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  Articles >> z.Internal Development : v3 changelog
z.Internal Development
Internal development notes and comments from the makers of v3 changelog
Author: silver
Rate this resource! was totally re-written to make it more secure and more flexible for our needs. In the process we have documented what we have done - this is where you can find out all about the new version.

About v3 over the previous version is that you should notice is that the site is running about 300% faster. We have re-written the entire backend and authentication system, which is no small order since we have re-written every file on the site (about 200,000 lines of code). There is a lot less redundant code, tighter security and less redundant checks, everything is passed at login which is the way it should be done.

+ Add - Members: Added IP range member searcher for mods and admins.
* Fix - Avatar: Uploading avatar now works again :: Bug credit danthebangerboy
* Fix - Banner: Delete a zone now actually works.
* Fix - Banner: Adding new zone now redirects correctly back to management page.
* Fix - Banner: Manage zones now works (database change).
* Fix - General: Corrected syntax errors in CSS for global file and news top page.
* Fix - General: Custom 404 page now returning response code of 404 rather than 202 :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix - News: NewsIT posts now input the hard coded lang ID and therefore display on the top page :)

* Change - Removed minor and major code related includes from the home page as it was unneeded.
* Change - General: Global function include file now UTF-8 and should replace characters better now for safehtml function calls

* Change - Site languages are back in a (row type / source document ID) format in the database. Default is US english at the moment (hard coded into the content adder)

* Change - News: Changed news title to ntext 300, newsdesc to ntext
* Change - News: DIVified the tope page news, hopefully increase in speed for page loading and slowly to reduce amount of tables used on site.
* Change - General: Javascript popup window code now .js include

v3.1.69.0 v3.1.70.0 v3.1.70.1
* Fix - mixbuilder: Now works after name redefine stop all error
* Fix - functions include: Convert to Japanese date now outputs nothing if nothing is given to it rather than a " / / " date.
* Fix - SimpleMailer: The body of the email how uses the body and not the subject again
* Fix - Importer: Javascript open new window bug with ' characters in artist names.
* Fix - Removed old webtrends code from 2 files.
* Change - General: Updated google analytic code to latest version from google.
* Change - General: all email details now come from a common include.
* Change - General: Wording for site and URL now from a common include.
* Change - General: Authorized URL's now from a common include

* Fix - Memberprofile page wont error out (very rare) if the users homepage, mlink1 or mlink2 are null.
* Change - General: all physical paths now come from a common include.

+ Add - Radio: Mixbuilder now emails the DJ when a mix is finalized.
* Change - Removed dude DB creditals from global include. Should all import from master DB connect file anyway.
* Change - Removed Snitz "code portions based on" since we are now 100% re-written
* Change - The new setname length is 255 characters
* Fix - Phase search with two or more excluded words now works :: Bug credit C Cell
* Fix - Adding a maxlength to the text input and a text truncade for the SQL input to 255 characters
* Fix - Radio Tracksets with ' in title wont mess up the realtime streamer

+ Add - Added swear and possible offensive word censor filter to googlebase RSS upon googles suggestion.
* Fix - Can now add a new forum without an error.

+ Add - RSS for at
+ Add - 10 latest items to top page with balloon info

* Fix - "My area" page no longer has a all stop error for the tab include. :: Bug credit samination
* Fix - Cookies are now cleared before writing to the page so we don't have a "The HTTP headers are already written to the client browser" error anymore. :: Bug credit Ravelink69
* Fix - URL's with @ symbols now work and don't turn them into half email and URL links (eg.

* Change - Changed TOPIC_ID in the querystring to lower case across the entire site so google doesn't think it's two different pages.
+ Add - Youtube tags for embedding youtube links into forum posts [youtube]
+ Add - Added BBcode for URL's now works.

* Fix - Replies to topics with more than 1 page now work.
* Fix - New topic posts now work.

* Change - Topic page title now reflect the subject of the forum topic
* Change - Meta descriptions on page 2 and more of topics are now created with the first 255 characters of that pages replies.
* Change - If the first page's meta description is less than 50 characters we use 205 characters of the replies to try to fill it. Will still need to check if the new page is longer than 50 characters in the future.
* Change - Artist and label pages now display "artist" or "label" in the title so google doesn't mix up artists and labels with the same name (eg. resist)
* Change - Cleaned up header include file, meta include.
* Change - Added noindex meta tag to alert moderator page in forums.
* Change - Added noindex meta tag to banner page on radio player.
* Change - Added default page to /chat so people find the chat sometimes.

* Fix - Mixbuilder profile links now link to correct place.
* Change - Radio HTML title now more search engine friendly.
* Change - Renamed country flags with a space in it so there is no space.
+ Add - South Africa's flag to country DB.

+ ADD - New radio DJ medal in forum user profile (shown if you have more than 1 mix finalized).
* Change - Avatar and userinfo (posts count etc) moved to modular function.
* Fix - Top level articles category now display correctly.

+ ADD - Bot tasker, can task events to fire after a certain time.
+ ADD - Pre-written label pages for releases, if all is good will also change artists. Intital test show pages load 10 times faster (30seconds - > 3 seconds)
* Change - Pre-written pages now utilise an AJAX update to show what records you own and want for people using the own / want system.
* Change - Added new tasker functions to record DB admin.
* Change - Added new tasker functions to importer.
* Fix - Forums no longer inserting double ' marks for edits and quotes :: Bug credit bulby_g
* Fix - Importer bug fixed.
* Fix - Importer: Fixed issue with adding a new label that had an ' character in it (javascript)
* Fix - Importer: Uploaded some window graphics that were missing for AJAX window popup.
* Fix - Events: Unescape the date correctly for google looking up old style event URLs.
* Fix - Forums: When hackers try to hack topics they get redirected rather than an error message.
* Fix - RecordDB: When hackers try to hack the record DB labels they get redirected rather than an error message.
* Fix - RecordDB: Cleaned up code and search filter for labels.

+ Add - Recording 404 errors into database in an attempt to fix them.
+ Add - Pushed live CD time, extracts times from CD's with the push of a button.
+ Add - Server error reporter build
+ Add - All Server 500 errors now logged for checking.
* Fix - Artist profile pages now displaying again, whoops!
* Fix - Fixed paging problem on links section. :: Bug credit google bot + 404 reporter.
* Fix - Realtime streamer now now longer freaks out if a CD is playing with no times in the record DB, now reverts back to non tracklist item.
* Fix - Now saving GET and POST data correctly for 500 reporter
* Fix - Fixed permission issues with mixbuilder and stored proceedures.
* Fix - Record label display stop all error fixed :: Bug credit google + yahoo + new 500 reporting engine.
* Fix - SQL injection checks out the nuts on the entire site.
* Fix - **** load of XSS scripting problems fixed - 99.9% snitz's fault.
* Fix - The all release pulldown in edit CD now displays all items even if some of the data is null.
* Fix - Removed more malware from radio DB

* Fix - Pulled URL from database for frame load instead of querystring, shouldn't have a cross frame problem anymore.
* Fix - some banner files now give nicer error messages when you try to hack it.
* Fix - post.asp now gives nicer error messages when you try to hack it.
* Fix - Fixed mixbuilder so there is no longer an error when loading :: bug credit leto, DJ Roflz, Inzane
* Fix - After malware bot attack external links no longer allows SQL injection, ****ing SNTIZ! Very sorry to everyone affected.

* Fix - Radio: Deleting the first item in the mixbuilder no longer tries to open the mix into the entire page. :: Bug credit DJ Cotts
* Fix - Radio: Artists with no artist version no longer bomb out in the mixbuilder. :: Bug credit DJ Cotts
* Fix - Radio: Selecting a single from item select search no longer sends track before it to the mix. :: Bug credit Andi Digi
* Fix - Radio: The last track on the item on an item search is now selectable.

