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Events for September 28th, 2019

Ravekick III - Added by danielseven (1 Attending)
Starts: 2019/09/28

Line-up: ☻ Flapjack (DJ) (USA) ☻ Alaguan FT. Lexi (DE) ☻ Daniel Seven (IT) ☻ Triplestar DJ ☻
WT-Jay ☻ Neodash Zerox

Na een succesvolle eerste editie in de Popcentrale presenteren we vol trots de 3e Ravekick. Met
speciale vermelding van Flap Jack, speciaal overgevlogen uit de USA om een exclusive full vinyl only
set neer te zetten. Met een killer line-up van Alaguan ft. Lexi (DE), Daniel Seven (IT), Triplestar
(NL), WTJay (NL) en Neodash Zerox (NL) gaan we deze avond onvergetelijk maken. Een all-
inclusive Happy Hardcore, 90s Rave, Drum n Bass, Early event die uniek is in Nederland. Hou de
Ravekick Facebookpagina in de gaten voor alle updates en we zien je graag aanwezig op 28-9 a.s.!
Voor iedereen die op aanwezig staat op het Facebook-event en langskomt wacht een speciale gift.
Alleen voor de echte Ravekick gangers. Tot dan!

Entree: EUR 5,- pre-sale | EUR 8,- aan de deur| Tijd: 20:30 - 01:30 uur

☻ Flapjack (DJ) (USA)
DJ Flapjack is a Los Angeles-based oldskool hardcore deejay whose passion for cheesy beats and
dedication to his art has quickly rocketed him to a respected position among his underground
deejay peers, and led him to become a well-known artist worldwide. Represented by Raversonly
and rocking extremely hi-NRG 100% vinyl hardcore sets; a friend to kandi ravers near and far,
Flapjack is known for more than just his friendly persona and fashion sense. His keen sense of
tunes, lightning fast scratching, and turntablist mixing skills are sure to win over the hearts of
happy hardcore fans, new and old!

☺ Alaguan ft. Lexi (DE)
Alaguan is a German Happy Hardcore producer and DJ. Inspired by happy, uplifting melodies and
beautiful vocals, Alaguan entered the Happy Hardcore scene in 2015, bringing you the music that
makes you feel something. Joining the HPTG collective in 2017, he continues to spread his message
"Connected Vibes", after his debut EP of the same name. Making his DJ debut at the first Ravekick
event in the Netherlands, he gives a fresh take on the Hardcore scene, bringing the happiness back
to your headphones as well as the dancefloor.Lexi is a Happy Hardcore singer from Germany. Being
a singer for most of her life, Lexi made herself a name in the Happy Hardcore scene when her track
'Genre Police' with Australian producer S3RL hit the top 10 in the Norwegian charts in 2015. Since
then, Lexi has become an integral part of the scene, releasing music with producers from all over
the world and performing at events such as 'Easter Rave' in Germany.

☻ Daniel Seven (IT)
Electronic and Happy Hardcore artist from Italy. Starting in 2011, he got his first track released in
the acclaimed compilation 'Hardcore Underground 5'. Since then he contributed many tracks and
remixes worldwide. His debut artist album "Electronic Happy Dreamer", released in 2017 with a
launch tour date in Japan, defined his artistic identity, free from any kind of obligation or artistic
restriction. He also contributed soundtracks for acclaimed videogame companies such as CAPCOM
and TAITO. Recent performances all over the world have further strengthened his DJ'ing credentials,
getting him ready for take off with worldwide tours and gigs. In 2018, he founded his own label and
collective: HPTG Music, alongside a team of selected new hardcore artists from all over the world,
and launched Ravekick, their own series of happy hardcore and eurodance compilations and events
mainly focused in Central Europe.

☻ Triplestar DJ
Leandro started music production when he was 12 years old. Realizing very soon his heart lay with
happy, fast paced music. Obsessed with old happy hardcore classics from the 90s he wanted to
start creating his own music. After many days, weeks, months spending behind his instruments, the
urge to entertain people grew stronger and stronger. In 2015 his first official gig was held in
Spokane, Washington USA. Gathering a crowd of people who say: "I never danced so hard in my
life" to This guy keeps you waiting, but once you see him play you'll be blown away. Many years of
raving, gathering samples and forming his artistic vision, Triplestar was ready to blast his way
through the airwaves. Now, as the owner of Ravekick, the future looks bright and full of energy!

☻ WTJay
WTJay is a local Dutch Drum & Bass DJ known for high paced energetic vibes, mixing oldschool with
new and always trying to find new double drops that Andy C would make a run for. Mixing 90s
jungle & anything you can think off with an offbeat bass to find a way to give 'underground' a new

☻ Neodash Zerox
A DJ from the Netherlands, specialized in the wide range of Japanese Hardcore (J-Core) variating
from Hardstyle up all the way to Speedcore.
Neodash also has other alter ego "The Syndicator" and "Chem-g00k". The first in the Netherlands
that is specialized in the wide range of Japanese Hardcore (J-Core) variating from Hardstyle up all
the way to Speedcore. And also safe to say one of the very few J-Core DJ's in Europe. Because he
loves the wide viarity of the whole J-Core scene, he decided to be a freestyle artist, mixing alot of
the styles into one great mix.

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