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 Artist Profile: Fill

Artist discography
 Bonkers 9: Hardcore Mutation [REACTCD230]
 [CD1-7] - [Flip, Fill] - Field Of Dreams (Hixxy Remix)
 Raver Baby
 Pacific Sun [BABY40]
 [A] - [Flip, Fill] - Pacific Sun (Styles & Breeze remix)
 [AA] - [Fill, Flip] - Six Days (Styles & Breeze remix)
 Quosh Limited
 Discoland [QSHLTD005]
 [A] - [Fill, Flip] - Discoland (Sy & Unknown 2K4 Mix)
 All Around The World
 Heart Of Gold [12DJGLOBE271]
 [1] - [Kelly Llorenna] - Heart Of Gold (Flip & Fill remix)
 Power of Love [12DJGLOBE274]
 [B1] - [Q-Tex] - Power of Love (Flip & Fill remix)
 Feelin' Fine [12DJGLOBE320]
 [D2] - [Ultrabeat] - Feelin' Fine (Flip & Fill remix)
 I Would Stay [12DJGLOBE325]
 [D1] - [Scott Brown] - I Would Stay (Flip & Fill Remix)
 Out of my hands [12DJGLOBE512]
 [B] - [D:CODE, Emma] - Out Of My Hands (Flip & Fill remix)
 Everytime we touch [12DJGLOBE537]
 [C2] - [Cascada] - Everytime We Touch (Flip & Fill mix)
 My Direction [12DJGLOBE560]
 [C] - [D:CODE, Emma] - My Direction (Flip & Fill remix)
 Decadance Recordings
 The Ultimate Hardcore Album [DECSIX003]
 [CD5-3] - [Fill, Porn Kings, The, Flip] - Shake Ya Shimmy (Flip & Fill Remix) feat. 740 Boyz
 Universal Music TV
 Clubland X-treme hardcore [ 982 969-6]
 [1-10] - [Flip, Fill, Junior] - Pacific Sun (S & B remix)
 Clubland X-treme hardcore 2 [ 983 786-6]
 [1-17] - [Flip, Fill] - True Love Never Dies (Darren Styles mix)
Artist Name:  Fill
Real name:     
Country:  United Kingdom
Email address:   
Official artist URL:   
Date added:   2002/10/14
Last updated:   2002/10/15

Upcoming Events featuring Fill: 

Past Events featuring Fill: 
August 27th, 2010 - United Kingdom
Event location: England, United Kingdom Sanctuary outdoors 2010
August 27th, 2010 - England, United Kingdom
Event location: Wales, United Kingdom Atomik Weekender
March 20th, 2009 - Wales, United Kingdom
Event location: Scotland, United Kingdom Parklife
September 13th, 2008 - Scotland, United Kingdom

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