* Change - RADIO: Mixbuilder system change add / edit tracks to sets now AJAXized.
* Change - RADIO: Mixbuilder now works in all browsers.
* Change - RADIO: Knocked 50k off mixbuilder due to re-code.
* Fix - EVENTS: Editting events that have a single line (or deleting all the text) no longer sends you into a javascript infinate loop.
* Fix - FORUMS: Private messages select all checkbox now works in FF. :: Bug credit : bulby_g
* Fix - FORUMS: Main forums page, active topics, topic page icons now have title HTML tags so non IE browsers can see what they are.
* Fix - GENERAL: Tidyed up some variables that shouldn't be poking their heads outside their own functions in the global function file.
* Fix - FORUMS: Adding a new event from the main forum page no longer directly adds it to the forum and now ads it into events.
* Fix - RADIO: Time grabbed now will look to see if there is a forum entry for tracks without a radio set ID before entering in a new on
* Fix - RADIO: Realtime player now detects a live show correctly.
* Fix - RADIO: Realtime player tweaked buffer time.
* Fix - RADIO: Realtime player now displays the last track on a CD playing.
* Fix - RADIO: Realtime player Tracks starting with a v2 linked mixscript where not showing.
* Fix - RADIO: Realtime player "not in database" DJ tracks were placed in the wrong order.

v3.1.56.0 + v3.1.57.0
+ Add: RECORDRB: New CD time importer, put the CD into your drive, press a button and upload all times to the recordDB with a few buttons.
+ Add: GENERAL: AJAX autocomplete can now search for record items (release title names) from record DB.
* Fix: RECORDDB: Importer permissions now correct.
* Fix: GENERAL: General isolation errors now fixed.
* Fix: GENERAL: Fixed login error on mini AJAX login so it will work on any page.
* Fix: RECORDDB: Record DB dropdowns now working due to wrong element in form array being targetted, not sure how that happened.
* Fix: RADIO: Mixbuilder now outputs the full details of a CD even if any of the other items are null or missing.
* Fix: RADIO: URL's now pass correctly in player window (and anything with an " character)
* Change: RADIO: Realtime track stream can now handle remix credit and full formatting of artists in CD mode, DJ mix artist text coming shortly.
* Change: GENERAL: Cleaned up forum function include file, reduced size by 8k

+ Add: When the radio is live, the realtime player window status now show that the set is live.
* Change: GENERAL: Closed other change logs and merged all into main development changelog.
* Fix: RADIO: AJEXed / phototyped - Real time stream now works in FF2, IE6, IE7, IE8b1, Opera9 and safari on iphone.
* Fix: RADIO: Disabled unload function of widget destruction as only FF supported it and then not very good.

+ Add: FORUMS: Added banner advert to active topic pages - everyone loves banners and the beatport girl!
+ Add: GENERAL: Mini AJAX login now supports save password cookies & poison cookies.
* Change: GENERAL: Moved mini database open function into seperate include.
* Change: GENERAL: Config now loads database variable from one source and opens database from same function.
* Change: Event validation: Textbox auto grows and shinks as text box needs.
* Change: Event validation: Dropdown now works with wordwrap on, FF can now scroll to the right and positions much better in general.
* Change: General: Upgraded to ASPJpeg v2.0
* Change: General: Medals now display a title (ALT tag) for firefox / opera people.
* Change: Memberprofile: Reduced the size of memberprofile.asp by around 35k.
* Change: Memberprofile: Avatar Now delete BMP files.
* Change: Memberprofile: Avatar Convert CMYK Jpeg's to RGB.
* Change: Memberprofile: Avatar Convert images higher than 72DPI to 72DPI
* Change: Memberprofile: Avatar Upload limit now 100k to allow for a resizeable image but avatar limit still 25k.
* Change: Memberprofile: Avatar Checks filesize after resize and save. Deletes files over 25k and reports error.
* Fix: GENERAL: Seperated event JS autocomplete textarea file to textbox so memberprofile / importer / record DB now display the dropdown correctly.
* Fix: Memberprofile: Avatar Users upload an avatar for the first time wont get an error now.
* Fix: GENREAL: Mini AJAX login now correctly logs you into the session table and updates the member profile last logged in times.
* Fix: FORUMS: Active topic's now uses database last login date rather than a cookie (hopefully will work).
* Fix: FORUMS: If user has no last login date active topics uses the current date instead of trying to pull everything out of the database.
* Fix: FORUMS: Recent topics now doesn't error out if a recent topic has been locked.

+ Add: Event validation: Text box now grows when more text is added.
+ Add: Event validation: Optional add extra row in gohst textarea per x number of rows.
* Change: Autocomplete: Now Supertrim's input.
* Change: Autocomplete: Database query is now not case sensative.
* Fix: Event validation: Lookup is now much faster and doesn't stall.
* Fix: Event validation: Caps issues worked out for search.

+ Add: Events: New custom AJAX textarea database autolook up validating events for MODs. Works in IE6, IE7, IE8b1, FF2, Opera9 (with alt button).
+ Add: General: New AJAX login system.
+ Add: General: New (mini) session management.
+ Add: Importer: New ALT spelling for label and artist.
+ Add: Importer: New prototype JS windows for add label, add ALT spelling label, add artist, add ALT spelling artist.
+ Add: Importer: New remix processor engine, now works off complete line remix and partial remix matches.
+ Add: Importer: New remix re-order prototype JS window with add, sort, edit and delete all in the 1 window.
+ Add: General: Modular AJAX autocomplete textbox DB lookup now handles record labels and will display the CAT number on the info line.
* Change: Importer: Major optimization of code, reduced filesize by by about 14% and still even less than previous version will all the new functions.
* Change: Importer: Now security wrapped, admin only for now.
* Fix: Importer: Manually handle "&" characters for adding artists and ALT spelling.
* Fix: Importer: Handle * characters in artist names better eg. The *ting*

* Fix: General PM: Outbox now displays sent private messages.
* Fix: General PM: Minor database injection possbility issues fixed.
* Fix: Forum NewsIT: NewsIT function now gets "text" data from database to display for a cross post NewsIT post.
* Fix: Forum topic: Minor database injection issue on newsit function (not public function).

* Change: Memberprofile: Corrected error messages not to Read Like This but to read like this.
* Change: Memberprofile: Linking record DB artists to forum members now utilizes artist autosuggest AJAX dropdown menu.
* Change: Forum / PM post: Formatted text messages not to Read Like This but to read like this.
* Change: RecordDB: Admin: Auto suggest drop down boxes for artists.
+ Add: Memberprofile: Forum accounts to record DB artists now can be removed with addition of AJAX delete button.
+ Add: General: Modular AJAX autocomplete textbox DB lookup. Currently supports record DB artists.
+ Add: General: Event attendance medals in forums, memberprofile and PM.
* Fix: Radio mixbuilder: Stop all error when DJ was updating their profile :: Bug credit virtual xtc
* Fix: Banners: Non server side javascript code inject didn't have an open database connection and was giving errors. :: Bug credit googlebot
* Fix: Banners: Various database injection possibilties removed.
* Fix: Banners: Optimised some SQL queries.

* Fix: Memberprofile: Writing a persons introduction changes all the relationships written by other people for that person to the same relationship as you just entered if that other person didn't already have a pre-existing relationship (phew!).
* Fix: Events: Event stats are now refreshed for the poster on a direct event add

* Fix: Memberprofile: When deleting a user from your profile you no longer delete all the others persons introductions - sorry!
* Fix: Memberprofile: In firefox the middle profile box is now justified to look correct.
* Fix: Memberprofile: Number of user limit now correctly references users own number of members rather than the person requesting to be added.
* Change: Memberprofile: Increased the maximum number of friends to 200.
+ Add: Memberprofile: The number of new private messages is now displayed on users member profile page.

