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  Articles >> General : Pre-order presents Hardcore Tsunami 2
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    Pre-order presents Hardcore Tsunami 2
Author: silver
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Pre-order presents Hardcore Tsunami 2 and Rumour Records are offering a massive pre-order the new double pack CD presents Hardcore Tsunami 2 featuring DJ' Silver and Kevin Energy! There are a limited amount of CD's that are signed and it will be first come first served for the autographed copies, all other pre-orders after that will recieve the a regular (non autographed CD) for the same low price of GBP 10.50 - axp. $USD19.24 / $CND26.21 / $AUD27.74 / 16 Euro / 2120 Japanese Yen including worldwide shipping!

[center]Due to the popularity of this pre-order you must have a PayPal account to pre-order if you do not have a PayPal account you will not be able to order.

Pre-order closed 25th June 2004 - 00:00 (midnight) GMT

Final prices including shipping are as follows:
CD including worldwide shipping
10.50 UK pounds
axp. $USD19.24 / $CND26.21 / $AUD27.74 / 16 Euro / 2120 Japanese Yen
Including worldwide shipping!

1. CD's will be sent out by Rumour Records direct.
2. The pre-order is first come first served, we will offer a limited amount of autographed CD's, when these are sold out you will get a regular (non autographed) copy of the CD shipped to you for the same price.

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