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   Radio for the week of December 7th 2014
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
The year is coming to a close, and Radio will be taking a small break over the holiday period, but we're far from calling it quits! So prepare yourselves as another week of Choonage infused rhythm and beats is spinning up and coming your way!

Live and direct from the West Coast, Hardcore Hodgepodge is decking the halls for 2 hours with DJ's Jimni Cricket and Dummy on the decks. Be sure to hop in the chat, request a track or two, give a shoutout, and enjoy the Choonage! Coming up next, Vibez 2 Da Core is pulling out all the stops before the year is over. This week, we've got the legendary producer and DJ Al Storm bringing you a one hour smashing mix full of new tunes and anthems! Take a short break, get up and stretch your legs, and prepare yourself for the Aussie Godfather of Hardcore. Don Cotts is tearing up the decks in his last show of the year, giving us 2 hours of epic proportions that only a few in the world have ever heard. The skies will be torn asunder in the great Down Under! Tailgating behind, the Singapore Hardcore Crew is Revvin' Up with episode 23 for their final podcast of 2014. This week, we have a rare visit from resident DJ Rainyrhy and a guest mix from Triex, all jam packed into just 1 hour! Take another break, this one a bit longer, but don't leave yet, FreeFormaniacs Round 17 approaches. For 2 hours this week, we've got the illustrious sounds of DJ's Pulse and Epyx on the decks, full of nonstop action galore and more! Last but not least, in his final rendition of the year, DJ Mauler is closing out the week with a 1 hour mix of UK Hardcore and more in the London Sounds Exposed.

Wondering how to tune in . . . check out the audio stream at or for the live streaming video feed, stay locked to the top page where we switch the layout for the show!

Hardcore Hodgepodge with Jimni Cricket and Dummy
Paris - 4am Thursday
Sydney - 2pm Thursday
Tokyo - 12pm Thursday
London - 3am Thursday
Los Angeles - 7pm Wednesday
New York - 10pm Wednesday

Vibez 2 Da Core 23 with special guest mix from Al Storm!
Paris - 6am Thursday
Sydney - 4pm Thursday
Tokyo - 2pm Thursday
London - 5am Thursday
Los Angeles - 9pm Wednesday
New York - 12am Thursday

The Aussie Hardcore Show with DJ Cotts - 2 hour show!
Paris - 8am Thursday
Sydney - 6pm Thursday
Tokyo - 4pm Thursday
London - 7am Thursday
Los Angeles - 11pm Wednesday
New York - 2am Thursday

Singapore Hardcore Crew Rev Up Episode 23 with resident DJ Rainyrhy and guest mix from Triex
Paris - 10am Thursday
Sydney - 8pm Thursday
Tokyo - 6pm Thursday
London - 9am Thursday
Los Angeles - 1am Thursday
New York - 4am Thursday

FreeFormaniacs Round 17 with Pulse and Epyx
Paris - 8pm Thursday
Sydney - 6am Friday
Tokyo - 4am Friday
London - 7pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 11am Thursday
New York - 2pm Thursday

London Sounds Exposed with DJ Mauler
Paris - 10pm Thursday
Sydney - 8am Friday
Tokyo - 6am Friday
London - 9pm Thursday
Los Angeles - 1pm Thursday
New York - 4pm Thursday

Of course if you can't watch or prefer audio only check out our Radio Page or listen with our Facebook App.
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   The Hardcore Summer Bash 2014 is here!!!
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: Yoko  
We are less than 24 hours away before we start and we're locked and loaded with all DJ set submitted! 70+ DJs 4 days of non stop UK / Happy Hardcore music streamed direct to your ears! This is history in the making, never before has this been done and it doesn't get any better than this!

Mixes from top hardcore DJ?s Scott Brown, Breeze, Joey Riot, Al Storm, UFO, Sc@r, Rhythmics, S3RL, Fracus & Darwin, Cotts, Chris Unknown, Re-con, Gammer, Shimamura, M-Project, Jakazid, Bluecore and that's not even half the DJ talent!
We've put together some essential information for everyone.

