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  Articles >> Interviews : Interview: Billy Daniel Bunter
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    Interview: Billy Daniel Bunter
Author: silver
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One of the liveliest DJ's on the circuit as well as being one of the very best in versatility with everything he plays from hardcore to hard dance to even old skool hip-hop sets. Daniel gives us his thoughts on the brand new album Hardcore – The Classics 1994-2009 & who really is the brains behind it all.

Mr Bunter, many thanks for taking the time out to speak to us. Now as Slipmatt explained in his interview, your mix with him on the new album is all those happy hardcore classics from back in the day. What are your thoughts on the album?

Love it! We had great fun doing it, and it's a real representation of what went on in the golden era of Hardcore. On certain sites it's come under a lot of fire, but it's a massive step to have Ministry of Sound backing this project!

Apart from the classics from 94 to 98, you of course still play the latest upfront hardcore tunes of today. Do the records still give you the same buzz as they did 15 years ago?

With out a doubt. There is so many great producers out there ... CLSM/Gammer/Sparky/Al Storm/Darwin/Himbo you can't be off being moved by their music and the great crowds at hardcore raves that love the hardcore sound!

Were you ever jealous of the likes of Slipmatt, Brisk & Dougal who used to have the "long hair" look?

(laughing) Nah Man! I've got my own unique look and that's how I've always kept it, If any thing they wanna look like me!

What qualities do you feel the other boys (aka Dougal, Sy & Slipmatt) bring to the album?

Me and Matt (Slipmatt) bring a real retrospective of what happened in the early days from the amen led hardcore, to the big vocal anthems and the trace kor sound with tracks like Body Slam. Sy pay's homage to the era when hardcore wasn't getting the attention that it deserved ... And Dougal "well" his stood around looking pretty while his better half covers him in make up for the camera's, while Gammer makes some inspirational hardcore (LOL) Dougal does what he does best and continues to bring the best quality hardcore to the world, as he has done since day 1!

Now we all know that you used to run the legendary UK based party Tasty which came to end this year with the 7th birthday bash. Why do you think it was the right time to end a party that so many ravers have craved wanting more?

I'm just so busy, that I couldn't show the event the attention that I used to. If I do something I have to give it 100%, and I couldn't do that any more. We ended the party with a bang instead of it fading in to obscurity. We had a good run, and walked away with 7 years of fun, knowledge and success!

If I remember correctly you were resident at the a famous UK club Labyrinth many years ago do you wish a place like that still existed?

No ... I'm not getting any younger LOL. Labyrinth was magic, and you only have to look around Face Book to see the passion that people had for the club, it will never be recreated again, but will remain in many of our hearts forever. The club had a handful of main residents, and I was fortunate enough to be one of them and even more fortunate to be able to travel the world and up & down the UK 1000's of times over with the knowledge I gained from my residency as a teenager at The labrynth/2000AD.

Some people may not know but you have formed a new media company called Can You Feel It with Slipmatt, how are the projects going at the moment?

Hectic, we have so much on the go at the moment it's hard to stop and think, but as a team we wouldn't want it any other way ... We have ton's of singles lined up, a number of TV advertised albums, Video production ... And all of the paper work that goes' with it.

You mention your partner Sonya very much in past interviews. Do you feel that you couldn't do some of the things without her?

There are over 10 people in our team, and she is basically the back bone of the paper work and legal side ... Music is the fun part, but in the modern day and age, you have to have your shit tight, it's not as simple as mixing an album and it going out or signing a deal and every thing being rosy ... So yeah we would be lost with out her, as we all just wanna make music, get pissed and large it!

So really she is the brains behind everything...

Yes, and she cook's up a mean Jerk Chicken!

Hardcore – The Classics 2004 - 2009 – Out Now⊂_type=2&col=30&size=61

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