* Fix: Events: If you forgot to selecting a country for an old events without a country selected initally a stop all error no longer comes up.
* Fix: Events: Old events for admins and mods (direct inserts) were not using old forum dates, corrected.
* Fix: Search: Cleaned up SQL query for more speed (hopefully).
* Fix: Search: If nothing is returned on a search it now says "Page 1 of 1" instead of "Page 1 of 0"
* Fix: Search: Corrected formatting of "delete" to have a space before it.
* Fix: Member: Display an actual readable page if trying to view member search page while not logged in.
* Fix: Member: Searching on a name now works when you try to change the page.
* Change: Member: Removed searching on email address' for security reasons - only mods and admins can do it now.
* Change: Search: If nothing is returned changed message to "We couldn't find anything to match this search. Please try again."
* Change: Search: No sites found changed to no matches found for search.
* Change: Search: Cleaned up scope of search function to actual function.
* Change: Removed unneed file Portal_ShowArticle.asp

+ Add: Events: Confirm delete event
+ Add: Events: Verbose event delete
+ Add: Events: Posting an event that already has past will now insert the event into the relivent event forum with a forum post of the day of the event so it wont display as a new topic.
+ Add: Events: When event is validated an email and PM is sent to the person that added the event.
+ Add: Events: When deleting an event, the event moderator has the option of emailing / PMing an auto reply to why the message was deleted.
* Fix: Records: Label profile pages load quicker due to detection of logged in user or not and don't have to do an "owned/wanted" database query.
* Fix: Events: Editing events wont prematurely post into forums before validated.
* Fix: Events: Formatting text
* Fix: Events: Cleaned and optmised code.
* Fix: Events: Changed validated & private fields in event database to tinyint's instead of smallints and ints.
* Fix: Events: Create new topic option doesn't display on private events if user has permission to actually create an event topic.
* Fix: Events: Closed a hole where it might have been possible to edit another persons private event if they knew the ID of that event.
* Fix: Events: Editing an event now formats the date_added time / date correctly.
* Fix: Events: Removed unnessasry join for upcoming and past events, speed up load times of event and main pages.
* Fix: Events: Possiblity of adding an older event would display as a recent event before being validated.
* Fix: Events: Private events being displayed in both upcoming and previous events.
* Fix: Events: Event topic ID not displayed for private events for those accounts that have this option.
* Fix: Events: Removed country and sub selection on editting a private event.
* Fix: Events: Cleaned up table HTML on edit event x 2.
* Fix: Events: Removed validation options for private events for accounts with that can perform this action.
* Fix: Events: Extra security layer to stop members editting other peoples private events (not that it was an issue).
* Fix: Events: Switched private event lookup to database level.
* Fix: Events: You can no longer "attend" a private event.
* Fix: Events: Can now delete private events
* Fix: Events: Can now edit / preview private events.
* Fix: Events: Removed disused code.
* Fix: Events: Optimised some SQL queries.
* Fix: Events: Can now preview edited events when validating without a stop all error.
* Change: Events: Merged the validate delete function into 1 big delete function for public / private / validated deletes.

* Fix: Mixbuilder had a stop all error when trying to select a track using the track selector. :: Bug credit bluecore
+ Add: Record DB label view now displays correctly when a label cat has a space in it.
+ Add: Various new importer rules added.
* Fix: Importer: Formatting of Mr corrected.
* Fix: Importer: Handles "meets" on remix credit.
+ Add: Importer: New pattern matches.
+ Add: Events: New TOP button to artist adder in events, lists number of times an artists has played ranked in order - Can now see who gets the most artist bookings!
+ Add: Events: Botscript to count number of events artist has played at.
+ Add: Events: Add carrage return to end of artist code when adding an artist to event.
+ Add: Events: Code cleanup in eventbuilder.

* Fix: Record DB label view now displays correctly when a label cat as a space in it.
* Fix: Record DB Item display possible SQL injection issue. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Record DB search fixed on item search (collection corresponding error). :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Change: Removed seperate guests and members counters from top page and used global counter. :: Bug credit samination
* Fix: Radio player now has default bitrates and players if options are not input. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Stop all bug when looking up record item for a CD in realtime radio tracklister.
+ Add: Various new importer rules added.

* Fix: Track item display now displaying remix data correctly for items with " in the character (not sure if that is the actual bug but it's fixed anyway).
* Fix: Label display now displaying remix data correctly for items with " in the character (not sure if that is the actual bug but it's fixed anyway).
* Fix: Record admin now displays " characters correctly in textbox form inputs.
* Fix: The new record items script now correctly formats " characters when generating the top new items from the bot.
* Fix: Updated links and graphics pointing to the old site items / graphics.
* Change: Now displaying the record label name and artist name in the < title > for respective label / artist pages.
* Change: Added text in events to indicate that you should add text as well as graphic information when submitting an event.
+ Add: New banner position added, lower forums.
+ Add: Various new importer rules added.

* Fix: Member delete now nukes all the data in the profile if the user already has posts.

* Fix: Events: Wording for "event" now universal (ie. not event's)
* Fix: Events: Wording for "screensize" now universal.
* Fix: Events: Screensize (message box) for adding events now defaults to 1024x768.
* Fix: Events: Tooltip for calander now functions without javascript error message.
* Fix: Events: Adding event no longer producers javascript error message.
* Fix: Forum: Replying to topic no longer producers javascript error message.
* Fix: Forum: Removed redudant code in forum.asp.
* Fix: PM: Reply to PM: Security issue with unauthorized PM viewing of other members.
* Fix: PM: Replying to PM no longer producers javascript error message.
* Fix: General: Re-worked cookie login / logout to nuke cookies instead of just expiring them so users are logged out in firefox even if the browser isn't closed (firefox cookie handling bug - brings old cookie data back to life with old info).
* Fix: General: Can now log out of all pages now without some pages giving a "this must be something!" server error (cookie issue).
* Fix: General: A bad username or password no longer gives a server error message.
* Fix: General: Radio and users online counter now working.
* Fix: General: Formatted text "Lost Password" into "Lost password" for several titles.
* Fix: General: now directs to artist profile (for discogs).

* Fix: Forums: Active topics no longer producers javascript error message.

* Fix: MemberProfile: Profiles of members with a public record count but no records added now display.
* Fix: Events: Events with an end date are now formatted correctly.
* Fix: Events: Event details nows displays per day.
* Fix: Events: Attendance popup was giving an error when attempting to update total event attendance.
* Fix: Events: Event dates now pass for old date querystrings for googles sake.
* Fix: Events: Event weeks now display correctly. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Top page calendar now uses correctly URL formatted dates.
* Fix: Events: Top page calendar now links to the correct place for days without events. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Top page calendar (next month) now display correctly. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Top page errors for invalid querystring data for events. :: Bug credit Googlebot
+ Add: New google adbox on the top page right.
+ Add: New text-link-ads adbox on the top page right under google.
* Change: Upgraded to of prototype JS lib.

- Remove: Removed calander from top page - does anyone use this?

* Fix: Events: Validating events shouldn't get a type mismatch error now.

* Add: General: New JS cookie setter for non HTTP header cookie sets.
* Fix: Forum - Voting: Poll question is now not double SAFEHTMLed and is readable.
* Fix: Forum - Voting: Once you have voted the results show.
* Fix: Forum - Voting: Redirects to results if you have already voted now working.
* Fix: Forum - Voting: Voting should now work from the forums.
* Fix: Forum - Voting: Major injection bug fixed.
* Fix: PM: Options should now work now due to response.buffer issue.
* Fix: MemberProfile: Should be able to save now due to response.buffer issue.
* Fix: Forum: Voting now should work due to response.buffer issue.
* Fix: Toppage: Minmise for email login disable due to response.buffer issue.
* Fix: General: Default forums page, events fixes due to response.buffer issue.
* Fix: General: Active users page (forum) not works due to response.buffer issue.
* Fix: PM: First time users can now view PM's, response.buffer issue. :: Bug credit eddiewould

* Fix: News: Adding new content is now possible again since removal of the Finnish language.
* Fix: Events: The Spain country flag now displays.
* Change: Record DB: Changed importer to use common database connection string.
* Change: General: Updated to v1.8.0.2 of ASPJpeg
* Change: General: Removed Finnish Language as it had not been updated in 2 years.

* Fix: General: Members with triple and double dashboard entries now only have one.
* Fix: MemberProfile: Error under some conditions event attendance counter would mess up.
+ Add: MemberProfile: Forum posts now displayed.
+ Add: MemberProfile: Records owned now displayed to everyone if public and privatly to own members.
+ Add: MemberProfile: Achievements, donating member + verfied hardcore artist medals displayed.