******** When does it start? ********
The event starts at Thursday 17th at midnight UTC+1 (London), to find out time that is in your country / time zone follow this link:

******** How to listen? ********
Web - plays in browser:
While we have multiple servers and enough capacity we are expecting some servers to fill up so try the media player link below link if the web stream is not playing for you.

Media players including iTunes and mobile phones:

Mobile QR code (scan and it should play):

******** What time is X DJ playing? ********
Check out the flyer timetable below the times are listed in UTC+1 so use this link below to calculate (damn time zones!)

Please note that some DJ sets are longer or shorter by a few minutes in some cases than the DJ?s allotted time and therefore the times are a rough guide to when the DJ will start and will start to get out of sync with the timetable the further the event runs.

******** Is there a chat room? ********
Sure is!

******** Last minute changes ********
The event is streamed for free, it's about the music, hardcore, summer (sorry Australia) and getting everyone excited about what's happening with hardcore music. All DJ's that supplied mixes to the event did so for free, giving up their own time to supply mixes for their fans and this first time event and we are truly thankful and grateful for their efforts and commitment.

While we got 99% of the mixes from the DJ's that confirm playing and started collecting the 8 weeks in advance as most hardcore DJs are extremely busy, we have unfortunately one cancellation of DJ Kurt who has gone MIA after the weekend and has not supplied a mix before the deadline despite promises, an early 2000's classic vinyl mix from DJ Silver will be filling Kurt's old time slot. We also have to mention in the interest of transparency that Gammer's mix supplied from Gammer himself is a pre-recorded set from his own previous QWERKOUT radio sessions, which has never been played on radio before so in that sense some Gammer is better than no Gammer and we understand how truly busy his DJ booking schedule is. Gammer expressed his apologies to everyone that he couldn't supply anything else before the deadline.

******** Final comments ********
We've been busy organizing, tagging and sorting everything out for the event, we've listened to some of the mixes already while testing and the mixes are amazing, we are making history with this event, never before has so much talent been put in once place. GET READY FOR THE HARDCORE SUMMER BASH 2014!

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   Mind over matter
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: DJ Hellfury  

Hardcore pioneers Al Storm and Euphony released full information about their new album "Mind Over Matter".

2CDs with new and remastered classic tunes unmixed and 1CD with a DJ mix, featuring UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore and Breakbeat Hardcore!


CD1 - Unmixed Upfront
01. Al Storm & Euphony - Taste The Silence
02. Al Storm & Euphony - Men, Beasts & Gods
03. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - Is There A Reason?
04. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Angie Brown - Deep Sensation
05. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Donna Marie - Your Guiding Light
06. Storm & Euphony - Show Me The Way (DJ Shimamura Remix)
07. Al Storm & Euphony - Give Me My Drugs
08. Heaven 7 & Al Storm - A Little More (Technikore Remix)
09. Al Storm & Euphony - Voices Of Passion
10. CLSM vs. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - Mind Over Matter
11. Al Storm & Euphony - Kerrang!
12. Al Storm & Euphony - Pussyhole
13. Eat Rave vs. Al Storm & Euphony - Jack The Ripper
14. Euphony - Dancing In The Rain (Darwin Remix)
15. Euphony - Space Invader (Scott Brown Remix)
16. Brisk vs. Al Storm & Euphony - Return To Aldershot
17. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Donna Marie - All I Wanna Do (Sam Laxton Radio Edit)

