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  Articles >> General : Pre-order: Hardcore Tunez 3 or Hardcore Tsunami / Tunez triple pack!
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    Pre-order: Hardcore Tunez 3 or Hardcore Tsunami / Tunez triple pack!
Author: silver
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Pre-order Hardcore Tunez 3 or the triple pack! are giving all the loyal members a chance to pre-order the new CD Hardcore Tunez 3 featuring DJ Silver + DJ Impact & Resist for a very special price. Not only that we are offering the chance for all the new hardcore fans out there to pickup the entire series at a very low price, so low it's almost buy 2 get one free!

Due to the popularity of this pre-order you must have a credit card or PayPal account to pre-order if you do not have a credit card or a PayPal account you will NOT be able to pre-order.

Please note: We use PayPal for payments but you do not need a paypal account to just pay using your credit card. You can order and not sign up to paypal.

Pre-order closed 11th July 2005 - 00:00 (midnight) GMT

Final prices including shipping are as follows:
Both CD packages including worldwide shipping!
Hardcore Tunez 3 - only
11.99 UK pounds
axp. USD$21.82 / 18.01 Euro / CAD $26.93 / AUD $28.45 / 2395 Yen


Hardcore Tunez 3 + Hardcore Tsunami 1 and Hardcore Tsunami 2
24.99 UK pounds
axp. USD$45.49 / 37.55 Euro / CAD $56.13 / AUD $59.31 / 4992 Yen

You can select the package type (single or triple pack) on the next page

1. CD's will be sent out by Rumour records.
2. The order is first come first served.
3. If you are ordering multiple items shipping is calculated by weight and not by unit.

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