+ Add: Memberprofile: Added new event attendance counter on member profile page.
+ Add: Memberprofile: Event attendance is counted in the dashboard.
* Fix: Save banner redirects corrected after response buffer change.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Label CAT start (letters) now default to upper case for a match search.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Modded ArtistMatcherID to search left of sting for DJ / MC instead of instring.
* Fix: Forums: If the usercounter didn't return a value (for some reason) the usercounter displays 0 instead of a stop all error.
* Fix: General: If the usercounter didn't return a value (for some reason) the usercounter displays 0 instead of a stop all error.
* Change: Set response buffer to false to see if we have any speed increase.

* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Search for orginial name as well on items with prefixes DJ & MC
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Fixed issue with - in the artist name.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Now handles with and by splits on main artist.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Fixed bug with dr. prefix
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer: Now handles Mr. prefixes correctly.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Fixed bug where v2 artist information wasn't saved (forgot the else statement :))
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Artists without a version are now defaulted to v1.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: New artists are now saved when there is no other arists on an edit (default to v2)
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: A v2 artist select list now displays when there is no artists for the release.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Numerious new import filters added.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer now handles CAT#'s with multiple spaces.
* Fix: RecordDB Admin: Importer now handles UTF charcters in artist names (ala Alek Szahala).
* Fix: RecordDB: Label display now works for item CAT#'s with a _ in them.
* Fix: General: Top logo now is formatted correctly when a user is not logged in.
* Fix: RecordDB: Adding or removing a wantted record item no longer producers an error.
+ Add: RecordDB: Simular text Label lookup enabled.

+ Add: RecordDB: Admin: Major new text importer (importer v2.1).
+ Add: RecordDB: Admin: Super item delete, will actually delete all data connected to the item.
+ Add: RecordDB: Admin: Primary artists now have pre and post data so format of actual artist line now stays intact - backward compatible.
+ Add: RecordDB: Additional artist checkbox now automatically redirects to edit page to add new artists and remixers.
* Fix: RecordDB: When track item is not found an error is now actually displayed instead of nothing
* Fix: RecordDB: Label CAT# with a "/" character in them no longer create an all stop error on the label list page
* Fix: RecordDB: Subartists are now inserted on add artist instead of edit only.
* Fix: RecordDB: General code housekeeping on admin tool.
* Fix: RecordDB: Subartists can now be deleted (sorry whispering for taking so long on this!)
* Fix: Mixbuilder: Ability to change linked forum account now works :: Bug credit enVias
* Fix: Events: Removed SQL query debug display on event update.
* Fix: Forums: Editting a topic now displays the text.
* Change: Snipped the top of the logo to make more real estate on the site for new things.
* Change: Top page: New banner size for second location with site colors.

* Add: Deleting event now deletes attached forum topic and replies to that topic (becareful on delete!)
* Add: Upcoming and past events dates now are nicely rounded if you're using Mozilla based browsers (CSS3).
* Fix: Radio counter: Added a safety check for when the listener counter returns a null value. :: Bug credit milo
* Fix: Events: Delete events now has more security.
* Fix: Events: " " display on events calendar title for firefox users.
* Fix: Events: Forum code now works in posting new events.
* Fix: Events: Event calander popup now works with YYYY/MM/DD date format.
* Fix: Events: Potiental XSS issues.
* Fix: Events: Removed some doubling up of code in main and function.
* Fix: Forums: Print friendly page now works for events.
* Fix: Forums: Potiental XSS issues in post.asp.
* Fix: Forums: Active topics "active topics since" and "reload time" now function again. :: Bug credit bulby_g
* Fix: General: Friendly dates now check if there is no input before trying to process.
* Fix: Main page: Maximised button for main menu now positioned correctly under firefox.
* Change: General: Disabled zerolength strings on chkstring function converting to space.
* Change: Forums: Forums events are now recreated when editted.
* Change: Forums: Editting events directly in the forums now redirects to the event in the calender.
* Change: Events: Changed date variables to string YYYYMMDD to create cleaner URLS.
* Change: Events: Cleaned up the mini calander's looks a little.
* Change: Events: Dates of recent and future events now displayed friendly for non all japanese.
* Remove: Events: Doubling up on upcoming / previous event functions.
* Remove: Alexa traffic rank box for admins.
* Remove: "Main Menu" side navigation as it is redundant.

* Change: Intergrated the big banner strip in the entire forums into the forum headers for more space.
* Add: Default screensize options in post.asp - set to site 1024x768.
* Fix: BlueNavi bar now back on search page.
* Fix: Removing items from PM outbox now works.
* Fix: PM reply now detects the screensize.
* Fix: XSS potiental in PM post.
* Fix: SQL injection potiental on recenttopics.
* Fix: XSS potiental in post.asp.
* Fix: Corrected bug where screensize in post.asp was incorrectly stored in as a cookie.
* Fix: Corrected formatting in forum.asp / topic.asp.
* Fix: Cleaned code, defined and terminated variables better in forum.asp.
* Fix: Removed dupe sort code in forum.asp.
* Fix: Double terminatation of variable could cause all error stop on forum data check.
* Fix: Major XSS problem with forum.asp (****ing snitz!).
* Fix: Removed redundant code in forum.asp.
* Fix: Delete topic now works - Convert to int function not working on numbers larger than an int, changed to long.

+ Add: Top page: New banner ad position at the bottom of the top page ala google's suggestion.
+ Add: Memberprofile: If for some reason the buddy request count gets out of wack when there are no requests the error will reset the counter back to zero.
+ Add: Option to delete sent PM's from the member you are deleting - good for deleting spam posts from one user. :: Idea credit enVias
+ Add: New verbose delete member option so you can see what is being deleted.
* Fix: Member ID is now pulled once a new user registers so other functions can utilise it.
* Fix: Cleaned up registration code and formatted text.
* Fix: Upon delete of member the session (if there is one) is deleted so that the user is logged out instantly and can't have an blank session anymore.
* Fix: Issue with template graphic when no login information is displayed on the page.
* Fix: Custom userfields are now created correctly for new users.
* Fix: Deleting a member now also deletes their buddies (to and from), bio, dashboard, permissions, introductions (to and from), relationships, my record items and my record counter.
* Fix: Deleting a member now updates other users buddies to have 1 less buddy in their buddy count.
* Change: Memberprofile: Now uses global variable email address for sending emails.
* Change: Removed login boxes on new user registration / signup form.
* Change: Changed new member email to new template and to include link their profile.
* Change: Avatar paths are now set from a common include.

* Fix: Incorrect link to forum top for forums that users don't have access too. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Record DB: Uploaded missing release item artwork. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Daily views now display the event details. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Weekly views now display the event details. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Favourites: Database alias naming on home page for member id's.
* Fix: Favourites: Can only be updated, added and deleted by the user that created it.
* Fix: Favourites: Checked to see if user is logged in before displaying.
* Fix: Favourites: Edit - HTML formatting of page correctly.
* Fix: Favourites: Code cleanup.
* Fix: Favourites: Popup code enabled for edit & delete cat pages.
* Fix: Favourites: Fixed old reference to database table paths in several files.
* Fix: Favourites: Home path for edit icons.
* Fix: Favourites: Image height + width for icons.
* Fix: Favourites: SQL injection issues on delete.
* Fix: Favourites: Formatting GUI
* Fix: Favourites: Javascript issues with edit.
* Fix: Favourites: SQL injection issues on add.
* Fix: Favourites: Possible XSS.
* Fix: Favourites: Code cleanup and optimization.
* Fix: Badlinks: Fixed variable nuke for variable that doesn't exist.
* Fix: Badlinks: badlinks popup to display correctly. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Badlinks: Declairation of a variable.
* Fix: Help: Fixed mode help popup to display correctly. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Removed attending people for members that already have been deleted. :: Bug credit Googlebot
* Fix: Events: Manually patched the number of attending for those members deleted.
* Fix: Events: When a member is deleted their event attendance is also delete and the number attending is reduced.
* Fix: Events: Event detail popup now display correctly due to ASO recordsets forgetance.
* Fix: Patched the format strings function to detect null and zerolength strings and not error out.

* Fix: PM - Security issues with PM sent.
* Fix: PM - Security issues with PM read. :: Bug credit Nufoundation

* Fix: File permissions for artist files updated so deleting / overwriting works.

