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   Catching up with... CDjay
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Category: Interviews
Author: Triquatra  
We caught up with the head honcho at Hardcore Underground, CDJay, who was kind enough to let us delve briefly in to his world:
Thankyou for talking to us CDJay, we'll start off nice and easy!

1.Can you remember the first piece of hardcore music you ever heard? And what you thought of it at the time
I'll struggle to pin down the first hardcore track I heard, but the tipping point for me was borrowing a CD called "Hit The Decks 3" from
my local library. It's a megamix series, of early oldskool hardcore from '92. I always liked the energy and contrast between rough and
uplifting and being a megamix it kept moving along at a pace that was easier to get into than perhaps a typical 12" track might have been
to my ears at the time.

2.You've been around alot longer than just Hardcore Underground haven't you! Could you tell us a little about RFU Recordingz? Was that your
first taste of the music business?

RFU Recordingz was set up early in the last decade, with no real masterplan evident. I'd been going out since the mid '90s and got to know
quite a lot of people in the scene, I really loved the track featured on RFU001AA so starting a label seemed as good a way to get it
released "properly" as any. It was started with one of my friends, Ben Waine, and from the get-go we were keen to bridge the mainstream
sound with the more eclectic elements. I really wanted to do unmixed CDs, which we did in fact do with "An Introduction To Climactic
Moments" (RFUCD001) which was cool. After a while it essentially snowballed, and I started working with DJ Darwin, Ruffage, Chwhynny
amongst others. Chwhynny is now my girlfriend so rest assured I'm doing my bit to keep the professional working standards of our scene in
the gutter )

3.Both RFU and Hardcore Underground have featured a host of up and coming talent, with all this music around you, have you ever thought of
taking to the studio yourself?

I used to mess around with trackers a lot in the late '90s, but even back then I noticed I was more interested in arrangement than writing.
The more motivated people I came across the more compelled I felt to errrm... help channel their efforts. The last track I "worked" on in a
studio setting was "Sensory Vision Part 2" with CLSM on which I have a credit for throwing stuff in a skip. My energies seem better spent
on an organisational role. )

4.We've looked all over! Why is Hardcore Underground 2 so tricky to get hold of?
We lost control of the project, and have no idea how many copies were manufactured or sold. The communication with the company in charge of
the project deteriorated to the point that we were getting potential release date information from Woolworths! It was a supremely dark
time, but as so often is the case it forced us to light the way to a... well, slightly less dark place. Mood-lit, even.

5. It's been a while since we've seen a vinyl release do you think vinyl's had its day?

For UK Hardcore it's been over for a while, I've never been a champion of vinyl although I'll defend people's right to have music on
whatever medium they like. It just became less and less cost effective, and with all the major DJs having used CDJs for many years and each
successive generation moving towards digital delivery it was inevitable. The UK Hardcore vinyl market survived the total collapse of a
string of distributors (each one costing a fortune in stock lost and monies owed) although the last one just petered out as sales
diminished to the point it became untenable to justify releasing on that medium with any frequency.

6.Hardcore Underground has been running since 2006, in that time can you think of one totally awesome moment that has stood out from all
the rest?

Harder than it sounds, actually! Up and down doesn't even wipe the surface, never mind scratch it. Still, seeing HU1 in HMV (having
personally assembled and shrinkwrapped each copy with Fracus and Gary Vibealite) was fairly mindblowing. I'm still supremely proud of HU3,
as it was the first one that Fracus and I really did the project management of entirely ourselves. Whenever the mounting horrors seem too
crushing I step back and look at a list I have of all the DJs who have mixed HU albums to date. It's fairly mindblowing what we've
achieved, and still suprises me.

7.You're stranded on a desert island with only an mp3 player and a selection of 10 tracks that by some freak accident, happen to be among
your favourites, what are they?

