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Events for July 13th, 2012

I Love Hard Beats 2: Double Vision! - Added by hardbeats hq (5 Attending)
Starts: 2012/07/13

After a crazy, rammed and rocking first event, which well and truly established ILHB as one of the most forward-thinking and eclectic parties in London, we simply cant wait
any longer to unleash the second instalment and kick the arse of Lightbox in Vauxhall harder than at the last party!

This time around we plan to have double the fun, double the energy, and double the shenanigans; event two is going to be totally twintastic and once again completely FREE! We
want you to embrace everything twin, so pair up, dress identically, rave the night away with your partner in crime and we will have prizes on the night for the most convincing
twins*. Two raves for the price of none!

We will be carrying on our trademark anything-goes, fun-loving vibe and will be raving our socks off alongside you under the ceiling carpet of a million lights. Party number
two is going to delve further into the underground freeform sound and the DJs will be matched up in b2b pairings to give you an auditory eargasm! The Remix Room really punched
above its weight at event one; this multi-genre melting-pot wont be holding back and is set to make your vision go squiggly!

To get your free ticket for our Lightbox invasion you need to be a fan of the Hard Beats Collective's Facebook page. Your ticket becomes valid after sharing the event and
liking To VALIDATE your ticket please remember to have SHARED the event on Facebook. If you dont have a ticket you and your twin
will have to pay on the door! So grab your twin, get your free entry code and lets get double vision!


*real twins are not considered**

**unless two sets of twins come dressed as quadruplets!

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Let's Get Stupid - Added by ncws (0 Attending)
Starts: 2012/07/13

NCWS Presents

* Friday 13th of July 2012
* 7pm - 2am
* Clarendon Tavern (2min walk from Clarendon Station, night ride buses now operate on the Richmond line)
* Free Entry & Cheap Drinks (18+ Event only * ID Required )


** JTS (UK Hardcore/Self Produced)
* Nix (Happy Hardcore/Self Produced)
* DJ Syph (Vinyl Set - Old School Breakbeat/Jungle)
* Inoxia (Freeform/FinNRG)
* Cloudze (Vinyl Set - Happy Hardcore)
* Snappa (Vinyl Set - Old School Happy Hardcore)
* Xbox (Happy Hardcore)

Hosted by MC Napsta

Happy Hardcore - Uk Hardcore - Freeform - FinNRG - Old School Happy Hardcore - Old School Breakbeat - Jungle

Awesome Lighting & Lasers - 5k Sound System - Stupidly Trippy Decor - Vinyls - 1 Hour Solo Sets - No Rnb Remixes - Friendly Vibe

Support: - Gold Fish Productions - JTS Recordings

*** Don't forget to add Friday the 17th of August to your diary for the next event :)

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Whiplash - Added by andyfreestyle (0 Attending)
Starts: 2012/07/13

Join the facebook page here -- >


Uploaded with

Whiplash 1st Birthday

Friday 13th July

9pm till 5am

2 Rooms

On the 5th June 2011 we held our First night with a few locals in a small local pub, Nobody
could believe we was holding this event in there... They loved it over time we had to find a
new venue to hold more people ...This is where The Matirx came in .. Since then we have
held Hard dance nights, with Jimmy Dean, Cally Gage, and some other great names and also
we have had Our hardcore nights with Marc Smith, Scorpio, and Gammer.. Not forgetting we
brought Bionic up in January.. So overall I think Whiplash as had a great first year and now
its time to party .... And what better way to party with a beast of a line up .....

Get this date in your dairy....

OK guys what you been waiting for here's the line up with just one more to be confirmed very
very shortly !!!!

Room 1

*** MARK EG***

*** GAMMER***

*** HIXXY ***


*** STOXY ***

*** CRUZE ***

*** PORKIE ***

*** JON EB ***


*** MC DALEY D***


We have one more to come to be confirmed.. Cant wait to tell you who :)

Room 2 - Hard House Hosted by Euphonic Fuzion

*** JIMMY DEAN ***

*** DAWSON ***

*** NOGGER ***



*** CARL HOOD ***

*** JONO HAZIE ***

Keep coming back we have more surprises for you for this event :)

At the Matrix Club, Church Street Ripley, DE5 3BU
Ticket Prices

Early Bird tickets 5.00

Standard Tickets 10.00

On the door 15.00


2000 Capacity Nightclub ~~~~~~ Heated/ Seated smoking area

If you are lucky enough to look under 21 please make sure you bring your Id, Firm but
friendly bar staff....

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