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  Articles >> Interviews : DJ Weaver
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    DJ Weaver
Author: silver
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DJ Weaver goes Down Under with an interview with one of the Raver Baby crew DJ Weaver.

Thank for your time....

Q: So Weaver's the name? What's that about? You into basket making as well?

Weaver is the name yes! About, umm dunno really? Yeah I weave baskets all the time and sell them for a living. Haven't you heard of WEAVER BEAVER BASKETS? I also weave rugs too!

Q: How did you come up with that name?

Well when I first started DJ'ing I was bored at work one day and I asked my mate for a DJ name and the first word he said was WEAVER so I was like mad so I stuck with it. Not really a long story but it is the truth.

Q: You live in Sydney, Australia tell us what the hardcore scene is like there?

Yeah Sydney has one strong Hardcore scene here! We have parties every weekend pretty much which range from small underground parties around 350 to the huge scale events like UTOPIA which get around 10,000. There is a good following and dedicated people in Sydney. As for Australia, Sydney is by far leading in the Hardcore scene over Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Q: Complete this sentence "I only drink ...... beer"

Well really I don't drink much beer, I usually like to get on the Vodka. If I was drinking beer it would have to be CORONAS with the lemon on top.

Q: When I first met you, you DJ'ed sitting down, lost the chair yet?

Shit I remember that! It was at CPX I think? I was really tired so I was sitting down mixing! (laughing) I have lost the chair but some times I tend to kneel down now.

Q: Your also a radio DJ, tell us about that and what you do there?

I run a 3 hour show every Wednesday night from 9-12pm playing anything from Hardcore, Trance, Hard House to Gabber. All the major rave stuff as we are a RAVE show :) We have also had special guests like Breeze, Hixxy, Styles, Rob Gee, Kevin Energy, Scott Brown just to name a few in the show for a mix up and interview, the usual radio stuff!

Q: Impressive, how long has CPX been running? Tell us more about CPX and what there about?

CPX 99.9 SWR FM or! We have been going for 6 years now very strong. We started as a community station on "SWR FM" which means we weren't on full time but the frequency 99.9 got a full time license now so were on every week! The crew consists of a few people. Suae, Carlo, Tom-E, Statik, MR-E and me. We also broadcast online but will be doing an exclusive thing hopefully soon online. More to be announced soon.

Q: Your a part of the Raver Baby crew, is Hixxy a good father? Take care of you?

Yeah! Hixxy does a good job looking after me! Make's sure I get my dinner and were not home late! Nah he's great to work with and he knows what he is really on about!

Q: So you have how many releases out at the moment?

At the moment on vinyl I only have one release "Come Into My Dream". I have a few on the last 3 bonkers Compilations and also the Hardcore Till I Die and the Ultimate Happy Hardcore CD. Falling In should be released over the next few months so look out for that as my next release.

Q: What do you have installed for the future?

I have a few new releases coming out on Raver Baby and a few remixes on MasterWax coming very shortly. Stay tuned!

Q: Who is your favorite producer / DJ at the moment?

Well I got to say a few! Hixxy, Breeze, Styles, UFO, Storm and of course the master Scott Brown! These guys are pushing the boundaries every time I hear a new tune. Also the new guys Gammer, Uplift and a guy in Sydney here Antix is getting there. Go the Sydney CREW!

Q: What do you do when your not doing hardcore?

My life is pretty much HARDCORE, I DJ Hardcore, I work at One Stop DJ selling Hardcore, I produce Hardcore. My life is just HARDCORE!

Many thanks to Weaver for the interview... no baskets were injured in making this interview.

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