I used to be good at this game, hmmm. I'll miss a load out but if feeling spontaneous and UK hardcore led:

Luna-C - Piano Obsession
Dune - Can't Stop Raving
Bang! - Break of Dawn (Brisk Mix)
Sharkey - Forever Flying
Force & Styles feat. Jenna - Field Of Dreams
Chwhynny & Darwin - Nothing There
Scooter - Coldwater Canyon
Acen - Trip 2 The Moon
CLSM feat. Stephan Booth - Free Your Mind
Fracus & Darwin - Music Blocks

8.Fracus and Darwin have their second artist album coming out soon, when do you think we'll get to hear some clips and is there a preferred
place to preorder?

Clips will go up soon, and ideally I'd like UK-based people to run to retail locations on release as it justifies us putting them there )

9.We heard there was a Hardcore Underground event coming up, in London, is this true?

Yep! Probably best to attend, it has a big advantage over our previous location insofar as we have two rooms which enables us to be a lot
more interesting. The only way we'll get to make good on that promise is if lots of people turn up and make it be amazing. Over to y'all,

10.Can we press you for some juicy gossip from Hardcore Underground, what are you hiding?

We're always punching above our weight, but this year should prove our most interesting yet. We've got a string of artist albums lined up,
and we've started to prep HU6.

I say it every time I get a chance, but it's always been true and it is moreso now than ever before. We can't do it without people buying,
listening to, and shouting about it. As long as there are people doing that, we'll keep doing this. Massive, massive thanks to everyone who
has supported us over the past 6 years. We've got a lot to learn, and we usually do it in the most traumatic fashion possible, but that's
the best way to really learn anything. We're just getting started!

A big thankyou to CDjay for taking some time out to answer a few questions for us!
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   Hardcore til I die is back!
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Next week will see the release of HARDCORE TIL I DIE 3 the biggest album in the HTID series

With monster mixes from Re-CON and SQUAD-E and a bonus bootlegs and mixes CD as well HTID is BIGGER, HARDER AND FASTER.

Hardcore Til I Die 3 features 62 huge tracks across 3CDs of pure hardcore and is mixed by Recon & Squad-E and includes bonus remixes from the likes of Dougal & Gammer, Technikore, Klubfiller, Hixxy and MCs Storm & Whizzkid.

Full track listing:


1. Recon - Intro
2. Recon & Klubfiller - Phantom 7
3. Darren Styles - Sound Without A Name
4. Recon, Gammer & Klubfiller - Bang Your Head Off
5. Clear Vu - I Adore (Gammer Remix)
6. Recon & Klubfiller - Raggamuffin
7. Recon & Demand Ft. Mandy Edge - Reasons
8. Recon - The Wheezels
9. Recon - Right Here Right Now
10. Darren Styles & ReCon - Smack You Like A Bitch
11. Skepta - Rescue Me
12. Daruso - Since You Been Gone (Klubfiller Remix)
13. Dougal & Gammer - Mind Scanner
14. Benni Benassi Feat Kelis & Apl D. - Spaceship
15. Recon & Sy - The Robot
16. Dougal & Gammer - Lifting Me Higher
17. Recon & MC Storm - Music
18. Darren Styles & Recon - Pacific Sun
19. Recon & Hixxy - Resensitize
20. Gammer & Recon - Manjari
21. Technohead v Recon - I Want to be a Hippy


