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  Articles >> Interviews : Catching up with DJ Weaver
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    Catching up with DJ Weaver
Author: silver
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01) It's been a long time since we have seen the name Weaver on a new release, where have you been? Do you still Weave baskets?

Hahaha well I have been in hibernation, not really, more concentrating on other projects in the studio but yes it has been a few years since one of my Weaver releases! Definitely back in the studio now to get some new material out there. YES I still weave baskets! Haha!

02) Residing in Australia, how is the current rave scene there at the moment?

The past few years have been a little quiet in the hardcore area, with a lot of big raves and festivals now pushing Hardstyle and other genres, Hardcore is still present and had a great community of followers but the lack of producers, parties, DJ's all around Australia have made it a close nit group. There are still small events on in Brisbane, monthly club nights in Sydney, a few events down in Adelaide then the one off rave parties in Perth! I think the cycle as it's called is definitely on the rise for a comeback!

03) With DJ's like JTS, S3rl and Haze running there own labels and still constantly releasing material, what are your plans for the next batch of Weaver releases?

Well I have been in the studio recently with JTS, we have worked on a load of new material, from original vocal tracks, to a few big covers all the way through to a few experimental tunes like one of our new colabs called Tornado. Some of these will be forthcoming on JTS recordings and then on a few of my new labels. I have also done a remix for Twista which should be out in the next coming months.

04) New labels, tell us more?

That is the plan yes, I will be starting up 4 new Hardcore labels, they will all be focusing on different things. First off will be Weaver Files, this will firstly concentrate on some of the tracks that never saw the light of day, never got a release and were locked away, they will finally be released along with a fresh remix from some of the top names like Scott Brown, Chris Unknown, Al Storm, Haze, JTS, S3rl, Eufeion and more. Next will be Planet Hardcore, a label concentrating on new artists from all around the world, coming together along with a Weaver remix each release. Then there is Nitrocore, the new experimental hardcore label, last but not least Maximum Hardcore, current sounding hardcore with loads of remixes, gives people choice on their personal taste of sound!

05) When can we see the first batch of releases?

Weaver Files should start rolling out releases within 2 months.

06) There are loads of artists now producing Hardcore, which producers are really doing it for you at the moment?

I am really still digging the stuff from Darren Styles & Gammer, recently tho I have received some tracks from Joey Riot which I loved. As for pushing the boundaries, Modulate and some of the Futureworld Releases are killer! Even tho im not really into all of the dubcore stuff that's coming out, some of it sounds fat as!

07) Where do you see the new sounding hardcore going, in what direction?

I have always liked big riffs, strong vocals, something someone can remember and sing too! Hoping it stays happy and still keeps that same feel.

08) Any plans to tour back to the UK any time soon?

The last time I was there was over 5 years ago where I got the chance to do HTID in the sun along with 4 other gigs around the UK, it was a great tour, hoping to get these labels all established then try find time to get over to spain again for HTID in the sun and do one of the Raver Baby events also in the UK!

09) You used to be part of the radio station CPX, what happened to that?

Awh yes, that was such a mad show, unfortunately that has been gone now for a long time, doing a 3 hour show took its toll on all of us.

10) What other music do you listen to other than Hardcore?

Really into trance at the moment, and also hard trance and some of the NON raw hardstyle, something with a big melody! I always listen to the radio as lame as that sounds!

11) What does a normal day consist of for Weaver?

At the moment its pretty full on, wake up early, do emails, admin stuff for me labels etc, straight to the gym for a long session, back home in the studio for a few hours, then nearly every night I play competitive basketball! This is my routine nearly every weekday! Then of course weekends I DJ and if I have them off I usually catch up on movies!

12) Where can we catch the next lot of Weaver sets?

Next up is Masif Harcore, then One Seventy, Let's Get Stupid is later on in the year along with Homegrown! So theres a few gigs coming up!

13) Anything else to add?

YES I just mixed one of the new D7 CD compilations which is up for free download, make sure you check out some of the exclusive Weaver Files, Ntirocore, Maximum Hardcore and Planet Hardcore releases.

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