* Fix: Dashboard is now updated when a private message is sent from the user profile.
* Fix: Popup (who's online) now displays your buddies online correctly.
* Fix: Corrected variable spelling mistake of ProfileEmailSubjectStarter.
* Change: All email sent from the site is now from
* Change: Regular private messages now look the same format as the ones from the buddy section.
* Change: Buddies popup, changed the wording of "friends online" to "Your buddies".
* Change: Blue navi bar now back on all pages as long as your logged in.

* Fix: RecordDB admin: Items with no tracklists now don't error out.

* Fix: RecordDB admin: Sorting now works on items longer than 1 page. :: Bug credit whispering (sorry a really long time bug!)
* Fix: RecordDB admin: Pagination now works on tracks. :: Bug credit whispering (sorry a really long time bug!)
* Fix: Recordset recordcount now counts on clone of the recordset incase the main recordset has a cursor set.
* Fix: Updated javachat to connect to :: Bug credit enVias
* Fix: Removed redundant admin library file.
- Remove: Old "gear" section and variable for it as it we no longer use it.

+ Add: New button audio clip flash player (sexy!)
* Fix: Audio clips now work
* Fix: All the audio clips (I hope) are now back online - not sure where they went.
* Fix: Cleaned legacy and dupe functon code from libary files.

* Fix: RecordDB admin: Delete image now works on all edit screens.
* Fix: RecordDB admin: View image now works in artist edit.
* Fix: RecordDB admin: Images can be deleted from items + artists.
* Fix: RecordDB admin: The wording of "no data found" to white so you can actually see it.
* Fix: Mixbuilder now works again.

* Fix: Images now upload correctly in record db admin tool :: Bug credit whispering
* Fix: Recreated missing default page in record db admin tool.

* Fix: Database escape coding in PM system fixed :: Bug credit underloop
* Fix: Zero diary comments variable fixed (again!)
* Fix: Encoding of ' in javascript on delete link page.

* Fix: Record DB / admin works again!
* Fix: Corrected binary form detection.
* Fix: Record DB uploads work.
* Fix: Adjusted permissions to uploading works in record DB.
* Fix: Fixed "lastest hardcore release / artist additions" on the top page.

+ Add: Upgraded webmenu to build 92.
+ Add: Automatically generated a dashboard for everyone.
+ Add: Dashboard to everypage instead of PM lookup.
+ Add: Buddy request and new PM counter on everypage, expect memberprofile and the private message system itself.
- Remove: Flashy PM banner that many people thought was a banner advert anyway.
* Fix: Changed maximum groups for webmenu so record label with long releases work again (eg. Evolution Records).
* Fix: Removed redundant calls to the database on private message view (who codes this crap?).
* Fix: Removed redundant calls to the database on private message view sent / outbox (no really who does write this crap!?).
* Fix: PM ignore list to display with an error.
* Fix: Zero comments display notice on profiles in firefox in profile display.
* Fix: Zero comments display notice on profiles in firefox in dashboard.
* Change: Removed secondary PM button viewer from my.asp
* Change: Removed redantage files ()

* Fix: Corrected a link error in events that the google bot was freaking out about.

+ Add: Entirely new profile system.
- Buddies are displayed with their avatar and their names.
- Buddy requests, you are now notified if someone wants to add you as a buddy.
- Email alerts, you are now emailed when you get a buddy request or introduction.
- Introductions, you can leave introductions to your buddies. Of course if you don't like an introduction from one member you can delete it or if you wrote the introduction you can edit it.
- My home, new button to find your profile page on the blue navi (every other page but top page).
- Change "home" in the top white navi to "top"
- Moved the banner on the profile page from the top to the right to give everyone more space and make the page flow.
- Loads more, we have written nearly 300K of new code!
* Fix: Various HTML errors
* Fix: XSS issue with email address' in no longer used email user function.
* Fix: Login form now removes illegal characters in the querystring that shouldn't be there in the first place.
* Fix: Re-wrote search function for security fixes and neatness.
* Fix: New cookie expire function that actually works when you logout (might be a new IE7 thing - either way it now works)
* Fix: Numerious bug and security fixes - stupid Snitz! arrrr!

* Fix: Member of the day is not stuck anymore on steph4vodka's profile (sorry!).
* Change: Member of the day now displays a random member once a day that has an avatar attached to their profile.
* Change: Member of the day now displays the member name and the country instead of realname and age.

* Add: New no profile avatar 100x100 displays in profile for users without an avatar.
* Fix: No Avatar on profile page no longer has broken HTML / invalid table / big bar missing from table.
* Fix: Self destructing event attending popup windows now direct back to the parent / opener window.

* Fix: Direct add's of events (admins) now friendly format the cross posted forum topic for the event.

+ Add: Self destructing popup windows that now direct back to the parent / opener window.
+ Add: Display of who added the event in the event popup.
+ Add: Tracking and displaying (if mod or higher) of who validated the event in event popup and the event forum topic.
* Change: Popup events how display a friendly date for start and end.
* Change: Private events are now tracked by member ID as they should be.
* Fix: The "Party registered attendance" variable was not being declared and thus not display the extended "members attending" in the forum topic for the event.
* Fix: Wont output IMG HTML (on topic post) or try to link to the users profile if they don't have an avatar in topic.
* Fix: Code and SQL optimization in topic.asp

+ Add: NewsIT! function for cross posting forum posts directly into the news retaining forum posters account credit.
* Fix: Variable delcare typo fixed - Avatars now upload

* Fix: Creation of mini icon's now handles GIF extentions correctly as all icons are saved as JPEG.

* Fix: Avatars in member profile now display correctly. Displayed "picture" in profile due to offsite broken links.
* Fix: Homepage and "cool link" URL's on profile display page now wont just display "http://" if nothing is entered.
* Change: You can now click on a users avatar in the forums or PM to directly goto their profile page.

* Fix: User with "space" in homepage or cool links will no longer give update error on profile update.
* Fix: Modding a user that has no home page no longer pulls an error.
* Fix: Searching for a string with two excluded words no longer producers SQL error, eg. "DJ Comet and Infitron Back and forth v5" has two excluded words of "and" no longer producers error.
* Fix: Removed bug of "post pages not to be extended browser hawk detection" as we now do IP detection of country.
* Fix: PM Preferences / options now work in PM's
* Fix: PM forward not longer shows sending information in the send to field and and is now blank as it should.
* Fix: PM code cleanup in PM forward and send PM functions.
* Fix: PM forward send to multiple people now works.
* Fix: PM's with no information in body (but in subject) no longer give dual errors on submit and mistakenly sends the PM anyway.
* Fix: PM's with no subject no longer give dual errors and no footer.
* Fix: PM view page now has open window code so all new windows will open now.
* Fix: Fixed spelling mistake of "resources" in resources manager.
* Fix: Resources manager now formats the line breaks correctly.
* Fix: Delete resource now formats the line breaks correctly.
* Fix: Editting submitted news no longer nukes the author field (remembers the author now).
* Change: PM's now display all errors with the PM if more than one error at the same time.
* Change: Removed leading zero on dates with single digits (eg. Dec 03rd now reads Dec 3rd).
* Change: News items now tracking member ID.
* Change: When a user is deleted so is their avatar and mini icons.
* Change: Tweaked the news (top page), display title inside break bar, moved date lower.
+ Add: PM artist and donation badges now display in PM's.
+ Add: News (top page) date now displayed friendly (16th November or "Today").
+ Add: News (top page) submitted now displayed on top page with mini icon from avatar.
+ Add: News (top page) now using CSS to display.
+ Add: Mini icon avatars generation in avatar upload, news validation and news adding.

* Fix: Alert moderator working plus some major security fixes and code cleanup.

* Fix: Created a cleaner error handler on topics for invalid input.
* Fix: SQL injection issue in new links section :: Bug credit grinay
+ Add: Member status now changes to "banned" if the member is locked
* Fix: Object misspelling was stopping thread review on reply to post from displaying.
* Fix: Mixscript DJ set titles now support comma's without a stop all error.

* Fix: Completed code clean in post_info.asp
* Fix: Security fixes in post_info.asp
* Fix: Footer error when trying to edit restricted forum.
* Fix: Completed code clean in post.asp
* Fix: Footer error when trying to access restricted forum.
* Fix: Cleaned code in functions include.