CD2 - Unmixed Classics
01. Euphony - Drum Nature
02. DJ Storm - The Beating Of My Heart
03. Euphony - Feeling (Marc Smith Remix)
04. DJ Storm & Blade - Darkzone
05. Euphony - Dancing In The Rain (Original Mix)
06. DJ Storm - Drumz In Da Musik (True Love)
07. Euphony - The Meaning Of Life (Original Mix)
08. DJ Storm - (Now) Who's In Control
09. Euphony - Space Invader (Quest Mix)
10. Storm & Euphony feat. Danielle - Disappear
11. Bang! - Sailaway (Storm & Euphony Remix)
12. Storm & Euphony - First Kontakt
13. Storm & Euphony feat. Danielle - Breathe (Original Raver Baby Mix)
14. Eat Rave - Back To '92 (Coming On Strong)

CD3 - DJ Mix
01. Heaven 7 & Al Storm - A Little More (Technikore Remix)
02. Euphony - Space Invader (Scott Brown Remix)
03. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Donna Marie - Your Guiding Light
04. Al Storm & Euphony - Give Me My Drugs
05. CLSM vs. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - Mind Over Matter
06. Al Storm & Euphony - Taste The Silence
07. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Donna Marie - All I Wanna Do (Darren Styles Remix)
08. Al Storm & Euphony - Men, Beasts & Gods
09. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - Is There A Reason?
10. Breeze & Euphony feat. Donna Marie - Never Be Alone
11. Heaven 7 - Speak Of Love (Original Mix)
12. Euphony - Hozelock
13. Euphony feat. Roxie - Let Me Go (Original Mix)
14. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - First Kontakt DJ
15. Al Storm & Euphony - Kerrang! (Mind Over Matter VIP)
16. Storm & Euphony - Show Me The Way (DJ Shimamura Remix)
17. Al Storm & Euphony - Where's Your Head At? (Seduction & Al Storm Remix)
18. Euphony - Dancing In The Rain (Darwin Remix)
19. Hixxy, Al Storm & Euphony - Nightlife (Remix)
20. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Donna Marie - Runaway (Modulate Remix)
21. Al Storm & Euphony - Pussyhole
22. Heaven 7 & Al Storm - Do You Wanna? (Dance With Me Revisited)
23. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Angie Brown - Deep Sensation
24. Euphony - Bass Power
25. Heaven 7 & Al Storm - You're The Feeling (Remix)
26. Al Storm feat. Amy - Surrender (HU Mix)
27. Al Storm & Euphony - Voices Of Passion
28. Brisk vs. Al Storm & Euphony - Return To Aldershot (Rhythm Station Mix)
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   Hardcore Underground 6
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: DJ Hellfury  
Hardcore label Hardcore Underground revealed full tracklist of all 4 CDs, featuring many top players in the genre.
Scott Brown, Al Storm, Fracus, Darwin, CLSM, Entity, Thumpa and Obie teamed up, bringing you the latest and upcoming Hardcore from more than 100 artists.
If you like UK Hardcore, Breakbeat Hardcore til Freeform, then you have to keep an eye on this physical album release, with an release date within the next weeks.


CD1 - Scott Brown & Al Storm
01. Euphony - Space Invader (Scott Brown 2013 Update)
02. JAKAZiD - Funky Town
03. Scott Brown, Al Storm & Euphony feat. Danielle - Spinning Around
04. Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks
05. Heaven 7 & Al Storm - A Little More (Technikore Remix)
06. Sunny - Playing With Passion (Ramos & Chris Unknown Remix)
07. Sy & Al Storm - Haunted
08. Scott Brown - Don't Doubt Me
09. Al Storm & Euphony - Kerrang!
10. Brisk & Stormtrooper - Feel The Friction
11. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - Is There A Reason?
12. Daniel Seven - Valley
13. Michael Mansion - Under My Window (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
14. Skinny - Pressure Rockin'
15. Scott Brown - Enchantment
16. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Donna-Marie - Guiding Light
17. Scott Brown & Al Storm vs. Fracus & Darwin feat. Jessica Palmer - Breaking
18. Technikore - Dance If You Can't
19. Scott Brown - Stylin' On You
20. Q-Tex - Power Of Love (Kurt's Powerstomp Remix)
21. Marc Smith & Re-Con - Complicated
22. Scott Brown - Extermination
23. Endymion - Make Some Noize (Nitro Mix)

