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  Articles >> General : Chat rules
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    Chat rules
Author: silver
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This #hardcore chatroom on and is intended for all ages, and observes some simple rules:

- Please refrain from excessive use of profanity, this means no swearing.
- Please be civil.
- Please do not bring hate or intolerance into the chatroom. Harassment is not tolerated.
- Do not discuss mp3 filesharing or the recording (also "ripping") of internet radio.
- Do not spam other radio stations.
- Please minimize the use of bold and CAPS. Reserve them for the occasional friendly emphasis or excitement.
- Although is an international channel the main language of the room is English so that everyone can understand each other. Please be polite to the other users and move non-English conversations to private messages.
- No "now playing" scripts unless you're playing radio.
- No unauthorized / non approved bots allowed in the channel.
- Please do not ask for op (@) or voice (+). You will not receive either one.
- Ops Will Not Kick On Request, don't try and do there jobs for them.
- We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.
- These rules are a guideline, it doesn't have to be listed here to be enforced, so obey the ops requests please!
- If you don't know what IRC, a bot, operator or any of the terms above, then play nice in the channel (we don't bite) since you're obviously a noobie.

Actions that result in an immediate kick:

- Posting of pornographic material.
- Spamming - displaying a link for deliberate advertising.
- Flooding.
- Not following the chatroom rules will at least get you a reprimand at worst, kicked or removed from the chatroom. The Channel Operators are here to assist and make sure the chatroom is a fun and friendly place to visit. They are not guards, but they take their jobs seriously. In the event of unacceptable or disruptive behavior, you will be asked to leave the room.

Have fun!
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