1. Squad E - Stay
2. Darren Styles - Now Or Never
3. Squad-E & MOB - Better Days
4. Henry Blank - Good Times (Squad-E & Klubfiller Remix)
5. Squad E & MC Storm - Hardcore Syco
6. Squad-E & Dougal & Gammer - Turn Up The Bass
7. Darren Hotchkiss - Last Goodbye (Squad-E Remix)
8. Squad-E & Whizzkid - Down Look Down
9. Italo Brothers - Love Is On Fire (Squad-E Remix)
10. Squad-E & Seduction - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
11. Jason Born Fireflies (Technikore Remix)
12. Squad-E & Cyanide - Do You Love Your Hardcore?
13. Breeze - Im Alive
14. Yolanda Be Cool feat D Cup - We Speak No Americano (Gammer Remix)
15. Squad-E & Dougal & Gammer - Heaven Sent You
16. Squad-E & Static - Night Fever
17. Squad-E & UnKnown - Hardcore Mutha ****er
18. Squad-E & Technikore - Let The Music Play
19. Squad E & MC Storm - Move It
20. Squad-E & Da Doctor - Rollin On
21. Recon, Squad-E and Technikore - Ghettoblaster


1. Inna Amazing (Hixxy, Sy & Unknown Remix)
2. Manian Loco (Technikore Remix)
3. Armin Van Burin - In and Out Of Love (Hixxy, Sy & Unknown Remix)
4. Ultrabeat - Bring It Back (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
5. Candid - Pass Out (Unknown Remix)
6. Dan Balan - Chicha Bomb (Sy & Unknown Remix)
7. Re-Con & Squad-E - Numero Uno
8. Dan Winter Dont Stop
9. Edward Maya - Stereo Love (DJ SY Remix)
10. Riskee - Dirty Love (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
11. Jason Born - Nothing On You (Klubfiller Remix)
12. N Dubz ft BodyRox - We Dance On (Sy & Unknown Remix)
13. Re-Con & Demand Feat Mandy - Powerless
14. Suad-E Feat Enemy - Crazy
15. Darren Styles & Re-Con - Symphonic
16. Squad-E - Tru-E
17. Re-Con - The New Style
18. Sy & Re-Con - Touch Me
19. Twista V Rsr - Transmission
20. Scooter - Stuck On You (Klubfiller Remix)

Download from iTunes or buy online at Amazon
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   Tracklist + Artwork: Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 6 (3CD)
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Posted overnight by an online retailer posted the tracklist and artwork for the upcoming Clubland X-treme Hardcore 6 album due early next month. Check it out:

Clubland X-treme hardcore is a CD compilation album released by AATW, mixed by DJ's Darren Styles, Breeze & Hixxy.

Disc 1 - Darren Styles
1. Intro
2. Outta My Head - Darren Styles & Manian
3. Models Are Ugly - Dougal & Gammer
4. Find Yourself (DS Mix) - John 0'Callaghan
5. Rock `n' Roller - Chris Fear
6. Everytime I Hear Your Name (Dougal & Gammer Mix) - Cascada
7. Fuel To Fire - Re-Con
8. Anybody Else But You - Dougal & Gammer
9. Bassline Road - Darren Styles
10. Missing You (Gammer Mix) - Tom Par
11. Passenger - DJ Gollum
12. Electric 2010 - Styles & Breeze
13. Stairway To Heaven - Odyssey, Modulate & Petruccio
14. Shining Star - Darren Styles & Chris Unknown feat Molly
15. Kidz - Re-Con
16. Do You Feel The Same - Darren Styles
17. Runaway (Breeze Mix) - Technikore Feat Nat
18. Rock 1 Time - JB-C
19. Move It - Sy & Unknown
20. Only Your Love (Chris Unknown & Re-Con) - Kirsten Joy

Disc 2 - Breeze
1. The Ringmaster (Intro) - MC Whizzkid
2. Use Somebody (Chris Unknown Remix) - Ultrabeat
3. Sonic 2010 - Styles & Breeze
4. Party Vibe - Breeze v Beat Commanders feat MOB
5. Twist - Breeze & Re-Con
6. Everywhere (Breeze & UFO Remix) - Master Blaster
7. All Outta Love - Azora
8. Hardcore Orchestra - Breeze & UFO
9. Me and You (Breeze Remix) - Frisco & Alexia
10. Move For Me (Dougal & Gammer Remix)- Kaskade v Deadmau5
11. Make You Mine (Supreme, UFO & MOB Remix) - Beat Commanders
12. Boing! - Dougal & Gammer
13. Lonely (Breeze & Ritmen Remix) - Scooter
14. Torn Apart - Re-Con
15. Stamp On The Ground (Breeze Remix) - Italo Brothers
16. Break It - Dougal & Gammer
17. Love To The Stars - Breeze v UFO & Lost Witness
18. Electronic VIP - Sy & Unknown
19. Reach Out - Breeze v Unique
20. Heartbeatz (Specialist Sound Remix) - Styles & Breeze Feat Karen Danzig

