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  Articles >> Interviews : DJ UFO
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    DJ UFO
Author: silver
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DJ UFO laying down the hardcore
Q: Who are you, where you from, what do you do?
A: I'm UFO from the UK and I would say I'm a dj/producer-musician.

Q: How did you choose your DJ / artist name?
A: My artist name was actually dreamed up by an old mate of mine, Stu J. He thought it sounded good and so the name stuck.

Q: Got into hardcore when and why?
A: Was always into underground dance music from as far back as the early 80's. Hardcore just seemed to appeal to me from its roots in the late 80's/early 90's. I guess I've just progressed with the sound changes of hardcore music over the years.

Q: How many track releases you have under your belt?
A: It would be quite hard to try and guess. If you included all the tracks I've engineered without my name going on them as well as the tracks that have been released as UFO ones and with other artists id say well over 100 (pure guess though!)

Q: What is your future plans for hardcore for the year ahead?
A: A few people in the UK have spent the last year trying out new ideas for our hardcore releases. Over the next year I see that continuing on.

Q: What's your involvment in Raverbaby?
A: I'm a signed artist on Raverbaby and that is as far as my involvement goes. Hixxy owns and controls the label.

Q: Do you have any other involments in other projects?
A: At the moment i'm concentrating on hardcore releases for Raverbaby.

Q: What do you think the future hardcore styles will be or evolve into?
A: That really is anyone's guess. There are people at the moment who don't believe that the newer sound people like myself, Hixxy, Breeze and Styles are producing is Hardcore. This totally contradicts the idea that you need new material and sounds to progress. I don't actually see hardcore evolving into anything else. It will just keep changing with the times but still be Hardcore in my opinion.

Q: What's your views and thoughts on the current MP3 problem and that
downloads kill hardcore?
A: I don't think there is any point moaning about it because, after all, you will never be able to do anything about it. In my experience MP3 files have actually helped our music. Its like a free advert for your releases. Most people i have come across download an MP3 of something then go out and buy the vinyl when its released. So I don't really think MP3's do us much harm at all.

Q: Favorite record label?
A: Too hard to nail it down to one.!!

Q: Favorite DJ (other than yourself)?
A: Heheh!! No idea!

Q: Best / favorite hardcore moment?
A: The first time I ever heard a tune I made being played at Helter Skelter for the first time and watching the crowd go mental to it.

Q: Worst hardcore moment?
A: Being completely drunk at a gig in Australia and not being able to "stand" behind the decks. I had to be held up by some poor bloke behind me!!

Q: What you do in your spare time?
A: What spare time?!

Q: You have a public contact email address?

Q: What's your message to all the hardcore punters all over the world?
A: I would just like to say thank you to anyone who has supported the hardcore scene over the years, and hope you will continue to do so. Keep it HARDCORE!

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