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Sunday, March 4, 2018
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Monday, March 5, 2018
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018
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Friday, March 9, 2018
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Saturday, March 10, 2018
Stomp! King of the Monsters! Added by darts (5 Attending)

Your favourite Happy Hardcore rave is back with a seriously stompin' lineup of Oldskool and Nuskool Hardcore, Makina, J-Core, DnB, Hardstyle and more! *
LIMITED EARLYBIRDS available now at - going fast! *

Arena One: Stomp!

* DJ SY * (Quosh Records) - 2 hour '96-2012 classics set from the one and only rave legend scratchmaster!
* TRIPLE XL * (Monta Musica) - one of the UK's top Makina artists, repping the massive Monta! You guys will love him!
* IYF b2b AZZADOUS * (GTYM vs Justice Hardcore dynamic duo!) - massively talented and hard working DJ & producer vs. local rising star!
* MR RIPLEY * (Trackmaster Music) - Nuskool Happy Hardcore set jam packed with brand new music in the oldskool style you love!
* CLAXTON * (Stomp!) - Last hour classics from your Stomp! crowd favourite!
* CHRIS NEON * (J-Core set) Stomp! newcomer bringing us the fresh sounds of Japanese Hardcore!

MC's: * SMILEY * * OCTANE * * TMC * * REDZ * * MERLIN *

Arena Two:
Ravey McRaveface (MC free all night!)

* COLEMAN & HEYES * (DnB) - super talented duo ramp up the bpm's and basslines!
* SEANIE JACKSON * (Classic Hard House) - Stomp! debut for local Hard House rising star!
* NOVA * (Anything goes hard stuff!) - fresh from releases on Scott Brown's Evolution Records, Nova makes her Stomp! debut bringing you your favourite
harder styles!
* J03Y 3XC1T3 * (Upfront UK Hardcore) - Stomp! favourite Joey smashing out his trademark uplifting UK Hardcore sounds!
* MICKY M * (Powerstomp vs UK Hardcore) - Hard and fast filth vs fresh Hardcore slammers from Micky Mac!

BONUS ACT! - Doors open at 9:30pm for a 30 minute stand up comedy show from local legend and master of sarcasm, DMS! ;-)

Superheroes dress theme encouraged (but not compulsory)! ;-)

Saturday 10th March 2018 - 22:00-05:00 (Doors open 21:30) - Eiger Music Studios, New Craven Gate, Leeds, LS11 5NF.

Tickets here -

The Plot:

JAPAN, 1954. Rumours abound that a giant prehistoric creature - transmorgified by nuclear testing in the earth's oceans - emerged from the sea and embarked on
a rampage of terror and destruction across the city of Tokyo. Legend has it that the collosus - known as Godzilla - was eventually lured back to the water and
destroyed with an experimental prototype weapon, the secret of which was taken to it's creator's grave that day.

A widescale cover-up was launched by the Japanese and US governments. Even now, many people believe the events to be fiction.

UK, 2018. Scientists report spikes in seismic activity and an unexpected increase in sea temperature off the north east coast of the United Kingdom. On the
eve of Saturday 10th March, tremors shake the ground and emergency services are quickly inundated with reports of a large, unidentified force devastating the
landscape and carving a path down the country - last seen heading directly for the city of Leeds.

With the police in disarray and the military overwhelmed, Mr Ripley receives a call from Buckingham Palace. "The Stomptroopers are our last hope. We need
your raving superheroes to save our people, with the power of Happy Hardcore."

"Yes, ma'am. I'll round up the troops."

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Crossbones Added by nekro (0 Attending)

Original United Systems free party crew Crossbones bring you a night of the darkest hardcore
techno music. Covering the complete genre from early Dutch and Belgium rave through to
Doomcore and Gabber.

100% vinyl DJs on the night:

TRAFFIK (Disturbance Records / Energy FM)
First vinyl set in over 10years! Strictly classics, expect to hear tracks from labels such as PCP,
Industrial Strength, Rotterdam Records + more obscure gems.

THE LURKER (Fifth Era)
Playing his unique style of 65-core including many unreleased dubplates.

Back on the decks for a rare appearance.





?5 on the door.
8pm - 3am
@ The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Road, New Cross, London. SE14 6TY.

Nearest rail station: New Cross (directly opposite the venue), New Cross Gate (7min walk),
Deptford Bridge (10min walk)
Bus routes: 57, 177, 225, 453, N89

On tap: Brewdog Punk IPA, Pravha Pilsner, Blue Moon Wheat Ale, Orchard Cider, Heineken, Sharp's
Doom Bar, Brooklyn Lager & Guiness

For a taste of what you might expect to hear:

Add yourself to the Facebook event here:

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