Disc 3 - Hixxy (BONUS CD)
1. Shine your light - Dougal & Gammer
2. Surrender (Clubland Mix) - Al Storm ft Amy
3. Summer Love (Hixxy Remix) - Ramos, Punch & Protocol feat M.C. Drew
4. Taken Over Me - AudioJunkie & Stylus
5. Now You Got Me - Hixxy & Technikore
6. Without Doubt - Re-Con
7. Dum, der did it dit it- Hixxy & Sy
8. Turn Around 2009/ 10 - Al Storm & Euphony
9. Boom da de - Dougal & Gammer
10. Million Miles - Hixxy
11. Digital Lover (Re-Con remix) - Sy & Unknown
12. Kaleidoscope - Hixxy
13. Walking Time Bomb- Re-Con
14. Clubwalker - JB-C
15. H>A>R>D C.O.R.E. - MC Storm
16. Re-loaded - Hixxy & Technikore
17. I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix) - Cadence
18. Make you Love Me (Squad-E Remix) - D-Code
19. Power Of Love - Paradise
20. Do You Know (Ultrabeat Remix) - E-Squire & Di Scala Feat Ruth Cullen
21. Like A Rainbow - Sy-Fy

Clubland X-treme hardcore 6

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   Tracklist: Bonkers - The Original Hardcore
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: silver  
The day after the artwork was released from Universal via a press release has secured the tracklist for the upcoming Bonkers - The Original Hardcore (aka Bonkers 18), from All around the world (AATW).

Bonkers - The Original Hardcore is a 3 disc CD mixed by DJ's Sharkey, Chris Unknown and Hixxy and is set for release May 11th 2009 by AATW / Universal.

1. Darwin feat Fraz - We're Getting Faster
2. Arkitech - When Tears Fall - Kaotik
3. Ham - Jump 2 Da Groove 2009
4. Sharkey, Odyssey & Arkitech - Black Rain
5. Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Darwin's "Arena Space 5" Remix)
6. Sharkey & CLSM - Wikkid M.C (2009 Exclusive)
7. Slippery Disco - Feeling High (Kevin Energy Remix)
8. Brisk & Ham - Dance Don't Slip
9. Sharkey - Never Say Die (Kevin Energy Remix)
10. Sharkey - Today's the Day (Darwin Remix)
11. Marc Smith & Gammer - Building Shaker (V.I.P Rmx)
12. Al Storm - Jumpin
13. S3RL - Here We Go
14. Scooter v Status Quo - Jumping All Over The World (Sharkey & K-complex Rmx)
15. Scooter - Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Weaver Rmx)
16. Porn Kings v DJ Supreme - Up To Da Wildstyle (Gammer & Andy Whitby Remix)
17. S3RL - Dealer (V.I.P Remix)
18. Marc Smith & Darwin - Let The Bass Kick
19. Kevin Energy - Freeform Will Never Die
*** Taken from ***
1. LMC v U2 - Take Me To The Clouds Above
2. Styles & Breeze - Amigos
3. Rampant DJs featuring JT - Alabama (Sy & Unknown remix)
4. Insight featuring Emily Reed - Heaven Help Me Now
5. Topvibe Vs Dj Sy - Pacman
6. Chris Unknown & Re-Con - Welcome To The Trip
7. Robyn - With Every Heartbeat
8. Sy & Unknown - If You Believe
9. Chris Unknown - Wanna Be Here With You
10. Chris Unknown featuring Grant Paterson - Come Together
11. Dougal & Gammer - Guitar Hero
12. Flip & Fill - Discoland
13. Scott Brown - Pilgrim
14. Phaze4 - You're Never Gonna Know (Scott Brown remix)
15. Sy & Unknown - Hardcore
16. E-Type - Rain
17. Emily Reed - Your Love Is Shining
18. Stykal Brix Vs MC Storm - Cold As Ice
19. Sy & Unknown featuring Grant Paterson - Bring You Down
*** Taken from ***
1. Bo - Judgement Day
2. Hixxy - R U Ready
3. Darren Styles - Getting Better
4. United In Dance feat Lisa Marie - Still The One
5. Clear Vu - I Adore
6. Hixxy - C.O.N
7. CLSM - Set Your Body Free
8. Hixxy & Styles - Elevator
9. Clear Vu - Close To You
10. Re-con - Report To The Bassline
11. CLSM - See You On The Other Side
12. Hixxy & Squad-E - Beat Drop
13. Squad-E - Lost Without You
14. Gammer - Body Flow
15. Styles & Breeze - Electric
16. Styles & Breeze - You're My Angel
17. Hixxy & Styles - The Theme
*** Taken from ***

