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Events for July 20th, 2012

Stomp! - Added by thumpa (6 Attending)
Starts: 2012/07/20

** Full flyer coming soon! **

Wowee, what an awesome night our last event was! Everyone involved (Ravers, DJ's, MC's, event crew) can be really proud of themselves for putting Leeds right back on the Hardcore map with a bang! Here's what DJ Sy had to say after rocking
our socks off with an epic journey from oldskool to nuskool:

"Stomp in Leeds last night was exactly what the Hardcore scene needs more of! Wicked little night, great venue, awesome crowd...massive shouts to Dave & crew for sorting it, big up all the DJs & MCs who smashed it!"

It'd be a shame to stop there, wouldn't it? Well, here's what we've got in store for the next chapter in our story...

Stomp! presents "RRRave It Up!!" - with DJ HIXXY!

Our headline act needs no introduction whatsoever - whether you're an oldskool or a nuskool raver! Hixxy is the man behind the mighty Hardcore 'Til I Die (HTID), Raver Baby and of course the legendary "Bonkers" albums, with an epic track
record of smashing the pants off the biggest events and earning a massive following all over the world! We've secured his services for a roof raising 90 minute classics set - this is going to be awesome!!

Also lining up for this one arrrre:

THUMPA (Rebuild Music)
Over the last few years, literally no one has put more Blood, Sweat & Tears into Hardcore's underground revolution than DJ Thumpa - establishing his Rebuild Music label as one of the most exciting outlets for creative, forward thinking
rave music - covering everything from mainfloor UK/Happy Hardcore to Freeform, Breaks, D&B and Gabber! Thumpa's passion for the scene and the music is evident in everything he does - we can't wait for him to grace our decks and raise our

DARTS (Trackmaster Music, Uprising Digital, Stomp!)
Your host and resident has had a really exciting 2012 so far, not only establishing Stomp as one of the most exciting new events on the Hardcore scene but also in the studio - with new releases on established labels Trackmaster Music and
Uprising Digital. Get ready for a power hour of uplifting, upfront Hardcore jam packed with exclusives, crowd pleasers and some unexpected surprises!

DMS b2b MIDAS (7D: 7 Dimensions of Euphoria, Scarred Digital, Krafty Radio)
If you're a new talent DJ and you want to play at quality events then look no further than the example set by DMS and Midas. These guys both bring their own unique style to the stage, pushing fresh new music and working hard to push
themselves within the scene -
delivering kickass mixes on the free-to-download '7D: 7 Dimensions of Euphoria' album series as well as regularly tearing up the airwaves on Krafty Radio (Midas) and gaining a big following on with a string of awesome
promo sessions (DMS). From big vocal anthems to filthy Freeform these guys have got it nailed!

GENERAL BOUNCE (Cheeky Tracks)
If you've been a regular Hard Dance follower round Leeds way (and even further afield) over the last decade then it's pretty much a given that you'll be familiar with the sounds of General Bounce! Dave has taken his DJ career to a new
level lately, earning a residency
with popular Leeds based brand Cheeky Tracks and entering the studio with some of the biggest names in the scene to cook up some 'reet slammers! Get your ACME Spring Shoes ordered for this one guys!

LOOBY (Stomp!)
Our resident Hard Dance guru Looby is back behind the Stomp decks once more to deliver his trademark blend of relentless hard stuff - with more hoovers and filters than a family party round at Henry, Hetty, Charles and George's!


THUNDA (Wicked rising star - back by popular demand after our last event!)
SCOTTY G (One of the north's - and the UK's - brightest talents on the M I C!)
RICTA (Another nu-talent MC who kicked the shit out of it last time round and earned his invite back to do the biz' again!)
ARNIE (Our resident mic' technician has got more lyrics than Cliff Richard and spits quicker than Elton John!)

We have a strict "No twats" policy for our MC's - we only book performers who know how to do their job and compliment the music - end of!

*** Just like our last event, this night has a theme - and that theme is: "RRRAVE IT UP!!"

It's time to dig out your hi-vis vests, white gloves, fluffies, cyber gear, big yellow smiley face t shirts, rave hats, flashy accessories and more as we bring the Eiger Studios to life in an explosion of colour and UV! We'll be dishing
out the glowsticks as well as giving out some wicked CD's and other random goodies - Let's rave this one up proper!!! ***

Friday 20th July 2012 @ Eiger Music Studios, New Craven Gate Industrial Estate, LEEDS, LS11 5NF.

6 advance tickets (available soon online and @ Therapy - The HUB in Leeds City Centre) - 10 on the door - 8 NUS. Look young? Bring ID! ROAR.

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