CD2 - Fracus & Darwin
01. Fracus & Darwin - Free From Form
02. Fracus - All Night
03. Darwin feat. Pearl Blue - Don't Be Lonely (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
04. Brisk & Darwin feat. Taya - Nothing Left To Say
05. Skinny - Drop This
06. Al Storm & Euphony - Show Me The Way (Shimamura Remix)
07. Darwin - Light Up The Sky
08. Northern Lights - Love Of My Life (Brisk 2013 Remix)
09. Fracus & Darwin feat. Jessica Palmer - Promises
10. MOB & Enemy - Jump!
11. JAKAZiD - Make It Werk
12. Pinnacle & Ben Av-It - Buss-It
13. Doug Horizon vs. Deverstate & Inspiration feat. Jessica - Take Your Time
14. Entity & Darwin - Fast Forward
15. Fracus & Darwin - Coming Back To Me
16. Cube::Hard & Douglas - Codex (Darwin's VIP Remix)
17. A.B - This
18. Klubfiller - Own Groove
19. Bananaman & Gisbo - Be The One
20. Olly P - Pacific Ocean
21. Chwhynny - Thoughts & Smiles
22. Fracus & Darwin feat. Poison Rain - About To Fly

CD3 - CLSM & Entity
01. Sash Dee - It's Like Paradise (CLSM Remix)
02. Chris Ross - Heaven
03. Fracus & Darwin - Oh Yea
04. Inspector Sands - What A Rush
05. Entity - Light Of Day
06. Triquatra feat. Doodles - Feel It
07. CLSM - Stand For Something
08. D-Force - Original Bad Boy (C.A.B.L.E. Remix)
09. CLSM & Sabrina Moncrieff - Glow
10. Mirror City - Feeling
11. Nobody feat. Hyperforce - Going Under (Skeets & Ian K Remix)
12. Darren Styles - Screwface (Gavin G Remix)
13. Entity & Chwhynny - Alive
14. Sam B - Soul Fever
15. JAKAZiD - Need You More (Darwin Remix)
16. Al Storm feat. Mad Mind Jox - Breaks, Beats & Some Pianos
17. Deeper Territory vs. Drop Ya Jaw - Rudeboy Banquet
18. Ghetts feat. Kano & MYKL - Party Animal (CLSM Remix)
19. CLSM - 41 Point 2 Up At Night
20. CLSM vs. Al Storm & Euphony feat. Vicky Fee - Mind Over Matter
21. Freq Theory - Bass Trap
22. Rosberg II - We Are Not Alone
23. Archelix - Say Goodbye

CD4 - Thumpa & Obie
01. Pain On Creation - Lush (Epyx & Cyrez Remix)
02. Alek Sz?hala - Avalanche
03. Aryx - Sylph
04. jD-KiD & David Traya - Latika
05. D.R.O.P.S - The Catalyst
06. Sharkey - Ascending Angels (Endemic Remix)
07. Backlash - Astrid (Obie Re-Work)
08. Darwin & 3Star - Leap
09. Chaos & 3Star - Paradise
10. Obie - MK31
11. jD-KiD - Deathless
12. Rik Arkitech - Fulla Culture (Douglas Remix)
13. Technikore & Cyrax - Difference
14. Chwhynny - 303 Insanity
15. A.B & Nick 235 - Silence A Prayer (Substanced Remix)
16. Al Storm & Euphony - Voices Of Passion
17. Transcend & Neptune - Spirit Molecule
18. Substanced - Rise From The Darkness
19. Qygen - 60Hz Power Rave
20. T-TY & Kuller? - Living
21. Hard Coalition - Hardcore Is The Future
22. Joey Riot & It-Man - You Will Be The Last
23. Pinnacle & Thumpa - Like A Bulldozer (The Speed Freak's "Attack The Dancefloor" Remix)
24. The Twins Artcore - 2012
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   Catching up with DJ Weaver
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Category: Interviews
Author: silver  

01) It's been a long time since we have seen the name Weaver on a new release, where have you been? Do you still Weave baskets?

