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Events for November 23rd, 2012

Keeping The Rave Alive in Leeds! - Added by darts (3 Attending)
Starts: 2012/11/23

Friday 23rd November 2012 (22:00 - 05:00)
Keeping The Rave Alive @ Stinkys Peephouse in Leeds

Tickets just 10 from:

Join this event on Facebook here:

BBC Radio One resident & Hard Dance Awards winner of Best UK DJ 3 years in a row, Kutski, officially announces exclusive KTRA event details!

Kutski's Keeping The Rave Alive podcasts have become a worldwide phenomenon since launching back in April 2012. Delivering an hour of the freshest hard beats covering 360 degrees of the harder styles and with over 20,000
downloads of the podcast alone each week; the hype around KTRA has become so huge that world renowned promotion Q-Dance have recently asked Kutski to broadcast weekly on their global Q-Dance radio network.

As this growing super brand spreads its wings we thought it would only be right to take things to the next level and announce our very first 'Keeping The Rave Alive' event with Kutski delivering an exclusive extended set
showcasing his formidable style and flare alongside a line up hand picked to create the perfect night out for the harder style fanatic!

Keep the date 23rd November in your diary for the launch event at Stinkys Peephouse in Leeds in official association with The Hardstyle Legion and Stomp!

* * LINE UP * *

Phil York
Sam Townend
Philthy Jennorators
Dark-lite & DMR
MC Scotty G

Tickets are available at just 10 from

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Fantasy Kingdom - Added by latininxtc (0 Attending)
Starts: 2012/11/23

Fantasy Kingdom - A Final Fantasy VS Kingdom Hearts Party
November 23 at 7:00pm until November 24 at 5:00am in PST
7047 E. Marginal way S
Seattle, Washington 98108


Arctic Production's 1 Year

!!Costume Contest!!

!! Raffle- Snowboard Giveaway!!

!!!!! TACO BAR!!!!

**16+ till 2am 18+ after 2am***
21+ Full Bar area and seating

Come and Enter The World Of Final Fantasy With An Epic Twist To VS The Kingdom Hearts

Gonna Be Holding an EPIC Battle Scene Between The Two Worlds

Costume Contest--- Winner Receives--- $100

Every VIP gets a Raffle ticket for a chance to WIN A Brand New 162m Limited Edition Alaskan
Amber Snowboard, Manufactured by RIDE Snowboards ♥

****The One And Only--****
*** From Germany***
******Special D*****

Dennis Horstmann, boldly set out to conquer the international pop and
dance market in 2003. The 21-year-old Hamburg lad climbed to
number 13 in the German single charts with his very first song Come
with Me. That was just the beginning, however. The track went on to
reach the Top 10 in the Netherlands and the UK (no. 6).
His second single Home Alone saw his sound being enhanced with
break beats and even elements of hip hop. That was precisely the
reason why it was just as successful as the first single and made
Special D. the shooting star of 2003. Not only was he nominated for
an ECHO award, he also picked up the Netherlands top music trophy,
the TMF Award as Best International Dance Act. A nomination for the
Radio 538 award in the Best Song of 2003 category followed.
The likeable Hamburger, who always seems to be smiling, decided not
to rush his first album. He spent almost a whole year working on the
tracks and sounds before it was finished. But not only for his tracks he
is working in his studio in Hamburg. He writes and produces songs for
other artists, including Dickheadz, DJ Dean, DJ Digress and Brooklyn
Bounce. And together with Wout van Dessel from Belgium Dance-
Pop-Act Sylver he produced songs for the Bulgarian Popstar Winner.
As early as 13, Dennis was working on keyboards and pianos. He
occupied the studio at his school before eventually being put in charge
of it. In 1994, he discovered dance music and showed off to his
schoolmates on the turntables. In addition, he played keyboards and
guitar in a school band. At the age of 15, he used money given to him
as a confirmation present to buy the equipment to set up his own home
studio and took the first steps towards producing music. Soon
afterwards Brooklyn Bounce producers Dennis Bohn and Matthias
Menck noticed him and invited him to their studio.
With Here I Am Special D. had his comeback in 2006. Currently he
is working on his second longplayer, which will be released in 2011.
Since that the fans can meet him at his many DJ-Gigs. More than 1000
DJ-Sets he did in the last fifteen years worldwide and made him to
one of the most booked DJs in Europe.

