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Search results for :   Bonkers, HTID and Hardcore Heaven licensed for Japan market
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   Bonkers, HTID and Hardcore Heaven licensed for Japan market
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Resist's entire hardcore catalogue has been fully licensed for the Japan market! What does this mean? The hardcore series' that has rocked the hardcore world will now be localized for the Japanese market for all the Japanese hardcore lovers and released in Japan (ie. Same music but artwork and packaging will be in Japanese).

Released by "Get over the records" and distributed by Victor JVC the releases will see excellent promotion with TV commercials planned. The releases will be spread out over the next 12 months with the first releases being Hardcore Til I Die 1+2, Hardcore Heaven 1 and Bonkers vol. 1 on Oct 26th 2005.

"Get over the records" are also responsible for DJ Silver presents: Hardcore Super J-Trance Party vol.1 and vol.2 to be released September 28th 2005.
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