Hahaha well I have been in hibernation, not really, more concentrating on other projects in the studio but yes it has been a few years since one of my Weaver releases! Definitely back in the studio now to get some new material out there. YES I still weave baskets! Haha!

02) Residing in Australia, how is the current rave scene there at the moment?

The past few years have been a little quiet in the hardcore area, with a lot of big raves and festivals now pushing Hardstyle and other genres, Hardcore is still present and had a great community of followers but the lack of producers, parties, DJ's all around Australia have made it a close nit group. There are still small events on in Brisbane, monthly club nights in Sydney, a few events down in Adelaide then the one off rave parties in Perth! I think the cycle as it's called is definitely on the rise for a comeback!

03) With DJ's like JTS, S3rl and Haze running there own labels and still constantly releasing material, what are your plans for the next batch of Weaver releases?

Well I have been in the studio recently with JTS, we have worked on a load of new material, from original vocal tracks, to a few big covers all the way through to a few experimental tunes like one of our new colabs called Tornado. Some of these will be forthcoming on JTS recordings and then on a few of my new labels. I have also done a remix for Twista which should be out in the next coming months.

04) New labels, tell us more?

That is the plan yes, I will be starting up 4 new Hardcore labels, they will all be focusing on different things. First off will be Weaver Files, this will firstly concentrate on some of the tracks that never saw the light of day, never got a release and were locked away, they will finally be released along with a fresh remix from some of the top names like Scott Brown, Chris Unknown, Al Storm, Haze, JTS, S3rl, Eufeion and more. Next will be Planet Hardcore, a label concentrating on new artists from all around the world, coming together along with a Weaver remix each release. Then there is Nitrocore, the new experimental hardcore label, last but not least Maximum Hardcore, current sounding hardcore with loads of remixes, gives people choice on their personal taste of sound!

05) When can we see the first batch of releases?

Weaver Files should start rolling out releases within 2 months.

06) There are loads of artists now producing Hardcore, which producers are really doing it for you at the moment?

I am really still digging the stuff from Darren Styles & Gammer, recently tho I have received some tracks from Joey Riot which I loved. As for pushing the boundaries, Modulate and some of the Futureworld Releases are killer! Even tho im not really into all of the dubcore stuff that's coming out, some of it sounds fat as!

07) Where do you see the new sounding hardcore going, in what direction?

I have always liked big riffs, strong vocals, something someone can remember and sing too! Hoping it stays happy and still keeps that same feel.

08) Any plans to tour back to the UK any time soon?

The last time I was there was over 5 years ago where I got the chance to do HTID in the sun along with 4 other gigs around the UK, it was a great tour, hoping to get these labels all established then try find time to get over to spain again for HTID in the sun and do one of the Raver Baby events also in the UK!

09) You used to be part of the radio station CPX, what happened to that?

Awh yes, that was such a mad show, unfortunately that has been gone now for a long time, doing a 3 hour show took its toll on all of us.

10) What other music do you listen to other than Hardcore?

Really into trance at the moment, and also hard trance and some of the NON raw hardstyle, something with a big melody! I always listen to the radio as lame as that sounds!

11) What does a normal day consist of for Weaver?

At the moment its pretty full on, wake up early, do emails, admin stuff for me labels etc, straight to the gym for a long session, back home in the studio for a few hours, then nearly every night I play competitive basketball! This is my routine nearly every weekday! Then of course weekends I DJ and if I have them off I usually catch up on movies!

12) Where can we catch the next lot of Weaver sets?

Next up is Masif Harcore, then One Seventy, Let's Get Stupid is later on in the year along with Homegrown! So theres a few gigs coming up!

