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  Articles >> General : Hardcore for the HeadStrong
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    Hardcore for the HeadStrong
Author: silver
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Hardcore for the HeadStrong is proud to present exclusively to the internet the sale of the new Gabba / New style hardcore CD from H2OH entitled Hardcore for the HeadStrong mixed by Japanese hardest gabba DJ - DJ chucky. This CD is only licensed for release in Japan meaning you can not buy this CD anywhere in the world except in Japan. is proud to exclusively offer you the CD to purchase for import buyers via Costing for the CD is 3625 Japanese Yen (axp. 19 UK pounds or 30 US dollars) with full shipping included!
Sorry no credit cards excepted, If you wish to order this CD send an email to and we will send you full details on how to make a money order or cheque and get this hot CD in your hands.

Complete Track list with selected audio (Windows Media)
01. Omar Santana - Lethal Weapon
02. Omar Santana - Make Some Noise
03. Chosen Few - I Refuse 2 Looze
04. 3 Da Hard Way - Pull The Trigger
05. Rob Gee - Boriqua Bitch (Buzz Fuzz Remix)
06. Omar Santana - Darkside
07. Da Predator - Out Of Control
08. Omar Santana - World Domination
09. Omar Santana - Bum Rush Da Sound

10. Omar Santana - Get Ready Motha****s
11. Da Predator - Human Blood
12. Predator - Elements of Danger
13. Omar Santana - Necronomincon (Omar''s Mix)
14. Omar Santana - Kick Some Shit (original mix)

15. 3 Da Hard Way - Original Rude boyz (oh oh mix)

Hardcore for the HeadStrong - Japanese edition

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