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Events for January 28th, 2012

Tasty - Added by mr sparkle (2 Attending)
Starts: 2012/01/28

Billy Daniel Bunter presents - Tasty The Crash Reunion

Day Glo Special Come dressed to light up the night

10pm to 6am
Saturday January 28th 2012 @ Union (Formerly Crash Club)
66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, London, SE1 7TP

A night of classic Hard Dance * Hard House * Trance * UK Hardcore * Happy Hardcore * Old Skool

We're back fresh for 2012, and we're here for ONE thing, to bring back the original Tasty party vibes that inspired a unique generation of Hard Dance & Hardcore music lovers
from all over the UK. Please note Billy Daniel Bunter & Sonya will be
running Tasty in 2012 NO ONE ELSE. What better way to start, then a reunion at our original venue The Crash now Union. The sound system will be big, the dcor will be bright and
its a Day Glo special, so YOUR gonna come colourful to ensure we
come back with a loud and proud bang thats going to light up the night of January 28th 2012!!!

Hi Octane Hard House & Hard Dance Classics

Billy Daniel Bunter (Tasty & Heat Anthems)
Roosta (Tasty & Fevah Hard Dance)
Skol (Frantic & Logic Classics)
Jon Doe (History of DNRG & UK Hard Trance)
Kevsey D (414 Hard House Bangers)
Aarron James (George 4th Uplifting Hard Trance)
Stuart T & Jon Hanley (Back To Sunny Side Up & Strawberry Sundae)
Wayne Smart (Tidy / Nukleuz / Tripoli Anthems)
Tony Roberts (Peach Trance Classics)

danceKORE - Hardcore Sound of London Town 1994 to 2012

Official launch of Clubland Extreme Hardcore 8

Breeze & MC WhizzKid (Club land Extreme Hardcore 8 Showcase)
Slipmatt (Hardcore Heaven & HTID UK Hardcore Anthems)
Billy Daniel Bunter (Helter Skelter & Dreamscape Happy Hardcore Anthems)
Fracus & Darwin (Hardcore Underground 5 Showcase)
CLSM (10 years of CLSM Innovation)
Dave Skywalker (Bang Face Hardcore Mentalness)
Ben Skinner & Ben Upfront (London Hardcore Classics)
Buzzman B2b Sparkle & MC Dhd (Hardcore Hit Squad Showcase)
Coopa B2b Alexxx Rave Machine (Epidemik danceKORE Upfront Hardcore Anthems)

Mc's Whizzkid, Spenno, Lyrical Groover, DHD, Sid-P, Rizla Dizla, Livewire

Attractions: Loud / Bright & In Yall Face!!

Dress Code: Come to light up the night!!

ONLY 500 Limited 10 tickets (Same price as the 1st ever Tasty 10 years ago) available on line only from

Face Book Tasty The Return
Info lines 07976 418 522 or 07792 146 952

Well take ya brain to another dimension You know whos the F***ING Daddy!!!

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Adrenaline Stompers: Battle Royale - Added by shutts (0 Attending)
Starts: 2012/01/28

EVENT 8 Has landed,And there is no way better to kick start your '2012' than to be at this
great night with us at Adrenaline Stompers, We know that January can for some be a tight
month after the busy Christmas period, Thats why we have packed out this line-up and
slashed the entry price making this just 4 entry on the night! Supporting for the very first
time a bk2bk Battle Royale with some of the most talented up & coming artists on the scene
at this moment in time, Showcasing not just 1, But 6 bk2bk sets in the main room on this
night, And as you will see these sets are not so straight forward, We have really mixed this 1
right up for your entertainment, Some of these bk2bk's will be for the very first time. Not just
at Adrenaline Stompers but in the history of the local hardcore scene! Watch out, Cause this is
1 night you do not want to miss out on. Feel the Adrenaline! Lets get Stompin!


*DJ Shift-D & Miss Special-K
Mc's 3Man & Messiah*

*Scott Fallon & Jakka-B
Mc's Shutts & Offside*

*DJ Slic & DJ Dave Skee
Mc's Whilmzy & Lukey T*

*DJGlobal & DJ Skindogg With
Mc's Nemises & Flo*

*DJ Demize & DJ Smilez With
Mc's Quaver & iSpy*

*I-Defi & Dramatic With
Mc's Skywalker & K-Ner*


*Oz-e b2b Lay Dee-Jay
*Adam Carnage
*Matt Lewis
Hosted by Mc Messiah/Skywalker & K-Ner.


All train information can be found on the national rail website,

Train station is walking distance from the venue.

For the drivers, There is free secure parking directly outside the venue. For the sat nav the
postcode is - BA13 4JT

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