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  Articles >> General : on Magna 7
HappyHardcore related web sites on Magna 7
Author: silver
Rate this resource! takes a look at Tidy's new event Magna 7 and grabs some jaw dropping shots for you. If you lucky enough to be in the UK hold on this is going to be one hell of a night!

Take one gigantic old steel works, spend 50 pounds million to make it into a mind blowing science and exhibition centre and then carve this huge space into seven 'zones', load in the best production with breathtaking colour lasers, awesome sound and spectacular lighting, add the worlds biggest DJ's for the Harder Generation and there you have it, quite simply, a dance event that's unlike any other that's gone before it.

Words and pictures cannot describe just how breathtaking the Magna space is, and by adding 5000 of the worlds best clubbers, we know we have something that's from another planet!
Tidy have always had the ethos of delivering ground breaking and unique events, be it a 72 hour dance party in the depths of Wales, or, filling London's biggest dance club upto full capacity. Magna 7 is once again set to change the way we look at clubbing.

Magna 7 is like an indoor festival, with one small difference, it comes in at a similar price to the price that you'd pay for a 'normal' night out clubbing!
7 Zones!
Zone 1 - Tidy Main Arena
This magnanimous room forges together a gold bullion of talent that will fit this sonic foundry with earth shattering anthems and innovative new sounds.

Zone 2 - Face of Steel
Hardened and toughened to your requirements. Brace yourself for some "solid strength" sounds in the 11 story high "Face Of Steel" zone, hard hats optional.
Zone 3 - Funky Bubble
Cool fresh vibes and tit swinging grooves make this zone the essential place to be. House beats and hard funk are blended together into one big happy melting pot.

Zone 4 - Hardcore Bubble
Fast furious fun from Brisk & Friends. The power and speed of the Next Generation Hardcore sound is encapsulated in one explosive bubble.
Brisk, Scott Brown, Hixxy, Breeze, Robbie Long & Devastate, Topgroove
MC's: Wotsee, Storm, Whizzkid
Zone 5 - VIP Bubble
Exclusive zones for DJ's and guests
Floating several stories in the air and accessed by a high speed lift, the space pod will not only be home for the DJ's, press and their guests, there will also be a chance for a select few to purchase a special V.I.P pass that comes complete with room access, but, you could also win access
to the V.I.P Space Pod, so keep checking this website for more info
Zone 6 - Chillout / Retail
You can now shop 'til you drop!! Spend you hard earned cash in ourspacious retail area, then relax and forget about your credit card billin our cool chill-out zone, the perfect mix.

Zone 7 - Digitally Entertainment Zone
Escape from reality and lose yourself in this futuristic world ofrecreational games for everyone in this digital adventure zone
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