+ Add: New security locking method for members (poisoning)
* Fix: Locked members are now poisoned and can't access the site.
* Updated: Reverted back to old version since we didn't update much for v4

* Updated: Legacy code in PM Read updated
* Fix: Removed joined "day" from PM system in view mode

* Update: BrowserHawk v9 installed.
* Fix: Record DB label own / want drop down's to work with v4 webmenu binary.
* Update: Webmenu 2 to webmenu 4 - Dropdown's should work in Opera, FF and IE7 without problems.
* Change: Snapped codebase to version 4 for performance reasons - Plan of this version is optimization of code and database calls to maximum rendering speed.

* Fix: Link to banner admin system.
* Fix: IP ban popup now works with new code.
* Fix: Removed database call for ban IP's - we're banning direct now!
* Change: Added a no cache URL to posts so google accelerator doesn't post by itself.
+ Add: Google and Alexa IP bot detection to Who's online

* Change: TSR now streams AAC+ 64k and 24k
* Fix: Corrected link to profile in drop down menus

* Change: Added gabber streams to drop down menu and new bitrates.
* Fix: Can now add / edit tracks for releases in record DB admin tool without binaryform read errors :: Bug credit whispering

* Fix: View Items cover image now works in record admin tool.
* Fix: Binaryform reads now work in record admin tool and entering data does not produce all stop error :: Bug credit whispering
* Fix: Deleting labels is now functioning correctly.
* Fix: Removed debug info from Record admin tool.
* Fix: Removed debug & legacy code from security module.
* Fix: Non flash banners now click through correctly.
* Fix: Security fix in banner clicks

* Fix: Invalid object name in image signature remover no longer produces stop all error.
* Fix: Forum code ie. [b] not coding correctly in news and search.
* Fix: PMing someone direct from topic have two subject lines in the PM.

* Fix: If members change countries and have selected a state an error no longer comes up and now askes them to enter the new state or saves if the country has no state.
* Fix: Members can now save their country even if their country has no states (ala Slovenia) :: Bug credit Slasher
* Fix: DJ can now upload their DJ images in the Mixbuilder without errors.

* Change: Removed extended proporties check on forum post page - should stop long posts from being cut off now.

* Add: Hungry now has an event flag
* Fix: Site page title is now correct

* Fix: template logo fixed.
* Fix: PM can now view messages in the outbox :: Bug credit Underloop
* Fix: New PM now has a subject line so you can PM people :: Bug credit Underloop
* Fix: PM memberlist now works.
* Fix: PM memberlist now displays names insteed of ID numbers.
* Fix: PM memberlist search now displays names insteed of ID numbers.
* Fix: PM memberlist PM graphic now displays and in correct image size.
* Fix: PM memberlist search go graphic now displays.
* Fix: PM memberlist security fix.
* Fix: Mod's can now "lock the topic after this post" :: Bug credit whispering
* Fix: Backend tools for record database now function so mods can enter in data :: Bug credit whispering
* Fix: Add / edit / delete of own records now works :: Bug credit Mr Larpus and many other people!
* Fix: Multiple security fixes in add / edit / delete own records function

* Fix: Event moderators can now actually see events that need to be validated - sorry mods!

* Fix: Database consitance errors with topics table
* Fix: Artist popup now functions without a stop all error :: Bug credit Darren J
* Fix: Custom avatar uploading now work :: Bug credit DjTriquatra
* Add: Custom avatar uploading now will pass error unknown error descriptions as well as known.

* Fix: The decal pre-order config include was set to the wrong directory.
* Fix: Replies to topics now have linebreaks in the HTML :: Bug credit Jon O-T
* Fix: Forum code now works for signatures both topics and replies.

* Implement: Finnish news live!
* Fix: Editting Finnish Language news actually works now.

* Fix: Radio online record fixed to correct record number.
* Fix: Pre-orders all now functioning correctly.
* Fix: Can now edit replies from topics that you did not create :: Bug credit multiple people

* Fix: Security fix that ment other people could inflat other peoples counts.
* Fix: Post counters not working :: Bug credit multiple people
* Fix: Web Java chat now works :: Bug credit Scott Devotion
* Fix: [url] and HTTP URL used together produced weird auto hyperlink :: Bug credit Denile

* Fix: Fixed stop all bug in in real time player window
* Fix: Guest names now display on active user page :: Bug credit Darren J
* Fix: Fixed editing profile option from drop down menu
* Fix: Send private message from some pages now works
* Fix: Replying to private message now works :: Bug credit ryg0r
* Fix: Creating a new member of the day no longer pulls an all stop error
* Fix: Search from the top page no longer pulls an all stop error :: Bug credit ryg0r
* Fix: Total online window no longer has two close window links :: Bug credit ryg0r

v3.1.0.0 - LIVE
* Fix: If you have hidden your email address in your profile it is now really hidden.
* Fix: If you are not logged in the pop up buddy window will now display that you need to be logged in without running a database query.
* Change: Joined date in forums to display month and year insteed of month, date & year.
* Change: Disabled session ID display and Abandon session link for live beta testing.

v3.0.24.0 - beta
* Fix: Backspace no longer exits you from the chat popup now both in IE and Firefox.

v3.0.23.0 - beta
* Fix: Backspace no longer exits you from the chat popup.
* Fix: Typo in error message of trying to re-register (shared -> share)
* Fix: When section ID variable is declared but no value is present no longer produces stop all error.

v3.0.22.0 - beta
* Fix: PM Reply now works.
* Fix: Cleaned up PM Send code for speed and optimization.
* Fix: Redundant security check in PM send.
* Change: Move docking code to all pages

v3.0.21.0 - beta
* Fix: Cleaned up the guest display in who's online popup.

v3.0.20.1 - beta
* Fix: The "Members Online" text is only displayed once now.
* Fix: You can no longer see yourself online.
* Fix: Buddies don't show up twice anymore.

v3.0.20.0 - beta
* Change: Total re-write of popup who's online - features:
- Added a IM style grouping of buddies, members online and guests.
- Mini avatar support.
- Donation status display.
- Verfied artist status display.
- Country display.
- Profile opens in parent window insteed of new window.
* Add: Buddies are now launched from any page via the "total online" page counter.
* Add: User Buddies, my buddies and buddies of.
* Add: Developed cross browser docking code with screensize detection.
* Add: Country, donation, verified artist added to the session table.
* Fix: Corrected HTML syntax error on language select bar.
* Change: Changed PM system to run from member ID's instead of usernames.
* Change: Re-wrote the entire member profile page for future expantion.
* Change: Profile text member profile editted.
* Change: Fonts in pop up online.

v3.0.19.0 - beta
* Fix: Characters attached to an auto hyper link without a trailing space no longer are attached to the auto link.
* Fix: Clean formatting code for meta and topic generations
* Fix: Tweaked the auto hyper link to open local URL's not in a new page, should replace the undocumented [lurl] forum code.

* Fix: Moved topic email to author now displays full URL.
* Fix: URL forum tags now won't auto hyper link unless http:// is put in front of it.

* Fix: Editing an un-validated link's category now saves.
* Fix: New resources popup now has scroll bars so you can access a long list of new resources.
* Fix: Viewing the links directory as a non admin / moderator now does not produce an error message.
* Fix: About DJ's in the radio drop down now works.
* Fix: Multiple security fixes in the email manager.
* Fix: Multiple security fixes in edit link.
* Email management core redesign.

* Fix: Private message mini banner on users my page now works and displays banner correctly. Added width and height for images.
* Fix: Logging out now retains querystring information thus keep you on pages.
* Fix: Viewing private messages while not logged in now produces correct error message.
* Fix: Viewing bookmarks while not logged in now produces correct error message.
* Fix: Code cleanup in active users.
* Fix: Code cleanup in active topics.
* Fix: Security fix in add link.
* Fix: Security fix catagory display.
* Fix: Security fix bad links.

* Fix: Event preview now works.
* Fix: Visiting a deleted topic now does not produce a stop all error.
* Fix: Private messages main index now has truncaded topic page numbers.
* Fix: Search results now has truncaded topic page numbers.

