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  Articles >> Interviews : CLSM
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
Author: silver
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Just who are CLSM?
Questions answered by Colin Meon (Producer), Gavin Spong (Manager) and Hector Mendez (MC)

Q: Who are you, where you from, what do you do?
Colin: A mixture of performing artists and musical technicians all on a wild holiday from their better known jobs.
Hector: Tai Chi Monkey with flaming choppers
Gavin: Rab C Nesbit once described me as ' '.

Q: How did you choose your DJ / artist name?
A: Colin: We cant choose, so we asked the monkey, the monkey is self centred.

Q: Got into hardcore when and why?
Colin: In 91, things like hardcore were all around the whole dance scene which was all new and exciting.
Hector: In the early 80's around the John Mcenroe era.

Q: How many track releases you have under your belt
Colin: CLSM has one release and 1 remix currently out, but many more have been created.
Gavin: 14 and 9, but last year we had 7 of 9, our ratio is outstanding as is the dog that wees indoors.

Q: Tell us about your live act?
Colin: Each live act is different, due to several factors, availability being one of them. We now have a performance director who decides on the theme of the performance and works out the basic act, his experience comes from a theatrical background, there are 2 main things going on, the music and the act, we cant tell you much more about future acts such as the Elation one but we have an MC live scratch, 2 vocalists and dancers for that event.
Gavin: At christmas we have extra trimmings.
Hector: At christmas i eat cake.

Q: What are your future plans for hardcore for the year ahead?
Colin: We have our next 2 releases cut on vinyl. Musical diversity is our main aim, our music will be generally faster than 165 bpm, but aside from that their are no boundries, staying in any same genre of music IS limited and can lead to boredom.
Hector: Kidnap Hixxy and set free the trapped raver baby's, he says he will release them by Christmas.

Q: What are your current involvements or projects you are working on?
Colin: Working on a breakbeat track at the moment with vocals recorded today at the local chip shop. In the pipeline we have a great singer singing a great song and already cut and mastered are 'Sound of the Future', 'Re-Arrange Beats', 'Higher and Higher' and 'Energise'.
Hector: Fur sculpture and Dog mining.
Gavin: I Think I have found a new resource for dog's as the North Sea is running quite low at the moment.

Q: What do you think the future hardcore styles will be or evolve into?
Colin: Well its hard to say, people always talk about breakbeat and never seem to release enough of it to produce a scene but that has as good a chance as it ever has of taking off right now. In about 6 months or so a futuristic sound will creep in as the hardcore producers get led into the second revolution of dance music, brought about by all the new onboard fx that havnt been fully exploited yet... In the early 90's things were dead exciting as the electronic dance scene could be entered into by many people with new technology, since then producers have refined their sounds and got more powerful equipment, but now we are just able to see past the old school of Reverb, Distortion, Delay (which includes phasers etc) to new waves of technology which is now computer based but remains computer/ software based therefor breeding faster development which provides new sounds!
Hector: Gaba and classical pop stars.

Q: Favorite record label?
Colin: Overdose (Germany).
Hector: 」3.99

Q: Favorite DJ (other than yourself)?
Gavin: My Mate Dave Gattrell.
Colin: Oli Brand
Hector: Lee monkeyfarm

Q: Best / favorite hardcore moment?
Colin: The filming of 'Crashing Hippo, Hidden Talent'
Hector: Facial buffet.

Q: Worst hardcore moment?
Colin: Throwing away the beans of hardcore
Gavin: Parents in only one video!

Q: What you do in your spare time?
Colin: Eat porridge, plan next move in the crazy world of hardcore.
Hector: Fix compost clocks.

Q: You have a web site?

You have a public contact email address?

Q: Hector, spinning your eyes round 180 degrees and looking back, what is your brain saying to you,right now?
A: Hector: Brica brac hardcore trumps.

Q: What's your message to all the hardcore punters all over the world?
Colin: If you like it enjoy it, you decide. If you dont like it dont try to like it, there are other things that you will like.
Hector and Gavin: Attatch spokey dokeys to your shoe laces and then whilst out raving hey presto... Click click running man.

C.L.S.M. would like to thank all of our chums for helping us with this special feature and for happy for letting us speak our minds.

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