til the day (Phosphor mix) 
 [AA1] - [Blaze!] - 'til the day (Phosphor & JustRich blizzard mix) 
 [AA2] - [Blaze!] - 'til the day (Phosphor & JustRich blizzard radio edit)
 Crazy little fingers [MWX003]
 [A] - [Blaze!] - Crazy Little Fingers (DJ Luna-C remix - (Courtesy of KFA)) 
 [AA] - [Blaze!] - Crazy Little Fingers (Phosphor & JustRich Ruffed Up Mix) 
 Happy2bHardcore 7 - a new begining [MM80192-2]
 [13] - [Blaze!] - 'til The Day (Blizzard Mix)
 Massive Music Company
 Hardcore Millenium Party [MMCCD013]
 [CD5-9] - [Blitz, Blaze!, Revolution] - Outta My Face
Artist Name:  Blaze!
Real name:  Nick  
Country:  United Kingdom
Email address:   
Official artist URL:   
Date added:   2001/09/26
Last updated:   2002/09/10

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