* Fix: Entering in news with forum code now correctly formats.
* Fix: Top 5 Newest Resources on top page now display correct information.
* Fix: Corrected news display problem, now displays last 30 days of news.

* Fix: Updated radio links for new stream types.

* Fix: Ampersan characters now corrected on HTML formatted text.

* Fix: PM reply message review / names are now correctly formatted, HTML Latin-1 and common punctuation encoded.
* Fix: PM messages / names are now HTML Latin-1 and common punctuation encoded.
* Fix: Topics are really now HTML Latin-1 and common punctuation encoded.
* Fix: Formatting now corrects ampasan characters correctly.
* Fix: Last editted by now displays on forum topics.
* Fix: Number of hardcore releases in personal record DB now displays for topic post.
* Fix: Members edit and delete their own replies in the forums (old bug?).
* Fix: Members can now edit and delete their own posts in the forums.
* Fix: URL Encoding added to date in add event.
* Fix: Extra space deleted in date querystring when adding event removed.
* Fix: Validate events now works.
* Fix: Edit events now works.
+ Add: Dynamic signatures in the forums!

* Fix: Changing DJ's name in the mixbuilder now works.
* Fix: Setting the featured poll now works.

* Implement: Mixbuilder v2.1.2.0
- New features:
-: New sexy dynamic buttons depending on permission levels.
-: Ability to move mix sets between DJ's / Guest DJ's.
-: Ability to change DJ Name.
-: Ability to unfinalize mixes.

* Fix: Member modify now working for member who's country has not been converted to new ID system.
* Fix: Banner HTML code generation page now updated to new version code.

* Fix: Donate and artist medals are now visable on first topic post.
* Fix: Several security fixes in edit reply.
* Fix: Editing replies now work.
* Fix: Topic review on reply now displays encodes HTML correctly.
* Fix: Permissions are now displayed in moderator edit if moderator has enough permissions to apply permissions.
* Fix: All permissions are not just deleted when applying new permissions with an admin account when that admin account does not have apply permissions.
* Fix: Permission flags are now displaying correctly.
* Fix: SQL syntax error in moderator user edit.
* Fix: Degrading a moderator will now remove moderator permissions from their previous moderatored forums.
* Change: Seperated artist -> user account link under the "apply permissions" permission.

* Fix: Saving now possible in profile.
* Fix: CountryID actually now saving.
* Fix: Saving Country ID on a member modify now fixed.
* Fix: Several Security fixes in delete forum / topic / category.
* Implement: State / City / Prefecture now saving.
* Implement: Topic's finally using Country ID's
* Implement: View profile finally using Country ID's and displays new State / City / Prefecture.
* Implement: Changed over country banner displays to country ID system and upgraded the detection functions.
* Implement: Changed over country display system for member listing pages.
* Implement: New members page now functions and is working with new country system.
* Implement: Private message outbox now working with new country system.
* Change: Removed old profile template pages.
- Remove: Removed PM member list option in PM menu.

* Fix: Security fix in member profile.
* Fix: Modifing a member no longer displays the moderators info in the More about me section instead of the member being modified.
* Fix: Close window link on popup window of signature preview and post preview.
* Fix: Corrected HTML typo with next button on member profile page.
+ Add: Saving of Country now enabled.
+ Add: Saving of City / state / prefecture now enabled.
+ Add: Moderator's with member modify permissions can now delete and upload other members avatars.

* Fix: Date of birth database column is no longer missing.
* Fix: Date of birth now works.
* Fix: Country ID is now saving under profile.
* Fix: Check to see if double number generator for dates is already a double number so that we dont make a triple number.
* Fix: Profile HTML errors for cool links 1 and 2.
* Fix: Non custom avatars preview is now visable in profile.
* Fix: Direct outputing of some text outside the function in avatar upload fixed.
* Fix: Comma between members online now appears if the pervious user in the session table was a guest.
* Fix: Dection for binary forms now works in security module.
+ Add: Extra layer of security when deleting avatars.

+ Add: Added more common punctuation HTML encoding as well and support for the Euro symbol.
+ Add: All user list for users page.
* Fix: Active users page now have a functioning page button.
* Fix: Posts are now a little cleaner in the HTML - might also make browser loading quicker.
* Fix: Cleaner URL encoding for some pages
* Fix: Topics and replies now are HTML Latin-1 and common punctuation encoded.
* Fix: Set server time bias to zero as we are operating on GMT.
* Fix: Topics no long go missing if you reply to them as the correct update time is inserted into the topic.
* Fix: Put a check in for check for v1 last here dates in member database update check. This also fixes the 16,000 new topics problem.

+ Add: Implemented Latin-1 HTML encoding for funky usernames (
* Fix: Active topics now have long topic / page seperator for topics.
* Fix: PM icon for PMing the first topic user now displays. (topic.asp)
* Fix: PM sending, replying and forwarding now really works. (pm_send_info.asp)
* Fix: Security fix in private message send function. (pm_send_info.asp)
* Fix: Online popup now has scroll bars and resizes in XP IESP2 correctly. (online.asp)
* Fix: Removed extra close window in online popup. (pop_online.asp)
* Fix: Updated Instant Messenger window to v2 session management code. (pop_online.asp)

* Fix: PM reply now works
* Fix: PM read with alot of post stars now works

* Fix: Replies are inserting at correct time.
* Fix: Security fix in reply to topic.

* Fix: Currently browsing the site lists names without names now displays a no name member (old session management) as a guest.
* Fix: The topic poster's country was not being displayed.
* Fix: Removed extra ? for login without a querystring.
* Fix: Member page search now loads correctly.
* Fix: Correctly formatted dates in session tables and last visit for profile.
* Fix: Bug in friendly date formatting where extra friendly date was not displaying.

* Fix: FORUMS: Post stars now use width and height tags for faster loading.

* Fix: FORUMS: Create new topic, Edit topic, Create new forum, Edit forum now function without asking for password
* Fix: FORUMS: Post page syntax fix with folder icon.
* Fix: FORUMS: Folder icon's now have image height and width set for quicker loading on post page.

* Fix: GENERAL: Security fix in metatag generator.
* Fix: GENERAL: Security fix in profile display.
* Fix: GENERAL: Security fix in resource rating system.
* Fix: GENERAL: Removed database close statement on application variable reloads (mainly in admin).
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open on add contents functions.
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in forum.asp.
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in events.asp (OkayToActionForThisEvent).
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in inc_active_users.asp.
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in ShowBadLinks.asp - Admin function.
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in Validate.asp - Admin function.
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in Rating.asp.
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in click.asp.
* Fix: GENERAL: FORUMS Remove second database open in Link.asp (used in archive viewing).
* Fix: GENERAL: Multiple security fixes in error checking for new members registration
* Fix: GENERAL: Remove second database open in register form (register.asp)
* Fix: GENERAL: Policy read checker now works in register form
* Fix: GENERAL: Time zone selector now defaults to first option in register form
* Fix: GENERAL: Country error selection now checking in register form
* Fix: GENERAL: Added Page tracking / users online bad SQL checking
* Fix: GENERAL: FORUMS: Major security fix with Forum search.
* Fix: GENERAL: FORUMS: Multiple security fixes in archive viewing system.
* Fix: GENERAL: FORUMS: Multiple security fixes in print friendly page.
* Fix: GENERAL: Multiple security fixes in add link page.
* Fix: GENERAL: Security fixes in bad link page.
* Fix: GENERAL: DOWNLOAD: Security fixes in download track page link page.
* Fix: GENERAL: PASSWORD: Multiple security fixes in password reminder page.
* Fix: GENERAL: PASSWORD: Syntax, HTML and formatting errors in password reminder page (re-wrote entire function).
* Fix: GENERAL: PM: Security fix with PM options.
* Fix: GENERAL: NEWS: Multiple security fixes with add contents.
* Fix: GENERAL: NEWS: Multiple security fixes with delete contents.
* Fix: GENERAL: NEWS: Added security layer to delete contents.
* Fix: GENERAL: NEWS: Added date formatting problems fixed in delete contents.
* Fix: GENERAL: NEWS: Broken link graphic formatting problems fixed in delete contents.
* Fix: GENERAL: Multiple syntax error corrections register form
* Fix: GENERAL: Intergrated and split new user registration and edit user pages
* Fix: GENERAL: ONLINE-POPUP: Inserted the images correctly in popup who's online.
* Fix: GENERAL: Direct link on image buttons removed for credit box on main page.
* Fix: GENERAL: Multiple security fixes in member modify.
* Fix: GENERAL: Syntax corrections in member modify.

