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  Articles >> Interviews : DJ Kaos
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    DJ Kaos
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DJ Kaos

Where's the noise!?
Q: Who are you, where you from, what do you do?
A: My name is DJ Kaos, I am from the UK. I do a variety of things within the dance music scene, including Djing world wide and in the UK, running 5 record labels, producing music, and promoting Future Dance, which is one of the UK's biggest hard dance events.

Q: How did you choose your DJ/artist name?
A: I chose my name because I the style of music I play is chaotic, fast, and hard. Also it's short, sharp, and easy to remember, especially for me as I have a brain like a sieve.

Q: Got into hardcore when and why?
A: I got in to hardcore right from the start, back in 89 only it wasn't hardcore then it was acid house. Why did I get in to it, well it was something completely different, it had an energy all of its own it was the best thing about. I've always been into different styles of music that weren't mainstream, and acid house and rave was the best thing I'd heard for ages.

Q: How many track releases you have under your belt?
A: To many to mention, I could be here all day trying to remember how many and as I have said my brain is like a sieve, but at a rough guess between 150 and 200

Q: What is your future plans for hardcore for the year ahead?
A: I have taken my style of hardcore in a completely different direction to everyone else this year; I have moved away from the cheesy vocals and pianos and turned to the dark side for inspiration. Using dark vocal samples from films rather than sing along slushy love songs, I am using dark bass-lines and nasty noises. I am also trying to keep away from the trancey sound, which has kind of taken over this year. I can safely say that there is no other DJ on the circuit at the moment playing my style of hardcore, it's unique.

Q: What are your current involvements or projects you are working on?
A: I am not working on anything at the moment, I've taken a month off to recoup, but recently myself and Ethos have done tracks for Next Generation, the new Bonkers albums, and I have done stuff for Quosh. I should be back in the studio in the next couple of weeks working on a new track called, "Sixth Sense".

Q: Favourite record label?
A: I don't have a favourite label so I wont go there. I tend to play a lot of hard house on 45 minus. I rarely play hardcore from other labels because its not the style of music I play.

Q: What do you think the future hardcore styles will be or evolve into?
A: Well the way most of it is going at the moment by the end of the year it will be cheesy trance rip offs. It's a shame people aren't experimenting a bit more. There are a few people doing different stuff and for me that totally outshines the cheese. It's so easy to just re-hash someone else's work, but I would like to see more original material. People will say that I used to rip things off left, right and centre, but these days I try to keep away from that and explore new avenues.

Q: Favourite DJ?

Q: Best / favourite hardcore moment?
A: The Future Dance first birthday it was the dogs bollox and a party people still talk about.

Q: Worst hardcore moment?
A: Flying to America for a booking and playing to 6 ppl, because the promoter didn't do any flyers for the party, or any advertising, it cost him a lot of cash.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Spend time at home or with my other half. Boring I know but I don't get a lot of time to myself.

Q: You have a website?

You have a public contact e-mail address?

Q: What's your message to all the hardcore punters all over the world?
A: GET MORE ****ED AND GET ROCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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