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  Articles >> Interviews : Kikwear CEO Alex Berenson
Interviews with artists, DJ's, promotors.
    Kikwear CEO Alex Berenson
Author: silver
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A rave style clothing company Kikwear appears to be taking a special interest in Happy hardcore music. I was lucky enough to snag an interview with the C.E.0 Alex Berenson to learn more about their fun fashion and hardcore passion.

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?

I grew up in Beverly Hills, California and went to Beverly High. From there, I headed south to San Diego State University where I studied business finance before plunging head first into starting Kikwear in 1991 with two of my closest childhood buddies. I always wanted to own a business and work for myself, but had no idea it would take me into the crazy clothing industry. 22 years later, I'm still at banging away with the Kikwear re-launch and having an absolute blast with it.

When did you first start your company and why?

I started Kikwear, Inc. in 1991 as mentioned and the main reason it all got started was because my partners and I couldn't find a single pair of kool boxer shorts to chill in. We actually started our company with a fresh boxer short style called "Longys" which was knee length, had plush-back elastic, and an entirely new fit. Let's just say people loved them because these were THE most comfortable boxers anywhere! We produced them in a ton of different fabrics and patterns which were always changing. I know some people (including myself) that still have a few pairs which are now 21 years old.

How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

The Kikwear line is all about comfort, quality and gear to Kik back in. In 1993, we made a major move towards catering our brand to ravers because the EDM scene represented what Kikwear was all about. The connection is simple---our phatts and other gear are all about freedom of expression and having the ability to be yourself when you're dancing at an EDM party or just hanging out. I think we're best known around the world for our denim wide-legs and our iconic "K" logos. However, we also have an amazing line of dance style pants in a light weight poplin fabric and as the assortment evolves, we'll be offering new styles that really cater to the dance element of the EDM movement. Look for some new super phatts, but also smaller leg openings that range from 20"-26" as well. We plan to broaden the pant range in the spirit of reaching out to a bigger fan base.

I noticed Kikwear has sponsored many happy hardcore artists. Do you feel a connection between hardcore music and the style of clothing you sell?

We definitely have a connection to the hardcore genre of EDM which I think was more of a coincidence rather than plan. Most of the Kikwear DJ's rock the hardcore beatz, but we love a lot of different genres such as techno, house, break beats, dnb and more. In our daily "Kikwear Morning Mix" segment, we feature artists from every category. This has really grown in popularity and is a super important element of our company. We're all about the music.

What is Kikwear's relationship with Happy hardcore vocalist Zoe VanWest? How long has she worked for you? What is her position at Kikwear?

We have an amazing relationship with Zoe VanWest which started back in May of 2012 when she and her husband Robert joined the Kikwear National Street Team. That evolved to both of them becoming the Florida state team leaders and from there we forged a much bigger partnership. Robert is now the company art director and Zoe is the new Kikgirl designer. She also manages the page and the Kikwear Morning Mix posts. Let's just say that the VanWest duo is an extremely important element of what Kikwear is doing on several fronts. We couldn't be happier, and are so stoked to have them in the Kik family!

We know kikwear loves the rave culture, what other subcultures has Kikwear appealed to?

Kikwear is most known for the connection to the rave and EDM culture for sure. That's our primary identity when people think of our gear and company image. Our goal right now is reaching out to the new generation of ravers around the world who may not know us from our huge explosion in the '90s. 10-15 years ago, we had roots in the skate, surf, and snow scene in addition to the rave scene. As we re-emerge and our brand becomes more well known again, we think that it will resonate with the entire streetwear realm. Kikwear is a lifestyle brand that has broad appeal and our plan is to develop the line accordingly. We are 100% dedicated to the rave culture and always will be, but we plan to reach more people with both existing and new styles in the works.

What's next for Kikwear?

Next up for Kikwear Industries is the re-launch of Kikgirl. We've been developing it for several months and won't drop it until it's spot on. There's a ton of hype and excitement for Kikwear's little sister to come back and we're totally psyched to reboot that brand!. Aside from that, we're going to continue building our social media platform, sponsoring epic EDM events, expanding Team Kikwear with new street team members and DJ's, and focusing on adding amazing styles to the Kikwear line.

Where can people find your fashion?

Back in the '90s, our strategy revolved around selling brick & mortar retailers around the world. For our re-launch, we decided to shift the focus to offering our product at for a couple of main reasons. First of all, by selling our brand directly to our fan base we could keep the prices lower and more affordable. Second, by selling online it gives us the flexibility to offer new styles that can be ordered much faster than having to find them in stores. We also have the luxury of running certain promotions and contests that don't interfere with retailers. We love this model because it gives us and our fan base a lot of options and interaction with them that we couldn't achieve otherwise. When we re-launch Kikgirl, it will also be online. Ultimately, is going to be a full blown store filled with epic gear for everyone.

Interview by Jimni Cricket
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