**Just One**
USC Events // One Life // freeBASS // Foundation

Just One aka Jacob McDonald first became interested in disc jockeying back in 2000 after
attending several large warehouse parties in Seattle. Now with over a decade of experience
behind the mixer, he is making a large impact across the Pacific Northwest. He was named
the top upcoming DJ of 2010 to play on The Vortex C89.5 FM; Seattle's hottest electronic
music radio station. In 2011 he started his own dj & promotion crew that goes by One Life and
is currently working as a stage manager, promoter, and resident dj for Seattle's top edm
production company USC Events. His passion for music also led him to his residency at the
most successful electronic music weekly in Seattle; freeBASS Thursday's at Foundation. Just
One is with out a doubt Seattle's premier bass heavy DJ.

** Powermitten**
>CresFresh Coalition : harderFASTERlouder : Spandex<

Powermitten is Epilectro. Powermitten aims to create and remix everything the world wishes
they forgot. Most of Powermitten's set is self-produced "hands up hard dance" full of
nostalgia, live performance, parody, and pure high octane energy. Tracks such as his
Rebecca Black "Friday" remix have been praised around the press. Employing tools such as
an 80's midi Casio saxophone, electric kazoos (for those epic trance tracks), rave whistles,
confetti cannons, trigger fingers, spandex, and an ever changing array of aural enhancement
equipment, it's a combination of EDM, live performance, and good theatrical chaos.

**Jimni Cricket**
KFA/Disko Wrap

Seattle native Jimni Cricket has been DJ'ing professionally since 1999 focusing on everything
from cheesy Happy Hardcore, to live mash-ups and pretty much anything else under the sun.
In recent years she been extremely dedicated to making herself one of the most technical djs
in the US. Constantly learning new tricks and challenging herself, Jimni is well know for her
quick mixing and ninja-like scratching abilities. She will often throw over 40 tracks effortlessly
over the course of an hour set. On her quest to leave no city untouched, she has headlined in
almost every US state and ventured into Canada. She has recently been honored to join the
one of the most well bbhc record labels in the world "Kniteforce records". With her unique
style and adorable personality the bug makes friends and fans at every single show, a fact
that an army of candy ravers across North America can attest to.

**Ian K**
seattleHARDCORE // Harder, Faster, Louder

A long time fixture in the Seattle rave community, Ian K is dedicated to bringing the sounds of
hardcore to the masses. He first took the stage under the name MC Verbal, but soon found
himself focusing more and more on production, building up his studio (The LAB). After building
up a collection of original tracks, he began to play out under the Ian K. moniker, focusing on
DJing and his Live PA. Ian lit 2009 on fire with performances at Hardcore Till I Die in the Sun,
in Lloret De Mar, Spain and several of his tracks peaking in the top 10 on trackitdown.nets
hardcore charts, more than one of which have been dropped by BBC Radio 1′s award winning
DJ, Kutski. After a dynamite performance on the mainstage at HTID in the Sun in 2010, and
weekly appearances across the US, Ian K is poised to make a lasting and permanent
impression on the global hardcore community.

** Marc Q**
Phase 3 Events/Mayhem

Specializing in electronic dance music, MarQ has over
17 years experience in the music industry. In the
last few years, MarQ has gained recognition as one
of Seattles top Trance/Progressive Dj's. With High
Profile residencies at top clubs MarQ quickly gained
a reputation for explosive performance, impeccable
track selection and rock solid mixing. Sharing the
stage with top artists from around the world MarQ is
constantly showing his diversity. With a sound ranging
from deep dark progressive house, to melodic European
trance MarQ's moving sets take you on a musical
journey as they build. In the rave scene, MarQ has
quickly taken his place among Seattle's finest,
playing for every major promoter in the NW. Now gaining
national recognition MarQ is regularly traveling the


Officially titled Seattles Hardstyle BadBoy, With unstoppable turntable skills, he is creating
an entirely new generation of hardstyle soldiers to man the front lines of the hard dance
battlefield. A true inspiration behind the decks and in life, Wheelz has shown Seattle that he
will take on all challenges, and overcome all obstacles to beat the odds. As one of the hardest
working djs around, the future has endless possibilities for this dj and the Producer on the


Bouncy was born in South Korea but he was raised in Washington State and has lived here for
over twenty five years! He started partying back in 2000 and his first rave he attended was
Freaknight at the old Expo Center. He was a frequent partier and could be seen at all the local
venues like Naf, The Hall, FX, and others. Around the fall of 2004 he picked up his first
turntables and fell in love with djing immediately. Ever since then he could not stop spinning.
He messed around with a few genres like Hard Trance and UK Hard House before he
discovered Hands Up! He loved Hands Up because it combined the hard beats of UK Hard
House with the cheesey melodies and sing a longness of Happy Hardcore into one powerful
genre. He got his first gig at FX (then called Studio B) and played at Black Out 3. Ever since
then he has been a regular part of Seattle's scene and can be seen at many local events

