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  Articles >> General : Order: Limited blue MasterWax slipmat's
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    Order: Limited blue MasterWax slipmat's
Author: silver
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Order limited blue MasterWax slipmat's

Artwork + Real photo - absolutely no color difference after print and MasterWax records are giving you the chance to pickup an extremely limited blue edition MasterWax slipmat set. As you can see the artwork on the slipmat is amazing, what's more is that this artwork was commissioned for this slipmat design, yes that's right, this is not a scan of someone else work, it is not a rip off of someone else's work it is artwork drawn by a Japanese manga artist especially for these mats. MasterWax records have only made 25 sets of this rare blue edition collectors item and you can only buy it from direct.

MasterWax went all out for these slipmat's quality wise. The slipmat's themselves are a baby soft material that caress the vinyl while offering exactly the right degree of slip and control. Manufactured with a mix of synthetic and natural fiber blends to create a super soft but resilient fabric with just the right amount of give. Unlike the mass produced "scouring pad" slipmats these slipmats were printed using the very latest techniques which leave no tactile print on the surface of the slipmat - the slipmats are as soft and smooth on the surface as they were prior to the print because the inks are transferred deep into the fibers, rather like a rug or carpet. The slipmat's have no plastic feel or appearance, these are the real deal.

[center]Due to the popularity of this pre-order you must have a credit card or PayPal account to pre-order if you do not have a credit card or a PayPal account you will NOT be able to pre-order.

Pre-order closed 18th March 2005 - 00:00 (midnight) GMT

Please note: 1 set = 2 slipmat's

Final prices including shipping are as follows:
Slipmat including worldwide shipping
3800 Japanese Yen
axp. 19 UK Pounds / USD$37.20 / 27.70 Euro / CAD $44.40 / AUD $47.70

Including worldwide shipping!

1. Slipmat's will be sent out by direct.
2. The order is first come first served.
3. If you are ordering multiple items shipping is calculated by weight and not by unit.

Artwork + Real photo - absolutely no color difference after print

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