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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Back To The 90s Added by thumpa (0 Attending)

Back to the 90's (Daytime rave in London) - Happy Hardcore & 90's Rave ft Robbie Lond and Devastate and more.

The last event sold out in 3 days, early ticket purchase recommended.

Sat 24th Feb 3-10PM

Facebook event page

The Star of Kings (Basement), 126 York Way, London, N1 0AX

Kings Cross Underground Regents Canal Exit - 5 min walk

Limited early birds ?7 +b/f

Standard ?9 + b/f

Last entry is 7pm. Buying tickets is strongly advised due to the capacity of venue! The last event sold out in 3 days. All ticket holders will get free recordings from the event, please purchase early to avoid

Robbie Long & Devastate (First b2b in over 10 years)

Uplift (Best of 92-93)

Dodgee (Classic Trancecore Scratch Off)

Jedi (93-94 Forgotten Gems)

Thumpa (98-99 Helter Skelter Anthems)

Traffic Cone (Breaks to Bouncy Techno)

Hosted by Strict & Rizla Dizla

An intimate event dedicated purely to classic happy hardcore and much loved 90s rave situated in deep central London. Come and join us as we delve into the euphoric sounds of 1991-1999. From the bleeps and
bloops of early rave right up to the hands in the air piano vibe of late 90s happy hardcore and deep trancecore! No gimmicks, no drama, no 45-minute sets, just good vibes, extended sets from respected DJs and
awesome beer for all 100% guaranteed. You can even be back in bed for 11pm.

5 Jaeger bombs for ?20

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