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  Articles >> Interviews : DJ Storm
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    DJ Storm
Author: silver
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DJ Storm sits down with DJ Storm.

Q: Storm thanks for meeting with us, first up, how long you been around in hardcore?

Erm a while... around 1992 is when i started going out to raves etc (I'm only 24 so thats about half my life!), but i didn't start producing until 1995 (made some awful tunes back then!) so probably about 12 years or so.

Q: I heard that you ran away from home or something like that and since then you'll been into hardcore? Is that true?

(Laughing) where the hell did u get that one from? I did leave home at about age 14 or something like that, but have been into hardcore since about 1991/1992, I was into old hip hop/rap stuff before that, as u can probably tell by the abuse of rap samples in a lot of my tunes! but that was all long before I left home.

Q: You don't like veggies do you? What happened there? Is there a connection between running away and some sort of torture when you were young?

Vegetables are evil, end of story! ... nah just generally don't like the taste of them + most of them are green, and don't look that appealing to me (why the hell would anyone want to eat anything green? you wouldn't eat grass would you?), much prefer a huge steak mmm.

Q: So there is a DJ Storm and an MC Storm and they are totally two different people how did that happened?

Not too sure, probably something to do with us both being different people and one of us being a DJ / one of us an MC... not too sure though... might be wrong!

Q: Has there ever been any confusion, you booked to do an MC gig or something like that?

(Laughing) no not yet anyway... but i have had a few people (mainly abroad) come up to me and say how good my "mouth scratching" is.

Q: You have worked in alot of different places, Alphamagic one of them, tell us all about where you have been what you have been upto?

At the moment I'm working for IMO records/IMO distribution/IMO download (etc etc! ... shameless plugging there!) that and trying to get in the studio as much as possible and running all those labels pretty much takes up all of my time at the moment.

Q: Raindance? What happened there? Where is poor old Herman?

The partnership just sort of dissolved when I moved out of the house we shared, he had just had a kid (well not him, his wife of course!) and had a lot of work on etc with his job so he didn't really have enough time to spare, so decided to call it a day on the raindance label, you can still find him playing around various old skool nights in London etc.

Q: You run or head up a few labels, tell us all about them, how many releases?

We have got about 6 labels between me, euphony & spinback at the moment, more are planned, we want to have a label for everything we produce, to make it easier for us to place tracks when we finish them/license them, and also to enable us to get the tunes out quicker without worrying about huge backlogs on 1 label.

Warped Science (main label / bigger tunes)

warped001 storm & euphony - the red pill/outer limits

warped002 storm & euphony - blinded/first kontakt

warped003 euphony feat dannielle - turn around/spinback & storm remix

warped004 bang! - lost in space/cloudy daze (storm & euphony remixes)

warped005 storm & euphony - show me the way (feat dannielle & debbie j) / immortal

warped006 bang! - (secret at the moment but will let u know soon ;)

warped007 dj kambel - this feeling/make the world listen (unconfirmed)

warped008 bang! (again youll have to wait ;) ........

Destructive Force (harder stuff / weird stuff)

dfr001 storm & blade - darkzone (luna-c & storm remixes)

dfr002 storm & phosphor - noize makers/suicidal

dfr003 storm/menis/euphony - time & space / dynamite

dfr004 sunrize & ac - total chaos/raw power

dfr005 sunrize/storm & dok - the darkness/u ****

dfr006 lee uhf & freestyle - check da soundflow/end of rave

dfr007 captain skull****/skull**** & storm - speedrise/war machine

Cloned (highly legal tunes with no dodgy samples in the whatsoever!)

cloned001 sunrize/storm & frisky - where u are/were in heaven

cloned002 storm/spinback/frisky - no good/things u do

cloned003 deejaybee - meaning (gammer remix)

cloned004 storm & euphony - substance/angel

cloned005 safe & respect - pleasure/breathe again

cloned006 spinback & storm - liquid harmony

Underground (label run by spinback and myself)

udgr001 spinback & storm - hallucinating/break the night

udgr002 spinback & storm - oblivion / your love

udgr003 al twisted & jfx - harder than god/spinback & storm remix

udgr004 stargazer - ultimate high (breeze & styles remix & storm/euphony/spinback remix)

Moondance (label for our slower 140bpm'ish breakbeat tunes)

md001 spinback & storm - total confusion/heartattack

md002 storm & euphony - comin on strong/untitled!

Raindance (currently laid to rest but maybe revamped for a few remix eps in the near future!...maybe!)

Q: What can we expect from these labels in the future?

We are trying to get as many quality releases out as possible, the list above is just a small list of what we got planned (plenty more where they came from) including trying to find the time to sort out the warped science live PA, will also be carrying on the CD single releases but they wont be released until a month or so after the initial vinyl release, also myself & euphony are doing a double CD for a company in Australia with 1 CD our older material and the 2nd CD new / recent releases from our labels, and possibly? a double CD Storm & Euphony album full of brand new tunes & loads of exclusive remixes of our recent/older tunes (plug plug ;) in the uk later in the year?

Q: You have also toured the globe, what countries you been too, or perhaps lost your passport in?

(Laughing) you have been diggin about for info haven't you! erm I did lose my passport once abroad but I can't remember where I was, was a mission getting home, mountains and mountains of paperwork to be filled in at every part of the journey, horrific! .. I've been to Canada, America, and Australia, and am currently banned from America for "trying to work without a permit" same thing Anabolic Frolic got done for I believe. But I'm trying to sort that one out at the moment so I can go back out sometime soon, and I've "overstayed" my visa in Australia before and had a few troubles getting back home too and people think DJs get it easy and get free holidays!

Q: Your favorite food? pizza topping?

Meat... nothing particular just triple portions of any meat on the menu... looovely!

Q: What other producers / DJ's do you like at the moment?

Aight I'll list some but i refuse to be liable for anyone I've missed out!

Nick/bang! , camel recs stuff (mozz and oli-gay etc) , raw elephants stuff (dj shirtlifts stuff/stargazer etc) frisky & poojib's stuff is class at the moment, bedlam , rob weaver in sydney, scott brown (obvious reasons), phosphors stuff, ac's pitched up stuff , gammer, fracus, jay spinback , "malfunktion" , dj kambel, sunrize, devastate, RFU label, Andy C/Ram stuff, Technical Itch , Renegade hardware stuff, Dillinja (filthmaster!!) and of course the mighty mr euphony (braveheart himself!) (and some others who ive probably forgotten)

Q: Thanks DJ Storm for your time

cheers mate
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