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  Articles >> Interviews : Darren Styles
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    Darren Styles
Author: silver
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Darren Styles sits down with Darren Styles to find out what's the deal.

Q: So Darren, when did you get started in hardcore? What made you choose hardcore?

I went to my first rave back in march 92' when I was 16. It was on Clacton pier and I'll never forget it. It was everything about that night that made me choose hardcore.

Q: How did you come up with the name Styles? Because your always stylin?

Bit of a boring one really, was round Forcey's house one day and a guy came round called Scott Styles. Thought the styles part sounded cool, so I started using it! Prefer your example about 'always stylin' though. Think maybe I'll stick to that one in future!

Q: Many people knew you as Force & Styles, in fact when we entered your names into our record database as two separate artists "force" and "styles" back in 2001 people thought we were crazy, there has been alot of talk and rumours on why you guys are not producing stuff together anymore, lets set the record straight what actually happened?

Basically about 4 years ago neither of us were going in the same direction musically! I wanted to carry on with Hardcore and experiment with Trance and Paul wanted to try out some different avenues of music. Also around that time he was getting married and expecting his second baby. People seem to forget that we'd worked and lived in each other's pockets since 93' so both of us were ready to try out some other projects. In the mean time I was Paul's best man at his wedding and we still speak pretty much everyday....... So, no he's not buried at the end of my garden!

Q: You have some other artists names and projects out there, Unique for example, do you do anything else in other genres?

Together with Breeze we sometimes record under Infextious and FutureWorld, these are used for commercial Trance. But the Hardcore one's you'll have to work out for yourselves!

Q: Breeze & Styles, how did that come about?

We've been mates for years, but one night on the way to gig in Bristol we decided we should hook up in the studio as we seemed to be after the same end product, a Hardcore track with trance elements. So later that week we gave it a go and that's when we came up with 'FutureSet'.

Q: You have been banging out some top stuff recently, what's your secret?

I guess I just do what I love to do, which is to make music that makes you dance and smile at the same time. But above all work hard, Have heaps of perseverance and a very thick skin!

Q: You're Shining, tune of the year 2003, massive release on RaverBaby and AATW, it sells used on Ebay for 30 pounds, writing this tune, when you get a feel that it was going to be as big as it is? Tell what it's like to have the entire crowd singing your own tune back to you?

The reaction this track gets blows me away everytime I play it. I've been lucky enough to have been part of some pretty big tracks over the years but for crowd reaction the world over this is the winner. When you see an entire rave singing a song that you've written is simply breath taking!

Q: What's force upto these days?

Paul's been writing for a lot of artists who are singed to AATW, but more recently he's been back in the studio making some new Hardcore, due for release on is own label...... So watch this space.

Q: Any chance of a oldskool force & styles hookup?

We still play classic F&S sets quite regularly. As far as studio work goes we hooked up recently on a trance tip, but for Hardcore at the moment Paul's doing his thing and im doing mine!

Q: Are you working with any other producers at the moment?

Over the last year I've been writing with Dougal, The Boss (Hixxy), Junior, Storm and Whizzkid, Ultrabeat, Force and of course Breezey!

Q: I have heard and read that you actually sing on some of your releases, is that true? Which tracks?

Yeah I've sung on a few...... The older one's were 'Feelin Fine' and HigherGround', but more recently I sung on 'Youre My Angel' and 'Cutting Deep'.

Q: Your part of the RaverBaby crew, how's Hixxy as a father?

HaHa, we all call him The Boss, because during the week he sits behind his desk in his mansion dressed as Boss Hog from that old 80's TV show 'The dukes of Hazzard', in his white suit with a fat cigar! Well that's not quite true buts that's what we imagine him doing!

Q: Alot of female members of think your a hardcore stud, what have you got to say to all the Darren Styles fans out there?

Wow a Hardcore stud... I've never been one of those before! I think I need to meet some of these fans then!

Q: When your not doing hardcore what do you get upto?

I'm lucky enough to have a big group of friends, and anytime I do get off is spent with them going clubbing, and getting takeaways and DVD's. It's a part of my life that is very important to me.

Q: What plans or future projects have you got coming up?

Hardcore wise there's plenty of projects on the go, but a couple to look out for are 'Cutting Deep' and 'Skydivin' these are some personal favourites at the mo.... Commercially 'You're Shining' gets a full release in June, complete with the Hardcore mixes and 'Heartbeatz' is the follow up.

Q: Who's your favorite producer / DJ at the moment.

I take a lot of influence from Ferry Corsten. If he made Hardcore He'd be dangerous. But closer to home im loving the Hardcore that Re-con is making at the moment.

Q: And finally what has Darren Styles got to say to all the hardcore supporters around the world?

I'd just like to say im overwhelmed by all the support I get from the ravers out there world wide. So a big thanks to everyone who's into what I do! Stay Hardcore! DS

Many thanks Darren and good luck with everything.
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