* Fix: FORUM: SPELLCHECK: Major security fix with spellchecker module.
* Fix: FORUMS: Can now send ICQ IM's correctly and directly from the site due to changed on ICQ servers.
* Fix: FORUMS: Security fix with down module
* Fix: FORUMS: Archived posts can now be viewed without a SQL error message.
* Fix: FORUMS: Multiple security fixes in smile manager.
* Fix: FORUMS: Multiple security fixes in Lock Topic / Forum / Category / Member locker.
* Fix: FORUMS: Multiple security fixes in Unlock Topic / Forum / Category / Member unlocker.
* Fix: FORUMS: Extra space on forum name tree item for topic display page.
* Fix: FORUMS: Security fix with last login date checker on the default page.
* Fix: FORUMS: Security fix with top page template on the default page.
* Fix: FORUMS: Font was not being used on guest counter display and extra comma is now not shown.
* Fix: FORUMS: Extra space on forum topic display page next to forum name on top left of the screen removed.
* Fix: FORUMS: Security fix on post to forum.
* Fix: FORUMS: Image tags now support upper and lower cases (eg. [IMG] and [img]).

* Fix: AUCTION: Remove second database open in entire auction system.
* Fix: AUCTION: Remove second database close in entire auction system.
* Fix: RECORD: MY RECORDS: Remove multiple database opens in entire system.
* Fix: PASS: Bug in security management - page name.
* Fix: PASS: Major bug in security management fix.
* Fix: EVENTS: Permission error message is now displayed for validation if you dont have enough permissions.
* Fix: EVENTS: Removed secondary database open call on validation page.
* Fix: PM: Security fix in PM send functions.
* Fix: PM: Added security in PM all members send function.
* Fix: PM: Removed extra country and post info on message detail page.
* Fix: PM: Added image width & height for added speed in loading the PM buttons on list page.
* Fix: PM: PM username profile click error - wrong variable in querystring.
* Fix: PM: Major / Multiple security fixes in PM delete function.
* Fix: PM: Added image width & height for added speed in loading the PM buttons on read / detail page.

* Fix: DELETE: Security fix with delete reply/topic/forum/category/member module.
* Fix: SEARCH: Non validated resources are not showing in site search anymore.

* Fix: ADMIN: No space before file upload box
* Fix: ADMIN: Correctly formatted HTML character codes in "Forum's Copyright" field.
* Fix: ADMIN: Corrected default copyright settings to
* Fix: ADMIN: Ranking system: Set fixed width and height in image loading.
* Fix: ADMIN: Syntax errors in Update Forum Count code.
* Fix: ADMIN: Javascript errors in reset forum variables function (close window).
* Fix: ADMIN: Multiple Security fixes in complaint manager
* Fix: ADMIN: FAQ Manager: Added image width & height for added speed in loading on icons.
* Fix: ADMIN: Removed legacy code in reset forum variables function.
* Fix: ADMIN: Syntax problems with MOD commander files fixed.

* Fix: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: The autodeleting problem when uploading a file with the same filename and it would autogenerate.

* Change: FORUM Index page syntax corrections.
* Change: Deleted many obsolete files.
* Change: GENERAL: Login username / password layout.
* Change: GENERAL: Invalid password message to popup.
* Change: GENERAL: One pass login - does no longer login into one page to then re-direct back.
* Change: GENERAL: Removed succussful login as you can see if your logged in or not without a message telling you.
* Change: GENERAL: Rewrote entire profile display system - syntax corrects and speed / visual opptizations.
* Change: GENERAL: Combined all open window code into one central function
* Change: GENERAL: Screen size now configurable from each page by "SubTop" function
* Change: FORUMS: Meta tags are now dynamically generated in one database pass for topic forums.
* Change: FORUMS: Re-wrote entire topic display page (topic.asp) for security & speed.
* Change: GENERAL: Removed BASEURL reference
* Change: GENERAL: Disabled daylight savings correction as it did not work unless your in the UK.
* Change: GENERAL: Removed old chat database intergration (never used) from register.asp.
* Change: PM: Optimized database query for PM list page (using ID for where statement).
* Change: GENERAL: Optomized dupe name check query for registration page
* Change: GENERAL: Changed country selection over to country database list in line with events and record db
* Change: GENERAL: Changed age to date of birth in profile.
* Change: GENERAL: Re-wrote entire Forum search for added speed and to make it actually work.
* Change: GENERAL: Changed exclude array to config file instead of database for alot of extra speed in the forums.
* Change: GENERAL: Default Meta tags are now loaded from config file for added speed.
* Change: RECORD DB: The event dates are now the same formatting as the events section in the forums for easy reading.
* Change: NEWS: Re-wrote the news display system to use two-dimentional array (getrows) insteed of recordset for faster execution.
* Change: DELETE: Re-wrote delete reply, topic, forum, category, member functions for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: FORUM: Re-wrote Lock Topic / Forum / Category / Member functions for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: FORUM: Re-wrote UnLock Topic / Forum / Category / Member functions for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: GENERAL: PM : Re-wrote PM options for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: GENERAL: NEWS : Re-wrote entire add contents section for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: GENERAL: MEMBERS : Re-wrote entire member listing section for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: GENERAL: LINKS : Re-wrote 90% of the links section for syntax errors and performance.
* Change: GENERAL: POLLS : Modifed the poll history so that it only displays featured polls.
* Change: GENERAL: Removed new topic count for pages that did not need it for increased speed.
* Change: GENERAL: PROFILE: Fixed spacing issues white blue navi bar.
* Change: GENERAL: PROFILE: Direct link on Record Stats graphic changed to virtual path.
* Change: GENERAL: Entire site ID lookup changed to new session management memberid.
* Change: RADIO: Fixed borken Windows Media Player graphic to display windows media 10.
* Change: DOWNLOADS: Disabled download section as there is nothing to download at the moment.
* Change: GENERAL: Changed the entire username variable system to new v2 session management.
* Change: FORUMS: EVENTS: Event topics are further linked into the calander with new add event inside the forums insteed of add topic.

* Change: BANNERS: Intergrated banner SQL into general SQL open for much faster access
* Change: BANNER ADMIN: Re-wrote the entire banner backend system to run on HHC v2 code.

* Change: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: Re-worded *Add* to *Add DJ Mix* so there is no confusion for super admins when adding a new DJ.

+ Add: GENERAL: New site language: Finnish
+ Add: PM: Banner to private message detail page.
+ Add: FORUMS: Spell check is back better than ever (hopefully).
+ Add: FORUMS: Send topic to friend is back.
+ Add: GENERAL: Added minimum password length.
+ Add: GENERAL: Registering or re-registering if you are already logged in disabled
+ Add: BANNER ADMIN: Client login's via v2 permission management system now possible.
+ Add: ADMIN: Tool to check members signatures for images (we don't allow graphical signatures)
+ Add: FORUMS: Search now excludes common words on all non phrase searches to minimise off topic search results and increase speed.
+ Add: EVENTS: Added SubDivision and country name for events to profile display page.
+ Add: NEWS: News can be filtered by year and month, no more super long news list.
+ Add: GENERAL: Site paging is now truncaded - no more massive page lists.
+ Add: CHAT: Added links to download Java client in chat window.
+ Add: GENERAL: New permission based creditals for modifing a member.

+ Add: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: Option to edit DJ's image and affilations.
+ Add: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: Option to add new DJ's.
+ Add: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: Delete DJ's is now possible.
+ Add: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: Automoving of deleted sets to guest DJ.
+ Add: RADIO / MIXBUILDER: Linking the DJ to the forum profile in edit DJ.

- REMOVE: FORUM: Topic stats as they serve no purpose with the amount of topics has.

Note: Everything is developed internally (we code it ourselves) unless otherwise noted.
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