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  Articles >> Interviews : AC Slater
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    AC Slater
Author: milo
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AC Slater
So for those out there who don't know, who are you and what do you do?

Well, I am not actually the character from the early 90's television show "Saved By the Bell", but rather the guy who owns and operates Pitched Up Recordings in the USA.

How did you get involved in the hardcore scene?

I heard a live DJ Sy set on tape a friend of mine had in 1998 and got hooked. I found out about a store in Sacremento called Subsonic Underground owned by Simon Apex and I started ordering hardcore records. They didn't even have a website yet at that point, I had to phone him up and ask what they had in stock!

Where did you get your name and what's the connection with "Saved by the Bell"?

All of my friends have always called me AC. One night at a party some guy called me "AC Slater from Saved by the Bell" and my friends never let me hear the end of it. Fast forward a bit and I just got my first booking. The promotor asks me what my DJ name is, which I hadn't thought of until then, so as a joke I said AC Slater and it just stuck. Worst mistake ever, now I have to live with this silly name. Oh well.

What/who have been your biggest influences along the way?

Most of the big UK guys really at various points in time but most of all Sharkey, Marc Smith, Jon Doe, Devastate, Trixxy, and Ham for their production skills. I think its a big enough goal to try and one day be as skilled and comfortable as those guys in the studio.

How does it feel being one of a handful of people who run labels over here in the US and what do you think is different about it with regard to the UK?

Well as far as I know we're the only label completely run by Americans featuring tracks produced by Americans. It feels good when things are going well. I wish there were more labels and producers in the states because we really need it as a scene.

As far as whats different in regard to the UK, there's no hardcore distribution system in the states. Its very hard to get your records into the UK and throughout the rest of the world in a cost effective manner. This is something Sage (from Rave n Beats, the other US hardcore label) and I have been struggling with for years. It would be nice to have a hardcore scene in USA/Canada that isn't completely dependent on the UK. My main goal is to do my part to help get us well on our way to that point.

Speaking of Pitched Up and the other labels you're involved with, what can we expect to see down the road?

You can expect to see as many quality releases from me as possible! Right now I've got tracks lined up for release on Destructive Force, Bonkerz, Electronic, Blizzard Tracks, and of course Pitched Up.

Any other personal projects outside record releases that we should keep our eyes open for?

Keep an eye out for hardcore events around my home base of Philadelphia. There is an all hardcore rave in New York City called "**** the Prejudice 2" featuring Luna-C, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Sunrize, myself amont dozens and dozens of others on August 27th 2004.

Where do you see everything going in the next few years as far as the scene as a whole?

I'm really not sure. The UK seems to be doing better than ever in recent times which is good for everyone, but I don't live there so I can really only speak for USA and Canada. Hopefully we'll gain some acceptance from the UK and also see more producers popping up around North America. It would be great to have a stable group of producers and labels all doing things independently. As far as events go, the rave scene in general in America isn't very healthy, so its rare to see a good solid hardcore event. There are usually a few really good ones a year.

When you're not busy in the studio or destroying dance floors across the continent, what do you get up to?

TV, films, bars and all that fun stuff.

What would you consider to be your shining moment so far in the hardcore scene?

I don't know if I've really had a major shining moment, but the most memorable thing from the past was going to the UK to work with Devastate in Spring of 2001 and meeting all the people who's records I had been buying for years. It was a great experience and a inspiration for me to continue on my current path. (Man that sounds cheesy!)

The worst?

I don't have any complaints.

Give a quick plug as to where we can check out what you do?

Thanks so much for taking time out to chat, and parting shots?

Thank you too and shouts to Sage @ Phusion Records, Phosphor and Justrich, Frisky & Hujib, and Sunrize for really pushing the North American scene ahead and also everyone else who is doing their part for North American hardcore. Shouts to Shanty, Oli G, Sharkzter, Devastate, and DJ Storm for all the UK support. The USA hardcore scene is in our hands, its only going to be as good as we make it.
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