13) Anything else to add?

YES I just mixed one of the new D7 CD compilations which is up for free download, make sure you check out some of the exclusive Weaver Files, Ntirocore, Maximum Hardcore and Planet Hardcore releases.

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   Hardcore Album Update 01/2013
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: DJ Hellfury  
Many album releases and announcements happend in 2013, so here is an overview about the freshest stuff:

1) Hardcore Legend UFO announced his unmixed solo album called "Genres", including Breakbeat, UK Hardcore and maybe some Freeform bits. Releasedate is still unknown.
One clip has been released on his soundcloud profile yet. More information about tracklist and clips will be added here

2) Eufeion's solo album "Digital Age" will be released in April or May 2013, filled with unmixed Upfront and Dubcore.
Clips and tracklist can be found here

3) Chaos teamed up with newcomer RyanCore to create an unmixed hardcore compilation aswell.
There are no more infos yet but we will keep you updated in this thread.

4) Bananaman gave away his album called "Blast from the Past" on "Hardcore Underground vs. Elation".
Only a few had luck and grabbed one of the very limited copies filled with 8 til 10 classics. Bananaman made two different versions of his album with Fade: the 10 track CD is even more rare.

5) UKH Label Trackmaster Music plan to release their 2CD album with 27 unmixed tracks in April or May 2013.
Several clips have been released here.

6) 3Form Records released an compilation called "Fallen Angels".
2CDs and 26 unmixed tracks represent the newest stuff from UKH, Freeform and Makina.

7) This list continues with an solo, unmixed album from french UKH newcomer At Peace.
Releasedate in planned for summer 2013. Complete tracklist plus clips can be found here.

8) After the great success of Freeformania, Thumpa, the man behind Rebuild Music, plans to release his next compilation called "Against All Odds" this Summer.

9) All Around the World caused a debate about dubcore over the last months with their well-selling, latest 3CD hardcore album "Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 9", mixed by Breeze, Darren Styles, Gammer and Hixxy.

10) Hardcore Underground released two new albums in March: "HU Breaks" and Marc Smith's "Notorious by Nature".
The first double CD release include one mixed set by Gavin G. and one unmixed CD both filled with fresh Breakbeat.
Marc Smith aimed for more bouncy, hard and classic Hardcore for his 3CD monster release. 2CDs are unmixed and 1CD is mixed by the legend himself.

Furthermore: Hardcore Underground 6 (4 mixed CDs with Scott Brown, Al Storm, Fracus, Darwin, CLSM, Entity, Thumpa and Obie) and Brisk's Solo album are planned for Summer or late this year.

11) Freeform Producers Epyx & Cyrez re-released their 1CD album called "Two against the Void" in January.

12) J-Core producer Helblinde made one of the first kickstarter/indiegogo campaigns for his new album called "Life starts at 200BPM" release in Summer 2013.
As the title says this album will be filled with 200BPM UK Hardcore, Freeform, Tribecore and many more genres.
Helblinde will create collabs with experts like TANUKI, JAKAZiD, 3R2, Shoujo and many more!
Customers almost spend $3.000 althogether within a month twice as much as actually planned!
More information will be posted here.

13) J-Core again. This time "LoooooL Hardcore", mixed by DJ Laugh. This multi-genre CD represent the crazier side of Hardcore.

14) Exit Tunes present "SPEED アニメトランス BEST 17" (released on 02.01.2013) and "SPEED アニメトランス BEST 18" (Release on 01.05.2013).
Those mixed J-Core compilations include 1CD each, filled with J-Core remixes from Anime songs.