**The Sauce**
Arctic Productions

Arctic Productions/Emerald Roots

Arctic Productions/Emerald Roots

Arctic Productions

Arctic Production's

**Tigon** ( Seattle's own Tigger)
Nubreed/Arctic Productions

Emerald Roots

** Alic3 D**
Arctic Productions

**C3llar Dw3ll3r**
One Life/Mayhem/Emerald Roots

Arctic Productions/Emerald Roots

DJ DePriest started his music career when he was 10. After a visit to his Uncles production
studio where his cousin was recording a demo CD DJ DePriest became instantly hooked by
the magic of the music. Before the burst of the EDM scene, DJ DePriest played viola in
orchestra class from 5th grade through 10th. His love for music evolved and when he was 13
he began going to raves with his friends and experienced electronic music. For 8 years he
watched and studied his favorite DJs in awe and at the end of those 8 long years the 21 year
old began learning how to spin with friend and fellow DJ Breed. From August 09 to October
09 DePriest practiced and bought his own Pioneer CDJ 1000s and a DJM 800. Breed arranged
his first tag set with DePriest in late October 09 and they played out for a crowd at a local
rave. Since then he has been addicted. Now Just over two years later this incredible
electro/breaks DJ earned a place in the Marble Productions roster along with a slew of other
illustrious production companies who scooped him up the second they heard him play. With
his love and passion for the scene you can see DJ DePriest at almost every Seattle rave and
frequents Trinity and LSC as well. DJ DePriest is proof that if you have passion and
determination you can get where you want to be in a short amount of time. Keep an eye out
for this Seattle local because hes coming up quick!

Ticket Sales--

Limited $15
General $20
VIP $40

VIP includes-
Meet and Greet Special D w/ Photo by OH Snap! Photography
Special Laminated Badge
Free Water
Raffle Ticket to WIN a Snowboard
Taco Tickets
Arctic Productions T-Shirt
Memorable Stuffed Penguin
Special VIP Area

OH! Snap Photography

Why So Serious GoGo Team

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Anime Dreamland : Official Kikwear Relaunch Party - Added by ringpop (0 Attending)
Starts: 2012/11/23

Hard Dance Minnesota//Hard Dance Nation

Anime Dreamland
Zoe & Robert Vanwest

November 23rd 2012
Ground Zero Nightclub
15 4th St. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55413

Hard Dance Nation Crew, get ready for our next fully themed show. We asked you guys what
kind of theme you wanted and it was pretty unanimous that you guys wanted Anime!! We love
our fans and we want to make you guys happy! So, show up as your favorite character!
Dressing up and getting crazy creative is encouraged and if you cant decide who to be, no
worries! Well all still have a blast!

As some of you may know, this show is also part of the Kikwear Relaunch Tour!! Well have
lots of goodies to give away throughout the night! Thanks to everyone who entered the
drawing at the Lenny Dee show. Well be getting hold of the winners shortly! Without further
ado here are your hosts for

Anime Dreamland!!

Zoe & Robert VanWest
Tampa, Florida
LIVE vocal set! The Voice of American Hardcore and the master of Dark Hard Trance bring
you a set tailored just for the Hard Dance Nation! It will be featuring an extra aggressive
selection of freeform, hardcore and hard trance.

Chicago Illinois
For over 10 years, Brad Nierman has been rocking crowds in his hometown of Chicago with
nothing but the best Hard House, Hardstyle, & Dubstep. With gigs nationwide, Bizerk continues
to bring the hard sounds to the forefront of the hard dance scene in the United States, and will
continue for the years to come. Whether its working alongside DJ Caffeine creating hits such
as "DJ Whore", "Juke" and "Drunk & High", or working solo creating chart-topping tracks such
as "Blast That Shit", Bizerk promises to slam your crowd and complete any night! There is
only one question... Are you ready to go Bizerk!?

Local Support:

Kid Icarus
//Sound In Motion//

Real Deal
//Hard Dance Minnesota//

Hosted by MC Obliquity
The Twin Cities hardest dancers:
Bass Kandi!

Ground Zero Nightclub
15 4th St. N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55413
Doors at 10pm

$15 Door
$10 Presales are available at

Keep checking back for chances to win free tickets! Dont forget to tell all your friends!! This
will be an amazing show!!

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