Bonkers 18 artwork - Final

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   'Bonkers - The Original Hardcore' - May 11th 2009
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: silver  
Update: Artwork found from a press release, confirming DJ's Hixxy, Sharkey and Chris Unknown. Not sure why it is called "The Original Hardcore" as Ministry of Sound have a CD series called "Original Hardcore" as well.

Press release:
Bonkers - The Original Hardcore is the new 3CD hardcore album from AATW / UMTV.

Bonkers - the newly acquired hardcore brand by AATW and UMTV is a hardcore institution - previously reaching it's 17th album before this new TV advertised album which is set to take the charts

Hardcore is flying - this is seen by the recent success of Scooter, Darren Styles and Ultrabeat not forgetting the other hardcore compilation albums currently on the scene including Hardcore Til I Die & Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 4. We have seen tremendous success in the Hardcore scene and Bonkers will replicate this. The track listing will feature acts such as Scooter, Styles & Breeze, Dougal & Gammer, Flip & Fill, Darren Styles, Hixxy and LMC.

The difference between this and other Hardcore albums is that this is Bonkers! Bonkers is a widely recognised brand with a huge loyal following and this TV album will take that brand to the next level. The new Bonkers album will be the first of its kind establishing on TV the Bonkers brand and setting up the series for more instalments.

The album features the old identity of the Bonkers brand - retaining the original (but now super-rendered) logo and the original DJs as they are the biggest names in the Hardccore scene today - Hixxy, Sharkey and Unknown but incorporates new elements with the bright sleeve and brand new track listing featuring the biggest names around.

The album will be supported by a heavy TV marketing campaign, support across all the terrestrial channels and Sky - will also be running a Bauer promotion featuring the album on channels such as 4music & Smash Hits - we will also have the full support of Clubland TV- week one spend will be 60K+. We will also be running massive online campaigns across all the UMG, AATW & Clubland sites...

This album will be released on the 11th May.

Original post:
Guess what popped up on Amazon this morning, what looks to be the final title name for the new Bonkers album, 'Bonkers - The Original Hardcore'. This album released by AATW (all around the world) is distributed by Universal TV, which is the same company as the Clubland X-treme hardcore CD's, this most certainly the correct release

We are yet to officially confirm all DJ's involved, artwork and tracklists but Amazon has the release date as May 11 2009.