15) Last but not least: Free J-Core compilations from For you Sounds, called A-Remix Nation, with many decent J-Core Newcomers :)
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   Hardcore Underground 6: Lineup Confirmed
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: Triquatra  
The DJ Lineup for the latest Hardcore Underground Compilation (6) has been announced and is as follows:
CD1 - Scott Brown & Al Storm
CD2 - Fracus & Darwin
CD3 - CLSM & Entity
CD4 - Thumpa & Obie

Currently the label are looking at a "relatively vague "Summer" release period".
Whilst they have been compiling internally for a while they will soon be asking for public submissions
once a reliable method has been found for doing so.

And a quick reminder, of course, that both Hardcore Breaks and Marc Smith's album have now been fully released! Full details of which can be found Here

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   Tracklist: Marc Smith 'Notorious By Nature' Album
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: Triquatra  
Tracklist and pre-orders are now available for the upcoming Marc Smith Artist Album CD release. Released on April 1st (Not an april fool!) it can be pre-ordered via the link below the tracklist!

'Marc Smith - Notorious By Nature' (3xCD)
Disc: 1 (Unmixed)
1. Overdrive - Marc Smith
2. When I'm Gone - Marc Smith & Joey Riot
3. Drumbeatz - Marc Smith
4. Power of Will - Marc Smith & Darwin
5. Chance to Dance - Marc Smith
6. Machine Gun - Marc Smith & Prospect
7. **** It! - Marc Smith
8. Crank - Marc Smith & Gammer
9. Throw Ya Hands Up - Marc Smith & Kurt
10. Can You Feel the Pace (Smiffie & Storm VIP Mix) - Marc Smith & Al Storm
11. Above the Rest - Marc Smith & Paul F
12. Complicated - Marc Smith & Re-Con
13. Hardcore Never Dies! - Marc Smith

Disc: 2 (Unmixed)
1. Techno Dup (Original '94 Mix) - Marc Smith
2. The Mad One - Marc Smith
3. Pump Up the Noize - Marc Smith
4. Move Into the Rhythm (Marc Smith Move It Mix) - Dymension
5. Oh No! - Alas Smith & Sharkey
6. Boom & Pow - Marc Smith
7. Procrastinator - Marc Smith
8. Identify the Beat - Marc Smith vs. Safe & Sound
9. Give Yourself to Me - Marc Smith
10. Gravity - Marc Smith
11. Building Shaker - Marc Smith & Gammer
12. Stomp - Marc Smith & Re-Con

Disc: 3 (Mixed By Marc Smith)
1. You Know How to Love Me - Marc Smith & Joey Riot
2. Overdrive - Marc Smith
3. Slight - Marc Smith
4. Rock Star - Marc Smith & Ben Niacin
5. Drumbeatz - Marc Smith
6. Machine Gun - Marc Smith & Prospect
7. Extra Life - Stabilize & Bishop
8. Cut the Midrange - Marc Smith & Darwin
9. Throw Ya Hands Up - Marc Smith & Kurt
10. Crank - Marc Smith & Gammer
11. Boom & Pow 2013 - Marc Smith
12. When I'm Gone (Notoriously Lethal Gabba Mix) - Marc Smith & Joey Riot
13. Complicated - Marc Smith & Re-Con
14. Hardcore Never Dies! - Marc Smith

For more information and Pre-order details click Here
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   Forthcoming: Hardcore Underground Breaks + More!
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: Triquatra  
More information on the forthcoming Hardcore Underground Breaks album has been released. This double CD album (1 unmixed and 1 mixed by Gavin G) will feature
breakbeat hardcore from all sorts of artists such as: CLSM, Fracus & Darwin, Al Storm, Entity, Sam B, Chris Ross, Skampy & Bustin,
Strife II, Karl Future and more! As well as clips on soundcloud, a youtube video was posted when the album was first concieved.
The release date has been penned for 4th March.

Hardcore Underground have also posted a sneak peek into another forthcoming "digital only" (confirmed) album by the crew:
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   Digital Digest December
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A Selection of recent, forthcoming and free tracks.

Out Now:

Stamina Records
Haywire Ft. Rhythmics Weekend (Original/A.B, Douglas & MC Obie Remix)
Douglas & Remane Disorder (Original Mix/(A.B's London Techno Remix)

Brightspeed Recordings
DJ FunDaBounce - Closer To Heaven
DJ FunDaBounce - Spiritual Thunda

Bassface Recordings
Skeets ft. Jeston Langland - This Moment (Darwin Remix)
Skeets vs. Tom Revolution ft. Allison McLauchlan - Push It Harder
Jakka-B - Take Me Away
Miss Special K - Bop It!

CLSM - Bathroom
CLSM and Maximus Feat. Aaron Soul - Have It All
Jonny Slide - Mowtown Bass
Jonny Slide Feat Ben Marlow - Another Brick In The Wall
Defnoyz - In Between
False Economy - No More

Executive Records
S3RL - Keep On Ravin' Baby (Haze Remix)

Make Believe Records
Darwin - Bass Keeps Kicking
Andy Dee - Ga Solais

Fast Track Reloaded
Kickback Ft. Kelly G - Let Me Be

In Your Head Records
Flawless Feat Zoe Van West - Hold Me In Your Heart
Gregor Le DahL Feat. Kimera - Dancing On A Sunbeam
React & Gisbo - Make Things Right (Original/Remixes)
Gisbo Feat. Stephanie - Show Me The Way

Tryed N Tested
Hoodzie - Happy Days
Hoodzie ft Gemma - Run

Yorkshire Core Records
Bang Vs Kevin Instinct - Shootin Star

Fast Track Reloaded
Juvenile - Turn Up The Love

Current TID Top 10: (October)
01. Lethal Theory - Bring Me Back (Powerstomp Mix) (Lethal Theory)
02. Andy Whitby and Klubfiller - Move (Hardcore Mix) (AWsum)
03. X-Cyte - Who I Am (Scarred Digital)
04. Nobody - Bass Down Low (Joey Riot and Tom Revolution Mix) (JB Recordings)
05. Future Society - What The Hood Made Me (Gammer: The Archives)
06. Al Storm - I AM The Bass! (24/7 Hardcore)
07. United In Dance - Still The One (Gammer Remix) (Gammer: The Archives)
08. Al Storm - U4EA (24/7 Hardcore)
09. Darwin - Shape Up! (Notorious Vinyl)
10. Andy Whitby and Klubfiller - Bakkoff (Hardcore Mix) (AWsum)


Relentless Digital
EFM-7, Pulse & Denile - Dream Machine 2012

Sky-core Records
Pex L Ft. Jenna C - Right In The Night

Scarred Digital
Pulse & Crash - Sounds of Frequency
Slikma - Entised

Tryed N Tested
Hoodzie - I Like It
Hoodzie - Badayub
Hoodzie - Jog On Kitties (Part 2)
Bang! vs Hoodzie - Shooting Star (2012 Mix)
Periferal vs Freda J - Holding On (Hoodzie Stomp Mix)
Hoodzie - Dancefloor

Free Tracks
Olly P - The New Day (Archefluxx Remix)
Darts - Hellrainbow
Silentvibe - Overdrive
Pulse - Elevation (Futurewave Rave remix)
Noc.V - Neko Domination Anthem
The Collective - My Obsession (+12V Remix)
Cruze - Every Other Day
TenTun - Exodus (Haze & TC remix)
Happy Rollers - 95 Style (Haze Rmx)
Phaaze - Reply Code: Alpha
Mansy,Gizzy Gee & Mark P - Lost
Audio Warfare - Dance With Me
Core-Station - Initiate
Archefluxx - Systemization (The Dopeman Remix)
10 Track Album Download From Ruffbeatz
Bumper Download of songs from Auscore
DJ Flyin' Releases Unreleased freebies and more!

Whilst we can't show all digital releases/free tracks (what a task that would be!) be sure to check out the Tracks, DJ Mixes & Release Announcements forum for more fantastic up-to-the-second releases and free tracks.
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