Amazon are pre-ordering click here to pre-order from

Bonkers 18 artwork

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   Darren Styles & uk hardcore the new teen pop music?
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: DarrenJ  
Posted recently was the clubland tour in the UK from last year, Darren Styles and a host of other commercial dance groups performed on the tour including Scooter, Flip n Fill etc.... Interesting to note Darren Styles performed on the tour and performed the hardcore version of Save me. Check the crowd size.

Has hardcore music gone commercial mainstream in the UK? Take look and decide for yourself...

Darren Styles - Save me (hardcore version)

Breeze & Styles - You're my angel
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   Futureworld part 4 & 5
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: silver  
Hardcore producer Breeze sent out new release information for his label FutureWorld overnight, here are the details and the artwork for the vinyl releases.

A: Breeze & Re-con - Hardcore DJ
AA: Breeze & Re-con - Hardcore DJ (Re-con remix)

A: Micky Modelle - Dancing in the dark feat. Jessy (Breeze remix)
AA: Scooter - Nessaja (Breeze remix)

FutureWorld 4+5

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   Former hardcore group Scooter hits number 1 in the UK
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: silver  
An article from the BBC has former hardcore group now commercial dance group Scooter as the number 1 selling group in the UK for last week, even outselling Madonna for the number 1 position.

Scooter is released by AATW, the very same organization as Clubland X-treme hardcore and potentially the Bonkers series.

Scooter laughs at Madonna

Added: 2008/05/13  08:33:39  Hits: 109   Votes: 0  Rating:  Not Rated

   New Icon hardcore vinyl releases
Link status: Working  
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Category: Top Level Link
Author: silver  
Jay from Icon has emailed over a hot fresh list of hardcore release due in the following months. We have new RaverBaby, Infinity, Quosh and more plus a return to releases from a long absence from Hecttech Recordings.

Sy & Demo - Devotion (Sy & Unknown rmx)
ASA & S1 - Makin me wanna dance (DJ Kurt rmx)

Sy & Unknown feat Lou Lou - Don't leave me now (Darren Styles & Original mixes)

DAB Hands - Super good (Sy & Unknown rmx)
Sy & Unknown - Gangsta

Sy & Unknown feat Grant Paterson - Only for you
Sy & Unknown - Keep the crown jumpin 2008

Recon - 1000 Kisses
Hixxy & Squad E - Beat drop
Recon - Power of love
Hixxy & Recon - Come alive

Hixxy & Recon - Dance with me / Need your lovin
Hixxy v Sy & Unknown - The clit commander / Ere we ****in go

Hixxy - Sacrifice (Original & Dougal & Gammer rmx)

Geos Crew feat Zara - Shine (DJ Breeze & Original mixes)

GSDX feat Aimee - The dream (DJ Breeze & Original mixes)

DJ Silver & The Acolyte - Smack! (Kurt, Darwin, Orbit1 & Original mixes)

DJ Flippy - Love is (Joey Riot & Impact remixes)

Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Gotta believe (Recon rmx)
Supreme, Sunset Regime & Joey Riot - Bassline thunder
Life force generator (2007 rmx)

Trinity - Turn to me (Supreme & Sunset Regime remix)
Arkane Silver - Broken hearted (Supreme & Sunset Regime remix)

Flyin, Sparky & Charm - Hold on me / You mean the world (to me)

Impact & Nomad - Begin again / Hardtimez

Deejaybee & Sketchy feat Lou Lou - Walkaway (Gammer & Deejaybee & Reality remixes)

Impact & Haze - Come follow me / People hold on

Rampant & Spenno feat Andy L - Feel alive (Darwin rmx)
Rampant & Darwin - Dancefloor diva (Don't care)

Darren Styles feat Junior - I need you (Original & Sy & Unknown remixes)

Darren Styles feat Andrea Britton - Show me the sunshine
Darren Styles feat Wayne G - Lost the plot

DJ Breeze - Hardcore DJ (Recon & Original mixes)

Micky Modelle - Dancing in the dark (DJ Breeze rmx)
Scooter - Nessaja (DJ Breeze rmx)

DJ Wink feat Lisa Abbott - In the dark (Al Storm & Original mixes)
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   Clubland X-treme hardcore 2 tracklist from AATW
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Category: Top Level Link
A mod for AATW posted / leaked the tracklist today for Clubland X-treme hardcore 2 due for release around March / April 2006 (also not confirmed). This list is not 100% confirmed from Hixxy or AATW but it should be close to final tracklist if it is in fact a draft list.

Darren Styles - Jealous
Ultrabeat vs Scott Brown - Elysium (S&B Mix)
Ian Van Dahl - Inspiration (Sy & Unknown Mix)
Darren Styles Feat Junior - I Need You
United In Dance - Rockin With The Best
Clear Vu - Never Too Late
Darren Styles - Save Me
Re-Con - Pull Over (Re-Edit)
Sy & Unknown Feat Lou Lou - U R My Phantasy (DS Mix)
Styles & Breeze Feat Whizzkid - Nightmare
Dougal & Gammer Feat Lisa Marie - How Did I Get Here
Route One Feat Jenny frost - Crash Landing (DS Mix)
Hixxy & Styles Feat Lou Lou - Happiness
Trinity - Like The Sun (Sy & Unknown Mix)
Darren Styles - Skydivin 06
Styles & Re-Con - Where Do We Go
Flip & Fill feat Kelly Llorenna - True love Never Dies (DS Mix)

Styles & Breeze - You'e My Angel (Midnight Mix)
Scooter v Breeze - Nessaja (Hardcore Mix)
Styles & Breeze Feat Karen Danzig - I Will Be (Stevie B Remix)
Styles & Breeze Feat MC Storm - Dark Like Vader (Clubland Edit)
Sy & Unknown Feat Lou Lou - Believe In Me (Breeze Remix)
Styles & Breeze - You'e Shining (Squad-E Remix)
Audioscape - Walk Away (S&B Mix)
1000 Kisses - Re-Con & Squad-E
Styles & Breeze - Love Garden
UFO & MC Marley - Connections 06
Darren Styles - Getting Better (Squad-E Remix)
Breeze - Hardcore DJ
Uplift & Euphony Feat Donna M - Inside Your Mind
Statik - Got A Feeling (Breeze Remix)
Heaven 7 - This Life (S&B Mix)
Breeze Feat MC Storm - Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Gammer Remix)
Dougal & Gammer - Know The Score (Clubland Edit)
Breeze & UFO - Take Your Time (UFO Remix)

Hixxy - More & More
Porn Kings vs Hixxy - Kickin- In The Beat (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy & Styles - Elevator
Whizzkid, Flyin- & Sparky - Free At Last (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy & Re-Con - Paradise
Sy & Unknown - If That's Alright With You (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy - 2 Dream
TATU - All About Us (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy - R U Ready? (Xtreme Mix)
Dario G vs Hixxy - Dream To Me
MC Storm - Just Accept It (Hixxy Remix)
Hixxy & Re-Con - Whatever You Want Me To Be (Squad-E Remix)
Hixxy - Final Destination

Original cover released from AATW

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1 Bang! official web site
Category: Artists and DJ's
Hits: 73399 Added: 2010/04/15
2 Next Generation and Blatent Beats Homepage
Category: General
Hits: 44172 Added: 2012/05/02
Category: Record Stores
Hits: 36320 Added: 2008/11/27
4 Hardcore Underground
Category: General
Hits: 35896 Added: 2012/05/02
5 Industrial Strength Records
Category: Record Labels
Hits: 32447 Added: 2009/05/26
1 Hardcore Underground
Category: General
Votes: 397 Rating:
Category: Record Stores
Votes: 416 Rating:
3 Bang! official web site
Category: Artists and DJ's
Votes: 302 Rating:
4 speedmusic
Category: General
Votes: 157 Rating:
Category: General
Votes: 104 Rating:

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